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My first bi night with a couple

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Here is a page from the beginning of this epic journey into new levels.

Dan stopped the car at the beginning of the block, pulling to the curb and shutting off the engine. His heart was racing with both fear and excitement, feeling the adrenaline pumping through his veins. His ultra conservative upbringing had made sure that this would not be easy for him to do. Even now he could hear the ghost of his mother, whispering to his ear, spinning her web of half truths and opinions. The fear she had instilled was so much a part of him that he didn’t realize what the emotion was most of the time. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he looked at the paper he had clutched in a fist. He was almost afraid to look at it, thinking it would be blank if he did, and this would all be a crazy dream. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the address written there. “So,” he muttered, “what do I do now?”

After a moment, he realized that he didn’t have a choice. He had made up his mind this morning when he had left home. As if an invisible force were guiding him, he started the engine, put it in gear, and slowly cruised up the street, watching out the window for the house numbers. There it was, ahead on the right. Just as they had described it to him, it was a nice home, and looked much like those on either side. Nothing to set it apart as a special place. With a snort, Dan realized that he was probably the only one on the planet to think of this particular house as anything but a home. But the house was special, if only because of who lived there. With a quick check in the mirror to make sure his face was set, he parked and got out.

He noticed that she had left a candle in the window, just as she had said she would do. It was a dreary, gloomy day, and the candle added a sense of the surreal to his heart. At the door, he reached for the bell. Before he could touch it, the door opened to reveal the subject of his every dream for the last few months. There she was, standing there, asking him to come in. Surely she could hear his heart hammering away in his chest. How could you not hear that racket? He decided to take a step, and suddenly found himself being touched in a caressing hug. He also realized that his face was split in what had to be the biggest smile of his life. She was every bit as beautiful as he had thought when he saw her pictures on the computer.

But more than that he noticed that she had a glow about her, a sexuality that would attract any man. He returned the hug, and moaned quite loudly when she released him. Graciously she pretended not to notice. He turned to the inside of the house, and got the second shock of this day. Her husband Tripp came into the room, striding with a confidence that can only come from the knowledge of one’s own sexual power. He was very attractive, with dark hair and auburn eyes. He had trimmed his facial hair since the picture Dan had seen had been taken. He had also been working out since then. His arms and chest were defined in a way that only comes from hours in the gym. Although Tripp was slightly shorter than Dan, he didn’t hesitate to approach him and offer a hug. “Welcome to our home” Tripp said. Dan hugged him back. He felt this almost unbearable desire to kiss Tripps neck, sucking and nibbling in an act of total desire. But those years of conservative life had indeed done nothing if not taught him to control and deny his own feelings.

They had spent the evening talking and listening to music. The wine had been an especially nice touch of sophistication. The music they had been listening to was a blend of meditation chants and mood rythems to ease away the nervousness. Dan had felt an overwhelming sense of being in a dream, and the hours had past in a flash. The talk had turned to ever more erotic subjects, with plenty of innuendos and flashing eyes to entice him, and the tension had been building to an almost unbearable level. Finally, Elsie rose from the sofa wear she had been sitting next to Dan, slowly caressing his leg, and gave a stretch which had more than a little feline grace. With a glance toward Tripp, she said that she was going to go into the bedroom and get more comfortable. She turned at the door, and said "You are welcome to join me." This was the moment Dan had been both dreading and longing for. Now was the moment when he would find out if he had passed the test of attraction.

Tripp arose, and indicated that he would be in in a second. Dan watched Tripp as he went about cleaning up the wine bottles and the glasses. Tripp moved with a swagger and a confidence that made Dan feel powerful stabs of jealousy, and of lust. He wanted nothing more than to reach out and lightly brush the obvious bulge in the front of Tripps pants. And as usual, he denied this feeling, and sat there. He sat there, frozen with fear, terrified that he would have to spend the night in the guest bedroom, listening to the two of them moaning and crying out their passion. And just when Dan was sure that this had all been a terrible waste of time, Tripp stopped in the doorway to the bedroom, and said the words which sent a shiver of joy through Dan. "You can join us, if you like. Or the guest room is ready, if you decide you would be more comfortable there." With a confidence which he didnt feel, Dan turned and said he would be in in a minute. Dans heart wanted to soar to the heavens with pride. He wanted to throw the doors open and sing to the world, "I am here! And I have found myself!"

