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Our Neighbors Surprise.

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Not to make light of a terrible hurricane that caused horrible destruction to the fabric of our society and to our beloved city, but as far as I can recall this is exactly what happened (though of course I?ve changed the names) when we rode the storm out, so here?s our story.

We live in New Orleans, and love the city. My name is Sherri and my husband Dan and I moved there five years ago, but we?ve built our retail businesses there and have made lots of friends, so when Hurricane Katrina arrived it was very difficult for us to pack up and leave, especially since a group of us were concerned about our stores on Magazine Street. Three couples and we all had similar interests and were good friends, but there had never been any sexual component to our friendship. I mean, two of us had pools so we had all seen each other in swimsuits and I can?t deny looking at the other husbands and being attracted just because they were nice looking guys, but we all acted pretty straight around each other.

We all have children but they had been sent off to various other states with the grandparents. We live on the same two streets, so we picked the strongest house and agreed that we would sit the storm out together.

We have pretty similar stories; Jill and Tom were in antiques and had been together for about six years, Tom is in his late thirties and is a cutie who keeps in great shape, his wife Jill has a body to die for, slim hips, long legs, pretty smile and boobs that are just too big to be real. Brigitte and Rick have a clothing store, Brigitte is a short red-headed ball of fire, not terribly pretty but dynamic and always the life of the party. She has what I think of as a tennis body, short, compact, with firm legs and a slightly large but firm ass. Her husband is a slightly grey haired lawyer in his forties, distinguished looking, in good shape with a great sense of humor. My husband Dan and I have a bookstore, and Dan is one of those large men who look as if they were linebackers, but turn out to be gentle giants. He?s one of the sexiest men I?ve ever known, but in a quiet, refined way, We had prepared fairly well, we thought, but of course there is always something that goes wrong. We settled down in our house, started the generator which powered a small air-conditioner, the fan and a refrigerator and opened a couple of bottles of wine, listening to the rising wind, enjoying the drama of the rain storm, watching the news reports. The power started going on and off in the rest of the house and Tom suddenly remembered that he had not turned off their gas line. He became convinced that the pilot light on his industrial stove might blow out, allowing gas to continue to flow, and was afraid that if the power continued to go on and off a spark might set the house off. We tried to tell him this was a foolish concern, but then we worried that if his house went up in flames it could spread all the way down the block, so we agreed that two of us should make a dash to turn off the gas.

At this point we were all a little buzzed and the wind had started howling, but we thought that for the sake of the kids we should only send one parent from each family, so I agreed to run over to the house with Tom. We thought we would be back in a few minutes, but the moment I left the front door I knew we had a problem. The wind was howling like a banshee and the noise was truly frightening. Tom grabbed me around the waist and the two of us raced down the street. Just as we turned into the house a tree limb that must have been six inches across flew up behind us. I thought it had missed us, but Tom folded. He had been struck a glancing blow on the back of the leg. We made it into the darkened house and quickly found the gas main and shut it off, but it was clear to us that we couldn?t go back into the street.

At this point I noticed that blood was seeping from the back of Tom?s pants. We went up the stairs to the bathroom and got the first aid kit and then crept back down to the living room. We were both soaked, and brought along towels to dry off. Their living room was decorated with an eastern flair, decorated with huge mirrored pillows, statues of Buddha and tall candlesticks. I lit the candles. Tom had suggested that he go the bathroom to dress his wound, but I told him not to be silly, that underwear was no different than bathing suits. I had shucked out of my slacks and shirt and had dried myself with a towel and then rolled my clothes in the towel to dry. I was sitting in my bra and panties, and had to admit I had a tiny thrill at telling him to take down his trousers. I had him lay face down on a couple of pillows. The branch had given him a deep graze that extended over one buttock and down the back of his leg. It didn?t look too bad, but the damage extended under his underwear. I suspected that if I asked him he would refuse to take them off, so I took the first aid scissors and slit them.

He looked behind and said, ?Was that necessary?

He had a beautiful ass. Maybe it hadn?t been necessary, but it had sure been fun.

