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New neighbors

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Linda and I were spending a quiet Saturday night at home watching TV together. My eyelids were starting to get heavy and I wasn't very interested in what we were watching. At one point I looked over at Linda, she was smiling and I could tell whatever she was smiling about wasn't what was on TV. What are you thinking I ask her? Oh nothing was her reply. Then after a few minutes she said I wonder whatever happened to Dave and Sandy? Dave and Sandy now those were folks I hadn't thought about in years and now that I was reminded of them I too started to smile.

Sandy and Dave was a couple that had rented the house next door to us a number of years ago while Dave was working on a construction project in the area. They were a few years younger than Linda and I but during the few months they lived next door to us we became very good friends. They were in their late twenties or early thirties at the time and we were about 10 years older. Dave was a good looking construction worker type and Sandy was a little bombshell of a girl with blond hair, a tight body, nice size tits and a little round ass. Sandy always reminded me of what the blond cheerleader in high school that caught every guys eye would look like ten or fifteen years after high school.

We had begun a close friendship with Dave and Sandy the first day we met them. It was in late April or early May and I was in the front yard working on our sprinkler system. I was cleaning the sprinkler heads from the winter mud that was caked around them and getting ready for the summer yard care. Dave came out from his garage, saw me and said hello neighbor. I replied with a hello how's it going. We shook hands and introduced ourselves and started chatting. He told me about his job that brought them to the area and said they would be living here for about six months or so before moving on to the next job sight.

While Dave and I were talking Linda came out of the house bringing me a glass of iced tea. Linda was wearing a pair of tight fitting cotton shorts and a tank top that didn't do much to cover her lush body. The shorts were so tight that her pussy was perfectly outlined. With no bra the tank top did nothing to conceal her tits. Dave saw Linda approaching before I did, his mouth feel open and as he closed it he had a broad smile on his face. He eyed Linda from head to foot as she approached us. I looked over my shoulder to see what it was that he was looking at. I smiled once I saw what had captured his attention. I introduced Linda to him telling Linda that Dave and his wife were going to be our neighbors for the next few months. The three of us chatted for a few minutes before we were joined by Dave's wife Sandy.

Sandy was wearing a pair of cut offs and like Linda a tank top that showed off her beautiful body. As much as Dave enjoyed viewing Linda's body I must say that I was enjoying checking out Sandy's curves just as much. We must have chatted for about half an hour or so before Linda stated that she should get back to whatever it was that she was doing before she came outside. Before she went back inside she asked me to drag the patio furniture from the garage to the back yard. Sandy also said she had to get back to her chores and the girls each headed off in separate directions. Dave asked me if I needed a hand with the furniture which I readily accepted his offer.

As we placed the table in the patio Dave noticed the hot tub. Before I started with the sprinklers I had cleaned the tub and had left it running to warm it up for use later that night. That is what I really miss while we are on job sites Dave said as he stared at the churning water in the hot tub. Without giving it any thought at all I said well we were planning on Barbecuing some burgers tonight and soaking in the tub if Sandy and you would like to join us we would enjoy having you over. Sounds great to me Dave replied. I'll have to check with Sandy but I don't think we have anything planned for tonight. Great I said I'll tell Linda and have her put together a little bit more for dinner and we will look forward to seeing you two about seven if that will work for you. Sounds good to me Dave said I'll check with Sandy to see if I can find our bathing suits and we will be here about seven. Yea I said as the thought of bathing suits entered my mind for the first time. I guess I will have to see if we even have bathing suits we don?t usually wear them in the tub and I?m not sure if I even have one. Dave smiled and said that if we didn't mind they didn?t mind and they would just forget about bathing suits. Doesn't bother us I replied but check with Sandy and if she would rather wear a suit we can always find something to wear. Oh I don't think she will mind Dave said in a matter of fact tone. Actually I think she would go around nude all the time if she wasn?t afraid of offending some of the neighbors. She sure wouldn't offend me I said with a smile. Dave said he had to run but he looked forward to seeing us later.

