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New age friends

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We?ve been in the life style for some time and have been involved in quiet a few adventures along the way. Some time ago, I received an IM from a couple that saw our profile and wanted to chat. He introduced himself as Homer and his lady friend as Beth. He said they were an older couple that stay together and have also been in the lifestyle for many years. Sina and I are in our late forties, so I didn?t think much of the age difference because I figured they weren?t that much older. We chatted over the next few days and saw that we had much in common. Their relationship was a little on the strange side because he lived in another city with his wife, which was not Beth. He travels to our area on business once a week and that?s how he met Beth some years ago and they became lifestyle partners. After talking on the phone and seeing their pictures, we set up a meet for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately, I was called into work but told Sina to meet with them and tell me what she thought. Usually I wouldn?t have let her go alone but since this was in a very public place, I decided to see what happened. I had to work a 24hr shift, so the next day I asked her what she thought. She said they were an older couple while laughing. I asked her what she meant, she told me they were both well over sixty-five but she really enjoyed their company and they were a lot of fun. She had taken a few more pictures of them on her phone and I have to admit, they were a very sexy couple. You would never guess their age by their looks or actions. Homer was about six foot one, in shape and active while Beth was about five foot one, blonde hair, very firm natural D size tits and a nice firm round ass. Sina said she had already set up a meet, so I knew she liked what she saw, so I was game to meet with them. The meet was set up for the following Thursday night since that?s when Homer was in town for ?work?