The damage was not extensive, but I cleaned it and made sure I spent lots of time with the rubbing alcohol before I put several bandage pads across the graze. I used strips of tape to fasten them across, and put the ends of the tape from one side of his cheek to the other. I felt slightly naughty as I parted his cheeks to make sure that the tape was stuck down. I told him that he had better not cover the bandage until the bleeding stopped. The storm in the meantime had gotten progressively worse and I started to get genuinely scared. Tom asked me to get us a couple of drinks from the bar and I sat down and asked him to hold me. He rolled up and covered his lap with a pillow, but not before I caught a glimpse of a genuinely large cock, that I was pretty sure was half way hard.

The shutters on the outside of the windows had been screwed shut and covered with plywood, but the noise of the wind was furious, and we could hear branches striking the plywood. Each time a branch struck the house, I grabbed Tom closer. He put his hand around my head, and I felt safe. During one of the lulls, I looked down and saw that the pillow had been dislodged, and that his cock was standing at full mast. He noticed my glance and apologized and bent to retrieve the pillow. I stopped him and assured him it was all right, and that we might as well get some small measure of enjoyment out of the storm.

He laughed, and I realized my words could be taken as indicating something more than my enjoyment at seeing his erect cock. ?I mean I don?t think your cock is a small measure of enjoyment, I mean it?s large and I also don?t there is anything wrong with your getting hard, I mean I?m flattered.?

He chuckled and said, ?Have you and Dan ever considered fooling around??

I was busy watching his cock, which was long and thick and bobbing in time with his heartbeat. As I watched a shiny drop of pre-cum appeared at tip of his cock. It took me a moment to realize what he had said, and I replied, ?No, you guys don?t have an open relationship do you??

?No, but we had an experience with another couple recently.?

I was shocked, and I said, ?Really. That doesn?t sound like Jill. How did it happen??

?Tequila,? he laughed, ?It was a lot of fun. We agreed it as a lot better than cheating on one another.?

I was surprised, and very curious, ?had you talked about it before??

?Well we?d talked about having sex with others while we were having sex with each other, and I knew that the thought of seeing Jill with another man turned me on, or at least it would turn me on if I knew it was just sex and she wasn?t going to leave me or anything. So, I guess, yeah we had been talking about it and then an opportunity came up an we discovered the other couple was curious too.?

I replied, ?I mean, we?ve talked, usually during sex about being with other people, but I don?t think we?d ever do anything about it. We?re pretty conservative.?

He said, ?Don?t you guys ever miss having experiences with other people??

I looked at him and replied, ?We?ve both talked about it, but you know we work pretty closely together, and I?ve always felt that temptation is a result of putting something that you might want closely within reach. I mean if you keep things distant then you?re not likely to be tempted. Sure, I see guys that interest me and I know that Dan appreciates the sight of a cute girl, but as I?ve said, we stay pretty close to one another. I mean look at this situation. I hate the idea of deception. I think that telling lies really destroys a relationship. The only reason you and I are having this conversation is because we?re nearly naked and alone.? I leaned down and shyly touched the tip of his cock, smearing his pre-cum over the head of his dick, tracing its flaring helmet with the tip of my finger.

?We don?t fool around on each other, though I guess this qualifies, huh??

He put his hands behind him and stretched his enjoyment, his cock standing stiff and proud. ?Oh I don?t think that?s terribly bad, but I guess Dan might disagree. Dan seems pretty straight-laced. What do you think he?d say if he say if he saw you do that??

?Probably the same thing he?d say if he saw me do this.? I put my head down and wrapped my lips around his cock, sucking and feeling a little surge of pre-cum flow into my mouth. I unsnapped my bra while he laid back and I leaned forward, letting my tits graze his cock and cupped his large balls in my hand, running my tongue slowly down the bottom of his cock, enjoying the feeling of his hard shaft. I was feeling guilty even as I did it, but our near miss with the storm made me feel reckless somehow, and I was horny as hell.

