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Our First Time

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If you are like me, you get a thrill reliving your first time swinging with another guy, couple or woman. Our first time was with a good friend,Bill. We had been married about 4 years and were 28 at the time. Neither Sherri or I had any prior experience with someone prior to being married - we dated in high school and college. We had a great sex life but had always commented on how our friend Bill, my best friend since grade school, had been a wild single guy and pretty much opposites from us from a sexual adventure point of view. Another point to make is we all grew up in the rust belt and moved away after college to find jobs. Sherri and I (Jake) moved to Atlanta and our friend, Bill, to New York. We tried to visit each other about three or four times a year since college.

Well, before one visit to our place by Bill, Sherri and I had started talking in bed about what we would do if we had the chance with another person. Sherri admitted that at one point in high school when she and I were "not seeing each other" - our only brief period away from each other, that Bill had stopped over her parents. No one was home and she asked him in to have a Pepsi. He wasted no time turning the subject to sex and mentioned that I had told him that she was great at sucking cock (we only did oral at the time - didn't want to take a chance getting pregnant) and he pulled his cock out and asked if she would like to suck him off? She was pretty surprised at his boldness and said no way and that her parents would be home soon and just to forget about it. But, she was pretty amazed at the size of his cock (9" uncut that he made a point to always let the guys know) even though she told him in no uncertain terms that it wasn't going to happen. Well, Sherri and I were playing while she related this and I got hard as I had ever gotten and shot my load all over her hand and up past my neck it turned me on so much. Needless to say we fucked for a couple hours with me pretending to be my friend fucking her and with a nice size vibrator to help with the fantasy.

It was a couple days from Bill's visit and we had been talking about doing something with him but didn't let him know. The day came(Friday - he worked the day and was going to spend Saturday through the Wednesday with us) and we picked him up at the airport and headed to dinner. He always stays with us and we take him where ever he needed to go on his previous trips (mix of business and personal time). We got home and since it was a sweltering August day he mentioned he wanted to get a shower since he felt grimy from the humidity. Sherri and I decided to get one too - Bill in the spare bath and us in ours. I finished first and told Sherri that she should where her pink robe if she wants to follow through with getting naked with Bill or her blue one if she didn't want to.

I met Bill in the family room and we had the TV on watching something totally boring and we were just shooting the bull when Sherri came out in her pink short robe. Bill made a comment that her robe was quite sexy and myself I was fighting keeping my cock down so as to keep some semblance of a surprise in mind. She sat down in her recliner and we watched TV for a few more minutes and I said this is really lame, anyone want to play strip poker? Bill looked at me and then Sherri and she said "sounds good to me!"

Well, I grabbed the deck of cards on the end table and said so what are the rules? She said we should play 21 and that everyone has to take a card if they are under 21 but just throw away the card that takes it over 21. Bill said and the winner is the one that doesn't lose all their clothes first. I said and the ones who are naked first have to do whatever the winner says.

I dealt the first hand and won. Bill says well I'm half naked and pulled off his t-shirt. Sherri said, well I'm totally naked as she stood and dropped her robe. She rubbed her nice 34C tits for us and parted her legs to show Bill that she had totally shaved her pussy and ass - not something that was common 26 years ago! Bill and I were hard as rocks but I managed to deal the next hand. I managed also to do it slowly so that Bill could start playing with her tits and pussy while I dealt the cards. Well this time Sherri won and off came my shirt and Bill's shorts leaving me the "winner".

I had Sherri lay back on a blanket I put out on the carpet and said you both have to do 69 till one of you cums while I play with whatever I want to. Now I didn't know if Bill had any bi interest but I figured I'd see - I have always had the interest in playing with another guy's cock and sucking on a guy but never got the chance or moved on any opportunities. They both said sounds good. Bill swung himself around and I helped steer his cock into Sherri's mouth and rubbed his balls as she began sucking him. He moaned that I was right she is really great at sucking cock! She and I both laughed as he went back to licking and playing with her bare pussy. She had never had a finger in her ass - it was always sort of off limits even though we never really talked about it, but when I moved around to see what he was doing to her with his tongue and fingers I was thrilled to see he had two fingesr buried in her pussy and one in her ass and she was moaning like crazy. And in another few seconds she was clamping her thighs around his head as she began to cum like crazy. He took the hint to stop and rolled off her but kept his finger in her ass and pussy while I played with her tits. She was shaking like a leaf as she kept cumming finally pushing his hands off her.

