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Our Great Friends and Neighbors Part 3

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Our Great Friends and Neighbors The Vacation Continued from part II

After such a long and exhausting night, we slept in as best as possible, until the kids arrived home. Jim and I showered and got into the Saturday routine, by late day the chores were done. Cindy and I went to the store to get supplies for a late evening cook out with the neighbors. Not much was said about the night before except for a few comments in the car about how great it was, and believe me it was great, my body still tingled from what Jeff did to me. That was the reason; sex was all I could think about most of the day. It was a great evening with the neighbors Beth and David. The neighbors finally all left; the cleanup was easy and the fire pit was dieing down. We chatted during cleanup and agreed, that we all needed a good nights sleep. We were, however, acting and feeling like newlyweds getting into bed with the men was Cindy?s and my top priority. We were, however, both worn out from Friday night. The kids were worn out too, they all went to bed by ten and were sound asleep in no time. We planned to meet, after the kids were in bed, to relax and have a drink at the hot tub.

We met about 10:30 by the tub small talked for a minute and had a glass of wine. The sexual tension was unbearable, my hart was racing, and I was shivering and not from the night air. I had to get in the water to get warm, everyone followed and in two minutes we were talking sex. We all wanted sex just not all night without sleep. It seemed so unreal yet in no time we agreed that the men should shift bedrooms and the women could sleep in. All the while we were sitting there I felt Jeff tugging at the strings on my bikini, first my top floated free then my bottoms were untied I was naked sitting next to Jeff in front of Jim. The same thing was happening to Cindy. We sat there for just a few minutes longer enjoying the intense sex play when Cindy stood up butt naked grabbed Jeff and kissed him really sexily then broke the embrace and said ?come on Jim lets go to bed.? Grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the tub and then disappeared running hand in hand across the lawn.

I was tired too; I grabbed Jeff by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I wanted to clean up from the day and asked Jeff to take a shower with me. The water was warm and soothing, and I didn?t have to do a thing Jeff scrubbed every inch of my body; it felt so sensuous. He knew just what parts to wash extra clean, and I did the same for him. His cock was rock hard the whole time; I paid particular attention to washing it really thoroughly. Jeff was really enjoying it and with each stroke he was getting more and more aroused, finally he stopped me and said, ?That?s enough we don?t want to waste any.? I knew exactly what he meant as I closed my eyes and kissed him deeply.

We dried each other off kissing as we went: jumped into bed and fell into a tight embrace my nipples were rock hard and I was wet and shamelessly grinding my pelvis into his thigh as our tongues intertwined. He rolled me onto my back and pinned my arms above my head while he lightly kissed my face, neck and breasts oh, oh, oh ohm, god it felt great in no time he was down to my hips then my smooth shaven mons, I was squirming and spreading my thighs as wide as I possibly could. I was desperate for him to kiss my clit mm, mm, mm, was all I could whimper. Then it happened, my hips arched and lifted off the bed, as bolts of electricity seemingly shot through my body, he started to suck my outer lips an then back to my clit, oh he was good, his tongue flicked over it time and time again then back to my vagina I felt him sucking the juices from deep inside of me and saying how good I tasted; then back to my clit. I knew I was about to cum, my thighs were quivering uncontrollably and my stomach was drawing tight oh, oh, ohhhhh fuck, Goooood yessssssssssssss, lick me, lick me like that, oooooooooooooh, yaaaaaaaaaa, yaaaaaaaaaaa, fuck yaaaa. He slipped two fingers deep inside my slippery wet pussy, and rubbed my G-spot, my orgasm peaked again fuuuuuuuck, yaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaa, aaa, god I was in heaven, ?Jim never did that,? I thought, before I had a chance to come down Jeff raised my leg, slid under it and in an instant I felt his thick rock hard cock at my gate I lifted my hips grabbed his tight ass and pulled, he pushed forward and in a second I was impaled onto his huge cock, he was buried balls deep in one of my favorite position. I spread my legs wide and rolled my hips still further and he reached under my ass and lifted, god he was deep. I could fell him beginning to fuck me with those long slow deep strokes. My cervix was riding over his glands as it pistoned in and out with ever increasing speed. I loved it, and I wanted more, yesss, god yesss, fa fa fuck me, deeper god give it to me, give me your cum, fill me, yaaaaaaaaa, yyyyyaaaaaa, ummmmmmm, shit damn it nowwwww, yesss. His fingers were working their way into my ass, god it felt so good, I was cumming so hard and long I was out of it. His cock head was swelling and I head him grunting and saying ?I?m gona fill your wet pussy I?m gona make you pregnant, damn it.? The force of his cum hitting my walls and filling me totally sent me over the top again. I was clawing at his ass and my legs were spread so wide I thought I would split. Cum started to run down my crack and he wasn?t done cumming yet. ?God yes, fill me up? I screamed. I wanted all his sperm and he didn?t disappoint me, I squeezed my cunt down on his pulsating cock trying to milk him dry and hold it all in. It felt wonderful; we collapsed down onto the bed. My head was spinning, and I was trying to catch my breath and enjoying the sensuous after glow. He whispered my name then said ?you are so beautiful? ?I hope you don?t regret this later? ?No, never, Jeff I loved it.? It felt so natural, and then we drifted off to sleep, his cock and sperm lock deep in my fertile body.

