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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Our Palm Springs Weekend Part 2 Saturday".


Our Palm Springs Weekend Part 2 Saturday

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Our Palm Springs Weekend Part 2

Well the next morning the girls fixed us a great breakfast and we sat there and talked about our night last night, I thought everyone would be a feel a little funny about it but they all had smiles on their faces and said it was fantastic, I asked Mike and Linda if they had ever done anything like that before and they said no that this was their first time but they had thought about it allot, The asked us if we had done it before we said no also Julie surprised me by saying that she often fantasized about it too, I'm seeing a side of Julie I didn't know existed what a turn on, Linda said she hoped that Julie didn't get offended when Julie was giving me head and she joined in Linda said that was the first time that she had ever been close to kissing another woman Julie said that it was a big turn on for her at the time, Mike mentioned that he had never been with anyone that came as much as Julie and let out so much of her juices I just smiled and said that she was like that allot, then Linda started talking about me looking like a glazed donut I was a little embarrassed I said that I was not gay or anything it was the heat of the moment Julie said it was her fault for sitting on my face with cum in her pussy and anyway she thought it was a real turn on for her, and Linda agreed she thought it was hot too, she said she knew what it tasted like and it was good Julie said that she didn't get a chance to taste it last night and hoped she would get another chance to taste it we all smiled knowing that the weekend was just getting started.

I asked them if they do allot of cocaine and they said no just every once in awhile when they a little extra money or when they go on vacation. Julie said that she really like the feeling that she had from the cocaine and it was better then smoking pot and wondered if there was some left for tonight Mike said they brought enough for all of us just in case we were into it Julie said good,

We all went out by the pool again it was still real hot outside we were in the pool most of the time I wanted to see more of Linda's hot body I loved her pussy it had just the right amount of hair on it and I remembered that light musty taste it was on my mind all day, it's funny my wife actually has the better body of the two of them but all I can think about is Linda's body I'm sure Mike is thinking the same thing about Julie and her sweet little pussy I know the Julie is thinking about that huge cock that Mike is packing I can't blame her if I was gay I would like it too, Linda didn't seem disappointed with my 7 inches maybe because I am a little thicker, around 3pm we all left the pool area and went inside to shower and talk about our evening plans,after we were all cleaned up I suggested we go to the Chop house on Palm Canyon for dinner Mike and Linda agreed and then Mike asked if we all would like to get a xxx video for after dinner I saw Julie's face lite up she loves a good porno movie every once in awhile so we said yes lets do it, so Mike and I took off to find a video store there was one about 2 miles away we looked for about 10 Min's and found two that sounded good we got them both in case one was bad you know how that goes.