The wind howled, but amazingly the door flew open, and Rick strode in, shouting, ?Hey guys? he stopped on seeing us laying on the floor and I looked up, Tom?s cock still near my mouth. Rick?s mouth dropped open, and I let sat up and said, ?Shut the door, Rick.?

He did and came into the room. Tom stood up, holding the pillow in front and said, ?We thought we were trapped here.?

Rick laughed and said, ?I think we may be now, but I?m sorry I interrupted.?

?So am I?, I laughed, throwing him a towel. ?Do you think we can get back?

?We can wait for a break.?

?That?s what we were doing? Tom said. I realized I was sitting there with my tits out, and saw Rick?s eyes drinking them in. My nipples were hard like pebbles and I thought I should put my bra back on, but I didn?t. I stood up and walked to the door, seeing the storm raging though the glass. I had a thought and said, ?I wonder if the phones are still working.?

Rick said, ?They weren?t a minute ago? but when I picked up the hall phone there was a dial tone, and, amazingly I heard Dan?s voice answer on the other end. ?Honey, we?re fine, but the wind was too much. A branch hit Tom when we got here, but it isn?t bleeding too bad and we bandaged him. We?ll get back there when the wind drops.?

I walked back into the room. Rick had stripped to his boxers and was scrubbing himself with one of the towels. He had a glass of whisky in his hand.

?I got Dan on the phone, I said Tom had gotten cut by a branch, but that we?ll be back as soon as there is a break.?

I picked up my drink and my bra.

Rick said, ?So were you two about to have sex???

There was curiosity rather than criticism in his voice, and I answered. ?I don?t know how far we would have gone. I guess I was about to get carried away. Tom got cut by a branch on his ass and on the back of his leg, and we treated it and then I got scared by the wind, and one thing led to another.? I looked regretfully at Tom?s cock, which now lay against his leg, swollen, but no longer rock hard.

Rick said, ?Have you and Dan ever talked about swinging??

I put two and two together. ?That?s the same question Tom asked me. Have you guys done that? With Brigitte and Jill??

They looked at each other and I laughed. ?Jill? Jill did that??

Rick said, ?Yeah, I mean it?s no stranger than finding you with Tom?s cock in your mouth?

I said, ?Well it wasn?t technically in my mouth.? I walked over to Tom, kneeled beside him. I lifted his cock and closed my mouth around it, sucking it softly. ?There, now, I?ve had it in my mouth.?

Rick said, ?We could have a really fun storm party if you think that Dan would be interested. I mean that?s assuming that you would be interested.?

I looked over at Rick?s boxers, which now had a considerable tent. ?See, that?s how it starts, Rick.? I walked over and put my hand around his cock, which quickly filled to a full erection. I pulled his shorts down, and his cock sprang free. It was shorter than Tom?s but it had an intriguing curve upwards and was thick as a coke bottle.

I stood slightly behind him and put a hand around him and then moved it to his balls. They were firm, but very heavy. I looked over at Tom, who had rolled over onto his side, a hand under his head, his cock hard again and said, ?You see Tom, what I said about temptation? I mean if I didn?t have the two of you here, with your cocks out, looking very fuckable, I wouldn?t even be tempted to do this.? I dropped to my knees and looked up at Rick. His cock was at the same level as my mouth and I stuck my tongue out, looking up at his face. He put his hands on his hips, a smile on his lips as I opened my mouth and put the head of his cock between my lips. I pulled his cock from my mouth and said, ?Mmm, yeah, I?d be interested, but I don?t know how Dan would feel.?

There was a sudden change in the noise of the storm; we all froze and Rick said, ?Damn the wind has dropped. As much as I hate to say it we need to move.?

Tom scrambled up and we dressed in a mad rush and raced out the front door. We could see a cloud bank racing towards us at incredible speed and we dashed through the front door of our house just as the rain howled with renewed fury and rain lashed the ground with tentacles made solid by the storm.

My pussy was drenched by my recent activity. Jill and Brigitte were sitting on the sofa, with Dan in the middle, and I?ve got to say that I looked at them in a different light. Imagine my conservative friends behaving like free-love hippies! Of course I was now the neighborhood cock sucker, even if it had been suckus interruptus!