I didn?t stir till early morning when nature called; I came back to bed and cuddled close to Jeff. God, he was handsome and his muscles showed even when he was asleep. I was gently kissing his face when I got that naughty streak and worked my way down under the covers where I found his soft cock and began to lick what was left of last night from it. For me it was all it took to get my engine running. I sucked him all in, down to his balls it was the only way I?d ever be able to swallow him whole. Even asleep his cock began to harden between my lips and god, did we taste good.

In no time he was fully erect and moaning ya, ya, suck my cock. Take it all baby. God you suck good, your even better than Cindy, fuuuuck ya, baby suck my cock. His hands were running through my hair and urging me on, ?are you ready ?ya baby, what a way to wake up? ?Then fuck me, fuck me good and hard!? ?Get on your hands and knees and bend over and put your lovely ass in the air. I?m going to fill your sweet pussy till it overflows with fresh cream?. In seconds I was ready and Jeff was behind me with a raging hard cock I spread my knees and wiggled my still cum filled, sweet, wet dripping pussy back at him he placed his hands on my cheeks and spread me wide while he pushed his slick cock into me from behind I heard myself gasp as he eased his cock steady deeper driving the breath from my lungs as one long ?ooooooooooooohhhhh? escaped my lips as he bottomed out. ?Are you ready for this, ARE YOU READY?? As if commanding me. All the while he was withdrawing his hard cock.YESSS, Bam, as he pulled and slammed his cock forward OH, OH God! It hurt, yet felt so good all at the same time Bam, Bam again OH, OH Fuck me, I asked for it and damn, he was delivering. In seconds I started cumming my head was driven into the pillow I was trying not to scream to loud and OH, OH, OOOO YES, OH GOD His cock was tearing me up and I loved every hard body jarring thrust. My head was into the head board and I was holding on for dear life. Jeff reached his arm around my waste and his expert fingers found my swollen clit ?FUUUCK YAAAAAAA, HERE IT CUMS? Cum flooded instantly into ever part of me, I was overflowing; I felt my thighs getting wet as his cock pulsed deep inside my vagina. The pulsing head shuck my entire abdomen. There was never any doubt when Jeff?s cock erupted. The only thing holding me up was Jeff?s arm around my waste and his cock buried to the very end. My legs were rubber and the minute he relaxed his grip I fell flat on the bed. Cum gushed out onto the sheets and his cock was dripping onto my butt. He bent down and kissed my back and said that this was one of the most intense orgasms of his life. I Love You. Then grabbed his swim suit and left.

