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My Wife’s Sexual Awakening

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Hello SLS sexy story readers. I am a guy in my late forties, in my twenties I enjoyed reading the Forum stories found in Penthouse magazines and when I stumbled across SLS, I soon became a fan of the sex stories section and once again lived vicariously through others tales of incredible sexual experience. I often thought that many of these stories were tales of people’s fantasies or stories of various clips assembled from various porn videos. I never thought that these kinds of stories happened to real people…. Then it happened to my wife and I. My name is Will and my wife and Kim have been happily married for just over twenty years. We met in college and got married soon after we graduated. Kim grew up in your stereotypical “small-town American” town where everyone went to church and knew everyone else in their town. As such, she grew up with a very conservative upbringing and was a virgin when we got met and only lost it on our wedding night. I on the other hand was a bit more “free and easy” losing her virginity at sixteen and had three sexual partners before my wife and I met. Kim and I are your typical sub-urban couple. She works for a local office of a national banking corporation where she is a branch manager. In her spare time, she is a fitness instructor at a gym not far from her office. I am a supervisor with a general contractor. We have three kids, two dogs, the mini-van and that house in the suburbs with the “white picket fence”… your typical family couple! As I kind of hinted at earlier, I was Kim’s one and only lover. Even though I had a few partners before we had met, I was very content and happy with our monogamous relationship. Since I was Kim’s one and only sexual partner she had no idea what it’d be like to be with anyone else. All of that changed about a year ago when Kim ran into her college roommate at her gym. We had a routine that we had settled into where after work, Kim headed to her gym and I got my workout with a high school’s baseball team where I was an assistant coach. Normally, Kim and I would pick up the kids on the way home and would meet at the house usually at about 5:30 where we’d have dinner, take care of the kids and whatever other “family stuffs” before we called it a night. The night Kim met her old college roommate, she called me and told me that she’d be home a bit late. She didn’t tell me why she was going to be late, I just knew that she expected to be home later than usual. I got home and did the “family stuffs” and thought nothing of how late it had been getting. It was going onto nearly 10pm when Kim called apologizing for staying out so long but that she’d be home soon. I took a shower and headed off to bed and waited for Kim to come home. It was nearly mid-night when she finally got home and when she entered our bedroom I could see that she had changed back into her skirt-suit that she wore when she left for work. Much to my surprise, she stripped off her closes before she reached the bed horny as heck and she jumped on me and proceeded to fuck me silly. Not wanting to ruin a good thing, I just sat there and let her have her way with me as we went at it three times before she and I fell asleep completely exhausted. Then next morning Kim headed off to work early and I was lucky to get a small kiss on my cheek as she hurried out the door. I had no idea what was going on with Kim but I trusted her and just went with the flow of things. After two days of Kim leaving early for work and coming home later than usual, she confessed that she met her old college roommate and that the two of them had been sort of reliving their college days going out, having some drinks and playing catch-up. I had no problem with any of what Kim was doing as she gave me no reason to think she was doing anything that would jeopardize our marriage…. and she wasn’t. After about a couple of weeks of Kim reconnecting with her college roommate, she told me that we had been invited to dinner with her roommate and her husband. I met her roommate and her husband the night we went to dinner, her name is Jennifer and his name is Bruce. Jennifer is a tall woman nearly 6ft tall on the slender side with dark brown shoulder-length hair and these “to-die-for” hazel green eyes. Jen has a nice figure with shapely tits and a nice ass. Bruce is a good-looking guy that despite the fact that he is in his early fifties, he looks like he’s still in his late thirties with no gray hair and looking to be very physically fit. Jen and Bruce are a really nice looking couple and we had a great time talking to them that night at dinner. As we were getting ready to say our goodnights, Kim asked me if we could return the favor and take Bruce and Jen out to dinner at a later date. Over the next month and a half, the four of us hung out together a bunch. From dinners together to hitting some of the local bars and dance clubs we began to spend a bunch of time together with Bruce and Jen. One night, we were at this bar hanging out when Bruce had “accidently” let it slip that he and Kim were swingers! I told him that hearing that didn’t faze me at all but I told him that secret might be better kept away from Kim. Finding out that Bruce and Jen were swingers might put a strain on this friendship that the four of us had developed. Bruce said he understood as he and Jen had friends that were in their circle of friends that they “played’ with and then there were others that had no idea that they were into the “lifestyle”. It seemed to me like Kim and I would be a part of their “non-play” circle of friends, and I was cool with it. Kim and Jen seemed to have a great time hanging out together and Bruce and I seemed to get along well too. Things continued on this path for another month or so till one night we were on our way home from dinner with Bruce and Jen when Kim told me that she had something to share with me….. “I found out tonight that Kim and Bruce swing…..! “ Kim shockingly said. Apparently, Kim had caught Jen making out with a black gentleman on the lanai of the restaurant we were at and when she questioned Jen about “catching her” with someone other than Bruce, Jen confessed that the two of them were into the lifestyle and that the guy Jen had been making out with was one of her “boyfriends” that she occasionally has sex with. Kim was floored to find out that Kim and Bruce were into swinging and Kim said she wondered if she still wanted to keep hanging out with Bruce and Jen. I told her that I had known Bruce and Jen were swingers thanks to Bruce’s slip-up several weeks prior. I told her that Bruce insisted that they would not press us into anything and that Kim and I would remain part of their circle of friends that are separate