He suddenly realized that he was still standing in the bathroom, holding his toothbrush to his mouth, looking like a statue as these memories came flooding in upon him. He could hear Tripp and Elsie murmuring softly in the bedroom, no doubt preparing themselves for the long night ahead.

(just a side note, I know this is taking forever to get through, but the memories are so powerful, the emotion is even now still strong. I have to stop sometimes and, well, take care of myself, lol)

Dan quickly finished his nightly routine of showering and such, eager to see what awaited him in the other room. Visions of passionate and wild sexual abandon made it hard to think of anything but his own pent up desires. As he glanced in the mirror one last time, he sighed with a bit of regret. He knew that he would never again have the body he had when he was 22, but he really did need to start watching his weight. And with a grin, he thought, "If I knew then what I know now, I'd have blown them all away." At last deeming himself ready, he cautiously opened the door and entered the bedroom.

The first thing he saw was Elsie, standing before a full length mirror, naked and massaging lotion into her skin. The perfume of orange and lilac permeated the air. Dan almost wept when he finally saw in person the object of his desire, flesh and blood standing before him.

She had large, full breasts which swayed slightly as she moved. Her skin had a healthy glow about it, and was tinted with a slight blush, which she had said was just one of the ways her body reacted when she was aroused. She was a voluptuous woman Dan realized, with curves in every one of the important areas. As she bent to rub lotion into her legs, Dan had a chance to see her from behind. He forgot to breath at the beauty which was before him. The V of her legs where they blended with her body was more than he could stand. As he moved in a trance toward this creature of heaven, there came a sound to his ears which made him pause.

Tripp, whom until now had gone unnoticed and had been watching Dan, cleared his throat and began to draw the blankets and comforter off of the bed. Dan sheepishly looked toward Tripp, a quick and easy apology on his lips. However, the words froze in his throat as he beheld Tripp. Dan had wondered about Tripp during the weeks of talking on the phone and in emails, as he had never offered a photo. Tripp had just showered, and was even now glistening with water. His chest and shoulders were powdered with a fine hair which ran down a trail to his crotch. He was obviously amused at Dans reaction, as he was trying not to allow his smile to become a laugh. Dan realized with a start that Tripp was already beginning to show his excitement, as his shaft was lengthening slowly. A shiver ran across Dan, and he briefly shook with the violence of the tremor. Dan turned toward Elsie, lust pounding through his head. All thoughts of caution, those moments of doubt, any chances of communication were utterly wiped from his mind. With a growl of hunger and surpressed desire, he moved behind Elsie, and wrapped his arms around her in order to cup her breasts. He slowly bent his neck, lowering his head so that he might nuzzle at her neck. The smell of her shampoo and the soap on her skin combined with the musky smell of her sex to wrap a coccoon around his head. He parted his lips to flick the tip of his tongue ever so lightly against her skin. He breathed in the smell of her, feeling the run away train of his lust and desire wipe his soul from his body and burn everything else away.

(You know that this is actually me, so I am going to change to the first person form. Also, if you have a comment, please take the time to let me know something)

She moved to the bed across the room. She bent over and crawled across to the top, waving her delicious bottom in the air. She knew exactly what she was doing to me, and Tripp was obviously appreciating the view as well. The two of us lay on either side of her. She turned to him first and began to kiss and nuzzle on him. I rolled and started to rub her soft skin. At this point it was all I could do not to just collapse from sensory overload. I ran my hand anywhere I could think of, across her arms, down her back, rubbing her butt, and down her legs. I started back up the inside of her thighs, and just before I got back to her ass, she rolled over and held my hand at her pussy.