I went into the house to find Linda and tell her that we were going to have guest for dinner followed by them joining us for a soak in the tub. Linda enjoys entertaining and meeting new people as much as I do and was looking forward to getting to know our new neighbors. After I told her she raised her eyebrows with a questioning expression on her face. I knew what she was insinuating, it had to do with the fact that we always soak nude in the tub. I don't know I said then told her about my conversation with Dave about the bathing suits. She thought about that for a moment then asked if I thought they were in the lifestyle or not. I confessed that I didn?t know and I guess we will just play it by ear. We would find out as we go if they are just into nude soaking in the tub or if they were also interested in a little after soaking play.

The afternoon flew by as I set up the rest of the patio furniture and set up the back yard to entertain our new friends. Linda made a run to the store for supplies as I worked in the yard that afternoon. By a little after five we had everything set up and were ready to barbecue as soon as our guest arrived. Linda and I both hit the shower to freshen up a little and prepare for Dave and Sandy to arrive.

A little before seven the doorbell rang announcing their arrival. As I opened the door I welcomed them and invited them in. Dave was wearing a pair of slacks and a button down shirt while Sandy was wearing a brightly colored sun dress and high heel (CFM) shoes. As Dave entered the house he held out two six packs of beer saying I didn't ask if you drank beer I hope this is the right brand. It's great I told him let me put those in the fridge. Sandy was carrying two bottles of red wine and asked if we like red wine with dinner. We do I replied Linda doesn't like beer and I'm sure she will enjoy a little red wine.

Sandy was breathtaking in her beauty. The cotton sun dress clung to her curves showing off her very sexy curves. She wore just the right amount of makeup to look sexy but not trashy. As she walked by me and into the house I couldn't help but notice the way her ass swayed under the loose fitting sun dress as she walked. The material was thin and the way it clung to her body it was apparent that there wasn't much if anything other than her under that dress. Her tits jiggle as she moved and I knew that they were natural. Those jiggling tits along with the sexy sway of her ass before I knew it I was getting hard just watching her walk into the house.

I opened two beers handing one to Dave. I toasted to new friends and suggested we retire to the back yard to take on the manly task of lighting the charcoal. I loaded the barbecue pit with charcoal soaked it with a little liter fluid and threw a match onto it. With a whoosh the fire took off after which Dave and I sat around the patio table, chatted, got to know each other better and enjoyed our beer while we waited for the charcoal to turn from black to white.

Sandy helped Linda in the kitchen preparing the side dishes while getting to know one another. After about a half-an-hour they joined us in the patio with a platter of munchies and a glass of wine each. Over the next hour or so Dave and I enjoyed a few beers while Linda and Sandy had a couple glasses of wine each. We chatted about all the things couples talk about when they first meet. We all seemed to be getting along great. We learned that they didn't have any kids yet because of all the travel they did with Dave?s line of work but planed on having kids later in life. They had come to the west coast from the mid-west following the work. They were planning to build a nest egg and at some point and time move back to the mid-west.

The time was flying by what had seemed like just a few minutes had turned into almost an hour. I got up to check the charcoal and announced that we had better get the burgers on before we ran out of charcoal. We all started working together I got the meat and put in on the grill while Linda and Sandy got the buns and fixings ready.

By the time we had finished eating it was already dark and I had lit some torches for some romantic light as we sat around talking. The conversation was flowing nicely all evening. At times David and I would be talking about one thing or another while Sandy and Linda were chatting together. At other times Sandy and I would be talking together while David and Linda chatted together. While at other times all four of us we carrying on a conversation.

During a lull in the conversation I went inside and turned the stereo on low using the outside speaker to drown out our conversation that sometimes seems to travel at night. When I came back outside I brought Dave and I another beer and also brought the bottle of wine to top off the ladies glasses. I then took the cover off the hot tub, checked the temperature and announced that the hot tub was ready any time we were. Earlier I had placed some towels on the bench beside the hot tub and now placed them on the steps to the tub.