I commanded Tom to turn around and dropped his trousers and showed them his wound, which had pretty much stopped oozing blood. I suggested that we put a new dressing on and then announced that I was going to shower and change. Dan looked as if he was a little shocked at my display of Tom?s ass, so I went over to kiss him, and tell him how scared I had been. ?The branch flew by us with incredible speed.? He smiled at me and kissed me back and then said he was going to check the generator.

The lights upstairs were out and Brigitte offered to hold the flashlight, while I showered. I saw Jill go over to Tom and kiss him. They left to take care of a new bandage.

Brigitte held the flashlight while I stripped and I saw the flashlight move over my naked body. ?You?re supposed to hold the flashlight still, Brig.? I laughed.

?I?ve never seen you naked before. You have a beautiful body. It looks better naked than in clothes.?

?Is that a compliment?? I asked, ?Or does it mean that you?d expect it to look worse, because of the way it looks in clothes.?

?It is a compliment.?

She followed me to the shower, and held the curtain open while I showered. It was strangely erotic, the flashlight highlighting my hardened nipples, painting my body in a soft yellow light. I could feel the water dripping off the curve of my ass, flowing down between my pussy lips. I felt a little empowered by knowing Brigitte?s secret before she knew that I knew, so I said, ?I?m going to shave if you don?t mind, because I guess it may be a few days if the power and water go off.? I turned so my pussy was in the light, and lifted one leg, soaping my crotch and picking up the razor. I looked up and saw Brigitte?s eyes focused on my pussy and saw her tongue dart out to moisten her lips. I pulled my lips apart and ran the razor across them, feeling the tug of the blade on my labia. Shaving had never been so erotic. I was still wet from seeing Rick and Tom hard, and was having delicious thoughts about fucking them both, but at the same time I was sick with worry about Dan?s reaction. I could feel the moisture running from my cunt and couldn?t resist slipping a finger inside and then spreading the juice over my lips. I turned around and spread my legs and did my asshole, knowing that Brigitte would see the wet lips of my pussy. ?I am so fucking horny from this storm.?

Brigette just laughed and finally I took the movable showerhead and handed it to her. She took it and held it over my pussy, while I cleaned up the last few hairs. On an impulse I shaved off the little landing strip that I maintained, so now she could see every fold of my now bald pussy. Brigitte did a final rinse and I shut off the water. She laid the flashlight on the counter and grabbed a towel and started to dry me. I turned around and felt her towel covered hands lift my butt and then reach around and dry my breasts.

I said, ?Thanks.?

She replied. ?That?s the most erotic shower I?ve ever seen. Have you and Dan ever considered swinging??

?Do you know you?re the third person who?s asked me that tonight??

She looked at me and said, ?And what did you answer the other two times??

?I said I was up for it but I didn?t know about Dan. We?ve talked about having sex with others but only during sex. Of course that was just before I put both Tom and Rick?s cock in my mouth.?

She shrieked, ?I thought you guys were taking a long time. I?m so glad. Of course that just leaves Dan. How do we break it to him?? She started taking off her clothes. ?I?m going to shower too.? Just then Jill walked in. Brigitte said, ?Come on get in the shower with me Jill. It may be our last one for a while. I was just talking to Sherri about our dirty little secret.?

Jill took off her clothes behind me, reaching around and hugging me, her hands just under my breasts. I could feel her breasts warm against my back. I didn?t see her until she walked in to the beam of the flashlight. Her boobs looked much different naked than they did clothed. I blurted out ?Your tits are real.?

Jill laughed and said, ?Yeah they?re all mine,? and scooped them up. They were large, probably a double D, and sagged a little, but I thought they were the prettiest titties I had ever seen. Her nipples were on the top part of her breasts so the little bit of sag she referred to turned them into a perfect ski slope shape. ?I have to keep them pretty well strapped up.? They swayed as she moved, and I found myself wanting to play with them. I watched as they both moved to the shower. They turned the water on and Brigitte squeezed some soap in her hands and to my amazement lathered Jill?s tits, lifting them and rolling their nipples between her fingers. Jill laughed and said, ?Brigitte loves playing with my boobies.? I felt a little envy. Jill?s hands were busy too, soaping Brigitte?s ass. She kneeled down and did her legs, her hands cruising over Brig?s shaved lips.

