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My wifes lover fucks me too

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My wife and I have a very active and fulfilling sex life except for one thing, I travel a lot and am gone for weeks at a time. When i'm gone, we talk nightly around bed time to catch up on our day and usally end up having phone sex. We talk about the things we will do to each other when we are together again as well as spice it up a little with fantazies. One of our favorites is that she has some guy there and he is eating her pussy while she is trying to talk to me in a normal voice so I won't know what's happening. The last time I was gone, and I made my nightly call home, she seemed anxious to get to the phone sex. As we were getting into it, she seemed to be breating harder than usual and every now and then I could hear her moan, which was new, but I just thought she was hornier than usual and was really getting in to it. I can always tell when she comes and this time was no exception, except it seemed to last longer than usual. We finished our call and I told her my trip was extended for a couple of more days, and I would not be able to call her for the next couple of nights. As always she understood and said she would see me when I got home.

I was able to finish my business a day early and decided to drive on home and surprise her. It would be late when I got home, and I knew she would be in bed. I made it home around 1 am and saw a strange car in front of the house and fiqured she had a girfriend staying over. I quietly entered the house and made my way to the bedroom and could hear noises coming from the room. I couldn't quite make out the sounds, but it sounded like she was saying eat me, eat me. I opened the bedroom door and saw my wife laying on the bed with her legs spread wide, her mouth wide open saying eat me eat me, and a body hanging half off the bed with a head buried in her crotch. The head was moving up and down and I could hear the wet sounds of him eating her pussy. She started to cum and grabbed the head and mashed it into her pussy and started grinding her hips into it fucking it until she collapsed back on the bed spent from the hardest climax I had ever seen her have. The head lifted and the body moved up next to her and layed down beside her and looked up and saw me standing there.

I looked at this stranger who had just eaten my wife's pussy and saw a female face, wet with my wife's pussy juices and a beautiful pair of tits with erect nipples pointing at me. She made a noise and my wife looked up and saw me standing there and said hello lover you're home early and gave me a huge smile. I said surprise back to her and she said I sure am, I wasn't expecting you home until tomorrow night. She then turned her head toward the stranger, and said I want you to meet my lover Christen. To say I was now the one that was surprised is a understatement, and I was more than surprised when Christen said hello in a mans voice. This made me look closer and as I looked down towards her crotch I saw what looked like 8 inches of semi hard cock that was dripping pre cum out of the tip. My wife then said, don't just stand there with that hard on in your pants, undress and get in this bed. I suddenly realized that I did have a hard on and it wanted out. Without thinking of what was happening I stripped and climbed into bed between the two of them. Before I could move my wife was kissing me and sticking her tongue down my throat, and I felt a hand starting to stroke my dick. I didn't think about who's hand it was, I was just enjoying the feeling. My wife pulled her tongue out of my mouth and moved up on my face and replaced her tongue with her pussy. I knew she wanted to have her pussy deep tongue fucked and I started tongueing her pussy as she was grinding her pussy into my face. The hand that was on my dick was now a mouth and I knew it wasn't my wife's. My 7 1/2 inch hard dick was swallowed whole and I felt a nose rubbing into my lower stamach. My wife is a good cock sucker but, Christen was fantastic, as my dick was buried in his throat he was contracing it to make it feel like it was being fucked by the tightest pussy I had ever felt. My wife had lifted and moved up on my face slightly and I immediately buried my tongue in her ass and she came and her hot wet sweet pussy juices flooded my face and she collasped next to me. This gave me a chance to look down at Christens face and saw her looking back up at me, she started to shift around and brought her crotch up towards my face. I had never had a guy suck my dick before and I had never sucked one, but as he moved it up towards me I reached out and touched it. It was smooth and hard and soft at the same time and I had the urge to suck it. My wife and I had talked about a threesome, and this was one of the things we had talked about me doing. I shifted to my side and brought his dick towards my mouth and opened up and he started to slowly stick it in. I couldn't take much at first, but as I relaxed I found I could take more amd more until I had most of his dick in my mouth. My wife heard us both slurpping and moaning and looked up and saw what we were doing. She told us to keep sucking each other and I felt her move off the bed. I was about to blow my load of cun down Christens throat when my wife came back to the bed and told us to stop. We pulled our dicks out of each others mouths and collased back on the bed with our hard dicks sticking straight up in the air. She then climbed up and straddled my dick with her pussy and slammed down on me and started fucking me. She told Christen to stand over me so she could suck his dick. He moved up over the top of me and she took his dick in her mouth and was sucking and fucking for all she was worth. Before long she came again and stopped sucking Christen and told him to lay down on his back. She then got off my dick and climbed on his and started fucking him. She told me to get behing her and to stick my dick in her pussy too. We had done DP with me and a dildo, but the feeling of a real dick sliding next to mine was amazing. My wife seemed to be enjoying the feeling of the DP but I was ready to fuck her ass. I pulled my dick out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass as far as it would go. I was buried to the hilt in her ass and could feel his dick sliding back and forth in her pussy. I started to match his strokes and as we were fucking her she was moaning loudly and thrashing around. Before long she came again and this time it was a double, as her ass tightened around my dick and her pussy tightened around his we both shot our loads into her until we were empty. We all collasped in a heap on the bed with heaving breath and cum leaking out of us.

As we lay there catching our breath, Christen started to gently massage my half hard dick and balls. He kept working on my dick and balls with his hand and my wife moved down and started sucking me. He kept his hand down there and started rubbing inside my thigh towards my ass. As my wife was sucking me he moved down between my legs and started to lift them up in the air. My wife never stopped sucking my dick and I felt the head of his dick being rubbed against my ass, my wife was rubbing his dick over my ass to lube it with his pre cum. She put her middle finger in her pussy and got it wet with her juices and then put it in my ass to help open it up for what was to come. Then I felt her guide the head of his dick against my asshole and he started pushing. My ass had never been fuched by a real dick, but it did have the occasional dildo fucking by my wife. As I felt his dick slowly enter my ass, I relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of having this hard soft dick working into my ass. When he had it all the way in and started fucking me harder and harder and my wife was sucking my dick it didn't take long before we both came. I felt his hot cum shoot into my ass and it made me shoot my load in my wife's mouth. He pulled out of my ass and I pulled out of my wife's mouth and we collasped on the bed again and passed out. The next thing I know I feel a mouth on my dick again and look and it's Christen. He takes it out as says I want to make it hard again so you can fuck me in the ass. My wife heard this and said lets make it a double ass fuck. She got in the doggie position and Christen started fucking her pussy to get his dick lubed. When he was ready he pulled his dick out of her pussy and lined it up with her asshole and shoved it in to his balls. She let out a yell but didn't tell him to stop. I moved behind him and told him to hold still. I spit on my hand and rubbed it on my dick and lined it up with his ass. I put the head at the entrance to his ass and returned the favor he gave my wife, and shoved it in his ass until my balls slapped against his. We started a fucking rhythm and were all moaning in ecstasy. His ass was as tight as his throat had been and I could tell he was really enjoying it and he was pushing his ass back towards me with every thrust. My wife yelled out that she was cuming and as she started he started and that made his ass squeeze my dick and I came too. We again collasped on the bed in a heap and passed out. When I woke up, the wife and I were in bed alone and covered up. At first I thought I had had a wonderful wet dream, bu then I felt some soreness in my ass and dried cum everywhere. I laid there waiting for my wife to wake up so I could thank her and find out how long this fucking others had been going on...

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