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My first bi sex

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So the night started out with my wife asking me if I was interested in going out to dinner with Tim and Sue, a couple that my wife works with and with whom we have gone to dinner and the movies with before in the past.

I gratefully excepted the invitation because to be honest Sue is very easy on the eyes, her boyfriend Tim is always pointing this out, not just to me but to my wife as well and playfully hinting that she likes to play with others in a sexual way. So I'm always willing to go out with this couple, if just for the thought we might hook up in more of a romantic way.

This night was not much different then any other night until after dinner Sue asked "would you like to come over to the house for a drink and to see our new hot tub." We said we could and met them there. As Tim poured us all a glass of red wine Sue asked if we would like to try out the hot tub. My wife said sure and asked me if I would go get our swim suits from home. That's when Tim said with his playful voice "there is no need to go get them, we do not allow suits in the hot tub, it is an all natural environment in the water."

I looked at my wife then back at Sue and Tim with a little disbelief but before I could respond Sue said "oh come on we are all adults here" and thats when my wife said some thing that just about floored me, "ok why not."

Now as I said earlier Sue and Tim are both easy on the eyes but as for my wife and I we are no Ken and Barbie so we both went in the changing room and started to take our clothes off when my wife told me that Sue had this planed for some time now, and that Sue confided to her that she and Tim are swingers, and were interested in hooking up with us. Well my dick got hard in no time flat and my wife giggled as she seen the bulge in my pants geting large. Deb said to take a towel and wrap it around my waist as she did the same with another around her upper body.

When we exited the room and went out to the tub Sue and Tim were already in it with there glass of wine in hand and told us not to forget ours as well. Tim said "you can't bring those towels in the water, just put them over there by the door and jump in." I didn't know how I was going to get in the water with out them seeing my raging hard on and that's when Deb said to them that I was a little excited in the groin area and a bit shy to reveal it. Sue and Tim both gave a little giggle and Tim stood up to show his huge dick was pointing to the sky as well and not to worry.

So Deb and I both droped the towels right there and got in the water with them. That's when Deb told them she had just told me there little plan, and Tim said that it will only happen if all are ok with it, as I was the only one not in on it they all looked at me at the same time and I gave my head a resounding shake of approval.

As we all sat there wondering what was to happen next Deb slid next to Tim and I could only wonder what they were doing under the bubbles. At the same instance Sue slid next to me and wasted no time grabbing my stiff shaft under the water and rubbing it with such care that I almost exploded right at that moment. Then Tim said "we should all finish our wine and go get comfortable in the living room."

As I watched Sue get up out of the tub with her perky little tits and cute as hell ass glistening in the moon light, my dick got even harder, harder than I have ever felt it get before. As she grabbed a few towels for us all to dry off with she asked "well how do you like our hot tub." I think the smiles on our faces gave it away.

This is were the story gets very interesting. As we all went into the living room Tim and my wife wasted no time getting down and dirty as Deb went down on him like his dick was on fire and she was trying to put it out with her mouth. The sight of this turned me on so much that when Sue asked if I would lick her cunt I was dripping pre-cum all over the place as she forced me to the floor and sat on my face with her dripping wet pussy. I could here Tim let out a cry of pleasure as Deb brought him to climax. I was hoping Sue would get in the 69 position so she could suck my dick at the same time but just as I thought that, my dick was being embraced by a warm wet mouth and I was brought to one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had in my life and it was at that point I realized that Deb had just taken my load in her mouth and was still sucking it all in and down for the first time ever, that is until I Opened my eyes and seen her above my head with her left leg up on the end table next to me and her pussy buried in Sues face, thats when it hit me that Tim must be the one sucking my dick dry, I found myself getting oddly hard all over again, all this as Deb (who I can tell you is a big squirter) came to a wild climax and squirted a load of lady cum in Sues face and down on me, it set Sue into her climax in my mouth that tasted so good that I didn't even think twice about who just got me off, just that every one was moaning in satisfaction. This story doesn't end here.

