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Not An Accidental Meeting

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?Not An Accidental Meeting?

(Part 2 of Accidental Meeting)

It?s strange how you make new friends and how the can change your whole way of thinking. I won?t go so far as to say they change your whole world, but, they tend to enhance an already awesome relationship by adding something new and fresh.

Our new friend, Lori, did just that with us. Keith and I already have what I consider the perfect marriage. We are completely devoted to each other in every way. Until we met Lori, I was pretty unsure as to how I would react having another woman in our relationship. I must say that it has added a lot of fun and a lot more sex.

Not long after our first evening spent with Lori, she called us to see if we were going to be in town for the weekend. Luckily, we were and told her to come on over, we didn?t have much of anything planned, but, then again, we are the kind of couple that just tends to be spontaneous and go with the moment.

About two hours after Lori called, she arrived at our place with her overnight bag. I greeted her at the door and she gave me a quick kiss as she came inside, setting her bag down beside the couch. She smiled at me and with a little wink, said ?I brought a few things with me this time.?

Even after our evening with Lori, I was still new enough to being with another woman that Lori?s smile and little wink gave me butterflies and made me a bit nervous.

We walked out to the patio where Keith was just lounging around. Lori walked over to him and gave him a kiss also.

Lori reached over and took a sip out of Keith?s glass that he had filled with Jack Daniels. Then she kissed him again.

I smiled at them and went to check the temp of the pool. It was a nice 78 degrees. Perfect for a little nude swimming and whatever else we felt like doing.

I went inside to fix us all a little snack plate and a couple glasses of Jack for Lori and I. When I brought it back out, Lori was already in the pool, her shorts and halter top laying on the back of one of the chairs. Keith was sipping on his Jack with a smile on his face. I leaned over and nibbled his ear and he reached around and pulled me down, kissing me long and deeply. ?Are you ok with our playmate??, he asked me quietly. I kissed him again. ?Yes, Babes. I am fine with this. I brought her home, didn?t I??

I took a sip of my Jack and slipped my sun dress off, letting it fall to the patio floor. Keith smiled at me, smacking me on the ass as I turned to walk towards the pool.

As I climbed the steps up to the pool deck, I could see that Lori was stretched out face down on one of the floats, thoroughly soaking up the sun, as if she needed more.

I slipped into the water, moving as quietly as I could. As I got closer to her, I used my hands to shower her with water. It took her just a minute to catcher her breath and get off the float, laughing as she returned the water shower.

Keith had moved up to the pool deck and I could hear him laughing quietly at our antics in the pool. ?Hey Ladies! I brought food and drinks up here for us.?

We heard him but were too busy teasing one another to be concerned about food and drinks. Lori had pulled me up against her body and it felt so good. There was nothing better than being naked, skin against skin, in the water. It is such a sensual erotic sensation and I just couldn?t get enough of that feeling.

Lori and I were face to face, giving each other teasing little kisses, our boobs pressing against each others. Even though I was still a bit nervous, I began letting my inhibitions fall away and started to loosen up more. I could tell that Lori felt it. Right now it was just the two of us. I had forgotten that Keith was up on the deck watching. The music was playing softly in the background. I just let myself go and enjoy the new feelings that Lori was providing me with.

I leaned back against the float, trapping it between me and the side of the pool, closed my eyes to the bright sun, and let Lori take the lead. She took one of my nipples with her soft lips and sucked on it, tugging gently, as she slipped two fingers inside me. I gasped softly in surprise then moaned in pleasure as she moved them in all the right ways, using her thumb to rub my clit. If it hadn?t been for the fact that Lori had two fingers inside me, I might have just slipped under the water. I wanted to cause Lori to experience the same pleasure that she was giving me, so, I slipped two fingers inside of her. She was hot and she moaned as I began to rub her clit. I lifted her face from my nipple with my free hand and kissed her deeply. Her movements inside me became more insistent so I matched mine to hers. ?Cum with me.? she whispered against my lips. I increased the pressure against her clit, rubbing it quickly, as I felt myself begin to cum. I felt her muscles begin to spasm as we came together, there in our pool. We kissed each other as we finished cumming. Out of breath but smiling at each other, we looked up to where we had last seen Keith. He had stripped out of his swim trunks and had a raging hard on. He was stroking it with a look of desire on his face. I smiled up at him as Lori and I got out of the pool.

