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I was on the road traveling with a friend of mine on company business. Just 2 normal guys working for a living and 4 days out from the wives.

Being normal guys we have had many discussions about our wifes over the past few years. You know the kind. My wife is so hot in bet or my wife sucks cock so good.

We would always get horny and have to take cold showers.

On this trip things went a little different.

"Frank, you've told me about you wife so many times that I feel like I've been the one fucking her over the years." Joe told me as I noticed that he had a bulge in his pants and was trying to position himself so I wouldn't see. It was obvious to me that talking about my wife turns him on. So I talk about her mostly to be cruel.LOL Now when he talks about his wife it has the same effect on me. I've noticed that he would take a glance at my pants from time to time.

"That sounds hot Frank. Maybe someday you can fuck her for real instead of pretending and jerking off to the thought." I said laughingly.

"Yeah....uh I mean....really?" Frank caught himself but not fast enough.

"So you do think about Mary and jerk off." I stated.

"Well yes. Do you think about Jan?" He asked.

"Sure, all the time. Especially when you talk about how much she likes anal sex." I told him and noticed a smile on his face.

"Well, I really like the way you talk about Mary sucking you off all the time. Man I really love a great blowjob especially early in the morning just before leaving for work." He said as he leaned back in the car seat and repositioned himself.

"It looks like it." i told him as I glanced at the bulge getting bigger.

"Oh man, you weren't suppose to see that." He said as he crossed his legs to hide his hard on.

"It cool, I'm actually glad you think about her. Well here's the hotel." I said as we pulled into the parking lot.

We checked in and carried our bags up to the room. I couldn't tell from his loose fitting pants, but as for me I knew I still had a hardon.

We threw our bags on the bed and looked around the room for a sec.

"Nice room this time." Frank laughed.

"Sure is. I guess I'll take a shower.

I took out my shaving kit and went into the shower. Turned on the water and took my clothes off.

I climbed in and then heard the bathroom door open. I didn't say a word.

The curtain wasn't closed all the way so I had a good view things in there.

Next thing I know he's standing at the toilet with his cock hanging out. It looked to be about 8" or so. Rather nice looking too.

Now I'm not bi and i'm not bi.

I stood with the water running over me and watched as he took a leak for there.

He shook it off and then left the bathroom.

I climbed out and made my way out of teh bathroom. Inormally dont wear a towel or anything to cover myself and I didn't think it was a big deal.

I walked out of the bathroom with my towel threw over my should. I stood there naked in front of the mirror.

"Your turn Frank." I said as I saw him laying across the bed.

"Sure will be good to get a hot shower." He said as he rolled off the bed.

I noticed that he was looking at me naked as he passed and went into the bathroom.

After brushing my teeth and getting things ready for bed I laid across my bed and flipped through the channels. Finding sportscenter I stopped to see who had won on the college games.

Laying on my stomach with my naked ass exposed started to turn me on. All I could do is remember the conversation about my wife and my cock was really getting hard.

I heard the shower turn off and the door open. I looked up and Frank walked right past me with a hardon. He must have been just inches from my face as he went by.

"Dang Frank, don't that thing ever go down?" I asked as he sat on the other bed./

"Not until I slap it around." We had a good laugh about that one.

I didn't feel so bad now, knowing Frank was hard after his shower and I was hard laying on my stomach thinking about my wife sucking Franks cock. I sat up on the bed to get a better view of the TV.

"Looks like yours isnt sleepy either." He said as he looked at me.

"Well, at least it still works at my age." I said. Now I'm 45 and Frank is 33. not much differance.

Frank layed back across the bed and just gave me the complete view of his hard cock and his balls. I think he did that on purpose.

I couldn't help but stare at it.

"Joe?" he called my name.

"Yeah Frank." I responded.

"Tell more about your wife and how she loves to suck dick." He asked me in a most strange way.

"Well, she likes to lick ur balls and then slowly trace her tongue up and down your dick." I told him.

"Wow. I've always wondered what it would be like to have Mary suck my cock until I explode." He said as he began to play with his own balls.

"Yes and I love to hear about Jan letting me fuck her ass till we both cum." I stated, as I rolled over and began playing with mine too.

"I like it when you say her letting you fuck her ass. It's almost like her cheating on me with another guy." I laugh.

"You know Frank, I don't want you to get the wrong idea, but I think you have a nice looking cock." I told him.

"Hey that's cool. I think you have a nice looking cock too." He said to me.

"Thanks." i said to him.

Frank got up and started to head for the bathroom. I assume to finish himself off for the evening.

He walked right up in front of me. Turned and his cock was aimed straight at my face.

My mouth began to water and my cock began to throb.

"Ijust thought you might want a closer look at it." he said as he sat on the foot of my bed.

"That's cool. It looks better up close." I told as he continued to stand there.

"Have you ever touched another guys dick?" he asked me.

"Honestly, when I wsa about 15 or 16 I spent the night at a friends house. We looked at his dads porn and got hard." I started saying.

"Well." He asked quickly. It seemed that he wanted to hear more of my story.

"We got hard and took turn jerking each other off. WE didn't know anything about anything back then.

"I did the same thing back then." He told me.

"You ever think about it now?" I asked

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