As Sue climbed off me Tim came around in front of her and asked if she wanted a tasty treat from her new found lover and she cried yes with excitement as he kissed her and transfered some of my cum from his mouth to hers, and thats when they informed us that they were both bi and hoped that it was not freaking us out. Thats when I confided to all, even my wife for the first time that I was always a little curious myself what it would be like to suck a cock. Tim told me to take my time and that we did not need to jump into any thing tonight that would make me uneasy, thats when I said "no I think I would like to try it with you right now if thats ok." I was kneeling on the floor when he stepped up to me with that big dick and pointed it down to my mouth. I have to tell you I felt like a little kid about to have sex for the first time again and a little bit intimidated, but as I reached for his dick and touched it for the first time I couldn't help but put it in my mouth and as the smell from his balls and the sweat from him having just cum all over my wife, a great sensation swept over me as I could feel the texture of his man hood on my lips and taste his juices in my mouth. As he was just about to explode I herd the girls dare me to swallow his load, so when he started to cum I sucked him harder and harder as his jiz shot to the back of my mouth, I took all he gave me and swallowed all but I little bit so I could pass it on to Deb like he did mine to Sue. I need to tell you what happens next even blows my mind, as I was swapping cum with my wife Sue got up and left the room and when she returned a moment later she was wearing one of the biggest strap-ons I have ever seen, it had to be 14 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide, Thats when I said "hold on there I just sucked my first dick ever but I don't think I can take going as far as having that up my bum, especially as big as that is." Thats when Sue said "relax lover this is not for you, I'm going to fuck your wife with this and while I'm doing that you two boys can do what ever you want and let me tell you sweetie, Tim has one fine tight ass, so its up to you what you want to do with it." The thought of getting fucked in my ass has never really been one of my #1 things to do list, though I do like it when Deb puts a finger in my ass when she gives me head and massages my prostate, but I think I will leave that for some other time. But as for fucking Tim in his ass it does turn me on, you see Deb never lets me fuck her in the ass, so I thought this mite be fun. I said to Tim "I will be glad to enter you on one condition" he said what would that be. "after we are done you talk my wife into letting you fuck her in the ass" he said he will try, well that was good enuff for me so I sat on the edge of the couch and he lubed me up with some ky and asked if I would do the same for his ass hole, so I put a shit load of it around and in him. He then slowly sat on my dick and began moving up and down going deeper and deeper every time until he had all I could give, Sue was right he was very tight and since I had cum just a few minutes before that, it helped me last for what seamed like forever, then he said to Deb "you know your husband is a very good ass fucker and told me he would only do this if I could get you to take me up your ass, and I would hate to go back on my word" thats when my jaw dropped when Deb came over to us and covered Tims dick with so much ky it ran down his shaft and balls and on to my nut sack and into my ass crack, then she turned around and slowly sat on his big dick, as we were in a three tier tandum of dick to ass dick to ass, Sue then came around to me and said "suck my dick, and lick your wifes pussy juice from it." so I did and man am I glad I didn't take that big dildo up my ass, because it was all I could do to get my lips on it, and thats when I could hold back no more and shot my second load in Tims ass, this must have turned Sue on so much she ripped the harness and dildo off so fast and sat on my face once again and shot her load in my mouth , as Tim and Deb sat on my now going limp dick and finished with first Tim cumming in her ass that then set Deb off to another great soaking climax. As we all lay wasted of every ounce of fluid from our sex organs, I couldn't stop thinking how much my dick hurt from all this sucking and fucking but thats when Sue said "you know, no one has fucked either of my holes yet tonight. Thats when Tim said to me "are you ready to fuck my girlfriend" well some how my dick got hard enuff again and he said "I guess so by the looks of things" Sue really must like to be in control, because before I could even move she was on top of me and guiding my dick with her hand in her cunt, there was a little pain pulsing in my balls from all the cumming I had already done but thats when Tim put a shit load of ky all over Sues ass and once again it ran down and all over my nuts and crack. Then he said to Deb "would you like to screw Sue in the ass while your husband is fucking her pussy" Deb wasted no time strapping on that dildo, and when she started to guide it in her ass I thought there is no way we can both fit, but it went up her ass with just a little extra push and boy was it tight in there then. Tim went around in front of Sue and straddled me to put his dick in her mouth and said "there honey, now all your holes are being fucked" just as I was felling the urge to cum Tim let out a cry and unloaded in Sues mouth, but not all was swallowed as some dropped from the corner of her mouth and dripped on my chest thats when I exploded deep inside of Sue and gave her a cream pie. Deb then laid Sue on her back and began to lick her clean.

Just as I thought this night was coming to an end Tim said to me "you know I would love to make this night a compleat fuck all feast" I didn't need to ask what he meant by that, I knew I was the only one not penetrated in the old ballon knot tonight. As I was contemplating my response he said "you already have so much ky down there, I'd hate to see it go to waste" I said to him "what the hell why not" he then had me get onto my hands and knees and then put my head to the floor so my ass was in the air for him, he said "we will get you a little more relaxed now" as he and the girls all spread some more ky around I felt a finger slip in side of me and then another, as they were working to get my spinkter to open up and relax for Tim to enter me. When they removed there fingers I knew Tim was just about to start so I said "I'm ready" just then he slowly pushed until the head of his penis was in, then he grabbed my hips and slowly pushed in and out until his whole dick was in me, and that is alot of dick to take up the ass, but he felt so good in me that I came once again all over the floor. As he was about to cum he pulled his cock out of my ass and came all over my butt crack and then the girls moved in to lick it up.

This was a night of many first for my wife and I, but it was not the last we got together with Sue and Tim, we get together about once a month and Sue mentioned some bigger party groups she was planning, I can't wait.

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