As she came down off her first cum she opened her legs and told Bill to lay down on his back. She moved over him and slid his cock into her pussy and began riding him. She motioned for me to stand in front of her so she could suck on my cock. We were all silent except for the sound of fucking and sucking and I was the first to announce I was going to cum and shot my first load of the night down her throat as she continued to ride Bill. She let my cock go after draining me of my load and had me bend down to give me a cum kiss - not something we did too often but it was quite erotic, particularly to Bill who thrust up into Sherri and let loose his first load of cum deep into her pussy. She collapsed onto his chest with his cock still buried in her and I moved around to the back to play with her ass and his balls. His cum was leaking down his still hard cock and I took it and rubbed it up to her ass and slid a finger into her ass. She just laid there and said that feels awesome. I said how would you like my cock in there? She asked me to run to the bathroom and get some baby oil first though. I got back and Bill was already pumping her pussy again for the beginning of round two.

I put oil on my cock and her ass and slipped in with ease - she made no complaints about any pain but moaned I can't believe how full I feel. She began cumming almost immediately as Bill and I got into a rhythm. Soon I just couldn't take the intense tightness of her ass clamped on my cock and was filling her ass with cum again. I pulled out and ran for a wash cloth - was also a little messy. After cleaning myself and her up a bit, Bill said I have to try fucking your ass because I've never had a woman who would let me fuck her ass before. She said you can use me all you want! He asked are you sure I won't be too big - and she said no I kind of like it - feels real full - not as good as in my pussy but it's different. Well, Bill oiled up his cock and just before he went in I said how about Sherri and I do 69 with me on the bottom so I can lick her pussy while you fuck her ass? We were doing 69 in two seconds and I lined up Bill's big cock to her ass and in he went. I started licking her pussy and he said man this feels unbelievably tight and your nose on my balls is incredible. I slipped one hand up to rub his balls and in no time Sherri was cumming again from my tongue action and Bill giving her ass a great and lengthy fucking. He must have fucked her ass 15 or 20 minutes before finally shoving all the way in and pouring his load into her. I moved away from her clit but was still underneath as he slid his cock out and his load of cum fell right onto my mouth. I had no choice but to swallow and it was amazingly erotic not only seeing his cock buried in her ass but to taste his cum too. I told him no way I'm licking your cock after being in her ass but maybe after we clean up that Sherri and I could suck on him. He said sounds good just as long as I can do the same to you!

Well, we decided to take a break and get something to drink first. We sat on the floor rubbing Sherri's back and it didn't take long for our cocks to start getting hard again. Sherri said I know you both want to try sucking each other but I really want fucked while one of you licks my clit because I can't believe anything could beat that. Well this time Bill got underneath as I slid in. Her pussy was sopping wet and the cum from Bill's first time in her pussy was quite interesting to feel. Her ass was all red from the fucking he gave her but it was incredible feeling his tongue slide on my cock and balls and back to her clit. Sherri was cumming and cumming and I couldn't take anymore after only about 5 minutes and I announce I was going to cum. On the out stroke, Bill pulled my cock out and slid it in his mouth and I started to cum in buckets. I didn't think I would have any left but it was amazing to feel his mouth on my cock - only Sherri's before this! I rolled out of the way and Sherri moved off Bill and said why don't you finish him off? I said sounds good as she sat on his face so he could lick her cunt clean of my cum and I started sucking his cock. It didn't take me long to figure out how to take him all the way in - he was amazed I could deep throat him. I sucked up and down the length of his cock and would then pull off to lick his balls and stroke him. About when he said he was going to cum, I put the palm of my hand hard on the head of his cock while stroking him with the other and as he started to cum I rotated the palm of my hand onto his cock head. he practically yelled for me to stop - he couldn't take the tickling feeling from the pressure but I just kept rubbing as he kept shooting. Finally he stopped cumming and I pulled my hand away for Sherri to lick his cock clean and my hand clean too.