and we were to meet them at their house. When Thursday came around, I was a little nervous since I had yet met with them in person. I had talked with Beth on the phone a few times and she sounded very sexy and wasn?t afraid to tell you what she liked to do. Beth was bi and told me that Homer played bi also and that?s one of the reasons they wanted to get together with us since our profile listed us as a bi couple. We arrived a few minutes early and were greeted by Homer who answered the door with nothing but an open robe and a smile on his face. He said Beth had been warming him up with a blowjob. We were both shocked at the size of his cock and how smooth he was. He was at least ten inches of hard thick meat that made Sina?s pussy wet with anticipation. He invited us in where Beth was waiting in crotch less panties and nothing else. Her lips still wet from sucking his cock, she came over and gave us both a deep wet kiss. We all sat down and started chatting to see what everyone was into and to make sure everyone was comfortable with playing. The whole time, Beth was stroking his big cock. After a few drinks, Homer said he wanted to see Sina?s tits, so she stood up and took her top off. Sina has nice natural C tits with large dark nipples that Homer couldn?t resist. He immediately started to suck her tits while running his hands down her pants. Soon he was helping her to get fully unclothed. Meanwhile, Beth came over and freed my raging hard on from my pants while I enjoyed sucking on her hard nipples. I noticed that it didn?t take long for Sina to wrap her lips around his thick cock, her lips were stretched tight as she slowly sucked him deeper into her mouth. While Homer was enjoying his blowjob, Beth and I laid a few large blankets on the floor. She lay down as I started to suck her firm tits while I fingered her shaved pussy. She told me that she would love for me to lick her clit but warned me that she was a heavy squirter. I have played with squirters before and enjoyed the warm cum running down my chin but I was in for a surprise from her. I slowly kissed my way down to her shaven mound and could see her wetness already running down the crack of her ass. I gently spread her legs and slowly licked her inner thighs as she moaned more and more as I got closer to her clit. She finally had enough of my teasing and grabbed my head and forced my face into her wet pussy. I thrust my tongue deep into her and she immediately clamped her legs around my face and flooded the floor with cum. She squirted so hard, I had cum run up my nose and around my face to soak my back. She bucked and moaned for what seemed like five minutes as I continued to lap her juices squirt after squirt. I could hear Homer laughing behind me, saying I had hit the right spot. When she finally released her grip on my head, I came up for air and a towel to dry us both off. I looked behind to see Sina still sucking Homers cock, she was enjoying teasing his thick head with swirling licks while he tried to buck deeper into her mouth. She would run her tongue down his long shaft to suck each of his balls deep while swirling her tongue around tugging his sack tight. His legs were shaking as she sucked the strength from his body so he lay down on the other blanket. Since Bonnie was still resting from her intense orgasm, Sina asked if I wanted to take over sucking his cock. I crawled over beside him as she moved over his face and lowered her dripping pussy to his awaiting tongue. I started sucking his cock and was surprised at how hard and thick he really was. I could only get about eight inches down and there was still plenty left. Homer had Sina moaning in no time as she ground down on his face. I could tell when he would suck on her clit or run his tongue deep into her pussy. He was gripping her ass and sliding her pussy back making her build a powerful orgasm. I could tell she was getting close by the deep groans and very heavy breathing. She was bucking against his grip when she finally started screaming ?don?t stop, don?t stop? and then threw her head back as she had wave after wave of orgasms run through her wet body. After a few minutes of catching her breath, she slid her wet pussy down his chest as I moved out of the way. I knew she was wanting to feel his big cock deep inside her. In a continuous movement, she slid down his body and stopped as his throbbing head met her wet lips. She slowly slid his big mushroomed head along her clit as her juices provided the lubrication to let his cock part her lips. She slowly forced the big cock into her, stretching her out inch by inch until she had absorbed all ten plus inches deep into her. She rolled her eyes back as she slowly rocked back and forth. Homer was straining to hold back his cum with every grunt and sound he made. I sat up and started sucking one of her tits as Beth came over and sucked the other one. Once she was used to his size, she stopped rocking and started sliding her pussy up and down with forceful thrusts. I sat down on the couch as Bonnie kneed between my legs and started sucking my aching cock. With each stroke that Sina made on Homers cock, Beth would match it taking me completely down her throat. I was enjoying how Sina would raise completely off his cock to reveal her juices running down his shining shaft and then slam her pussy down taking his thick cock deep into her. Homer pulled her down to suck her tits as he would slam his balls hard against her round ass. Every thrust made a slapping sound as his cock stretched her pussy bringing her closer to another orgasm. Finally he slammed hard into her as he started pumping his hot sticky cum deep in her pussy, when she felt his cum, her pussy tightened up and with a deep moan, started flooding wet cum down his cock. I could see their combined cum running out of her pussy and onto his balls. Thick white cum was flowing out with every thrust and I couldn?t hold back any longer. I flooded Beth?s mouth with stream after stream of my own cum which she swallowed as she sucked harder to get every drop I had. Sina and Homer both collapsed on the blanket, covered in cum and sweat. Sina lay there with her legs spread open while cum oozed out of her gapping pussy and her tits shining with droplets of sweat. Beth seeing Homers cum leaking out, crawled over to Sina and started to slowly lick the cum off her legs and around her pussy. Sina motions for me to do the same to Homer, so I start licking her warm cum from his semi hard cock. As I lick up his shaft, I can taste the salty mix as it coats my tongue. I lick his large balls as they relax and makes his sack soft, he gives a slight moan as I slowly flick my tongue up to his sticky head where I suck the tip up into my mouth. I gently suck his remaining cum out and swallow until his cock is completely clean. I can hear Beth slurping the cum mix out of Sina?s pussy that has now started to get wet. Beth takes her time, running her tongue around the outside of her swollen lips as she slowly works towards her clit. She pushes Sina?s legs open to expose her gapping hole and slides her tongue in deep to suck the remaining cum out. As she swallows the last drops, she gets up and gives Homer a deep tongue kiss. We decided to take a break and rest for a little while. Sitting around naked, we talked about our experiences and what we still wanted to do in the lifestyle. Sina and I sat on one couch while Homer and Bonnie sat across the room on the other. Beth was playing a porn DVD that featured many different scenes of various partners including bi males playing. When a scene came on that showed two men playing, she remarked that she had fantasized about seeing Homer fuck another guy. Homer must have liked the idea because he was already semi hard, it didn?t take long before Beth had him completely hard by describing how hot it had made her when I had sucked his cock for a few minutes. Sina retrieved a bottle of lube that she keeps in her purse, winked at me and walked over to Homer. She poured some on his cock and massaged it in while motioning for me to join them. I knew what she wanted because she gets off seeing me ride a big cock. I walked over and without saying a word, squatted over him in a reverse cowboy position. I lower down on him until I felt his big mushroomed head touch my ass. I slowly started to work him in slowly and could feel my ass stretching as I pulled his head in. At first, it was very painful but as I relaxed, I was able to eventually take him deep up my ass. As I slowly worked his cock back and forth, Sina and Beth were taking turns sucking my cock. After a while my legs were getting weak from having his huge cock up my ass, so I moved to the floor and got in a doggie position. Homer didn?t waste any time following me and was shoving his cock back up my ass. By this time, my cock was hard and needed somewhere to go. Beth provided a place by sliding under me and pulling me into her. As Homers balls slapped my ass, I would thrust down hard into her wet pussy. It took a little while for us to get a rhythm going, but when we did, the room was filled with loud moans and the sloshing sounds of lube and pussy juices. Sina had sat down and was fingering her wet puss when Homer wanted to see her squat over Beth?s face. Soon she was joining in with moans of her own. Beth really enjoyed it when I would hold my cock deep into her and feel Homers thrusts into my ass. He would pull completely out and thrust completely in with a single thrust. Each time I would moan loudly as his thick cock stretched my ass and felt like he was entering into my stomach. Feeling his trusts and knowing he was slamming my ass, Beth was bucking her hips while thrusting her tongue deep into Sina?s pussy. Homer had picked up speed and I knew he was about to fill my ass with a heavy load of cum. Suddenly, Sina grabbed Beth?s face and forced her tightly against her pussy, as she squirted cum down her throat. Beth was trying to swallow as much as she could but a large amount ran down her face and onto her chest. Sina rubbed her cum onto Beth?s round tits as I leaned down to lick the juices from her nipples. Homer seeing Beth soaked with cum, slammed hard and deep into my ass. He gave a low grunt as streams of cum shot deep into me. I could feel his thick head pulsate with each stream of cum until he was completely spent He slowly pulled his long cock out of my stretched ass and with that, cum oozed out and ran down my thighs. That left just me and Beth in the floor as everyone else went to clean off. I raised her legs up and started pounding as I wiped some of Homers cum from my thighs and shoved my fingers into her mouth. She sucked my fingers clean and pulled me down to shove her tongue down my throat. Seeing her tits wet with cum and tasting the mixture from her lips, I couldn?t hold out any longer. I gave one final shove and filled her up with a heavy load of cum. Feeling my hot cum, she wrapped her legs around me tighter and gushed, leaving us both sticky. The blanket was soaked under us and we both had to take a shower after we caught our breath. When we all had cleaned up, we decided that we would take one day a month to get together and play. We?ve been playing with them for a few months now and always leave completely spent and satisfied. Did I mention that Homer is 72 and Beth is 68. I?m convinced now that age is just a number but does come with a wealth of experience and unlike younger couples, no jealously or drama issues to deal with.


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