It seemed like only seconds had passed till Jim arrived back home and slid into bed beside me smelling of Cindy and sex. I wondered if he had witnessed me and Jeff going at it. When he said ?god you are so beautiful when you?re hot and fucking Jeff, your overflowing pussy is just gorgeous.? ?How was your night?? ?Wonderful just like yours.? With that he cuddled up close, kissed me and placed his hand on my just fucked pussy, and we drifted off to sleep.

It was Monday and it was my turn to drop the kids off at summer recreation in the park. Jim and Cindy had every morning off and she told me last week in the shower she was going to make love to Jim every day this week; unprotected love. So I picked up her children at 8:30 am and she was dressed in bikini bottoms and cotton top and nothing else. She looked hot; she said she was going out to the pool shortly. She gave me a big hug and I gave one to her and whispered in her ear have a great day; don?t do anything I wouldn?t do.

The rest of the day at the boutique was spent trying to figure out how to get free time with Jeff, and wondering what Jim and Cindy were up to. By closing time I had worked myself up into a sexual frenzy. My underwear was wet through! I was getting ready to lock the door when Jim?s truck pulled up outside and in he walked the answer to my prayers. I locked the door grabbed his hand and drug him to the dressing room, out of sight from the street. In a moment I was all over him kissing embracing and he was all over me. His hands were under my dress in seconds massaging my tight ass, pulling my body tight to his hard cock that was pressing into my panties.

My legs were shaking and I sank to my knees and unbuckled his belt, unzipped him and pulled his huge cock out to my lips I looked up into his eyes and felt his hands on the back of my head pressing me forward I opened wide and licked the slick salty head and moved forward taking his cock into the back of my throat and sucked as hard as I could He was fucking my mouth for all he was worth. God I was getting wetter and hotter by the moment. Then he grabbed my hair and held me still and commanded me, ?bend over I?ve wanted to fill that hot wet pussy of yours all day? and I wanted him to; that is all I wanted all day. I was in position in no time, I bent over the shoe stool and held on for what I hoped would be the fucking of my life; he flipped my dress up over my back and pulled my panties aside. I could feel him rubbing the head of his large cock up and down my wet slit as he pushed my cheeks apart. He slid in with no resistance ooooooooooh goooooood was all I could say as I pushed back his balls hit my clit. I just wanted to be fucked and filled. I pushed hard on to him rolling my hips as he drove into me. I was screaming and enjoying the pounding I was getting. He had pulled my panties tight from behind causing intense friction on my clit as he drove into me. I knew it wouldn?t be long for him or me as the pace picked up we both wanted release and I could feel my orgasm building. I could hear myself whimpering and screaming all kinds of things. Fuck, fuck me harder, that?s it give me your cum damn it, damn, give it to me now. Please please fuck me, mmmm, mmmmm, I love it, I love your cock, gooood, oh, oooooh, oooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, as his cock swelled deep inside of me. With one final thrust he drove me into the stool and I reached back and grabbed his balls, wooooosh woooosh as I felt his balls contract and the sperm and cum I so desperately wanted flooded into me; sending wave after wave of pleasure over me; causing my muscles to contract pulling my cervix up to bath in the thick pool of cum. My pussy clamped down holding him tight inside as he slumped over my back whispering sweet words of love in my ear, as his sperm dripped out of me. He knew what he was doing to me and so did I, MMMMMM, It felt wonderful. My thoughts drifted to Cindy and Jim and I wondered if they felt like us.