Linda looked over at Sandy and asked her if she would like to join her to change inside the house. Sandy smiled at her and replied that she didn?t really have much to change out of. With that she pushed her chair back reached down and removed her shoes. She then stood-up turned her back to me and ask if I would mind unzipping her. I reached up and pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down. With a shrug of her shoulders the str*pes fell off her shoulders followed by the dress dropping off her body. Just that quick Sandy was standing in front of all of us totally naked. With a smile she asked if anybody was going to join her or if she was going to be enjoying the tub by herself.

Linda who was sitting beside Sandy looked at her and said oh my I love that it?s classic. Hon you have to see this you will love it. Sandy you've got to show D that he'll love your heart. Sandy laughed and turned toward me. I was a little confused about what Linda was talking about until Sandy faced me; her pubic hair was perfectly trimmed in the shape of a heart. Sandy was laughing as she stood in front of me with her hands on her hips letting me examine her heart shaped pubic hair. I also took advantage of the circumstance to examine her tits as well as her neatly trimmed pubic hair. I wanted so badly to reach out and run my fingers over that lush body but didn?t want to step over any lines that would spoil the moment or overstep any limits that they might have.

Sandy turned and said she was getting in the tub whether or not anybody else was. As she walked toward the tub and my attention was drawn back to Linda and Dave I found that they both were in the process of undressing and I was the only member of the group that was still fully clothed. Not to be left out I stood and quickly started removing my clothes also.

Linda and Dave were already naked and Dave took her hand and led her toward the hot tub. I saw the smile on Linda?s face as she glanced down at Dave's manhood as she took his hand. Even though his cock was still soft it must have been at least eight inches long as it hung down in front of him. I joined them as they both entered the hot tub.

As I entered the warm water of the hot tub I took a seat between Sandy and Linda with Dave setting on the far side of Linda. We relaxed in the warm water laughing and joking around like a bunch of teenagers. The comments were made about how great the water felt as we all let the warm water flow around us.

My left leg was touching Sandy's right leg and my right leg was touching Linda's left leg as we laughed and joked around a little bit. As we did I felt Sandy's hand slowly stroking my left thigh. I looked over at her and smiled. I'm so glad you two could join us tonight I told her. She replied that she was glad they could also and thanked me for inviting them over.

As I was chatting with Sandy, Dave and Linda were talking among themselves. I looked over at them and asked Linda how she was doing, she smiled back at me and said oh just fine. I could have sworn I saw her right arm moving back and forth a little but didn't think much about it. I turned my attention back to Sandy and as I did I felt her hand moving up my thigh toward my cock. My cock was at full attention when she wrapped her fingers around it and started to slowly stroke it. I slowly ran my fingers over her right thigh and between her legs. As I ran my fingers over her pussy lips the moisture she was producing was very evident.

I thought I better check to see how Linda was doing with Dave. I ran my hand over Linda's left thigh and reached toward her pussy. When I did I found Dave's hand covering her pussy. Linda reached over to stroke my cock and found Sandy's hand on my cock. We smiled at each other in a knowing way and turned our attention back to our new friends.

I pushed my hand further between Sandy's legs rubbing her pussy. As I did she spread her legs further apart giving me better access and moved a little closer to me. I rubbed her clit a little before I slowly inserted a finger into her snug wet pussy. As I did she eased her head back a little closed her eyes and let out a little moan.

I eased my finger out of Sandy's pussy turned toward her and told her just how beautiful I thought she was. Now with my right hand I lightly ran my fingers over her stomach and up to her tits. I cupped her left tit in my hand massaging it before I tweaked her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. This time she let out a louder moan and I leaned down and kissed her. As I did her fingers tightened around my cock.

I must have enjoyed caressing Sandy's body for about half an hour totally absorbed in the thrill I was getting from her body when Linda ran a hand over my right thigh. I looked over at Linda who was now cuddled up in Dave's arms. She smiled at me and said why don't we retire to our bedroom where we can have a little more room to play? Sounds good to me I said then looked over at Sandy and ask her if she would like to take this inside. She didn?t answer me she just smiled and stood up. As she did both Linda and Dave also stood and started to climb out of the tub. As they did I couldn?t help but notice that Dave?s cock must have been over ten inches long and was fully erect pointing straight up against his stomach.

