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Free Erotic Stories

SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Our 1st House Party".


Our 1st House Party

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We asked friends Candy and Steve to come over to diner. Candy arrived in a short denim mini, no panties and a plunging, very tight V-neck blouse with quite a bit of lace bra showing. Candy always makes me horny. I was wearing a provocative, sequined blouse that plunged to my skimpy bra. It was longish in front of my crotch, drawing a bit of attention to that area. Complimenting this was a black mini, no panties, and black stay-up stockings.

I had prepared a great 4-course diner with desert. We didn’t get to the desert! Conversation over dinner was rapid and ranged across a variety of subjects, including sex. From time to time, my hubby would cop a feel of my butt or pussy.

After dinner, we adjourned to the living room. I changed into a black, open lace, very short mini dress that barely covered my twat with the black stay-up stockings. There was a gap between the hemline and the top of my stockings of at least three inches. Candy changed into a dark brown lace blouse and retained her short mini for the time being. Meanwhile Kent and Steve covered the floor with a mattress cover and about 16 pillows.

When Candy had excused my self to change, she went out to their car and brought in a gym bag – the large kind with multiple zippered compartments. This was her toy collection. We reached behind the couch and pulled out our toy box – all in a shoebox-sized container. Seeing the size of Candy’s collection compared to ours, we knew we were going to have fun! Each of us would reach into our collection, withdraw a toy and proceed to talk about the fun with it, fondling it and demonstrating with it against the appropriate part of our own anatomy, in a teasing manner. We proceeded to discuss the pros and cons of each in graphic detail, often with comments added from the guys. Although our collection was significantly smaller, we had a couple that Candy had not experienced: An egg-shaped vibrator on a wand, and vaginal beads. Candy’s collection had quite a few different sizes of dildos and vibrators, each suited for different moods, length of build up, or intensity of climax. The most unique for us included a “man and a bear” vibrator and a double dong. I had always fantasized about seeing the latter used in real life.

Then we got down to business. This was clearly a girl thing. We had been flashing our pussies all during the demonstrations, but now the denim dress came off and blouses worked up. Candy brought out a white life-like cock vibe and went down on me. She licked my pussy until it was soaked with salvia, paying particular attention to tonguing my hole. I had a great view, being propped up against the couch, and the guys had positioned themselves for even better views. When I was sufficiently lubricated from Candy’s saliva and my own juices, she inserted the vibe. She expertly ran it in and out a few times before turning it on. The vibrations and the tonguing that Candy continued to minister, had me bucking and moaning in no time. Squishy noises filled the living room as the vibe moved in and out. Although in ecstasy, I took a second to glance at my hubby stroking his cock, I glanced over to see Steve rubbing his through his pants.

After Candy made me cum with an intense orgasm (pussy juices ALL over the vibe!), it was my turn on her. Candy elected to try my egg-wand vibe and lay back with her head and shoulders against the couch so she could see what I was about to do with her pussy. I applied my tongue to her presented pussy and had Candy prepared for the vibe in no time. I turned it on low and inserted it slowly. As I worked it in, I turned up the speed and angled my end down, forcing the egg up against Candy’s G-spot. Candy loved it. She came quickly with an all-over shudder and noticeable tightening of her vaginal muscles. She was now ready for her own “man-and-a-bear.” I started off by lightly tonguing Candy’s pussy lips and clit; gradually getting more and more vigorous and more full-mouth contact. Unlike my wild movements, Candy was more reserved, squirming rather than bucking. But you could tell that she was totally excited. I slid the vibe all the way in so that the little bear’s nose was on her clit, and then turned it on. Candy started to make low noises, threw her head back, eyes closed. She grabbed her own mound and pulled up, stretching her slit and exposing her hard, white clit to our full view. A more violent shudder that the first wracked her body as she grabbed the vibe from me with both hands and thrust it tight into her pussy.

After Candy came again, we snuggled, kissed and fondled for a few minutes. Then my fantasy came true. I reached for the double dong. We played with it for a few minutes giggling and making very horny comments. Candy reached for a bottle of Astroglide and put a drop or two on each end and rubbed it down the shaft. I slowly and carefully spread Candy’s lips and slid one end into her hole and worked it a bit. It was so horny to see this pink dick protruding from her cunt. I moved to position my pussy on the other end. Candy took over the job of positioning it at the entrance of my hole with one hand while rubbing my clit and spreading my lips with the other. Candy moved her hips in closer; forcing the dildo to fuck me. We humped and thrust our hips back and forth until the dong was buried deep within us and our pussies were grinding together. When our cunts would move apart slightly, the guys could see an inch or so of pink before we would thrust back together so that shaved pussy was grinding against shaved pussy. From time-to-time one of us would reach between our legs to play with clits or maneuver the dildo. Rapidly our movements got faster and more urgent. Hands were flying back and forth between pussy lips, clits and the dildo. First I thrust hard and let out a great groan, followed moments later by Candy’s more subdued cum. Steve and Kent had shot a couple of dozen pictures each, and we hadn’t even noticed!

I know that Kent was struggling very hard not to cum! His face was right over our conjoined twats. He just had to go beyond fantasy. He reached down and started gently and slowly moving the dildo back and forth from one hole to the other, watching closely and commenting on our cream oozing out around the dong. He fucked us with this toy long enough to prolong our afterglow and keep us squirming. I continued to have after shock cums and Candy was off in some sort of bliss of her own, eyes closed and pinching her own nipples. Kent bent over and licked both of our pussies, tasting our cum mixed with sweat. He said that it was the most wonderful pussy juice ever.

