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My first bi-oral experience

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My husband is always interested in my previous sexual experiences. He would always wanted me to tell him about the first guy that I had, the first hand job or blow job that I gave, and tell him all the nasty details. Seems he just can't get enough of the stories.

Recently he has been after me to tell him about my first bi experience. Once I told him all about it, he suggested that I put it in writing and put it up on the SLS site. He said if he got turned on so much by it, that we should share the story with others on the site. So, with his urging, I am going to try to put it all down on paper so that others may enjoy it as well.

My first experience was when I was in high school. My sister, who was a grade ahead of me, shared a lot of the same friends. Well, our friend Carol had invited us to stay over her house for the weekend since we had planned to go to a local dance with Carol and her boyfriend Tom.

We all went to the dance together in Tom?s car, and we danced the night away with each other and with Tom as well. Tom dropped all of us back at Carol?s house, and said goodnight to Carol, as my sister and I prepared us for bed.

When Carol came in from saying goodnight to Tom, her clothing was somewhat amiss. My sister and I told her we wanted to hear all the details.

Carol said ok, but that we couldn?t share the story with anyone else. We all agreed as we sat on Carol?s bed with anticipation.

Carol said they were sitting in the car and listening to the radio, as Tom would French kiss her. Since my sister and I were not experienced as Carol, we both asked her what was a French kiss, and what made it so different. Carol said it was difficult to explain, but that she would show us.

Carol started with my sister, and proceeded to give her the first French kiss that my sister ever had, and while she was kissing her, Carol would be playing with my sister?s breasts. Now, I was surprised about the length of the kiss, and that Carol had opened my sister?s PJ top, and had her breasts exposed, and was still playing with her nipples. I could see that this must have aroused my sister, since her nipples were hard.

My sister must have enjoyed the kiss, and she was playing with Carol?s breasts as well. I was just sitting there and waiting my turn, and said ?hey, what about me?? With that, Carol turned to me, and proceeded to give me my first French kiss as well. All I could say was ?Wow?. By now, my sister had her top removed, and also took off Carol?s as well. Carol proceeded to remove mine as well.

Carol was in between my sister and me, and she would take turns kissing and playing with our breasts. Obviously, this was getting to me, and apparently everyone else as well. Carol, my sister, and myself were all stripped down to just our panties. Carol was playing with both of our breasts, and she would reach down between our legs, and was now masturbating each of us thru our panties. My sister and I took turns playing with Carol?s breasts, and playing with her pussy as well.

Carol asked us if we had ever had oral sex with anyone yet. We explained that we really hadn?t started dating yet, and were pretty much dedicated to our school work. Carol could tell that we were interested in hearing about oral sex, and her experiences, as we urged her to explain it to us.

She told my sister and me to lay next to each other as we played with each other?s pussy, and would experiment with our new French kissing routine. This was really turning me on, and I was getting very excited with our new found experience.

Carol had by now, removed her panties, and moved up to the top of the bed so that she could position herself on top of my sister?s face, and planted her pussy right on her mouth. She told my sister to just lick everything she could get her tongue on, and that she would direct her as needed. Carol told me to come up and plant a French kiss on her lips, as my sister ate her pussy.

As I was kissing Carol, we were playing with each other?s breasts, and Carol was playing with my pussy as well. She could tell that I was really excited, and she wanted to keep me that way. She told me to lie on the bed so that I could watch her eat my sister?s pussy, as I continued masturbating my pussy as well.

I was really enjoying what I was watching, and I was excited about waiting for my turn. I know that I came at least twice while Carol was masturbating me, and I was masturbating myself. I could hear both my sister and Carol moaning, and I was certain that they were cumming as well.

I should mention that Carol?s house was a single home, and was a ranch type home with everything on one floor, since her parents didn?t want to have to negotiate steps. Carol?s room fortunately was on the far side of the house away from her parents? room, but we tried to keep things as quiet as possible.

I was still lying at the top of the bed, and watching the two girls eating each other?s pussy, and was still anxious for my turn. I was still concentrating on my masturbation technique, and would grab at both my sister?s breasts and Carol?s as well.

I could faintly hear something knocking on the bedroom window, when Carol got up and off of my sister, and went to check. Since it was a summer evening, she had the screen in the window, and the window was open. Carol proceeded to lift the screen, and my sister and I were surprised to see Tom climbing in thru her window.