I stopped and gave his dick a tight squeeze as I kissed him. Lori stood in front of us and took a long sip from her glass and picked up a piece of watermelon, smiling at me. There was that sly smile again that gave me butterflies. I smiled back at her as I headed for the house to grab our quilt and pillows again. Lori was right behind me as I went inside, walking over to the couch where she had left her overnight bag. From inside that bag, Lori brought out another smaller pink bag and went back out to the deck. I gathered up the quilt and pillows and went back outside.

Lori was sitting in one of the chairs across from Keith and they were quietly talking and laughing. I spread the quilt out in the shade of the umbrella and scattered the pillows around. Lori got up and as she walked over to the quilt, took my hand and led me over with her. She laid down on her back and pulled me down with her. ?Let?s try a 69.?, she said softly. There were those damn butterflies again. ?I?ve never?.?, I started to tell her. ?Time to learn, Hun.? she replied. ?I want you on top.?

Nervously, I laid down on top of Lori in the 69 position. She gently spread my pussy lips and slid a finger in while she used her tongue on my clit. I followed her lead and found that she was wet and sweet. It didn?t take me long to have her moaning underneath me. I felt Keith slip in behind me, rubbing his dick in my juices. He pushed his hard dick in my asshole and began pumping. Lori was using her tongue to slip it inside my pussy now. I began to pump my fingers faster inside her, I was close to cumming but wanted to wait for Lori and Keith. ?Harder!? I said to Keith. He pounded me as I came. Lori cried out in pleasure as she started her orgasm. Keith grabbed a hold of my hips and thrust deeply, groaning loudly as he came inside me.

We all collapsed in a heap on the quilt.

Keith reached up to the table and got down one of the glasses and handed it to me. I took a long sip, handed it to Lori and she did the same, then handed it back to Keith.

I got up, slowly, and went to turn the pool shower on. I motioned for Keith and Lori to come join me and rinse ourselves off. Spreading soap all over each other felt wonderful. Almost as good as a massage.

The three of us decided to order delivery for dinner. We decided on Chinese. We ordered our dinner and got back in the pool to cool off while we waited. We talked and laughed, teasing each other until the doorbell rang. Keith slipped his trunks back on and went to answer the door.

We all ate dinner and relaxed around the pool, getting in and out for the next couple of hours.

I had just gotten out of the pool when Lori called to me. I went over to her and she kissed me softly. Keith was still in the pool relaxing. Lori held that little pink bag in her hand as she reached out and tweeked my nipple ever so slightly. She unzipped the bag and pulled out a strap on that was about inches long and looked huge to me. I was standing there looking at it, speechless. Lori smiled at me slyly and began to put it on. ?I want you bent over the front of that chair.? she said. I still stood rooted to the wooden decking under my feet. Lori stepped forward and kissed me deeply, trying to encourage me. At her touch I felt myself grow wet. I moved to the chair and bent forward, grasping the armrests with my hands. She eased a couple of fingers inside my wet pussy and it made my knees tremble. She stood back up and slowing slipped the dildo inside me. I gasp at the new sensation. It felt real inside me, not stiff and hard like most dildos. As she started pumping it inside me, she reached around with one hand and started rubbing my clit. It was all I could do to stand there I was so weak in the knees.

Keith got out of the pool and was not going to be left out of this one. He slipped up behind Lori and slid his hard dick inside her. Now it was like I was getting laid by both of them at the same time. For every thrust from Keith, I got a thrust from Lori as well. I was so turned on that I could hardly stand it. I moaned in complete pleasure and heard Lori echo me. She stood upright holding my hips and was letting Keith?s thrusts be hers into me. I rocked with them enhancing my own pleasure and, I hoped, theirs as well.

?Oh cum with me Ladies!? I heard Keith say. I didn?t take much more thrusting and he had us both cumming with him. It was all I could do to stand there while Keith finished his. I was so weak in the knees and that Chinese food had worn off quickly!

As in turn, Keith slid out of Lori and Lori pulled out of me. We all looked at each other and smiled. I couldn?t help myself and burst out giggling. Lori smacked me on the ass, ?And what in the hell were you so nervous about??. Keith walks up to me and kisses me deeply. And we all head for the pool shower once again. It seems that a person can learn a lot about themselves from an Accidental Meeting!

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