After such a workout, we needed to take a break: get up, walk around, and stretch. We all talked and laughed and fondled. Candy had one last toy that she just had to demonstrate – the Flicker. It is an egg vibrator with a soft gel coating and a tiny protrusion – a very skinny finger – on the end. When it is turned on, the finger (actually about the diameter of a piece of spaghetti and about an inch long), flicks wildly in all directions. When lightly applied to a clit or pussy lips, it is like a thousand tongues lightly flicking all at once.

Candy applied the flicker to my nipples just to give me a tease and a feel. Wow, it worked! I wanted – no – needed more. Flicking on down to my clit, Candy found my hips bouncing to meet the flick. Candy spread my lips with one hand and maneuvered the flicker with the other. Oh, my gawd! It felt great!

Steve was still dressed, but had a large bulge that he kept rubbing. Kent had been naked since Candy and I had fucked; Kent’s raging hard-on bobbing up and down. Kent asked me to sit on the couch and asked Candy to sit on top of me so he could eat both our pussies at the same time. WE were only too happy to oblige as this allowed us to kiss and fondle. Candy straddled me, face-to-face and we started French kissing. After only a second or so, Kent buried his face in our mounds. He kept his tongue going back and forth form one pussy to the other in rapid succession. What an intense feeling, being kissed and fondled by a sexy girl and having a talented tongue at the same time. We were moaning loudly. Kent kept this up as long as he could – it felt like forever during which I was on the verge of climax the whole time. He then proceded to finger-fuck us. Our pussies were grinding together, the sensations already electrifying, when Kent started using one, then two fingers in each of our pussies. He then switched to one hand with his index finger in Candy and middle finger in mine. The latter was even more fun as this left a hand free to play with four tits as they rubbed together. Or stroke his cock.

While he was doing this, I told him to bring his dick up to our mouths. Unfortunately he couldn’t keep up the finger-fucking, but I wanted to taste his cock and share it with Candy. He presented his cock to our mouths. First one then the other would swallow his rod while the other watched closely, made horny conversation and sucked on the other’s tits. Then, we licked the sides of his dick at the same time – and flicked each other’s tongues. Kent loved it and soon was making noises like he was going to cum. Finally Candy swallowed his whole shaft as I swallowed his balls.

Steve is really into watching, but during this, he had striped down. When Kent was on the very verge of coming, Candy moved over to go down on Steve’s straining hard-on; I followed suit and soon he was receiving the treatment we had just given Kent. We brought Steve to the brink, while Kent enjoyed our up-turned pussies with his tongue and fingers – letting his cock calm down. Quite suddenly and without a word, Steve grabbed Candy and pulled her to the floor. He laid in his back, cock up in the air and pulled Candy on top. They proceeded to fuck each other in wild abandon. At one point, I reached over to stroke Steve’s balls. While doing so, I carefully inserted a finger in Candy’s pussy alongside Steve’s cock and proceeded to finger fuck them both. A first and what a sensation! Kent and I marveled at Steve’s staying power – he had just had the most incredible dual blowjob and went straight into this frenzied fuck. As Kent and I continued to watch, he entered me doggie style. Candy and I were now positioned such that we could kiss and suck on each other’s tits from time to time. But this didn’t last long. Kent was desperate to shoot and soon did so all over my butt. Steve then indicated that he was about to cum; Candy pulled up and brought him to climax with only a few hand strokes. That was so horny to watch!

Up to this point, all of Kent and my swinging encounters had been soft swap. During the break, we decided to go for the full swap experience. After the requisite 15 minutes for Steve and Kent to recover, we settled down to more serous and less frenzied sex. Steve concentrated on me while Kent did the same with Candy. Oral sex, particularly in 69 positions had everyone ready in no time. Well, Steve was ready before Kent. He laid me down and slid into my pussy in a supported missionary position – he had to have one hand free for my ample tits. He is slightly longer and thicker than Kent and I got very excited at the feel of his strange cock inside of me. I could barely concentrate on anything except the sensations between my legs. I forced my mind to let me look over at Kent and Candy. They were finger fucking/stroking and watching us. I went back to concentrating (not hard to do!) on the incredible fucking that I was experiencing. Soon I was coming in multiple wave orgasms. Steve’s stamina just kept me coming. All too soon he withdrew and shot his cream on my mound.

I learned later that Candy finally grabbed Kent’s cock and guided it to her soaking wet hole. She had her back propped up on a beanbag chair and Kent supported himself so he could watch as he slid his cock up and down thru Candy’s pussy lips half a dozen times before ever so slowly forcing her hole open for his first swinger fuck. He fucked her like that for a couple of minutes, but for some reason that position didn’t to anything all that exciting for either of them. So Candy turned over the beanbag and offered her pussy in doggie position. This was much better; Kent could watch and get maximum penetration. When he felt himself coming, he withdrew and shot all over Candy’s up-turned butt.

With both guys spent, and us girls thoroughly fucked, we sat around talking, about how horny it was to watch out partners getting fucked. After maybe 20 minutes, Candy and Steve decide it was time to leave. They gathered Candy’s toys together, and then got dressed, allowing maximum naked time. After they left, we went up to our bedroom for one last great fuck before falling off to an exhausted sleep. As soon as we could, we purchased a flicker and double dong. The flicker is my favorite; the double dong is Kent’s (with or without another girl).


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