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Our Little Student

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Having retired early, I didn't have much to do all day, so when I saw that the local college was seeking an English Literature teacher I decided to apply. My wife kidded me that I would never survive being around college girls half my age all day. Indeed it's not easy; in fact it's hard... all day. Of course, many of the girls flirt and tease outrageously, trying to get a better grade, but I keep it in my pants and behave myself.

Some afternoons I arrive home to find my wife dressed in a "catholic school girl" or "cheerleader" outfit and we proceed with a little light role-playing and fuck the night away. Likewise, our local swing club will have a "back to school"-themed party where I get to fuck several "naughty little school girls".

I have a great wife and an active sex life, so the actions of the actual college girls I encounter are no big deal; "oh, you want to show me some cleavage? I was fucking your mother Saturday night." Desire is still there, of course, and my inner caveman is always raring to go, but I control myself with some effort.

Then I met Anna. Well, actually, no. I can usually recognize the girls who'll be trouble right off; they exude sex and know how to use it. Anna wasn't like that, she was one of the "good" girls; did her work, participated in class, didn't dress like a slut. Nor did she brown-nose or otherwise try to get my attention. She was just a regular student, like many others. Partway through the semester, that changed... and I noticed. Maybe it was just that spring had sprung, but her skirts became shorter, her blouses became blousier. It became readily apparent that she neither required nor wore a bra. She made more eye contact with me... or, more likely, I made more eye contact with her. And she smiled. I was a goner.

She came to see me after school to discuss the story we were reading. Girls who are trying to seduce me never try to discuss such things; they just haven't been paying enough attention to do that. She began with, "Why would the man in the story cheat on his wife with a young girl?"

I replied, "Probably because it was spring, she was wearing a short skirt and a loose blouse, and had an incredible smile. These things can overwhelm a man."

There was that smile again as she said, "But I've been watching you, trying to tempt you as she tempted him, and you haven't been overwhelmed. I could hardly tell you'd even noticed my efforts."

I responded, "Well, those were different times, a different culture; the penalty for his actions is much greater here and now."

"You don't want to lose your job for having sex with a student, even one of legal age?"

"Doing so just isn't worth the possible consequences for either of us; especially if we can just wait a month, until after you graduate... aah... she graduates."

"Aha! So I did succeed! You would have sex with me if I weren't your student."

"Sure, graduate and get accepted to grad school. Then come see me."

The rest of the semester passed quickly, and she didn't let up. When she received her grad school acceptance letter, she showed it to me with a big smile and said, "Grad school acceptance; check!"

By then I had mentioned Anna to my wife who seemed intrigued that a student had finally gotten past my shields. Her only response was, "She must be very interesting. I hope I get to meet her."

The morning after graduation, there she was in my doorway, grinning from ear to ear, showing me her diploma. She looked delightful in a simple print cotton summer dress that buttoned down the front and a ponytail. "Graduated; check!" she said matter-of-factly, challenging me to renege on our deal.

No way was I going to pass on this opportunity; I congratulated her, cleared my desk, stood and gave her a hug, and said, "I think a celebratory lunch is called for." I drove us to a quiet café. On the way, I suggested that she open another button or two; she opened one at the top and one at the bottom. We sat outside away from other diners and the breeze played with her hair and the loosened front of her dress. As we ate, I caught glimpses of what lay inside. I took the time to explain that my wife and I were swingers, that I often have sex with women who are not my wife and that we don't consider it cheating. And further, that my wife is bisexual. I gave Anna the opportunity to back out if that's not what she had signed up for. In answer, she opened another button and said, "If I'm going to major in human sexuality; I'd better learn something about it."

By the time we arrived at my house, only a few more buttons remained buttoned and I undid them once we were in the kitchen. We held each other in a tight embrace and shared our first kiss as her dress fell to the floor. I felt her small but firm breasts press against my chest; her hard nipples poked me through my shirt. I ran my hands down her back and caressed her skinny little ass as we lost ourselves in the pleasure of our kiss.

I told Anna to go out to the pool and I'd be out in a moment. She strutted on out, dressed in nothing but a tiny silk thong. I texted my wife the code word we had agreed on just for occasions such as this, got undressed, and carried a tray of snacks and wine out to the poolside cabana.