By now we are all totally exhausted and decide to head to bed. We all hugged and Sherri got a great wet kiss from Bill and we hit the sack - but the night wasn't over. She was totally hooked on swinging she said and that this was just the beginning. She was still horny and wanted me to fuck her - so I had her get on her hands and knees and fucked her good for about 30 minutes before shooting my load in her. Then I told her that I wanted her to go sleep with Bill and I would see her in the morning. I woke up first and they were asleep. I went and got a shower and put coffee on and Sherri came out to the kitchen. She said after I sent her over to Bill that they sucked, licked and fucked for 3 more hours - like they might never get to fuck again! She was sore and full of cum. She had me put my hand in her pussy just to feel for myself. She said he fucked her twice in her pussy and once more in her ass. I now had a full fledge slut for a wife. I said I know you are sore but before you go get a shower I'm going to have to fuck you right here in the kitchen. She said its a great sore and she bent over the counter and in 5 minutes I shot my load in her and off to the shower she went. While she was in the shower I poured a cup of coffee and Bill came out to the kitchen. He said he was pooped out but man what a night and that I was the luckiest guy around to have a wife that not only could fuck like Sherri but that really wanted to be fucked by more than one guy! All his girl friend's would freak anytime he even brought up the fantasy idea of another guy joining them. I let him know that I was cool with everything particularly since he didn't mind some bi stuff. He said sucking and playing with each other's cocks was great but no way to my cock in his ass. I said same here but it didn't look like Sherri minded so we would have plenty of opportunity for that sort of thing with her. He downed a cup of coffee and headed to get a shower. I finished my cup up and headed to get one too.

Sherri was drying off and she said so what do you two want to do today? I said fuck you some more of course but what did she want to do? She thought that would be nice but that we should do something so we didn't wear each other out too. She thought we should go shopping for lingerie at Fredericks and then to Victoria's Secret. So what are you going to wear to go there? She mentioned a pair of shorts and a tube top would be convenient - no under wear or bra since she would be buying them there!

Well, we were soon off to brunch first before heading to shop. First stop was Victoria's Secret. She wandered around with both of us in tow and you could tell everyone knew that she had spent some time with both of us fucking her. She went in to the changing room and came back out with her selections of a camisole and a teddy. The store just wasn't conducive to much else so we just headed back to the car. On the way to the next store she teased us by showing her tits to us - just had to pull her top down. Now Atlanta is the home of about 100 titty bars and x-rated stores. I had the idea to stop at one of the x-rated video stores instead of heading to Frederick's as planned. I pulled into the parking lot of one of them, I don't remember which one anymore and I told Sherri to bring along one of her selections that maybe she could try it on for us in a video booth.

We went in and it didn't take long to find a booth. I noticed a peep hole on one side and asked Sherri if she minded if someone might watch from the other side. She said sounded fun and exciting to her. I put on a video - didn't really matter what one since she was going to be the show. Bill and I helped her out of her shorts and tube top and also stripped down. She put on the camisole and showed us how it looked including the nice snap bottom. About this time we see someone looking through the peep hole at us. I mention that it looks like she has an audience and maybe she should give him a show. She turned towards the peep hole and slowly pulled the teddy off and motioned for Bill to put his cock by the hole so she could suck him. The guy on the other side was getting a real eye full and she stopped and said to him so what do you have? He wasted no time sliding a nice looking 7 inch or so cut cock through the hole. She started stroking him as I started to fuck her from behind. She was also stroking Bill's cock and started going back and forth sucking one then the other. The guy through the hole couldn't hold it any longer and started shooting as she stroked him, his cum landing on the floor. Soon Bill was filling her mouth with cum as I filled her pussy. The guy on the other side thanked her and headed out. Since it was only around 3 in the afternoon there weren't many guys in the video store so we decide d to get dressed and head back home. I had Sherri wear the camisole out, unsnapped, with my cum dripping down her legs and I carried her tube top and shorts. Bill was smiling and the guy at the counter said lucky guy's as we headed out. Sherri was super horny and climbed into the back seat and Bill fucked her the on I-285 much to the pleasure of a few guys in passing trucks! About 2 blocks from our house he unloaded in her and they both put themselves together again as I pulled into the garage. None of our next door neighbors were home and we were not "caught", at least not this time! (another story). We practically ran to the bedroom and she wanted her pussy licked. I jumped between her legs and started licking and playing while Bill fed her his cock. By now we had more stamina and over the course of the next hour and a half we both licked her pussy, fucked her pussy and DP'ed her till we came. We hopped in the shower to get cleaned off quick and then decided to head to dinner. She decided to wear a summer dress - nothing else and we went to Chili's for a quick bite before heading back to our place.

She wanted to do something different when we got home. She decided we should see who could talk the most normal to their parents while the other two did the person on the phone. She got three tooth picks and said shortest to longest one goes first. Well I was first and the rule was you had to talk till the folks got off the phone or you came - yeah pretty kinky. Sherri started sucking as soon as I got on the phone and although difficult, I managed to talk pretty normal despite Bill and Sherri sucking me off with Bill getting my load. Bill was next and his Mom started asking what is up - you seem distracted and he said that the TV was on and he wanted to laugh was all. So as he started laughing almost hysterically he said he had to go as he, in reality, couldn't handle Sherri riding his cock and me playing with his nuts. As he hung up he unloaded in her!