The rest of the week was much more of the same Jeff and I made love at every opportunity and Cindy and Jim were doing the same, swapping beds became the norm. It was wonderful exciting and the most sex I had since I was first married. There wasn?t a day or night went by that Jeff?s sperm wasn?t leaking out of me onto my bed or my panties. I was looking forward to Friday late afternoon to take the children to church camp for the weekend, which left us free till Sunday night. We had plans to leave and go to Jeff?s and Cindy?s cabin for the weekend

We dropped the boys off and got on the road in their van by five. The excitement was running high, for obvious reasons. My imagination was in over drive. We arrived at the cabin about seven and had a very calm cook out and filled the hot tub, and let it warm up. It came up to temp by about nine pm and we all jump in naked of course no need for clothes or swim suits after the previous two weeks. We all knew that we were going to swap partners for the night so the sex play was very open and aggressive. I was sitting on Jeff?s lap when I heard Beth?s voice ?Hi you starting without us? Christ I didn?t know what to do. I was petrified. There I was naked with Jeff?s cock half in my pussy and my breast in his mouth. Jeff wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me close so I couldn?t move and whispered relax in my ear. Fuck, I couldn?t relax. Cindy Just said ?come on in and join us? I couldn?t believe it. Beth started to strip off and so did Dave, I didn?t see Steve and Crystal, Who were around the corner also dropping their clothing, so was I ever surprised when Beth, Crystal, Steve, and Dave just jumped in the tub stark naked. Then much to my surprise Beth sat with Steve and Dave with Crystal. I didn?t know what to do or think. Crystal said I?m glad we?re all together and things can be open between us. Then she started to explain. Two years ago when you went on vacation we had a party at Cindy?s and Jeff?s house it got late the children were all asleep and it was hot I suggested we go for a midnight swim in your pool but the four of us did not have swim suits so we all went skinny dipping together at first it was a bit awkward, but that faded as we were playing keep away with the boys and before we knew it turned sexual with all the rubbing and pushing agents each other. The rest is history. So here we are wanting you and Jim to join our close little group so there won?t be secrets between us. I looked over at Jim and his answer was obvious as he sat on the edge of the tub with a raging hard on with Cindy gently stroking him. I was sexually into Jeff before they arrived and now with all the naked bodies and talk I couldn?t resist, I felt my body flush; I started kissing Jeff and ground my sex tight into his to get him as deep into me as possible. They all knew that was a big yes.

Thing really got hot quick Beth was next to Jim and said ?Cindy let me help you with that? and slid over and looked Jim in the eyes as she reached her tongue out an gave his cock a tantalizing swirl as she licked the clear pre cum from his glands and then slid slowly down the shaft. Oh, wow, was all he could say as he fell backwards onto the hot tub deck. Crystal said ?I?ve got to have some of that? and pushed up out of the tub and crawled over to Jim and started kissing him. He was in man heaven three lovely women were about to have him, if he lasted.

That meant there were three men who were in need of some serious attention and they were surrounding me. If Jim was getting his I was going to get mine. Little did I realize how much of mine I was about to get. Jeff stood up with me impaled on his cock and the other two lifted me up and they all carried me over to the table. They threw a couple of cushions on it and laid me gently upon them. Their hands and mouths were every where and they were all telling me how beautiful attractive and sexy I was, just the things a women loves to hear. My head was spinning from all the stimulation. I couldn?t believe what I was about to do, up until two weeks ago I was faithful to Jim. Over the past two weeks my body was constantly full of Jeff?s sperm and I was probably fertile. Now I was about to let thee of my neighbors have their way with me while Jim puts his cum into their wives. I was so aroused by the thoughts that ran through my mind and the stimulation, I was ready for anything. Jeff stepped between my legs and raised them up straight in the air the other two were at my side, I had a stiff cock in each hand: and, wow, what big cocks they were. I had hands all over me. Jeff was now sucking my sex and I loved each and every lick. The men decided to take turns licking my pussy, one minute each in rotation and the one to make me cum got to fuck me first. That sounded great to me. After about six or seven rounds I was ready.

