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My first bi experience

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I was about 14 years old and my neighbor friend and I skipped school at his house his parents worked during the day so we knew we had the house to ourselves and wasn't worried about getting caught and decided to pull out his dads 8mm movie projector and watch his dads pornos, well after going through the pornos and watching a little of each of them we found the one that looked like it was the best one to watch and as we were sitting next to each other on the couch watching the porn movie there was a really good scene of a girl giving a guy a blowjob and my neighbor commented on how it looked like she was really enjoying sucking on his cock and I commented on how it looked like he was really enjoying it also and my neighbor said that he would be really enjoying it if she was sucking on his cock also and I was pretty sure he never had his cock sucked on before but asked him if he ever had and he said no that he hadn't and he asked if I had and I said no but I was really horny thinking about what it would feel like if the girl in the porno was sucking on my cock then after a few more minutes of watching the porno I looked over at him and saw his hand on his crotch and he wasn't really rubbing his crotch where it was obvious he was rubbing his cock but his hand was lightly moving over his crotch and I found I got a little excited at seeing the bulge in his pants as I could tell he was making himself hard with his hand and then I thought to myself how we could experience what it feels like to be sucked on and mentioned to him if he didn't think it would be too strange we could try sucking on each others cocks just to see what it would feel like and he asked if I would do that and I said I would if he didn't think it was too strange and he said he would do it if I sucked on his cock first and I said ok and I reached over and rubbed his crotch with my hand and reached for his pants buckle and unbuckled his pants and he asked if I was sure I wanted to do this and I said yes and told him it might be fun and just asked him not to think I was weird or anything for being willing to suck on his cock and he said he wouldn't then with his help we slid his pants down to his ankles and I found myself very aroused by the sight of his already hard cock I never saw his cock before so didn't know how big he was but when I saw it I was astounded by his size and if I had to guess I would say that he was at least 7.5 inches probably more and after looking in amazement at the size of his cock and commenting to him about his size I got on my knees in front of him and put his cock in my hand and fondled it for a minute or two then leaned foreward and put my mouth over his cock and started sucking on it and it wasn't more than a few minutes of him moaning from me sucking on his cock that he moaned saying he was going to cum and having never sucked before I wasn't ready to swallow yet at least not the first time so I held my face next to his cock and as soon as I pulled his cock from my mouth he started cumming on my face then after he was spent I mentioned that I needed to go to the bathroom to wash my face and when I was in the bathroom I was wondering if I went back into the room if he was going to reciprocate by sucking on my cock and I was soo horny from just sucking him off if I would of reached down & jacked my cock a couple of times I would of came but I didn't thinking that maybe he will give me my first experience of being sucked on and when I got back into the room I asked him if it felt good and he said it felt great and I asked if he thought I was weird because I just did that to him and he said no that he didn't think I was weird and I told him I liked doing it then he asked me to pull my pants down and to sit back on the couch and I told him he didn't have to do anything to me if he didn't want to and he said that he wanted to see what it's like to suck on me so I sat back on the couch and he got between my legs and put my cock in his hand and fondled it a little and mentioned that he liked how my cock felt in his hand and I told him it felt good for me to and mentioned that if he kept doing that I was going to cum real soon then he said no not yet and he put the head of my cock in his mouth and as soon as he started sucking on the head of my cock I moaned letting him know I was going to cum and I don't think he had my cock pulled out of his mouth before I started cumming then he finished me off by jacking my cock over his face then after we were cleaned up we talked about how we both enjoyed it and agreed we wanted to do it again but also talked about how we have to make sure we do it when we were sure no one would catch us and we ended up sucking each other off a second time that day and it became a routine thing for us to sneak away in the woods to suck each others cocks or wherever we knew we wouldn't get caught doing it and in time we were cumming in each others mouths and swallowing each others cum and this went on until he went off to college and then we both got steady girlfriends and were in serious relationships and when we would see each other in the years to follow usually at least one of us had our girlfriend around and it was like we never mentioned to each other about it anymore although I know when I would see him I would get horny thinking about how I would like to get alone with him somewhere and suck him off and I think he was thinking the same thing but maybe we were both too afraid to bring the subject up thinking the other was no longer interested in doing it being we were in serious relationships with our girlfriends and after graduating from college he took a job out of state and we eventually lost all contact with each other but if I had a chance to suck on his cock again I would gladly drop to my knees and take his big cock deep into my mouth.

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