OK so it's now Sherri's turn. We were both still hard so I decided she needed to talk to her folks while she rode my cock and Bill fucked her ass. Needless to say she had a very short conversation before having to hang up. There was no way she could take being DP'ed and talk on the phone. Bill didn't last long and was soon filling her ass and I wasn't far behind. She came quite a few times and we decided to take a break. I fixed drinks and as we were relaxing headlights pulled into our driveway. Now to get to our bedroom, and our clothes, you have to walk in front of our entryway door. Since none of us was thinking too well, none of us made a move to get our clothes before the front doorbell was ringing. Well, now what. Lights were on, we were obviously home. So I said I'll go to the door. I tried to not be seen and hollered who is it? An answer came back that it was Deb, one of Judy's good friend's from work (and hot!). I said, could you come by later we were a little busy. She answered back I can see I've caught you at a bad time seeing as how you don't seem to have any clothes on - busted. She said, it's not a problem - Judy had mentioned you were having a friend over and that I should come by - and that Sherri said that she might get lucky! Well I went to the door and opened it and said if getting fucked by me and my friend Bill was what she considered lucky then come on in! She said sure was as she came through and gave my hardening cock a tug. We had teased over the years but never came close to being naked together. I said come on in and we went around the corner to the family room. I was the only one not clued in, or was clueless, as Sherri was riding Bill as we turned the corner (Sherri had told Deb what was happening on the phone earlier in the day). I said Deb this is Bill - she said to Sherri do you mind if I ride that big boy for a while! Sherri got off and Deb stripped off her tee shirt and shorts - no panties or bra. She bent over Bill's cock and went right down on it. She was in the house less than a minute and was fucking my friend, I was fondling her tits and Sherri was sucking my cock. This was heaven. Sherri said you have to try being licked by Jake while Bill fucks you. It's incredible. So Deb and I got into a 69 position and Bill moved in behind her and slid in to the hilt. Deb was cumming like crazy as Sherri sucked her tits and Bill fucked her for all he was worth. In no time the three of us were cumming and cumming. We then turned our attention to Sherri who was now playing with her pussy on the couch. Bill and I were momentarily spent so Deb moved in between her legs to lick Sherri's pussy. How we had not done this in the past was beyond me but it was as if we had been getting naked for years. I was admiring Deb's blonde pussy hair - I wondered if she was a real blonde and she was. I had to start fucking her from behind. Bill played with her clit while I fucked her and soon Sherri was cumming in waves from Deb's tongue. I had Deb move to our couch so I could fuck her and suck on those beautiful big tits of her's while Bill positioned Sherri next to us and we started fucking both these gorgeous ladies in sync. I moaned I'm cumming as I filled Sherri with cum. Or at least my cock pumped like it had some cum but hardly any really did shoot out. But it felt great. Bill started shooting about the same time. Well we spent the evening exploring and fucking the night away. Deb stayed over while Sherri and I hit the sack. Bill and Deb kept on going for, as we found out the next morning about 2 more hours. They slept on the family room floor and again I was up first to fix coffee. It was quite a sight to see my friend on his back with his limp cock exposed and Deb on her stomach and her wonderful ass staring up at me as I walked by. The smell of cum filled the room. I tried to be as quiet as possible as I made coffee but as I turned around Deb moved behind me and hugged me and said that was an incredible night. I would never have guessed you guy's were so much fun. I said we didn't want to push the boundaries and potentially lose a friend but I'm really glad Sherri mentioned what we were up to. She was stroking my now hard cock and I was playing with her pussy. I moved her to a kitchen chair and told her I really wanted to lick her pussy. She said but Bill filled me with so much cum do you really want to lick me? I said absolutely. She sat down and spread her legs as I began licking - the taste of Bill's cum and her pussy juice was great. She started getting noisy and Bill was soon standing next to her playing with her tits. I said, maybe we should go to the family room where we could be more comfortable. She motioned for me to do her doggy style as she sucked on Bill's cock. I was soon filling her with my first load of the day, Sunday. I moved out of the way and Bill moved in. I had Deb suck me clean and I said I'm getting a shower and will see if Sherri is up. She was still asleep so I got my shower. When I got out Bill was still fucking Deb in the family room and I went and got a cup of coffee. I stroked my semi hard cock watching them fuck and it was almost surreal watching them. In the half hour I enjoyed watching them they changed positions four times and finally he came in her. She had I don't know how many orgasms. He got up and said I'm going to go get my shower now and gave her a kiss. She laid on the floor, legs spread wide, cum oozing out of her pussy, and her pussy red and swollen lips and just closed her eyes. Her blond pussy hair matted with cum didn't hide much of her perfect butterfly shaped pussy lips.( Sherri's is just a crack that just opens to a pink beautiful hole to be filled with cock.) I couldn't resist and moved down and started licking her pussy clean. She put her arms out to the side and said it just doesn't get any better than this and began to cum in waves. She pulled her legs together and I got the hint to stop. I rubbed her stomach and tits and said this is the life! She got up on her elbows and said I should go get a shower and head home but I need fucked more. I was hard and she got on her hands and knees and I proceeded to do her from behind. She wanted to be on top and I rolled on my back. She was whispering in my ear what a great fuck I was as I filled her with cum for the second time. Looking up at the clock I realized we had been fucking almost an hour since Bill went to get his shower. She said I really enjoyed myself but I need to go. I said do want to take a shower? She said no I want to get one when I get home and just enjoy the sticky feeling of all our cum till I get home. I got her a cup of coffee to go while she went to our bedroom to say goodbye to Bill and Sherri - who were fucking of course. I met her at our doorway as she was pulling her shorts up and her tee shirt on. She gave me a big kiss and I took her to the front door. She waved see you later this week - I had a great time. I said me too and then noticed our single neighbor Karl across the way. He of course noticed that Deb was leaving and I was waving goodbye without a stitch of clothing on! Karl is a few years older than Sherri and I and for what reason I don't know, I waved for him to come on over. He had a very curious look on his face but proceeded to walk slowly across the street. He got to the door and I asked how his morning was. He said good but was guessing it might be getting better seeing as his naked neighbor was waving him over. I said, well our good friend Bill is in town and this weekend had turned wild. I also mentioned to him that Sherri had commented on how nice looking he was and well, if he wanted to surprise her, that he should wander to our bedroom and see what was up.