Jeff had me to the edge but was replaced by Dave who knew just how to lick and in a flash I was in heaven each breast was being sucked and Dave was licking my clit when ooooooh oooh ohhh myyyyyy gooooooood yesss lick meeeeeeeee yaaaaaaaa. He obviously was the winner and he was ready in a flash he stood up rubbed his long hard cock head over my wet slit and clit, then in he pushed his long thick cock oooooo OOOH! ?My god fa fa fuck meeeeeeee.? ?I?m going to, but first I want to enjoy this a while? as he oooooooo, sooooooo, sloooooowly slid in and out of me. ?You are so beautiful and I?ve fantasized about you so many times, I?m not going to rush this beautiful.? Each stroke was just so tantalizingly slow and when Dave was balls deep I could feel him squeeze his cock swelled and pulse as it deposited drops of precum deep in my wet wanton vagina. He varied the pace slow then several quick thrusts. The minutes passed and I was pleading for him to finish me, I never wanted to cum so bad in my life The other two men were enjoying it too, sucking and rubbing my breasts and body, while taking turns feeding me their cock, which I greedily sucked down my throat as the passion grew. Dave finally got to the point where he couldn?t hold back any longer and picked up the tempo and force of each thrust, the juices were running out of me and down the cleavage of my ass as he quickened his pace and said ?I?m gona cream your wet pussy, I can?t believe how great this feels, god you are so good and sexy, yaaa.? I had to stop sucking cock, I was moaning and yelling and I knew I was close and he was too. His thrusts were now short and rapid and his cock was swelling. He was bottoming out with each trust oh, oh, oh my god OOOH, YAAAA, as I felt his cock spurt a torrent of sperm into my depths. OOOO, YESSS FILL MEEEEEEEE. I could fell each long spurt, as his cock rocked my cervix sending me into orbit. I locked my legs around his tight ass and squeezed him tight to my pussy. I could feel cum running out of my flooded pussy and over my ass. They didn?t give me time to rest Dave was replaced by Steve who fucked me to two more orgasms before refilling my sloppy wet sex with more cum my ass was slick and I was in a state of bliss. Jeff was next and rolled me over so my legs were off the table and I was resting face down as he entered me There was no mistaking his cock it was just so big and the head was huge, in he slid and the cum from Steve and Dave was forced down my thighs and over my cunt to drip onto the patio. Jeff was fucking me for all he was worth and I thought I was finished cumming when I felt my muscles tighten again and then over the top I went as he emptied his balls into me. As he withdrew more cum ran out of my cunt and down my thighs, I never felt so filled spent and fucked in my life.

While Jeff was fucking me to another orgasm my eyes focused on the sight of my husband empting his cock into Crystal, who was bent over one of the chairs and screaming her head off for Jim to fill her pussy with his cum and believe me he did. The white cream dripped from her gaping cunt when he finally withdrew his cock, only to have Beth suck him clean. Christ I never knew a women to love cum as much as she does.

I thought they were finished with me, I half drifted off to post orgasm heaven; when I felt a new sensation and Beth?s hands on my body and back. This is not going to happen I thought, but it was. Beth was behind me kissing and licking cum from my well fucked ass. Beth said look at all that cum leaking out of her it a shame to let it go to waste as she spread my cheeks and fastened her lips to me sucking and licking as she went, oooooooh, did she know how to eat a pussy. I waited till she fastened her mouth over my vagina and squeezed sending a flood of cum and juices into her waiting mouth, and she just kept on sucking and licking. I was gone, really into it by then and I rolled over to give her better access to my clit. And she got the message. She must really love cum I thought as she licked me clean. Dave must have some how recovered and moved over to the table to feed me his cock and I sucked it up, slick with cum and my juices. I was getting close and started to cum from the expert licking of Beth. Dave?s cock started to swell and I knew he was a thrust away from filling my mouth. I sucked him in and took him to the back of my throat as he erupted and I swallowed every drop. A perfect three way I thought. Not bad for a new cummer

Beth was resting on my tummy saying how good I tasted and telling me her cunt was sopping wet and better get fucked soon. When Jeff came up behind her and said ?I?ll take care of that? then I felt Beth?s whole body surge up onto my body as Jeff plunged into her to the hilt oooooooooooooooh ssssssssssssshit. Was all that escaped her lips then oh, oh, oh with each jarring thrust yessss fuck MEE YESSS give me your cum Jeff, let me have it. It was exciting having Beth holding onto me her soft body pressing into me as Jeff was penetrating her to the very end of her sex. I could see Jeff was getting close and Beth was on her second or third orgasm moaning and pushing back onto his hard cock for all she was worth as his body stiffened and thrust forward as he emptied into her. God it was beautiful, exciting, and raw.