?Do you want me to shave you?? Jill said, and when Brigitte enthusiastically agreed, she took my razor and pulled her lips apart, removing fine stubble. Brigitte turned around, and bent over exposing her asshole, which Jill first slowly lathered, sticking a finger up her puckered hole and slowly pulling it out, and then slowly shaving her surrounding skin. Jill looked at me and said, ?Shocked?

I said, ?No, wet.? And shone the light to my own pussy, highlighting the glistening trail that wet my thigh.

?Mmm, this is going to be a fun few days, I think. Have you and Dan ever thought about swinging??

?You?re the fourth person to ask that. Now I?m really freaked out that Dan will say no. I already feel guilty over what I wanted to do with Tom and Rick.?

When we moved back downstairs we were all wearing small shorts, no underwear and t-shirts without bras. We had agreed on a plan. The storm had continued to get worse and now we could see trees coming down across the neighborhood, but our house didn?t have any trees around it, precisely because my grandfather believed that trees presented the greatest danger in a storm.

We had cooked a pot roast previously and set up a table in the living room for dinner. I wondered whether I should ask Dan to have a word with me and see what he thought about the idea, but I noticed his heightened interest in Jill and Brigette as they moved, braless, around the room. I figured it might be better to let the girls broach the subject.

Dinner was soon over and Brigitte curled up on a pillow across from him, her legs akimbo. I knew he would be able to see her pussy down her shorts.

Jill offered to help Dan clean up and Brigitte winked at me. A few minutes later I went into the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. Jill had managed to splash some suds on one side of her t-shirt so you could see a tit quite clearly. Dan looked up at me, red and apologetic. He was drying the dishes and I thought he was going to scrub the enamel off the plate. Jill winked at me and said, ?I?ve gotten my t-shirt wet. Sherri can I borrow another one?? She lifted the shirt over her head and handed it to me and went back to washing dishes. Dan?s mouth fell open.

I said, ?Sure? and left the room, carrying her shirt, and the bottle, smiling to myself. I came back about ten minutes later. Jill was completely naked, her shorts lying over the back of the chair. She smiled at me. ?I must have had a bit too much to drink. I got the shorts wet too, so I took them off so I wouldn?t have to worry.?

Dan was looking away, but I walked up behind him and reached around, grabbing his cock, ?Dan you?re hard, have you been looking at Jill??

He put down the cloth, removed my hand, saying, ?You?re embarrassing me. But it would be tough not too, wouldn?t it.?

Jill had dried her hands and was now leaning against the counter. ?Oooh, is he hard from looking at me?? She lifted her breasts in her hands and said, ?Sherri, do you like my titties? Do you think they?re too big?? She squeezed them so that her nipples popped from between her fingers. ?Look how they sag?, she said, dropping them from between her hands. Their nipples now stood out red and hard and she moved close to me.

I said, ?Jill I think they?re beautiful. May I hold them?? She arched her back, offering them to my touch and I lifted one to my mouth, licking its nipple. I looked back at Dan who had a glazed look on his face. ?Aren?t they pretty?? I said to him. I moved around behind her and lifted a breast in my hand, ?Come on Dan, give her titty a kiss.?

He said, ?I don?t think Tom would like that.?

We heard a movement from the door and Tom?s head appeared around the corner, ?Is Jill naked again? Is she embarrassing you Tom??

Jill looked at him, ?Dan won?t kiss my titty, honey, but Sherri did.? She leaned back against me and turned her head, kissing me on the mouth.

Tom said, ?He won?t? Dan that?s not nice.?