Karl wasted no time and stripped as he and I made our way to our bedroom. Karl watched as Bill filled Sherri with another load. Both had their backs to the door. Bill collapsed onto Sherri and Sherri had her head turned away from Karl and me. Bill looked back at us and had a little surprised look but I put my finger to my mouth to say quiet. I whispered to Karl, go for it! Karl's cock was hard as a rock, about 8 inches with a big cock head and average width, and as Bill moved to Sherri's side he slipped into her. She had her eyes closed and moaned as Karl started to fuck her. He had rotated her into a spoon position so he could feel her tits when she opened her eyes and saw me watching and then turned her head quick to see our neighbor was fucking her. She just raised her leg a little and she said wow - what a nice cock! He said your pussy feels super sloppy but still tight. She said well if you want really tight slide your cock in my ass. He looked at me and Bill who was grinning and had slipped his hand down to her pussy and said, no she really likes it in the ass. I had gone to the bathroom and brought out some baby oil and said don't mind if I do the honors. He said my pleasure as I rubbed oil on his cock and he slid into Sherri's tight ass. She moaned as Bill moved down now to lick her clit while Karl fucked her on his side. Karl lasted only a few minutes but she really enjoyed getting a nice full load of cum in her ass. As he moved his cock out of her ass, his cum just literally poured out and onto the bed. Bill was playing with it and said what a load of cum. Karl said, I have more if you want me to stay. I said I'm about fucked out for a while, Bill said me too. Sherri said not me, why don't you two go fix me some breakfast while Karl and I fuck for a while. I got a wash cloth and cleaned Karl's cock and said you two have fun! We will be waiting and Bill and I went off to the kitchen. Neither of us are cooks so we just made sure some coffee was available and had cereal and toast ready when they finally came out. I had to know and whispered in Sherri's ear what did they do. She said Karl 69'ed her - he was bi and loved cum, so he got her off with his tongue which she said is great and then she rode him for a little while and then he pounded her pussy doggy style till he came in her. Then they laid there for a few minutes and headed to the kitchen. She drank a cup of coffee and said she needed a shower. So Karl then said he really had to go too but would be back later that evening if that was OK. Bill and I looked at each other and I said the more the merrier. Karl said, so I should bring friends? I said girl friends yes! He said he knew two ladies that would love to join us!

More later!

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