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My Wife And Another Man

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My Wife And Another Man

I have never been attracted to another man but while talking to my wife had told her I had thought about it and wondered what it would be like to be with one. One day we were at home and out of the blue, my wife directed me to take a shower and come out and stand in front of her when I was done. I did as directed and stood naked in front of her in the living room, freshly showered and ready for further direction. She put a collar on my neck and buckled it, attached a lead to it and instructed me to turn around. I did as I was told and she took my wrist and attached a cuff to one, and then the other so my hands were cuffed behind my back. She then instructed me to get on my knees in front of her and she slipped a blindfold over my eyes and told me I was not to sit on my heels and to keep my back straight and to wait for further direction.

I stayed there for a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, wondering what she had in mind and what was coming next. I could hear her moving around the house and when the doorbell rang I started to panic as I was still on my knees naked in plain view of the front door. She told me to stay just as I was and as she opened the door said come in John and a man chuckle quietly as he obviously saw me sitting there. The door closed and I heard her tell the man to come in and relax. They were now right in front of me as I heard her kiss him as she told him to undress.

I was still there on my knees on the floor, hands still cuffed behind my back, with the blindfold on, when I heard her tell him that I was to get him hard. I then felt her hand on the back of my head as the head of his cock pushed against my mouth. I was not sure I could really do this but before I had much time to think about it someone pinched my nose closed and as I took a breath his semi erect cock slide in and her hand pushed the back of my head, forcing me to take him. I gagged a little as his cock hit the back of my throat and heard them both laugh at the sight of this. She told me to just relax and try to enjoy it. I felt his cock start to harden more and more as he fucked my mouth as she held my head.

I was trying to relax, I was trying to decide if I enjoyed this or not when she took her had away from the back of my head and out of reflex I started to pull back. She says oho no you dont and pulled on the lead to keep keep me from pulling back to far and forced my mouth to take him down until I started to gag a bit. The pull on the lead relaxed and his cock came out of my mouth. She told me to kiss her and as I did, his cock slid between our lips, she worked one side of the shaft held my lead so that I worked the other. Our lips would meet each time he pulled it out before sliding it back between out lips. He started to moan louder she knew he was getting close to cumming and stopped what we were doing. He slid his cock back into my mouth and pushed it in deep as she kissed him once again. He fucked my mouth and started moaning louder as he moved in and out of my mouth faster as she pulled the lead of the collar tighter to pull me harder onto his cock. I felt the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat, my mouth started to fill quickly and his cock twitched as he came. My wife told me I better swallow soon before I lost any. I did as instructed and the lead held his cock deep in my mouth as he finished. They talked and waited for everyone to recover and for my wifes next set of instructions. . .

I wanted a little more fun, so I ordered my husband to suck John's cock until he gets hard again which didn't long. I took off his cuffs and told him to lay on his back and mounted him in a 69 position.

Her sweet musk was only inches from my nose as I felt her warm mouth engulf my aching cock. I had just stuck my tongue out to taste her pussy when I was slapped on the forehead by John's cock. He then straddled my head and started fucking my wife only inches from my face. She growled at me to start licking her I did as I was told and started lapping away at her love button, all the time being slapped on my face by John's cock as he fucked her hard and long.

From the sounds that John was making I could tell he was about to cum. Sure enough, he grunted and shoved his cock to the hilt and pumped his load deep inside my wife. I was then able to concentrate on the blowjob I was getting. But not for long as my wife bit down a bit on the head of my cock. As I opened my mouth to yell John shoved his dripping cock in my mouth. John started pumping his cock in my mouth as I tasted the wife's juice and his cum. His cock was starting to get hard again. I actually was beginning to relax and enjoy this when he pulled his dick out of my mouth and the wife sat on my face and said that there had better not be a single trace of his cum left in her pussy. I lapped at her cunt like it was the last thing I would even taste, a mixture of her cum and his. It was sweet, musky and salty. I didn't stop till She finally climbed off the top of me.

She jerked at my leash till I was on all fours. I felt her playing with and lubing my ass. As I turned my head to ask what she was doing but was stopped by John as I felt him grab my head and shove his cock in my mouth and start fucking my face again. The shock of having my face grabbed and a cock shoved in my mouth was replaced when I realized what the wife was doing. She had a dildo on a harness and was now slowly starting to fuck my ass with a strap-on. It was not very large but I was being impaled from both ends. It must have had something to pleasure her as she started to work her way into a frenzied pace and I heard her begain to cum. John was matching her rhythm fucking my mouth. I felt him stiffen and began to cum.

John pulled his satisfied rod from my mouth and move away. The wife slid under me and grabbed my collar and pulled my face down to her waiting pussy. She wanted me to lick her slowly and softly to a sweet orgasm. I made sure she was completely licked clean and was about to bring her to a gentle orgasm when I felt those familiar strong hands grab my hips but before I could even think no, John had buried his cock as deep as could in my ass. How many times can this guy get hard I thought? He pounded away with no regard until he said that he was cumming again.

The wife told me to roll over and she sat on my cock and started to ride it I soon pumped a night's worth of cum in my wife's warm pussy. She kept riding me untill she began to cum then she sat there for a bit as she came down. She got off my cock but not off me as she placed her cunt on my face to lick my own cum from her pussy. As she did this John grabed my ankles and razed them up so the wife could grab them to hold and lift my ass up a bit. Then I do not know how he did it but John's cock again was entering my ass. He grabed my legs, the wife got off, and she took off my blindfold. With me on my back I could see John as he just kept poinding away. Just as he was about to cum he pulled out, droped my legs, got up on my chest, took off his condum held my nose and as I opened he put just the tip and maybe a little more of his cock in so that he could cum in my mouth yet again. The wife sat watching with satisfied grin on her face . .

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