Jill disengaged herself and moved to Dan. ?And I know he likes looking at me, because he?s hard as a rock.? She wrapped her hand around his cock, while Tom looked on. Dan reached down and removed her hand, ?Now you are embarrassing me. Am I missing something here?? He looked around at the three of us.

I said, ?Let?s go talk in the living room.? As we walked into the living room we could see branches and plants whipping by the window. The cable had gone down, but we were still able to receive news on the antenna attached to a small tv. The broadcasters were sounding hysterical. For a moment we all sat still watching the storm that was terrorizing the city. We saw that the storm had taken a last minute turn towards Mississippi and that New Orleans proper would be spared a direct hit. We felt cheered but sobered by the thought of what areas to our east would be facing if we were only catching the edge of the storm.

Dan sat on the sofa with Brigitte and Jill on either side. He was clearly uncomfortable with Jill?s nudity, especially when she put her legs across his lap and asked Brigitte if she would rub her feet. He didn?t know where to put his hands and looked at me at if asking for help. To be truthful I couldn?t help enjoying his discomfort. Brigitte started rubbing Jill?s foot and I noticed her other leg moving as if by accident against his crotch. He put his hands so they rested lightly on her legs.

Tom said, ?So remember last weekend when you guys went to Dallas and we got together to go to out for margaritas and Mexican food??

Dan said, ?yeah.?

Rick joined in, ?Well you know what tequila does to Brigitte.?

Dan hummed a few bars and sang, ?Tequila makes her clothes fall off?

Tom said, ?Well luckily she kept them on until we left the restaurant, but we were all pretty toasted and we thought we?d come back to our place for a swim. Anyway, to cut to the chase when we got home we ended up in the pool naked and then we started talking about sex and well..?

Jill said, ?We ended up having sex together. It was wonderful. So now we?re all horny and feeling like doing it again, and we thought we?d invite you two to join us. There I?ve said it.?

Dan looked at me and said, ?Wow. What do you think??

I said, ?Do you want to talk about this alone?? There was no immediate answer so I said, ?I think it?d be fun and obviously it didn?t cause any problems for them. I don?t see why it would cause a problem for us. Do you guys have any rules??

Brigitte said, ?Yeah we talked afterwards and we agreed that we wouldn?t meet each others spouses alone and that we would do everything in the same room. Anybody can say no to anything and no means no. Not that we?ve found anything to say no to,? she laughed, ?Cuz Jill and I are basically dirty girls, but still it?s a good rule.?

I looked at Dan who said, ?Why not.?

I jumped up and threw my arms around his neck and said, ?Whee, I love you so much. Do you want to see me get fucked??

He grinned and I pulled my t-shirt over my head and skinned out of my shorts, looking over my shoulder at Rick and Tom. ?Come on boys, get naked. I?m gong to get a couple of big blankets.? I ran from the room with the flashlight, my heart pounding with the thought of what we were getting into. When I returned everyone was naked. Jill and Brigitte had Dan on the sofa and were taking turns sucking his cock. I laid down two huge blankets side by side and laid in the middle and patted the ground on either side. Rick and Tom?s cocks were both erect and I couldn?t wait to feel them both.

I leaned over to Tom and kissed him on the mouth, feeling Rick?s hands on my shoulders, tracing my spine, cupping one ass cheek. My breath turned hot and I could feel my nipples harden against Tom?s chest and then his hands found them. When he squeezed them and touched my nipples I could feel waves of moisture flood my pussy. I pushed him back to the blanket and placed wet kisses on his nipples and then down his tummy. His cock reached to his belly button and I gathered it up and licked its head. I looked over to the sofa and saw that Brigitte had mounted Dan?s cock, putting her tits in his hands, while Jill was in the act of sitting on his face. I watched his tongue drive deep into her pussy, and then felt Rick do the same to me. My pussy erupted in a hard orgasm, and I felt Rick back away and then felt his hands on my hips. Seconds later I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down my pussy. I opened my throat and at the very moment that I fed Tom?s cock deep inside I felt Rick enter me and soon I felt his balls slapping against my clit. I exploded again.