We got to the restaurant about 6:30 they have the best steak there so we all ordered steak it took awhile to get our meal so we went through 2 or 3 rounds of drinks while waiting but when the dinner came it was great, we didn't spend allot of time chatting after dinner everyone wanted to get back a watch the porno video. As soon as we got back to the condo the girls went and changed into shorts and tank tops with no bras what a turn on they are so hot, Mike set up the video and then we went in and changed into some shorts and t-shirts when we came out I checked the clock it was 8:37pm Mike set up some lines of cocaine again this time Julie was the first when she bent over to take a line from the coffee table you could see the outline of her pussy right through her shorts what a sight then Linda took the next line her ass looked so nice in those tight shorts this was going to be a nice night I could feel it then Mike and I got our turn and I was feeling great we all stretched out on the sofa with the two girls in the middle and started the movie, it started out a little slow with two best friends having a sleep over and talking nasty about their boyfriends then one said the she was getting horny and before you know it they were both kissing each other I looked at Linda & Julie and you could tell they were getting into this, the next thing you knew the two girls in the video were naked and one was eating the other I joked and said that it looks like they are enjoying themselves and then Linda said she always wanted to do that I looked at Julie and I could tell she was wet as hell you could see it between her legs she had no underwear on and her shorts were getting wet Linda noticed too and just smiled and turned to Mike and slipped her hand down his shorts and started rubbing him I started playing with Julie she was so wet when I slipped 2 fingers inside her she instantly started to moan that was enough to get Linda going she started pulling off Mikes shorts then her shorts she got up on her knees and started sucking Mike's cock she had her pussy pointed right at Julie about 2 feet away we both just sat there and starred at that perfect little pussy with just the right amount of hair popping out between her ass cheeks it was getting nice and moist Julie couldn't hold back any longer she reached over and started rubbing Linda's clit Linda turned to see who it was when she saw it was Julie she went wild on Mike's huge cock she opened her leg's a little more to give Julie more access and Julie took full advantage of it she she stood up and dropped her shorts then her top now Julie was naked and working Linda's pussy good I ripped off the rest of my clothes and leaned back on the couch and watched and stared to stroke my cock Mike could see the look on Julie's face as she brought Linda to her first orgasm Linda stood and said fuck it and took her top off and said to Julie lets hit the floor there was no argument form Julie they instantly got into the 69 position and they were both going wild eating each others pussy's within 2 Min's Julie was cumming for her first of what was to be many orgasm's Julie was on the bottom and Linda was on top Mike and I were just sitting there next each other jacking off you could see the juices from Linda's pussy running down her legs Mike said that was as wet as he has ever seen her get I told him to keep a eye on Julie's pussy if he wanted to see wet so we both got into position to watch Julie and she knew it she started going wild she started cumming one right after another this went on for about a half an hour with her cumming the whole time both Mike and Linda could not believe there eyes and ears it was great even Mike could not believe how many times that Linda was even cumming, I got up and slid my cock into Linda's pussy doggy style and started pumping her hard and fast my balls were pounding on Julies face by now Linda was cumming at will she was in pure Ecstasy once again the smell of pussy was everywhere and the sounds of orgasms from the two girls and the video were echoing off the walls I felt bad for Mike he was just sitting there stroking that huge cock I have to admit watching him was a turn on too it was about 10pm now Mike stopped jacking off long enough to set up more lines of cocaine, that gave the girls a rest Linda needed it bad Julie was just getting started we all hit the cocaine not once but two or three times it was great the feeling I cant describe if you have done cocaine and had sex you know what I mean, now Julie got her second wind and wanted Mike to fuck her drenched pussy Mike moved away from the coffee table laid on the floor and Julie eased his cock in her pussy what a sight seeing his huge cock slide into my wife's pussy she started riding him hard and fast soon she was starting to cum again Linda got up close and watched his cock go in and out she motioned for me to get closer with her so I did the smell was awesome you could smell her pussy and some how you could smell Mike's cock if that sounds weird just ask a woman and they will tell you that cocks do smell too, Linda started playing with Mike's cock and grabbed my hand and put it on Mike's balls I felt weird at first but what the fuck I had his cum on my face and in my mouth last night so I just went with it they were tight and not as big as mine Linda started kissing me long and deep that is something we didn't do last knight she had her tongue in me for about 5 Min's she was a great kisser I'm glad Julie couldn't see that she might not like the kissing part that's kind of special to her but I loved it then she started licking Mike cock as it went in and out and wanted me to help her by then I didn't care anymore I don't know whether it was the cocaine or the sex but I was having to much fun to stop now so i started licking Mike's cock after all there was enough of it, Linda was loving it she reached over and grabbed Mikes cock and slid it into my mouth it was warm and had Julie's pussy juice all over it and it tasted good I couldn't help my self I started sucking I don't think Mike knew it was me but maybe he did all I know he was liking it, and in the heat of the moment so was I, I could taste a little cum on it so I put it back in Julie she instantly started cumming some more I cant count how many times she has cum tonight, now it was Mikes turn he couldn't hold it back any longer he started cumming you could see the cum running out of Julie's pussy Linda went after the excess cum and then started kissing me again the taste of Mike's cum stood out big time it was a little salty and sour at the same time I guess you have to acquire a taste for it but it wasn't to bad, Julie hopped off with a look of pleasure on her face and Linda said it's her turn so I laid down and she climbed on board the hard-on express maybe it's just the fact that her pussy is new to me but it feels so fucking good I was going to fuck her silly tonight that was my goal so I got started it was now 10:52pm I looked at the clock and thought the night was early and closed my eyes and slid my cock in and out of Linda, it wasn't long and she was cumming I just kept thinking how good it felt, with the cocaine in me I was so fucking hard and I felt like I could fuck all night Linda kept yelling fuck me fuck me and then she came again Mike keep saying go baby go she must have cum 10 times in the next fifteen Min's then I felt Julie and Mike playing with my cock and balls, now I know how Mike felt it's heaven all the inhibition's were gone with everybody, it was great Julie and Mike were taking turns slipping my cock in and out of their mouths I could tell the difference when it went into Mike's mouth it was good but not as good as Julie's she is the best, the next time I glanced at the clock it was 11:33 I had been fucking Linda for about half an hour straight and I have not cum yet, Linda was yelling cum in me please cum in me I looked over at Mike and Julie and Mike was trying with no luck to get his cock in Julie's ass she keep saying it's to big she not much of a ass girl anyway but he kept trying after about 5 Min's he gave up and just fucked her doggy, the look on Julie face was pure pleasure finally I felt my self getting ready to cum inside Linda I yelled I cumming she pumped harder and harder then I came and came it was like a fire hydrant I could feel the cum rushing out of me and into Linda's pussy, it was probably only 30 seconds or so of cum squirting in her but it felt like it was 5 Min's, we couldn't believe it Linda wasn't done yet she laid on her back and told Mike it was his turn to eat a cum filled pussy, Mike looked at her pussy with my cum oozing out like it pumped in her with a garden hose and took a deep breath and started licking slowly at first then faster soon he was lapping it up from the sides of her leg's he was going crazy it was such a turn on at the time, Julie grabbed me and we got behind Mike Julie motioned me to crawl underneath Mike and suck his cock I figured what the fuck we have done everything else why not this so I slid in and grabbed his cock and started sucking him off, then Julie started giving me one of the best blow jobs she has ever given me she was so turned on she was cumming just sucking and watching me sucking his cock, Mike's cock was so big I don't know how the girls got so much of it in their mouth but I tried, he tasted better as the time went on he was slurping my cum out of Linda's pussy, and I felt his cock getting tighter and tighter then it happened he started cumming it was good and bad at the same time his cum was real warm and it just kept cumming I tried to swallow but with his cock in my mouth it was hard I didn't want to pull it out because that might ruin his orgasm so I just kept sucking him off it I was getting so into it and Julie was giving me such a hot blow job i just started cumming again that was twice for me twice for Mike and the girls was to many to count, Mike was still eating Linda and she was on a non stop orgasm that lasted about 5 more Min's and then she just passed out it was fantastic, Julie has done that many times but Mike said that was a first for Linda she was out for about 15 Min's when she came to she just looked up said fuck me that was the best sex she has ever had I checked the clock it was 12:50 what a night we have been fucking and sucking for about 4 hours everyone was wore out I had cum all over my cock and face and Mike was exhausted with a limp cock, Linda looked like she had been in a war and Julie was just real happy even though she still hasen't had a chance to have Mike cum in her mouth there's always tomarrow I told her, we sat up naked for another couple of hours and talked about our night and we all went to bed sore.

There is still a little more of this true story about Sunday I will save that for tomarrow.

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