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My first bi experience

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Some years ago I was dating a nice lady, a waitress, and we would typically go to a movie and out to eat then come home and fuck. Sometimes she would suck me off other times I would eat her pussy. But each time we made sure the other got off nicely.

Some time passed and I guess we got a bit bored. I hadnt called or seen her for two weeks. Highly unusual. So I stopped by unexpectedly one afternoon. She looked surprised and a bit flushed. I knew that look it mean she had just cum! She invited me in anyway and I saw immediately another guy sitting on her couch. She introduced us and patted the couch next to her. I sat, rather uncomfortably, and she was between us. After some small talk I got up to get a drink. Looking back from the kitchen I saw him grabbing her crotch and she whispered to him something and he smiled.

When I returned to the living room and sat down she took my hand and put it on her breast. Then took his and put it on the other one. Smiling she asked if I was horny as always. I was a bit shocked but said yes I am. She asked her other man to go outside for something. When he left she raised her skirt and showed me her wet cunt! Then she got on all fours on the couch and told me to start licking! I did and found she was really wet! I slurped and licked as she wiggled and moaned. Suddenly I felt a movement and a hard cock appeared and pushed into her cunt while I was eating it! She would not let me up! I was beginning to panic and she was starting to grind her pussy into my face harder! I choked a bit and finally croaked out "can you let me breathe?" She let up a bit and I pushed her away just a little. But the hard cock came out of her hole and flopped right onto my face! As I tried to move more it suddenly slid right into my open mouth! Now I was panicing. I couldnt move anymore with her on top of me and he had his cock halfway down my throat! She said dont worry, it's going to be fun! With that she moved away and he held me down as he started fucking my mouth! She smiled and said "that's what you get for not calling for two weeks! Now you can suck his cock while I watch and then you can finish my pussy off!" I had no real choice as she smiled I started sucking his hard dick. It didn't taste bad at all, in fact it was a bit familiar as I had once or twice jerked off and tasted my own cum. Not a bad taste at all. Still smiling and sittin next to us she started fingering herself. Soon her juicy cunt was starting to ooze onto the couch. "Hey" she said, "why dont we go to the bedroom and finish this up in comfort?" He pulled out of my mouth and stood up as we all started to the bedroom. It was a comfortable bed that she and I had shared on many occasions. I tried to remember if she had mentioned any fantasies like this while we were enjoying each other's juices. I did faintly recall that she had mentioned her daughter had told her "Mom you sure aren't lesbian, your boyfriends all love to fuck you and you just love the cock too much for being a pussy licker". Now that sounded like her! Then I remembered she had mentioned she would like to have two cocks someday. Well it seems today was the day.

She sat on the bed and patted the sheets beside her. To my surprise she didnt let me sit down, he sat next to her instead. "On your knees and finish him off" she exclaimed. If you do good I'll let you get a hot cum too!" That was good enough for me, I wasnt thinking of anything but getting my cock down her throat or up her cunt as I knelt down and started sucking that hard cock again. Before long he was panting and moaning and she moved my head back and forth to help me get his cum out! He shot a big spurt and then another. Then he moved a bit more into my throat and I felt a third spurt go straight into my stomach! I was now a cocksucker! And surprisingly, I didn't mind at all. Seeing me drool some cum from my lips as he pulled his rapidly deflating cock from my mouth, she leaned forward and kissed me. Now, I thought, it's my turn to cum in her hot cunt or mouth! I stood up and moved to push her back onto the bed whenhe grabbed my hands.

"Now you fuck my mouth" he said and started immediately to start sucking my hard throbbing cock! It felt really nice and I was soon moaning as she moved forward to almost help him suck me off. Suddenly I felt the cum moving through my cock, I could not stop now and out it shot into his waiting and willing mouth! More cum than I had shot in her cunt in all the time I knew her! It felt wonderful! I could not believe a man could suck cock that well! As I pulled out of his mouth she bent to him and kissed his cum covered lips, licking up the cum that had spilled out. I watched fascinated as she cleaned him up with her tongue. Then she came to me and kissed me also. I could taste my cum on her lips and amazingly enough I started to get hard again. That had not happened so rapidly in years! She noticed and told me to lay back as she climbed on top of me and my cock slid easily into her big wet pusssy. She did have a big cunt and we had enjoyed toys in it along with my cock so that was no surprise. But when she bent forward to take my cock he moved into position and entered her from behind! Two cocks in her hot cunt! Wow. Never had I felt that feeling before! His cock had gotten hard while sucking me off and now he was rubbing his cock against mine inside her cunt! She moaned and moved back and forth making both of us slide in and out against her pussy and our own cocks. It felt absolutley wonderful. Feeling his hard cock on mine inside her really made me shoot a hot load! I unexpectedly shot off and he grunted as my cum lubed his cock even more. He also shot a load and collapsed on the bed. She smiled and climed off me only to turn around and sit on my face! Two hot loads of cum were pouring out of her wide open hole! And it was all oozing out into my mouth! Now I had eaten my own cum from a hot cunt before but never another man's cum too. Not that it bothered me now, after all I had just shot a load in his mouth and he certainly had shot a big hot wad of cum in mine. I even enjoyed it somewhat! Now I was eating her twat full of cum and she was wiggling wildly! In no time she was cumming and dropped off me. I noticed that he had recovered some and was staring at my semi-hard cock. "Go ahead" I told him, "suck it again". He did and after a long period of me fucking his face I shot my third load of the day. I was flabbergasted. I had never done three loads so close together! I wanted more!

Wiping his mouth off and giving her a kiss he dressed and left us on the bed. I asked her "when did you start up with him and how did you get interested in getting us together?" Well it seems he was an old room mate that was visiting. He had recently been a "guest of the state", because he had been caught sucking off guys at the bus stop restroom. She had been nice to him and let him stay a few day. Now he was leaving town and she said "if you like we can keep seeing each other. But things might be different now. I want to go out and find men to bring home for BOTH of us to enjoy." I told her "I dont mind that at all, it was surprisingly fun and nice to do you and him orally." She smiled and mentioned something about my ass next time but that's a story for later on!

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