I came twice more before I felt Tom?s balls start to clench and felt the first wave of jism deep in my throat. I pulled his cock out to enjoy the feeling of the pulsing stream of cum, swallowing madly, but still seeing gobs of it drip from the sides of my mouth. Seconds later I felt Rick?s stokes intensify and felt him fill my pussy. I could feel his cum hit the back of my cunt. After he pulled out I rolled to my side, and looked over at Dan. Jill and Brigitte had switched places and I could see that Dan was about to cum. He shouted that he was cumming and Brigitte leaped off and placed his cock in her mouth. Jill watched as Brigitte swallowed most of it and then licked his cock clean.

I said, ?That was fantastic. When can we do that again??

Jill looked at me and said, ?You haven?t even begun to understand the magic of this sex. When was the last time that you saw Dan cum four times in one loving??

I said, ?Probably about six years ago.?

She said, ?Well watch this. Come here Dan.? She laid on the ground beside me and said to Brigitte, ?Show Dan how you love a pussy that?s full of cum.?.? Brigitte obediently came over and laid between my legs and I felt her tongue deep inside me and then saw her licking every trace of Rick?s cum from my lips. I felt another orgasm build as she took my clit in her mouth. When I finished I heard Jill say, ?See, look at him.? Dan was hard as a rock, as were Rick and Tom. Brigitte sat up, leaned forward and gave me a kiss. ?Do you want to see what Jill loves??

Jill mounted Dan and leaned back, giving Brigitte access to her pussy. As Jill lifted Brigitte would lean down, kissing her clit and then Dan?s cock. Jill moaned, ?God I love that.?

I looked down at Tom and said, ?I want that inside me.? Straddling him, I saw Rick reach forward and hold Tom?s cock upright and then watch as it was slowly engulfed by my pussy. I felt incredibly full, and started moving slowly up and down, feeling my insides shifting to accommodate the largest cock I?d ever had. I felt Rick?s finger rubbing my ass and then he stuck it inside me and frigged it as I moved with increasing speed over my monster cock. It took longer for Tom to cum a second time and that was fine with me. Rick grabbed my hips to hold me still while he pushed his cock against my ass, and I felt an amazing sensation as the head of his cock pushed it?s way in. The only way to describe it was an absolute perverse fullness. I could feel both their cocks rubbing through the thin skin of the membrane separating my asshole from my pussy and I lost track of the number of orgasms that shook me before I felt Tom start to cum. His orgasm triggered Rick?s and I felt myself fill with their seed.

I looked over to see Dan masterfully holding back his second orgasm, but then Brigitte moved around and started sucking Jill?s tits, presenting her pussy to his fingers and I saw him buck furiously, pouring himself into Jill?s pussy.

At this point I felt Rick and Tom both withdraw, and felt cum running out of both holes. I crawled over to Dan and kissed him on the mouth, ?I got fucked in both holes sweetie and I have other men?s cum running out of me. Would you like to clean it up??

I lay down while he fetched a washcloth and softly wiped me clean. Jill and Brigitte came to lay next to me and he wiped them clean as well. ?Isn?t this fun?? Jill asked. ?Didn?t you love the double penetration??

?I thought I was going to pop,? I giggled, ?But it was very intense.? Rick bought out another two bottles of wine and some fresh glasses and we all sat and drank. It was very strange, sitting around with a group of naked friends. I think I felt closer to them than I had ever felt to a group of people. The wind had started to die and Tom stood up to look through the front window. I admired the line of his ass and Jill stood beside him. From the back she looked almost boyish, but hen she turned to the side those tits made her look all girl. When she returned to sit beside me I leaned over her and kissed her nipple. She said, ?You like my titties too? Everybody likes my titties. I love it when they get squeezed hard.?

I obliged and sucked her nipples when they poked out form between my fingers. Her tits felt wonderfully heavy in my hands and I felt my pussy moisten afresh. I released her breasts and moved my head between her legs. She scooted back, legs apart, giving me better access and I looked at her pussy, trim blonde curls hiding tiny lips, her clit a small red bud at their top. I stuck my tongue deep inside and moved my arms so I could pull her to me. Looking up I saw Dan watching, ?I?m going to lick her just like you lick me Dan.?