My sister and I were grabbing at whatever we could to try to cover up.

Carol asked him what he was doing, and he proceeded to tell us that he had returned to her bedroom window, when he saw what we were doing, he just hung around to watch the action.

He explained to Carol that he was outside masturbating himself, and just couldn?t take it any longer, and he needed some relief. Tom was already removing his clothing as he was standing there talking to Carol, and she was stroking his cock. When he was totally naked, Carol got on her knees, and started to suck his cock.

My sister and I were enjoying the show. We had not seen too many cocks before, so we didn?t have a lot to compare Tom?s cock to, but my sister and I were both amazed as to how large it grew, and how quickly.

I told my sister that I wanted her to eat my pussy, like she was eating Carol?s, and she said why not, he?s been watching all night anyway. She proceeded to get between my legs, and she was doing a great job eating my pussy, while I watched Carol sucking on Tom?s cock, and Tom was reaching over and playing with my tits.

Tom said that he wanted to show me how to suck a man?s cock, and removed his cock from Carol?s mouth, and pulled me over to the side of the bed so that my head was hanging off the end, and my sister continued to eat my pussy.

Carol was jerking off Tom, as she pushed his cock into my mouth and told me to take as much in as I could, and to just keep sucking. Tom and Carol were now kissing, and he was playing with her tits, as I sucked his cock.

Carol would tell me to take it out of my mouth and jerk him off, and then she would take him into her mouth and suck him for awhile. My sister wanted some of the action as well, and at this point, Tom had all three of us on our knees in front of him, and he would go from one mouth to the next.

He told us that he wanted to fuck our faces, and we weren?t exactly sure what that meant, but told him to go ahead. With that, he grabbed the side of my head, with his cock deep in my mouth, and would slide my head up and down his cock. He said he was going to cum, and proceeded to push his cock as far back in my mouth as he could. I could feel him touching the back of my throat, and I would gag from time to time, but he just kept fucking my face, as Carol and my sister urged him to cum in my mouth.

As Tom was fucking my face, Carol and my sister were playing with my pussy and my tits. I was in heaven, and came several times. I had my hands filled with tits and pussy, and a nice pair of balls.

Tom grabbed at the back of my head, and was pushing me down his cock as far as I could go. I was surprised to see that I had taken his cock fully into my mouth, and that he was now shooting cum in the back of my throat. I was swallowing as much as I could without choking, and finally removed his cock from my mouth so that I could share it with Carol and my sister.

While they were cleaning up Tom?s cock, I would take turns kissing Carol and my sister so that they got to share some of Tom?s hot cum. We all seemed to really enjoy ourselves, and Tom, being on both the football team and the basketball team, was still hard, and wanted more action.

Carol continued to jerk him off, as my sister was right there and providing a waiting mouth. Carol placed Tom?s cock into my sister?s mouth, and I got to watch Tom fuck my sister?s face, just as he had done to mine. It wasn?t long before Tom was cumming in my sister?s mouth, and she seemed to be enjoying it as well. She had a problem trying to swallow everything, and Tom ended up cumming on her face and tits as well. I also found that exciting to watch as well.

As Tom finished, we all lay back on the bed and just enjoyed everyone?s company. Tom got dressed and said he had better get out of there before Carol?s parents find him. So he put on his clothes and left. We all ended up sleeping in the same bed, and fell off to sleep, with desires to get together again with Tom and Carol for another episode.

Even though the night was not a planned event, we all received quite an education thanks to Tom and Carole. My husband was most thankful to Tom and Carol for what they had taught me. My hubby indicated that he would love to see just what this training session did for my sister, and would love to get together with her and me, and he would love to play the role of Tom.

My sister and I did get together with Tom and Carol several times after that first night, until Carol and Tom had a falling out over something, and they split up. That also gave us a great opportunity to have a great girl?s night out from time to time.

I can truly say that it was a ton of fun, as well as being educational for my sister and me, and that we had many opportunities after that to just be able to play with each other over the years. My guess is that she would welcome an opportunity to relive the night with Tom and Carol, but use my hubby instead.

Hope you all enjoyed my story, and I?m sorry for being so long winded, but I didn?t want to miss any of the details. Now, I will have to go and take care of hubby.

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