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My first time

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I was out at a bar with a friend of mine and his wife – relaxing and enjoying the warm summer day. My friend, Peter, went to the bathroom and his wife, Kris, and I continued chatting. Truth be told we both had a couple of drinks and we were very relaxed, maybe a little too relaxed. She looked over at me and told me that she thought I was extremely hot and in fact lots of her friends felt the same way. I was embarrassed and concerned about what Peter would think about his wife saying this. Should I tell him, how would I tell him? He came back from the bathroom and could tell something was up. He looked right at Kris and asked her what she did. She looked at him, laughed and said she confessed that she thought I was hot. He looked at me and apologized for his wife being drunk and so forward. I told him I was flattered as they are both very attractive… and he got a huge smile on his face.

Kris excused herself to go freshen up and Peter and I started talking. He asked me if he could tell me something that none of his other friends know to which I replied ‘sure-you can tell me anything’. He confessed that he and his wife we in fact swinging for the past few months…and really enjoying themselves. I asked him a bunch of questions as I was really curious about it… how it happened, who brought it up, were you with couples, just other men, other women… He confessed that they were mostly with other couples and women, but recently talked about being with another guy. I was shocked and asked him what about that was so appealing. He continued on that Kris wanted to have two men at once and that he agreed that he would be intimate with a man since she fulfilled his fantasy of seeing her with another woman. He asked how I felt about that and I told him that I was ok with whatever made them happy.. no judgments at all. He told me how relieved he was and asked me if we could leave once Kris got back. I was ok with it and agreed.

She came back and we left to go back to their house where my car was. When we got there I asked if I could use their bathroom before I go home. I went in and when I came out of the bathroom-she was standing in front of me… completely naked. I asked Kris where Peter was and she said he was taking care of a couple things. She asked me what I thought about her and I could not resist telling her how beautiful she was. She came up to me and put her hands on my pants and smiled. She said ‘I think you think I’m really hot’ with a grin. She grabbed my hand and told me to come with her so I did-following her upstairs into their bedroom. I confessed that I did not feel comfortable because I did want Peter to think we were having an affair. She told me not to worry and brought me into the shower.

The room was steamy as the shower was running for a bit. She told me to take my clothes off quickly and I did-exposing my 9-inch cock that was extremely hard. She told me to close my eyes for a big surprise… and I did. Next thing I felt was a tongue stroking me cock and sucking off the pre-cum on my head. It felt so good as I had always wondered how good she was at oral play. This continued and finally I felt my head going into her mouth and working to take my shaft. I was in heaven. She stopped and I heard her tell me to open my eyes. On the floor was Peter… on his knees in front of my cock. I was totally shocked… she asked me how it felt and I admitted it was great-so much that I thought it was her. She grabbed my cock and asked if I wanted Peter to continue and I was like ‘hell yeah!” Peter started sucking me and I was so aroused. He was great even though he had never done it before. He eventually was able to deep throat me and I was going nuts. I came so hard in his mouth and enjoyed listening to him gulp down my cum.

We all took a shower and needless to say-hands were all over the place. Kris asked me if I was willing to experiment with any bi play and I immediately replied “yes-I’ve fantasized about it and more for a long time. Anything you want… I’ll do it’. She said anything.. and I winked at her and said-yes, anything. She shut off the shower and we dried each other off. I was hard as a rock and so was Peter. I was especially happy to see that he was shaved just like I was. He had some pre-cum on the tip of his dick so I reached down with my finger and rubbed it off and into my mouth. Kris kissed my neck, then my ear and whispered that there was plenty more where that came from. I felt her hands on my shoulders pushing me down to the floor. I’ve always been a bit submissive so being forced to my knees was so erotic for me. Peter came over and held his cock in his hand. He told me to be good and smacked his cock on my right cheek. I opened my mouth like I was awaiting my treat and he slid his cock into me. He grabbed my face on either side and slowly started to fuck my face. I could not believe what was happening…feeling his large cock going in and out of my mouth was like nothing I’d ever imagined… them to feel it going deep into my throat. My bi side was living large and my submissive side was too. If I wanted to stop-there was not much I could do. Truth is-I did not want to stop. I wanted more. He came hard in my mouth… so much that some dribbled out of my mouth… which my tongue quickly brought back into my mouth. I made sure to suck him dry, as I wanted ever ounce of him…

I stood up slowly… looking at every inch of his body. Touching as I rose up. When I got eye level I looked right in his eyes and told him that was absolutely fantastic. I leaned in and kissed him... he was shocked with that, but I would not let him go…exchanging tongues for a bit while Kris watched. I wanted Peter more now and told him that I wanted to be their toy to play with and used as they wanted. Peter asked if I was submissive at all and I looked into his eyes and said-yes, completely. Kris smacked my ass and told me that I could be her slut if I agreed to do as she commanded, be obedient, and to have no other Master or Mistress. I agreed…

To be continued…

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