The rest of the evening was a bit more subdued and we all ended up in the tub to cool off and soak. The warm outside shower was a blessing and felt so good. The women were treated like queens by the men who washed the cum and sweat from our bodies. We eventually all went to bed snuggled onto two king size mattress, bodies all intertwined.

The next day started slowly, the usual bathroom routines and showers except who was with who didn?t seem to matter. Sex was in the air. Cindy and Dave were going at in the bathroom when I walked in. Dave had her up on the sink and had just finished. Cum was dripping onto the floor and Cindy was collapsed onto his shoulder. Not a bad way to start the day. I slipped into the shower and was washing my hair when in stepped Jeff, ?You were incredible last night? he said as he took the shampoo and finished washing my hair, then my breast and then my sex, oh myyyy! All the while I was washing his hard thick loooong cock till he stopped me stepped between my legs and penetrated me as best he could standing up. It wasn?t deep but it was effective and in no time I was biting his shoulder and cumming as he creamed my wet pussy. We calmed down and went down for breakfast. When I returned to the bedroom for my string bikini bottom Cindy and Jim were going at it missionary style, her legs were back over her head and her hips were rolled straight up to give Jim the deepest penetration. I couldn?t resist watching, it was pure animal sex. He was pounding her into the bed and she was screaming out her pleasure. In minutes his pace quickened and I knew it was about to happen, his body stiffened and he slammed deep into her, she released her hold on her knees and grabbed his ass pulling him even deeper as he started to release his sperm into her spamming pussy her legs straight up in the air, and she was yelling for him to fill her. He gave several more thrust and cum started oozing from their union and on to the sheets as they collapsed on the bed locked in a tight embrace.

Not much happened for the next couple of hours feels and touches kisses and hugs. All of us women were lying out on the deck catching sun and drinking margaritas by 2 everyone was hot and slightly lit. The talk was mostly sex, favorite position favorite lover besides your husband, favorite toy. That?s when things got more interesting Crystal asked Cindy if she had brought the Sybian,. I asked ?what a Sybian? They all looked at one another and said lets show her come on, and with that into the house we went. The men were hanging out and watching the game. They asked what was up Cindy replied ?we?re going to show Joanne how to ride the Sybian? ?that?s better than a ball game any day? was the reply.

Cindy went out to the van and brought in a box and took from it the largest vibrator I?ve ever seen. It looked like a saddle with an attachment that looked like a tennis ball on a two inch round stick made of rubber. My first thought was woow, if that?s what I think it is I?ll never get it inside of me. They placed it on a low stool with cushions on each side and plugged it in. Dumb me asked ?who goes first.? And in unison they all said ?you do? and with that Crystal and Beth untied my bikini strings and pulled it from me in a second I was naked, they lead me over to the Sybian, all the while I protested. They took a tube of KY jelly and lubed up the ball and me too, than gently urged me down ?oh my god this will never fit? ?Yes it will just ease down? I felt the large round head press agents my pussy and I relaxed my legs and let my body weight press down, I felt it stretch and pass the tight muscles and down I slid. Now, I realized I was trapped, I couldn?t rise up, but two inches and my body weight kept my clit pressed down on the saddle. They gave me some instructions, but nothing could prepare me for what was about to happen. Jeff had the controller and with a smile on his face said ?hold on tight here we go cowgirl. And he eased it on. I felt my whole bottom vibrate and spread down my thighs, ooooooh, it felt really good. I was literally vibrating from my inside out and my clit was getting a hell of a workout too. I could rise up and press down to vary the pressure on my clit. But the interior vibration was intense and shock me from the inside out. My G-spot was in heaven. Jeff now started to play with me OH! As he would momentarily speed up then back down I could hear myself going OH! OH! OOOOOH! With each increase my orgasm got closer but he would not hold the vibration constant long enough to send me over the top. I was on about ten minutes when he increased the speed and kept it there OOOOOOOOOOOOOH, SHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT, My Cunt had a mind of its own now, and it contracted tight around the shaft and locked me to it. My legs turned to rubber, I was impaled on this vibrating monster my orgasm started and there was no place to hold on I slumped forward and that brought more pressure to my sex that?s when Jeff turned it up on high OOOOHHH, FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCK, doesn?t describe it. I swear my whole body was shaking. He would turn it down just long enough for my orgasm to subside then turn it up again, and again I?m not sure how long he held me there. But it seemed like forever. My orgasm was continuous ebbing and peaking with the change in speed I just remember falling forward onto the cushions exhausted and squirming around with my hands on my pussy trying to calm down. I guess it was the ultimate fuck your lights out orgasm. I?m not sure how long I was laying their but it wasn?t long when Jeff came over and started touching me. My whole body was super sensitive and every place he touché made me squirm and tingle.