Anna was in the cabana and had settled in on the big lounge that looks suitable for a sultan. I placed the tray on a table, poured us each a glass of wine, and joined her. She'd hardly taken her eyes off my rampant cock all the while; an astonished look was on her face. Her first words were, "I didn't know they got that big!" I assured her that mine was only a little larger than average and that I could introduce her to even larger ones if she liked. She swallowed a gulp of wine.

She took my cock in her hand, felt its girth and how hard it was; I moaned. Thoughtfully, she said, "No wonder guys can't think around women. I'm beginning to understand the man in the story."

I managed to reply, "That's about it. And if you're not careful I'm going to come all over your hand."

She said, "Well, we can't have that, now can we?" and took the head in her mouth. I came almost immediately when I felt her tongue's gentle caress. She swallowed what she could and proceeded to lick up the rest.

She lay back on the lounge with a big grin on her face, her eyes sparkling in the sunshine. I rolled onto my side, pulled her to me, and we met in another passionate kiss. I explored her body; cupping her ass, caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples to full erection as our tongues entwined.

Soon I was caressing her pussy through the thin material of her tiny panties. The moisture of her arousal was soaking through making the silk cling to her tender flesh. She moaned in pleasure and spread her legs to give me easier access. I worked her into a frenzy and she came hard against my hand as she pinched her own nipples. We kissed as she came down off her high then I made my way down her body. I took each hard nipple into my mouth to ensure they stayed erect.

Soon I reached her pussy and inhaled her scent. I love eating pussy and hers smelled divine. I licked her through the soggy little piece of silk that was all that covered her. Then I slid that down her legs and gazed upon her naked young body. She reached up with her legs and pulled my head to her beautiful bare pussy. I dove right in and she shrieked in surprise at the sudden contact with her most sensitive parts. Her thighs held me to her as if I might try to escape that delightful prison. Soon I had worked two fingers into her and was massaging her G-spot as I sucked her clit and licked her labia. I caught glimpses of her as she thrashed in orgasmic pleasure. Her eyes were closed, she was pinching her nipples, she was moaning and gasping for release as she ground her pussy against my face and fingers. She came with a shout and shuddered mightily, each spasm caused another spasm until she flopped back on the lounge, spent.

We rested and ate some fruit while we caught our breath. I rubbed half a strawberry on her nipples then sucked the juices off. She rubbed a piece of pineapple up and down my cock. When it was achingly hard again she proceeded to lick its length and swirl her tongue around the head. Soon she had as much as she could get in her mouth as she stroked my shaft and fondled my balls.

She slowly removed my cock from her mouth, straddled my hips, and began lowering her well-lubed pussy onto my cock. I watched in delight as my cock was enveloped by her tight little hole. Once she was fully impaled, she leaned forward and we met in a kiss as she began to work her pussy slowly up and down the length of my shaft. I took her breasts in my hands and pinched her nipples. Breaking our kiss, I leaned forward and sucked her hardened nubs as my hands sought out her fine little ass.

She was moaning in pleasure and we picked up the pace, the sounds of our bodies meeting escalated. She began to writhe on my cock, her muscles clenching and releasing as a powerful orgasm rolled through her. Her orgasm brought on my own. I buried my cock deep in her pussy and held it there as I poured my seed into her. She relaxed onto my chest and we kissed some more as she recovered. We fell asleep as the gentle breeze cooled our overheated flesh.

We were awoken by my wife settling beside Anna, brushing back her hair, and commenting, "You're right, she's lovely." Smiling, Anna raised herself on an elbow and the two women met in a gentle kiss. Soon they were kissing passionately and exploring each other's body with their hands. I sat back and enjoyed watching them entwine. Anna followed my wife's lead, mirroring her actions, and soon each had three fingers buried in the other's pussy as they brought each other to a mutual climax.

Then Anna took the lead by burying her face in my wife's pussy. Seeing her ass in the air, I could no longer sit aside and just watch. Fucking a woman while she eats my wife is one of my favorite things. I got behind her, took her ass in my hands, and sank my cock into her pussy. She moaned and resumed eating my wife's pussy, still with three fingers working her G-spot. I built up a rhythm and reached around to play with Anna's clit. Anna came first, her lithe body convulsing wildly as I tried to hang on and remain embedded. I came second, ramming hard into her and pressing her more forcefully against my wife. The added pressure and thrill at seeing and hearing us come triggered my wife's orgasm and she held Anna's head against her pussy as she erupted in pleasure.

