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My sexual fantasy fulfilled (Bi Sexual)

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One night while messing around with my wife and being simultaneously drunk I let one of my fantasy's out. She knows that I have bi-sexual tendencies and we have sucked cock together and I've had another man suck mine. But, on this night I told her that my ultimate fantasy is to be tied up, cut off from my senses and taken advantage of. It just seems amazing to feel all these sensations without knowing who is doing it or if its a man or a woman.

Well tonight she told me she has a surprise for me. She told me that she didn't find a couple like I wanted but a single woman. I told her, that is fine with me. The idea of having two women go for it on me with out me knowing who is doing what is unbelievable.

The night starts out simple enough. She brings me into our living room and tells me to get ready. She strips me down completely naked and sits me on our futon. I am hard already but not fully yet. She takes off her top and began to blind fold me, this way I can feel her nipples rubbing against my naked skin as she completes her mission. After tying up my hands behind my back she pulls out some ear plugs that we use for sleeping. She orders me to put them on and I have to be honest the domineering side of her is really turning me on. I secure the ear plugs so I can hear absolutely nothing and then she ties me up. She reaches over my shoulder and puts her tits in my face. While her beautiful breasts her barely scraping my mouth, I hardly even notice my hands being bound. At this point I can see nothing, I can hear nothing and I can't move my hands.

She leans in close and says in a sensual voice just loud enough for me to hear over the ear plugs, “Here comes our playmate for the night.”

I instinctively jerk my head but quickly remember that I cant see anything. I can't hear anything specific but I feel the futon shift a little as another body moves in close to me. I feel she is already topless also and not even a second goes by and there is another set of breasts in my face. I begin to tongue the nipple and feel my wifes tongue helping me with this womans nipples. I can't even image what she looks like, all I know is she has very nice breasts. They are bigger but from what I can feel they are very firm. Definitely real though.

The breast pulls away and my wifes breast takes its place. I lean over to try to lick it but instead this other womans mouth lands on mine. Now I am kissing this woman and my wifes nipples are rubbing against our kissing mouths. My wife has small, firm breast and perfect nipples. They aren't too big or too small, and they feel incredible. I feel a hand on the back of my head as my wife pushes us together.

Soon someone is rubbing my cock. I can't tell who's hand it is and I don't really care. I have lost track of who is who and it feels great. Then I feel the futon shake a little more and I think one of the women is getting off. But quickly I realize that someone else has gotten on. My wife says again into my ear loud enough for me to hear, “Surprise.”

I feel heat in front of my face and something on my lips. I quickly realize that this is a dick in front of my mouth but not a strap-on. I open my mouth gladly and take in this good size penis. This man, who ever he is, begins slowly thrusting his dick into my mouth.

I also realize that someone is sucking on my dick. Two mouths in fact and someone is playing with my balls. One of the mouths is sucking from the top with a vacuum effect and someone is licking the sides and it feels in credible.

The man removes his dick from my mouth and I lean forward trying to grasp it again. Instead he moves down in front of me and presses his dick against mine. Now I can feel both our dicks being played with by the ladies. This guy doesn't have it half bad right now if you ask me.

Both of the ladies stop what they are doing and come back up to me. They are trading kisses back and forth with me and themselves and the man is down sucking my cock. He is doing a good job too. I can feel him taking it almost to the base.

I jerk a little bit when I feel his finger rub my asshole, but I am no stranger to this as my wife plays with my ass all the time and I love it. One of the women stops making out with me and I feel the sensation I love to feel. I feel a wet pussy sliding onto my cock. Who ever is fucking me leans forward to kiss me.

Suddenly in between our kisses is a dick. This man is sticking his dick between our lips and I am going crazy, I love it.

I feel another hand there as, what I assume is the other woman, is fingering the clit of who ever I am fucking. We are going at a slow steady pace as I feel her moist pussy riding up and down my cock.

Suddenly, all three people back off of me. I feel someone put a condom on me, so I can only presume the first person I fucked was my wife as we don't use condoms with each other. I can feel all three hands on my cock and balls and damn if I almost didn't come during that.

Someone strong, presumably the man, pulls me to the edge of the futon. I feel a pussy lower onto my dick again and this one feels different. I can feel every movement as she works her hips and is arching back so my dick is reaching deep inside of her. I feel a hot body behind her and then I feel it. The man is rubbing my asshole with his dick and I can feel a condom on his dick too. I maneuver my asshole to the edge of the futon trying to let them all know this was okay.

I feel someone making out with me. Its my wife, I know the way she kisses. We are deep in a kiss and this woman is riding me so slow but all the while girating her hips so it feels incredible. I feel his dick rubbing around my asshole but not entering. I can feel my dick surge with enjoyment as I fuck this woman and get teased by this man.

My wife stops as she recognizes my noises. She knows that I'm on the verge of cumming and doesn't want this to end. She pulls everyone off of me. I feel someone untying one of my hands and the man sits next to me. Someone puts my hand on his cock and while its there I can feel the women taking care of him. Someone is kissing him, someone is playing with his balls and he is obviously enjoying it.

I move my hand around some to find a pussy to play with. It isn't long before this pussy is sliding on his cock and I'm fingering her clit. The other person is kissing me for a second and then stops. I can only assume that she is kissing me and him. Someone is rubbing my cock, but I wave them off. I need a break for a second to make sure I don't come yet. All of this feels unreal and I can hardly take it.

I feel someone leaning back, I hear him moan, just barely because of my earplugs, “play with my balls.” The woman stops kissing me and goes down to play with his balls and I am assuming his asshole.

I hear him begin to moan and they don't try so hard to stop him from cumming. I feel the pussy that was fucking him get off quickly and he jumps up. Suddenly there is a dick in my mouth and before I even have time to think I am sucking it. This man cums in my mouth. I can feel it trickling out the side of my mouth and the girls are licking it up. I am euphoric a the moment. He tries to pull back but I can't get enough of his cock. I use my good free hand to point to my dick and one of the women hops on. I still don't know who is fucking me, but it feels amazing. I then use my hand to pull this man closer to me and I take his dick in my mouth as far as it will go.

I can feel him vibrating, any man knows after you cum it almost hurts it feels so sensitive. I don't stop sucking though and soon enough he is as hard as ever again. I can feel someone fucking me, someone playing with my balls and asshole also. I feel it cumming and I moan through this mans dick but no one hears, or cares. I blast cum into this womans pussy.

The man moves and quickly there is a pussy in my face. It is the pussy I just fucked and there is cum dripping out of it. I lick the clit and share my own juices with some face next to me.

Later I met the couple. They were great, and incredibly sexy. I thanked them, thinking it was done but later that night we all played again. This time I wasn't blindfolded or tied up and it was just as good. Good job honey, you fulfilled my fantasy...and some.

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