Linda and Dave both grabbed a towel and were drying off as they headed into the house. Sandy and I followed behind them by a few minutes. As Sandy and I were standing at the base of the steps to the hot tub both naked and dripping wet I couldn't help myself she was so beautiful I took her in my arms pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. As we kissed and our tongues probed each other?s mouth's I reached around her cupping one of her ass cheeks in each hand and pulled to hard into my body.

Sandy tilted her head back a little moving her mouth back from mine and whispered lets go inside I want to watch Dave fuck Linda almost as much as I want to fuck you right now. A woman after my own heart I replied I love to watch Linda fuck as I'm enjoying another woman. With that we walked in to the house hand in hand and straight into our master bedroom and finished drying off once we got there.

Linda and Dave were already on our king size bed when we got to the bedroom. Linda was on her back and Dave was between her legs eating her pussy. He must have been doing a great job of it because Linda's eyes were closed, her head was rolled back, her hips were arched up and she was moaning in pleasure when we walked in. Linda had her hands wrapped around David?s head and was pulling him into her as she ground her pussy into his face.

Sandy and I were entranced by the two of them on the bed as we stood there and watched the cardinal pleasures our two spouses were engaged in. Sandy placed her hands on my hips slowly moved me a little sideways and dropped to her knees in front of me. With one eye on our spouses Sandy took my cock into her mouth. She slowly stroked my cock with her hand as she slid my cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat. With my hands wrapped around Sandy?s head and my fingers gripping her hair I slowly started fucking my cock into Sandy's mouth.

As I watched Linda gripped Dave's head and pulled it from her pussy. I heard her tell him I need that cock in my pussy she told him this between clinched teeth with a wild look of desire in her eyes. Dave slowly rose and moved up her body kissing and licking his way until his cock was positioned at her pussy. Linda reached down and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit smearing the head with her juices. Then she put the head at her entrance and I watched it slowly disappear inside her pussy. Linda let out a moan like scream as Dave sank his massive cock all the way into her pussy and held it all the way in her for a few moments. As Linda started grinding her hips into him Dave slowly withdrew his cock until just the head was in her and then slammed his hips forward impaling his cock all the way back into her again. This action continued for a few minutes as their fucking became more and more aggressive until Dave was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy as she held onto him and met each of his thrust by thrusting her hips up to drive her pussy onto his cock. They weren't making love by any since of the word they were fucking for the pure pleasure of fucking.

After several minutes Linda wrapped her arms around Dave and rolled him over without removing his cock for her pussy. She was now on top of him straddling his waist and bouncing up and down on his cock. The sight of his massive thick cock going in and out of my wife's pussy was bringing me rapidly to my own orgasm. The way Sandy was working on my cock I could tell it was also turning her on very much. I just couldn't hold out any longer and I pulled Sandy's head to me and sank my cock all the way into her throat and started to cum in gushes. I sent squirt after squirt of cum down Sandy?s throat and she swallowed everything I gave her. As she took my load of cum Sandy had a hand between her legs which was a blur as she rubbed her clit. Sandy?s first orgasm wasn't far behind mine as she slowly let my cock slip out of her mouth she began to moan loudly. My cock was no longer in her mouth but she still had a grip on it with her hand. She was now looking up at me with a smile on her face as she ran her tongue over her lips.

As Sandy smiled up at me I reached down and ran my fingers through her hair. She continued to stroke my cock while she alternated between licking the underside of it, kissing it and running her tongue over the head. She was doing this in a slow easy pace she must have known how sensitive it was after just cumming. Her actions kept my cock from going soft and soon she had it fully hard again. I reached down placing my hands under her arms and lifted her to her feet. As she stood in front of me I pulled her into my arms, bent down and kissed her. As I did I could taste a slight salty taste in her mouth from traces of my own cum remaining in her mouth. The idea of tasting my own cum in her mouth somewhat surprised me in the way it turned me on. My cock rose to full attention between her legs and was rubbing against her pussy. I started moving my hips back and forth sliding my cock between her legs and rubbing her pussy. Sandy looked into my eyes and let a moan escape her lips before saying it looks like you?re ready for a little more fun already. I smiled at her and just replied ?oh yea?.