I realized that she was very moist, and the sensation was incredible. Tripp got busy on her breasts while I rubbed and stroked, all the while praying I didnt cum right then and there. I lay down next to her again, keeping my hand at her core. I started to lightly kiss her full lips, feeling her breath come in shorter and shorter gasps. I stroked her tongue with mine, trying to make it as passionate as I could. Suddenly she moaned and went stiff, and the next thing I knew my hand was soaked. Not a huge amount, but still surprised me. I took my hand away and started to lick my hand. Tripp moved in and put his face in her wet mound and went to it with gusto. SHe obviously liked it and kept moaning and shaking. I moved up so that I could put my hard as a rock dick next to her mouth. She opened her mouth and pulled my ass in closer. Almost immediately I pulled back out. She looked up at me with this terrible look of lust and anger, but i told her I couldnt do that or I would bust a load in her mouth.

She told Tripp to lay down on the mattress so she could blow him. He lay down, and for the first time I got a look at his cock, full and hard. Oh, man, did he look good. I noticed that it was average length, but was very thick. He was trimmed in all the right places, and his hair looked soft and curly. I was so scared to even look at him, thinking that it might ruin the mood. Elsie, instead of blowing him, crawled up and impaled herself on his throbbing cock. I sat back and slowly strocked my dick, really enjoying the look on their faces. After a short while, she lay down again and we started to talk, just lightly touching each other and building the tension again. I told them I was going to cum soon, but that I am a reloader (it doesnt take me very long to recover, and I am ready to go again). She rolled over and told me to shoot on her chest. Do I even have to tell you that I shot after about 3 strokes? It felt as if the back of my head just tore right off and flew away. Tripp moved up and shot a load in her mouth, which I noticed she did with no problem. Tripp went to go and get us some cold water, since we were all sweaty. Before he came back, Elsie told me to follow her lead and I could play with Tripp. This scared the hell out of me, since I wasnt sure how he would feel. He came back in and climbed into bed again.

She started to pull and play with his dick, and the next thing you know, he is hard again. She told me to reach over and feel how nice it was in my hand. I looked at Tripps face, and he said it was okay. Man, I could not believe this was happening to me. I put my hand on him, and slowly stroked it the way I liked to stroke myself. If anything it got even thicker and slightly longer. I looked at her, and she asked me to lick it. My whole body was vibrating at an incredible rate, and I was terrified. But I leaned in and put my lips around the head. He was still wet from being inside of her, and from his cum. I sucked on it for a few minutes, then leaned back to take a breath.

Elsie moved into place, and moved her ass so that it was pointing right at me. I buried my tongue as far into her ass as I could, and rimmed her for all I was worth. If I had died right then, I would have died with a smile. Since I was hard again, I moved up and put my cock inside of her pussy. Oh, god, it was like water to a thirsty man living in the desert. I thrust and moved, rolling my hips and trying not to miss watching her lips do an absolutely amazing job on his cock. She was moaning and squirming, and at some point I realized she was very wet again. I slowed down and asked if she was okay, and if he was too, and they both looked up at me as if to say "Hey stupid, dont stop!" So I went to it with a passion. The next thing I knew I was getting close to cumming. I said so, and she moved up onto the bed quickly.

She turned so that her head was off the edge of the bed and her legs were in the air. Tripp chuckled and grabbed a bottle of lube next to the bed. I slid my dick into her mouth while Tripp smothered his dick with the oil. After he applied some to her, he slid into her. She moaned and sounded like she was in pain, but calmed down right away. It was then that I asked Tripp if he was in her pussy. He looked at me, and with a look of total lust and bliss said that she liked it in the ass sometimes. I shoved my dick as far into her mouth as it would go and shot what had to be every drop of fluid I have ever made inside of her. She struggled and coughed, but kept ahold of me anyway. Tripp came right after that, and was shouting and pounding away inside of her. She told me that she came again at that point as well.

God, what a night. After that we slept like babes. At some point during the night I woke up and listened to the rain outside. It was sad sound, but nice too. I cried for a little while, trying not to wake them as we were all in bed together. The emotional outlet I guess was what it was. And that was the first night of a three day weekend with these two.

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