I pulled out of Anna and my wife asked to eat my come out of the girl's pussy. Anna didn't hesitate in positioning her pussy above my wife's mouth. Anna's breath caught as my wife's tongue licked up her labia, snaked into her hole, and began scooping my cream out of her. Anna took my cock in her mouth and licked me clean then lowered her mouth to my wife's pussy and the women enjoyed a session of 69. Once Anna was cleaned up we all jumped into the pool to cool off.

After a while I got out, rinsed off in the outdoor, and began preparations for a barbecue dinner. About that time our neighbor, Bob, called over the fence asking if he and his wife were invited. The four of us and others of our friends often play together and it's not uncommon for us to enjoy an impromptu dinner party by the pool. After a quick glance at Anna's smile I said yes.

My wife led Anna to the shower and the two of them washed each other off then disappeared into the house. They returned a few minutes later wearing nothing but sarongs around their waists and carrying trays laden with salad and bread and other necessities for the meal. They began setting the table and I enjoyed glimpses of their two asses as they went about it.

Bob and Carol arrived a few minutes later; Carol wore a sheer white sundress that did nothing to conceal her shapely figure and Bob's shorts were straining to contain his rather large cock. My wife met them each with a kiss and introduced them to Anna who did likewise. Our neighbors looked her over with obvious approval and she seemed to appreciate the attention. Anna, in turn, looked them over; her gaze settling on Bob's shorts and the evidence of the raging beast within.

During dinner everyone got to know Anna better and she learned more about what goes on in suburban bedrooms. Once dinner was done, my wife and I cleared the dishes and returned to find Anna stroking Bob's cock while he played with her delightful little tits. Carol let her poor excuse for a dress slip to the ground and joined Anna in sucking Bob's cock as best they could. Carol, having much more experience with swallowing the monster, showed Anna how best to accommodate it.

Eventually, Anna decided the best thing would be just to hop on and ride the thing as it was intended. Bob readily agreed and Anna straddled his hips and started easing his staff slowly into her. Carol continued to lube Bob's cock with her tongue as Anna settled and was soon also licking her pussy. The pleasurable sensations allowed her to relax and stretch to take Bob's considerable girth fully into her. Once she was fully impaled on Bob's cock, with him fondling her tits and Carol still sucking her clit, Anna erupted in orgasm, crying out and shaking violently as waves of pleasure coursed through her.

Soon Anna was able to begin working her pussy up and down Bob's cock and get a rhythm going. Carol continued to lick Bob and Anna where they joined. I approached Carol from behind and entered her very wet pussy. Bob reclined the lounge chair he was sitting on and my wife mounted his face. Looking across Carol's back, I made eye contact with Anna as she approached another climax. She came, Carol came, my wife came, Bob came, and finally I came.

Carol licked up the come seeping out of Anna's pussy, so when I pulled out of Carol, Anna asked to do the same to her. Soon Anna and Carol were having 69 while Bob, my wife, and I jumped into the pool. By the time Anna and Carol joined us in the pool, my wife had Bob embedded in her and they were fucking slowly. I watched as they enjoyed themselves and the two other women explored each other's body.

My wife picked up the pace and soon the sounds of her orgasm echoed around the yard. Sated, she slipped off of Bob, but he was still rock hard so Carol went over to pick up where my wife had left off. Anna swam over to me and worked her pussy down onto my cock as we kissed and caressed each other. I was determined to stay inside her as long as I could so I kept our motions slow and gentle, enjoying the pleasure of being with this delightful young woman. But the sounds of Bob and Carol had their effect on Anna and she came as they reached their peak. Her vaginal muscles clenched and gripped my cock and I was unable to hold out any longer. I came, pouring my seed deep inside her. We kissed and held each other as I slipped out of her.

Bob and Carol kissed my wife, thanked us all for another wonderful evening, and slipped back to their house. My wife headed inside and I led Anna to the outdoor shower. The warm water ran down her body and I soaped her up, caressing and massaging her all over. The flowery scent of the body wash soothed us. She, in turn, washed me; then we toweled each other off and headed inside.

Anna spent that night and many others in bed with my wife and I. She attended many of our parties and was always a big hit.

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