I eased Sandy back toward the bed and as her legs touched the bed I eased her back to where she was lying face-up on the bed next to Dave and Linda. Linda was still ridding Dave's cock and I'm not even sure she noticed Sandy and me joining them on the bed yet. Sandy was lying so that her ass was near the end of the bed and her legs were still over the end of the bed. I knelt down reached under Sandy?s legs and placed them over my shoulders as I lowered my mouth to her pussy. As I did I noticed that the insides of her thighs were wet from her juices that had been flowing from her pussy. I admired her pubic artwork of her heart shaped pubic hair. The heart was mostly above her pussy lips and the area around her pussy was trimmed clean of hair.

With Sandy's thighs on either side of my head I licked the inside of her thighs enjoy the taste of her juices that were coating them. As I moved my mouth to her pussy I noticed that it was gaping open a little and her clit was protruding between her lips. I ran my tongue from the base of her pussy to the clit causing a shudder to run through her. I kissed the lips of her pussy and traced the outside of it with my tongue. I took my time enjoying the taste and feel of it. I alternated between driving my tongue in and out of her in a tongue fucking motion and sucking her clit like it was a small cock. I was letting her body and reactions guide my oral assault on her pussy. Whatever would bring a pleasurable reaction from her I would continue and expand on as I tried to bring us both pleasure. After a few minutes of this Sandy grabbed my head with both hands pulling it into her pussy as she thrust her hips forward grinding her pussy into my face as I was driving my tongue into her. As I heard her start to moan loudly that she was cumming I moved up a little and sucked her clit between my lips pulling it with my mouth while avoiding contacting it with my teeth I sucked on it while she road my mouth through her orgasm.

I softly licked her pussy and the area around it as Sandy slowly relaxed from her orgasm. As she did I looked over her abdomen at Linda fucking Dave beside us. Linda was rising herself off his cock until it was almost all the way out of her and then she would slam her body back down again impaling herself on his cock. As she did the site of his cock coated with her juices sliding in and out of her had my cock raging hard again. Finally with Dave?s cock buried all the way in her pussy Linda let out a scream that she was cumming. Her breathing was coming in gasps as she ground herself on to his cock trying to drive it deeper into her pussy. Then I could see Dave cock starting to jerk, his balls tighten and I knew he was cumming and pumping his semen inside her pussy.

After a few moments Linda let out a sigh and lay forward onto Dave's chest. As she did her pussy rose up on his cock removing most of it from her pussy. I noticed that as his cock withdrew from her pussy a flood of her juices and his cum flowed out of her and down his cock. I could see his cock starting to shrink as he was lost his erection even though it was still partially in her pussy. They rested like that for a few minutes while I continued to softly lick and kiss Sandy?s pussy, thighs and surrounding pubic area.

After a few minutes Linda stretched forward across Dave's chest and gave him a kiss then told him ?that was wonderful, thank you?. Dave told her it was his pleasure with a smile and a laugh. Linda then eased herself up and off his cock. She then rolled over onto the same side of the bed where Sandy was laying. As she did she straddled Sandy between her legs. Sandy?s head was a few inches below her pussy and Linda?s legs were spread on both sides of Sandy's shoulders. Sandy rolled her head back and smiled up at her. She then slowly ran her hand over Linda?s thigh. As she did she arched her head back a little more toward Linda and asked her if she was having fun. Oh yea was Linda's reply your hubby is great at what he does she said with a chuckle.

