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Our Last Time with Jerry

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Gina and Jerry were growing closer and closer as time progressed. Jerry practically lived at our house. Although we didn't have sex every time, the two of them were always sharing little kisses and touches. He gave her a tremendous amount of attention and she was eating it up. After a while I was feeling more like an equal than the husband and I didn't care for it too much. Still, I loved the sex and I still felt very confident of my relationship with Gina. For one thing, Jerry could be a real asshole and I knew the two of them could never have a serious long term relationship. So I wasn't too worried, only a little jealous.

We had a number of lesser encounters. Always with the three of us. I remember him unzipping my pants and sucking my cock while she stripped for us. I, in turn, jerked him off until she was ready to come play with us. I remember her sitting on his face while I gave him a blow job. And then the two of them sucking and licking my cock while he was fucking her in the missionary position. In all these times, neither Jerry nor I brought each other to orgasm. It was always with or in Gina that we came. And, although I really wanted to experience him cumming in my mouth, I wasn't disappointed. I really enjoyed the liberating feeling of taking his cock in my hands and mouth.

All my memories of our time with Jerry are in snippets. I can't honestly say what parts were on one occasion or part of multiple get togethers. In my mind they're kind of lumped, but in reality I think they were more of a running thing. I'm not sure how long all of this went on. Again it's amazing to me how sharply I remember some parts and how other parts are shrouded in a fog.

Gina and I had an agreement that we'd only be with Jerry while we were together and I took for granted that's the way it would be. Looking back it was pretty stupid to expect that after all we had been through. Sure enough, one night while I had duty on the ship, Jerry stopped by the house to see Gina. The next day at work, he confessed that he had made love to Gina the whole night. I wasn't too happy, but the next day when she came to pick me up at work, she immediately told me what had happened.

I was both relieved and horny. I got her home, got the kid to bed, and proceeded to practically r*pe her I was so hot. I wanted all the details of what happened. She wouldn't tell me much, only that it had been late when he knocked on the door. She came down with just a bathrobe on and let him in. They sat on the couch drinking beer and talking. Her robe was open and he kept looking at her partially exposed breast. Then they started kissing. While they were kissing he slipped his hand into her robe and started feeling her up. She could feel how hard he was through his pants. From then they just did what we had been doing all along. She gave him a blow job and he came in her mouth. Then he eat her pussy until he was hard again and then they fucked for about an hour. He slept on the couch that night and wanted to fuck her again in the morning, but had to settle for some heavy petting because my daughter was there.

Since that time I've cum many many times imagining what that scene between the two of them must have been like. I wish that I could have seen it. Just stood back in a corner or outside a window and watch my wife give in to another man... watch him undress her... watch her suck his cock and guide him into her pussy. I wanted to hear her and watch her when she didn't know I was there. See how hot and wanton she'd be for another man when she wasn't inhibited by my presence.

One night, about a week later, Jerry came over late and said he wanted to talk. He felt bad that the two of them had fooled around without telling me, but admitted the sex had been fantastic. Gina was in bed and the subject shifted from an apology to our talking about how hot Gina was. How good she was at giving a blow job and how hot it had made us to see her servicing the both of us. After a while we pulled out our cocks and stroked them while we talked about what a good lay my wife was.

It was dark in the house and we sat on the couch. He knelt between my legs, took my cock out of my pants and started pumping my dick and playing with my balls. I put my hands on his head and said, "Suck me Jerry" and he slid my shaft into his warm wet mouth. I was very hot, and it felt great. Not as good as Gina, but really good. The thing was I couldn't cum. After a while we switched positions and I sat naked between his legs and worked his cock over. I have to say I probably took almost as much pleasure out of giving him a blow job as I had in getting one from him. I liked feeling his hands on the back of my head as he rhythmically fucked my mouth. I wanted him to cum so bad, I think I probably would have cum myself just feeling him squirt his hot creamy juices into my mouth. But he couldn't cum either. After a while we laid down on the floor and we did a 69. All that body contact and giving and getting at the same time was very erotic, but it just wasn't happening for either of us.

In all the times we were together, we never actually brought each other off, it was always with or through Gina. I realized that while I enjoyed being with Jerry and the decadent feeling of sharing our nakedness and touching, sucking, and just plain playing with each other, fundamentally I wasn't gay and would probably make a lousy homosexual. I suppose with practice we would have gotten better at it, but what we both really wanted was my wife's hot pussy and titties to share.

About that time Gina came down the stairs with nothing but my robe on. She stood and watched us working each other over for a minute or two and then stood by us and ran her hands over our bodies as we sucked each other off. I think we were both relieved to see her. I immediately went over to her and French kissed her. Again I loved the idea of her mouth and tongue sharing the warmth and taste of Jerry's cock in my mouth. I pushed the robe off her shoulder and stood behind her, with my cock between her legs. She leaned back against me and I filled my two hands with her glorious breasts. Jerry stood in front of her and she moaned as she reached out and played with his cock, still wet from my mouth. He French kissed her passionately. I couldn't help but think this was the first time they had been back together since he had fucked her without me. He moved down to her nipples and I held her tits up for him, gently pinching her nipples towards his mouth and encouraging him to suck them in. I loved the feel of his mouth on both her nipples and my fingers, his tongue swirling around and over us.

After just a minute of two, he dropped to his knees and licked her pussy and played with my cock. I was sawing in and out between her slightly parted legs and I could feel her pussy juices dripping down and making my dick slick and wet. As I pushed my way through her legs he would run his tongue over the two of us and end with a little sucking kiss on the head of my dick. He may not have been able to make me cum while it was just the two of us, but I had to pull myself breathlessly away from his mouth and hands when we were sandwiching Gina between us. I was shaking I was sooo close to cumming. Gina stepped out from between us and stood us side by side with our hard wet cocks pressed up against each other. She French kissed from one of us to the other while playing with our dicks. Our hands were on her breast, in her wet pussy, all over her.

She laid down on the floor and we took turns using her mouth and pussy. First I fucked her while she and I shared Jerry's cock. And then, before I came, I pulled out and we switched positions. The two of them licked and sucked Gina's pussy juice off my dick while Jerry fucked her. Eventually we each left thick creamy loads in her. (Gina has always used an IUD and getting pregnant wasn't a concern.) I remember Jerry pulling out of her for that last time and seeing her pussy dripping with our white cum. Her pussy lips were pink and swollen and oh so very wet and juicy. We were all spent, naked and wet with cum and pussy juice. She was sprawled out and almost asleep from having been so thoroughly fucked. It's a powerful and erotic memory for me. What I wouldn't give to relive that scene, to see a friend's freshly fucked cock sliding out of my wife's cum filled pussy, all creamy and spent.

That night Jerry slept in our bed. The three of us naked and intertwined. In the morning Jerry and I both woke up hard, but by then my daughter was up and we quickly dressed and went about our day. There may have been another time that we were together after that, but if there was I don't remember it.

Looking back there are so many things that I wish that I had done while we had the chance. I wish that I had 69'd with Gina while Jerry had done her from behind and then watched and licked them as he came. I wish that I had taken his freshly fucked cock into my mouth and tasted the two of them, licking and sucking the last of his cum until he was hard and ready to fuck her again. I wish that I had let the two of them be together and could have stood back and watched as they undressed each other and fucked and sucked themselves to ecstasy in front of me. I wish that he had cum in my mouth while Gina was watching and sucking me. So many things that perhaps will never be.

But then again, who knows what tomorrow may hold.

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