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My husbands big surprise, his wife of 19 months is a Bi-sexual

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then It all started when I entered the Ohio Valley Hospital School of Nursing. There was a week of orientation them classes would start the next Monday.

I turned 18 on the Saturday before classes began and I was surprised to find out my room-mate was a lady just a month out of the Marine Corps. She was five years older than I and she told me they wanted me to have an older more mature room-mate due to my age. She had inquired when she was given a room assignment and the persons name and age was part of the registration.

After a week of orientation and getting our text books, familiarization with the hospital layout, Doctors, floor nurses, cafeteria and info on room inspections we were ready for anything but studying.

On Friday at 8PM Colleen took me across the Ohio river to Weirton West Virginia as you could legally drink at age 18.

Ohio was a 21 year old state, and she wanted to unwind.

I was wuite nervous when ordering a drink at 9:30PM Friday as I was not 18 for 2 & 1/2 hours. After several daiqueries I was more than tipsy. At midnight Colleen told the bar tender I just turned 18 and needed a free drink. He gave it to me just so I would keep my mouth shut.

We made it back to the dorms by 2AM. I had never been drunk before and was definetly feeling no pain.

Colleen helped me change and when I was naked she traced my nipples with her finger. I immediately responded by my nipples getting hard. I was a total Virgin never been with anyone nor had I even masturbated in my life.

All I knew was I liked it. When she kissed me I felt my knees go weak and slumped until she caught me.

She laid me down in my bed and started her seduction of me.

She said she was surprised to see I like woman on woman sex. When I told her I had never had sex of any kind she was so amased at my reaction. We hugged and caressed each other for at least an hour and when she finally probed my vagina with her finger I gushed fluids all over my bed. When we started necking I responded to her every move. touch for touch kiss for kiss lick for lick, then she went down on my vagina and I moaned so loud I thought the ladies in the next room would hear us.

We continued our affair all through nursing school even after our second year was over and got our own apartment to live in.

My birthday evening was not spent with Colleen as I had made a date with a young soldier I met on vacation in Florida earlier that summer. My cousin wanted to marry an air force pilot and my uncle talked me into going with Mary Ann. I also knew of numerous rrelatives in Florida and it gave us places to go to. We got into many bars and officers clubs as she was 7 years older than me and I just drank soda.

Our last Florida air base was at Eglin outside of Ft. Walton Beach Florida on the gulf just below the state of Alabama.

We werw off post at a combination bar restaurant and laundra mat. I was asked to dance by this young soldier who just finished Ranger School in the swamps of Eglin air base.

I later saw him again in Steubenville when he was on leave and was taking his younger brother to a lifesaving class and decided to get his water safety instructor certification. Well he reconised me from Florida and asked me out so on my 18th birthday he took me to a Pirates double header baseball games and for a shrimp diner. Years later after he got his commission in the army we married and started our family. We were married 9 months 3 days when the twins were born. Ten months later I was pregnant again and my room-mate/lover Colleen called and said she was going to visit for a while. I knew almost no one and reaily welcomed her stay.

Hubby was happy for me and said when he got home he would help get the second bedroom ready and move the babies in with us.

When he arrived home he saw I allready had the room changed and the bassinets in our room. He went to finish & I told him it was all done. He checked the room and found out all his clothes were in the second bedroom. I told him Colleen and I had alot of catching up to do and would be up talking and he could get some good sleep as Colleen would help me with the babies. He liked the idea of a week of sleeping all night and no diapers nor formula and such. The next day he picked up Colleen at the air port for me. I really enjoyed having Colleen go on and on about my twim sons. Hubby could tell it was a good idea that we girls room together as I was pregnant again and I had help and he got his sleep.

I was worried the first few nights that he would hear us as Colleen pleasured me and I her. He was so tired all he could think of was sleep. He helped with the boys sunday during the day so Colleen and I could nap.

The next few nights we got even louder until WEdnesday night my husband knocked on our bedroom door stating he was not sure what we were doing but he knew that it affected him by listening to us through the wall. He needed me for a little while so I could perform my wifely duties.

I told him it would be 5 or 10 minutes but I would be in to see him soon. Almost 20 minutes later after Colleen and I finished playing I cleaned up a bit brushe dmy teeth and went into my husand. I thought he would be mad, but all he said is " I am pretty sure you two were having sex in some way as the OH GODS were very loud and the other noises got him super horny and he wanted oral sex then intercourse in any position I felt comfortable in.

I gladly started sucking my husbands cock and licked it like a lollipop. Then the door opened and in walked Colleen with a chair from the kitchen sat down and started to watch us. He was embarassed beign caught like this but I assured him she loved to watch and he should relax and enjoy the himself. I had to work hard to get him back up and then he made love to me in the doggie position.

Colleen came over to me afterwards hugged me kissed me and took me back to my bedroom and we made love to each other all night.

I was with my husband every night and she would watch us and the last night we made love in front of my huband of 19 months. My man said nothing and enjoyed the view.

Colleen told him before leaving that she and I had a great relattionship and would be lovers for our entire lives.

He said ok and Colleen and I see each other at least twice a year. Hubby gets nothing more than a hug or kiss from her arriving and departing and is fine with it.

That is how he found out I was bi-sexual and love it.


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