Linda scooted a little toward the head of the bed away from Sandy and me giving us a little more room. As she did Sandy scooted up a little also as she did she moved her pussy from my face. Sandy rolled over, still between Linda?s wide spread legs and was now lying on her stomach. Sandy stared at Linda?s pussy for a moment then stated well one thing about Dave when he cums he cums she chuckled at the sight of her husband's cum flowing out of Linda's pussy. Where Sandy was lying face was only inches from Linda's pussy. She eased her hand out and stroked Linda's thigh lightly. Linda's response was a soft moan as she eased back into the pillows at the head of the bed. Sandy eased herself forward and ran her tongue over Linda?s pussy. Linda reached down and placed a hand on Sandy?s head. Sandy must have taking this as a go ahead sign because she now started licking and cleaning her husband's cum in earnest from Linda's pussy. With lapping and sucking sounds Sandy started to clean Dave?s cum from Linda's pussy while bring her pleasure. Linda closed her eyes and began to moan softly.

Dave had rolled over onto his side and was massaging Linda's tits while his wife gave her oral pleasure. It wasn't long before Dave had one of Linda's nipples between his lips sucking and playing with her breasts. Sandy was stretched out with her head arched back using her best oral skills on Linda. Her legs were spread just enough to still allow me a view of her pussy. I reached forward and inserted a finger into Sandy's pussy. I started to massage her ?G? spot as she continued to give Linda head. After a few minutes of this Sandy eased up into a kneeling position. She looked over her shoulder at me with hooded eyes and in more of an order than a request she said ?fuck me?. Sandy then turned her head back to Linda?s pussy and returned to giving Linda oral. I eased up to a kneeling position between Sandy's legs. I patted her on the ass and told her to rise up a little a little more. Without looking back she raised up to a full kneeling position, legs spread and ass held high. I scooted up behind her and ran the head of my cock along the length of her pussy coating the head with her juices.

It only took a few moments of rubbing my cock along her pussy before Sandy reached between her legs took my cock in her hand and positioned it at the entrance of her pussy. I eased my hips forward just a bit and the head eased between the lips of her pussy. I held it just inside her for a moment until I felt her push back into me. When I felt her pushing back into my I pushed forward and in one smooth, slow and easy motion I slid all the way into her. Holding her by the hips pulling her back to me I held my cock as far inside her as I could go.

When I felt Sandy's hips start to rotate, I slowly withdrew my cock out of her pussy until just the head was inside her. Then I would arch my hips forward and drive my cock all the way back into her again. I repeated this technique several times with each time becoming a little faster and a little harder. At which point I was holding Sandy by the hips fucking her as fast and as hard as I could. Each time I drove my cock into Sandy it drove her mouth harder onto Linda's pussy.

Linda started to moan loudly and then her breaths were coming in short gasps letting all know that she was cumming into Sandy's mouth. I couldn't see exactly what Sandy was doing to Linda but whatever it was Linda loved it. After Linda's orgasm Sandy rolled her head back a little and started to moan loudly. Then she rolled her head down onto the mattress moaning each time I slammed my cock into her. The wet slapping sound of my abdomen and hips slapping into her wet ass and pussy filled the room.

When I looked back toward the head of the bed both Linda and Dave were propped up on pillows watching us. Linda was looking at us with lust in her eyes and was stroking Dave's fully erect cock while she watched us. Dave said slap that ass she loves that. Sandy's ass was quivering each time I pulled my cock out of her. I reached down and slapped her ass. Sandy let out a moan and said ?harder?. I slapped her ass again causing a red hand print to appear on her white skin. Harder she said between moans. I was now alternating between fucking her hard and fast and slapping her ass.

Linda moved around to a kneeling position and Dave moved behind her sliding his cock into her very wet pussy. As wet as she was and as hot as they both were they didn?t waste any time with preliminaries Dave started fucking her hard and fast from behind. Watching them while fucking Sandy turned me on even more than I already was and I started fucking Sandy even harder and faster than I already was.

Linda and Sandy were both moaning and whimpering as Dave and I fucked them without any pretense other than fucking for the pleasure of fucking. Sandy yelled that she was cumming and pushed her ass back against me as hard as she could. I held her by the hips driving my cock as deep into her pussy as I could and we both shared our orgasm together. I filled her pussy with squirt after squirt of cum deep in the depth of her pussy. Sandy laid there for several moments with her head resting on the mattress and her ass in the air with my cock buried deep in her pussy while we both tried to catch our breath. As we started to come down from our sexual high she eased forward lying flat on the bed and I followed her down lying on top of her with my cock softening in her pussy.