Jeff had a raging hard on from watching me and wanted to be satisfied. I thought, ?No not now let me be,? but I knew that would be cruel and decided to give it at least an effort. So I rolled o my back and spread um. WOW, when his cock touched my pussy a bolt of electricity shot through me, and as he pushed deeper into me I swear I could feel the veins on his cock. My sex was supper sensitive. Every nerve was awake. It felt so stimulating. And when he began to move inside of me, I knew I was only a few thrusts a way from another orgasm, despite just getting the orgasm of my life. I guess nothing beats the real thing. I couldn?t believe it. He was trying to be considerate, but I rolled my hips grabbed my knees and said,?FUCK ME DAMN IT.? Jeff was more than ready and willing to fulfill my request, He picked up the pace slamming home each stroke. There was no give to the floor of course so it was just what I needed and him too. BAM, BAM, BAM, I could feel him bottom out with each thrust. For me getting fucked on the floor is much more stimulating than a bed the power and the complete dominance of the man is such a turn on. He grabbed my ass and plunged one last time. It was wonderful, my orgasm started as his seamen and sperm were launched into my body, OOOH YES FILL MEEEEEE, I could actually feel each blast and pulse of his thick cock like never before. I felt his huge liquid load fill me completely and overflow down onto my back. That was really what I needed to finish me off nothing feels better than having my pussy creamed.

After a show like that all the men were ready for sex, but the rest of the girls were ready for the Sybian. Beth took the opportunity to clean up on cum the men had stiff hard cocks from the show and she took each one and had them cumming in her mouth in no time while she waited her turn. The rest of the afternoon was one constant ball game Sybian and hot cocks!! I and Jeff however just laid on the floor and cat napped for the next hour or so.