Brigette said, ?it?s my turn for some multi-cock action. Dan if you please, I?d like you up my pussy along with Tom and then I want you in my ass.? She had them lay with their heads away from each other, their balls touching. I saw her scoop both cocks together and then she sat, fitting both in her pussy. Rick stood in front and she reached out and stroked and sucked him while she rode her two cocks. I was busy with Jill?s pussy. After her second orgasm Jill moved so that our pussies touched and she urged me to press against her. I felt the magic slip and slide of two pussies rubbing together and felt her hard little clit contact mine. I was in heaven, especially as I watched Dan move in behind Brigitte and push his cock into her ass. Brigitte was squealing with a pleasure I understood all too well.

Both Dan and Tom came before Rick and she moved over to us, standing over both our grinding bodes, cum dripping down onto our pussies. Rick walked over, his cock still hard and I wrapped my hand around it, feeling it slick with pre-cum. I came again and pulled away. The sight of Rick?s upturned cock made me realize I wanted it in my pussy, so I raised my knees beside my head and directed him to assume the missionary position. His cock, as I suspected, hit my g-spot exactly, and soon I was shouting for him to fuck me harder, aware that I had an audience watching him pound my pussy. When he came he pulled out and shot streams of cum all over my tits. Jill and Brigitte immediately came and rubbed it in, giving me another mini-orgasm in the process. ?I didn?t know I could cum so much.? I laughed, Have we done everything??

Jill said, ?I haven?t had two cocks yet, but I suppose I can wait. I think I could go to sleep. Shall we get the sleeping bags??

We arranged the air-mattresses and sleeping bags, but when we returned Jill said, ?I?ve changed my mind. I realized the guys have only cum three times, so I know that there is at least one more load in there, right? She hefted Dan?s balls. ?Who can think of something new to do to me??

I said, ?I have an idea. Just a second.? I ran from the room, grabbing a flashlight and went to my closet. When I returned I said, ?I?m going to blind fold you and then we?re all going to touch you. You won?t know what?s about to happen.? I put the blind fold on and turned her around three times and then silently directed everyone to stand in a circle. She put her hands out in front, but first we just touched her, ten hands wandering over her body, pinching her nipples, lifting and squeezing her breasts, separating her cheeks, caressing her legs. I captured a nipple and didn?t let go, focusing my entire attention on suckling from her heavy tit. She stood stock still, legs slightly apart, and when I ran my finger between her lips I felt a gush of moisture. I directed the men to carefully lift her and we laid her on one of the mattresses. Brigitte and I stood and we each took a leg, lifting it upright, massaging her foot, looking at her wet pussy. Each of the men was directed to lay between her legs and we held her while each of them fucked her for exactly five minutes. She started cuming near the end of the first guy and by the time the third had reached his five minute mark she was cumming steadily, her body a constant vibration. We had Dan and Tom take the legs we had been holding and we had them lift her slightly, so Brigitte and I could have access to both her pussy and asshole and then the two of us together licked her; our tongues meeting at the little ridge of skin that separated our respective territories. We tongue fucked both holes until she was writhing again, and then we arranged Rick such that he could penetrate her ass while we played with pussy and titties. We directed him not to cum and again after five minutes she was a quivering mass of orgasm.

I removed her blindfold and she lay on the mattress. We all kissed her mouth and then I told her of the planned finale; ?Rick, Dan and Tom are going to kneel over your tits and jerk each other off while Brigitte and I play with you.?

I expected some resistance from the guys, but they had all been turned on by Jill?s wanton moans. Brigitte and I made sure their cocks were wet and Dan went to work on Rick, while Rick seized Tom?s cock and Tom grabbed Dan?s and we all watched as they brought themselves closer. They timed it just right, and we squeezed her tits together as they were covered by ropes of thick cum. We all rubbed it into her skin and then Brigitte and I gave a final suck to her nipples. We collapsed.

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