It wasn't but just a few moments later until I heard Linda start moaning and mumbling oh yea, oh yea that's it baby fuck me harder, oh yea, oh god I'm cumming don't stop don't stop then a long low moan and whimper as her orgasm rushed through her body. Sandy and I laid there watching Dave holding Linda by the hips while he thrust his cock in and out of her like a jack hammer. Linda was cumming in waves and shortly Dave grabbed her by the hips, thrust his cock as deep into her pussy as he could, held it there and started filling her pussy with his cum again.

While watching Dave and Linda I felt my cock stir a little but after cumming twice in short order I was done at least until I had a little time to recuperate. Both Dave and I were laying on top of the others wife with our cocks still in their cum filled pussy?s trying to catch our breath. I think everybody had an exhausted smile on their face I know I did. Nobody said anything for a number of minutes we just laid there with a smile and enjoyed a few minutes in our own private little world.

Linda was the first to say anything when she patted Dave on the leg saying let me up hon nature is calling. At about the same time Sandy gave me the same massage. Dave and I let the girls up and they each headed off to a separate restroom. A few moments late Linda came out of the master bath and tossed Dave and me a warm wet washcloth saying I think you boys may need these with a big smile on her face. She then headed back into the restroom. Dave and I cleaned cum and sweat from our cocks and balls.

I said I think I could use a beer how about you Dave. You got that right bud I could use one also. Dave and I headed off to the kitchen. I got a couple beers out of the fridge handed one to Dave and open the other for me. Dave and I were setting at the kitchen table still naked drinking a beer when the girls came out to join us.

As she entered the kitchen Sandy stroked her hand over my shoulder and smiled as she walked over to Dave and gave him a kiss. Linda stood behind me lightly running her fingers up and down my arms. Can I fix you girls something I asked, would you like a beer or wine or something. Sandy said she would like a beer and Linda said she was going to have a cup of coffee. I got up opened a beer for Sandy and started a pot of coffee for Linda.

The four of us sat around the kitchen table chatting for almost another hour. During which time David mentioned that the team he works with consists of about 25 or 30 guys. They travel the country from one job site to the next. He had been traveling with this group for about five years. He said that most of the guys are married or had girlfriends that travel with them. He also said that about five to ten of the couples are in the lifestyle with them. He told us that they had partied with them on a one to one basis and as a group with them and were all real close friends. He said that Sandy and he would love to continue our friendship while they are here if we would be interested. They would also love to introduce us to their close friends if that sounded like something we would enjoy. I told him that we would love to get together with them again and we always enjoy meeting new people so if he wanted to introduce us to their friends we would be very interested in something like that. Sandy smiled and said you guys will really like these folks they are a lot of fun. We told them that we were looking forward to it and to let us know whenever he set something up.

Dave stood up and said well we had better be going but it has been so nice to meet you guys we really enjoyed tonight. He turned to Linda, gave her a deep kiss and told her he really enjoy meeting her. They chatted for a little bit while I took Sandy in my arms, gave her a deep kiss and told her just how much I enjoyed tonight. We then walked out to the patio and they got dressed and left.

After they left I took Linda in my arms and gave her a deep kiss and told her how much I loved her. I then asked her if she had fun tonight. Oh god yes she said, you know how I feel about guys with nice size cocks and know how to use them she said with a laugh. Did you enjoy Sandy she asked, yes very much so I told her.

We walked arm in arm back to our bedroom. As is our custom we got into bed and made love. We fuck our friends but when it's just us two together afterword's we make love. During which time we talked about what we did that night, what we liked and if there was anything that happened that we didn?t like. This night there was nothing that either of us didn?t enjoy. Then we just drifted off to sleep in each other?s arms.

About mid-way through the week that followed getting together with Dave and Sandy Dave invited us to Sandy's birthday party. But that's another story which I will be posting soon.

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