We all agreed to take a sex break during supper. The men cooked on the grill, we told them not to put on any clothing while they prepared dinner for us. We ladies just lounged around enjoying the sights, getting the casual feel up or taking the opportunity to grab a cock and tease the men. Most of the time they were hard or semi hard just in anticipation. The sexual charge in the air was amazing. The sex play allowed for a much need battery charge and I for one was ready to go by dinners end. My sexual motor was in high gear and my leaking pussy had soaked the towel I was laying on. It seemed like everyone had to have me in some way including the women. It was Cindy who noticed the wet spot and my hard nipples and commented to everyone how wet and aroused I constantly was. She sat down on the end of the lounge chair and started to lightly run her fingers up and down my legs. The light touch made my thigh muscles quiver with each pass. Then Crystal started to massage my shoulders and nibble on my neck her soft hair cascading down over my shoulders. I knew I was enjoying it to much when I heard myself moan mmmm, mmmm, with each stroke of their expert hands, a woman knows just how to touch a woman to get, that purring soothing sounds. Their soft expert hands seemed to float over my body leaving tingly trails as they went. Crystal?s soft massaging hands drifted further down my firm breasts and gently squeezed my protruding nipples. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment. I felt Cindy?s warm breath on my thighs and her soft tongue leaving a trail of liquid pleasure. The chair gently reclined as Cindy pushed my trembling thighs apart and I felt her hot breath blowing onto my clit I couldn?t control myself and I raised my knees and grabbed my thighs and rolled my hips to give her direct access to my pussy. She obviously got the message but she wanted to tease me so she kissed everywhere but my clit god she was driving me crazy and I was moaning and whimpering, for her to take me I finally had enough and reached down, grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth to my waiting sex. Her soft lips sucked me into her mouth and her expert tongue flicked over my clit with rapidly increasing speed OH YAA, DO MEEEE, DO MEEEE LIKE THAT, YAAAA SHIT, my body shuck from head to toe. I remember feeling crystal?s hands on my breast and opening my eyes to see her luscious wet pussy with swollen labia spread above me and in my passion I reached up grabbed her by her thighs and pulled her down to my waiting mouth and started licking and sucking her delicious pussy for all I was worth. The thought that my husbands cum was still inside her from the fucking he gave her earlier just made me more excited and I sucked and licked for all I was worth and in no time she was cumming, her juices running down my cheeks. We continued locked together for several minutes until Crystal?s wobbling legs gave out and she fell across me onto Cindy and I couldn?t cum any more. If I had any questions about my sexuality I guess it was settled in those very enjoyable minutes.

The rest of the evening and night was filled with unforgettable sex. Each encounter had its electricity and thrilling excitement. I?ll never forget walking into the living room and seeing Jim taking Beth who was lying in the big overstuffed chair with her ass on the arm of the chair and her legs pulled back over her head, his head was buried into her sex. He was exceptionally good at eating pussy and you could hear him sucking and licking her juices from her up turned pussy. Beth labia were completely swollen with lust, pink and puffy. She had those huge labia that normally protruded from her sex as she walked, but now they were glistening with her juices, swollen and pink as if to say come here put your hard cock between these lips and fuck me. Jim kept working on her licking and sucking her clit till she was in a frenzied state of lust moaning and yelling with each flick of his expert tongue. Finally her legs shot straight up into the air she grabbed the back of his head and held him to her clit with a screeching EEEEEEEAAAAAAA that shattered the night that went on for at least several minutes. I couldn?t help but imagine how that must have felt to her, and thinking he never got me off like that! He never stopped to let her recover he pulled free from her grip and stood up and I could see his cock was dripping and in seconds he positioned himself over her wonton body that was now fully exposed to him for she had grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs back over her head and in one swift plunge he was ball deep and pumping her with all the force he could muster. The whole chair was shaking, and he was wasting no time. It was obvious he wanted to cum inside of her and she wanted him too. He was screaming, I gonna fill your hot wet pussy? and she was telling him to ?fill me, FILL ME WITH YUR CUM JIM I?ve wanted you to fill my pussy for a long time.? ?Now, NOW DO IT, DAM IT NOOOOOOOOW!!!!!? And with that he gave a final thrust and she locked her legs around him, He was cumming and cumming and she was too. He finally collapsed onto her and they fell into a lover?s embrace kissing and hugging passionately. God it was beautiful.

The sex that weekend was unbelievably exciting ad raw. The sensations and excitement were totally beyond description and I can?t wait to have a weekend like that again. If you would have asked me four weeks prior to that if I would have done any of this the answer would have been no, HELL NO! Now, I?m thinking ?Why didn?t we do it sooner. This summer we plan to do it all over again as soon as we can make plans for a baby sitter.

I know it has taken a while to write this but Cindy and I both delivered healthy beautiful girls in the spring. Can?t help but think it was the switch thing. Cindy and I have already talked about trying to even the count at two boys and two girls. The men have been great with it, and treat all the children as their own. Sorta like having two men to take care of all the kids. Cindy and Jim said they would like to write their story later this summer. Gota go feed the kids. See ya.

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