from their “play friends”. Even with my reassurance, Kim chose to distance herself from Jen and Bruce. It had been several weeks with little to no contact with Bruce and Jen when one afternoon they showed up at our home unannounced. Jen had expressed her concern about not wanting to lose our friendship and asked if she and Bruce could just talk to us in the hope of restoring their friendship. Kim invited Bruce and Jen in and the four of us sat in our living room and talked about our friendship and different things. We had been talking about everything BUT the “900lb gorilla in the room”, when shockingly, Kim asked Jen and Bruce what it was like to be in the lifestyle. For the next two plus hours, they shared with us everything about them in the lifestyle, from how they got into swinging to what it has done to their marriage. All of this was something completely new to Kim, and I thought this was something you only saw in porn videos. Jen and Bruce’s openness and willingness to share and answer any and all questions Kim and I had helped Kim get over the shock of finding out that her friend and her husband actively swung and how they felt it made their marriage better. That evening seemed to restore the friendship between Kim and Jen. Little did I know that hearing all the details of Jen and Bruce’s experience in the lifestyle planted a seed in Kim, a seed that before long would blossom into something I thought I would NEVER see or experience. The four of us went back to hanging out every couple of weeks again going out to dinner or hitting a bar or dance club. Things between the four of us were great again. One night we were at this country bar and the two ladies were looking extra hot! Kim was wearing a low-waist pair of skin tight jeans that hugged her hips, ass and her toned legs oh so beautifully. Kim had on one of her favorite checkered blouses that hugged her upper torso’s curves and highlighted my wife’s shapely 36C’s. Her blouse was tied in the front at her waist and at times when she moved it gave a glimpse of her bellybutton. Jen on the other hand wore a denim skirt that came to the middle of her thighs with her “cowboy” boots and a fitted white tank-top that left little to the imagination. It was so snug on Jen, it was easy to see that she wore no bra and at times her areola and nipples could be seen through the thin white cotton material. At first Kim wasn’t too comfortable with Jen dressed the way she was but it didn’t take long before she got over it. Bruce and I looked like we got our attire from the same place both rocking fitted jeans, plaid dress shirts and our boots and a Stetson to top it all off. Throughout the night the four of us had several round of drinks, Jen danced with Bruce and I as well as a couple of other gentlemen that asked her to. Kim danced with me most of the night but on occasion would dance with Bruce but when other guys asked her do dance, even with my encouragement, she opted out. Bruce danced with both ladies as well as a couple of other women. Me, I reserved my questionable dance skills to just Kim and Jen. At one point, the four of us were on the dancefloor when a slow song came on and Bruce and Jen clung to each other looking like a couple of high schoolers at a school dance with her arms around his neck and his hands wrapped around her waist. Kim and I had a little bit of space between us with my right hand on her waist, my right hand holding her left and her right placed on my shoulder. We danced for together for the first song and when the second slow song got queued up, Bruce made his way to Kim and I and asked if he could dance with my wife. Kim smiled and went off to dance with Bruce. Seeing Jen alone, I extended my arms to her and she accepted my invite and closed in and wrapped her arms around my neck pressing her body close against mine. As Jen and I dance around, I saw that Kim was dancing closely with Bruce much like how Jen was with him only moments earlier. As Jen and I danced, I felt like I could feel her areola and erect nipples pressed up against my chest. Jen began to lean her head up against me putting her head right in the nook between my neck and shoulder. As I held her close, I thought I heard her let out a sigh that sounded a bit seductive... but I thought I was making more to the situation than what really was going on. We danced close till the end of the song and when the song ended, Jen reached up and gave me a peck on the cheek thanking me for the dance. I was definitely surprised by Jen’s kiss but it sure felt nice. I peered over at Bruce and Kim and saw that the two of them had just broken their embrace and I was pleasantly shocked to see Kim give Bruce a peck on his cheek. The two wives went back to their respective husbands and we headed back to our booth. Bruce and Jen soon headed back to the dancefloor and while they were away, Kim confided to me that when she and Bruce were dancing, she could feel his erect cock pressing up against her lower abdomen and upper pelvic area. She said that she was amazed at how big he felt, “Oh my gawd honey… Bruce is HUGE!” Kim said kind of like a school girl with a little giggle. I simply replied that if he is that big, Jen definitely must be a happy woman getting fucked by a big dick like that. Kim’s response to my statement surely caught me off guard, she simply moaned almost sounding like she wanted to get Bruce’s big dick buried deep in her. I looked at the dancefloor and although it was a fast song, Bruce and Jen were once again wrapped tightly in each other’s arms. When the music stopped, they began to make their way back to our booth. Jen’s areola were swollen and her nipples were so hard that they were very clear through her thin white tank-top. I looked at Bruce and I could see what Kim had noticed earlier, he had a huge bulge in his jeans and it looked to go down his thigh part ways…. He must be at least 10” plus! As we got ready to call it a night, Bruce and Jen invited us to join them at their house for a couple of drinks and I waited to see what Kim would say. She thanked them for the invited but said that we would pass but might consider it another time. The four of us gave our goodnights and we headed to our respective homes. Our ride home was strangely quiet but when we got home, Kim rushed up to our bedroom and by the time I got there, she had stripped off her jeans and blouse and was standing there in only her thong panty and her bra. Kim grabbed me and once again attacked me and fucked me crazy for the next hour or so. There were a couple of times while we were having sex that night that it seemed like Kim’s mind was elsewhere… perhaps thinking of someone else. What Kim was doing to me that night was so wonderful and amazing, I frankly didn’t care if she was thinking of someone else, I just enjoyed the hell out of some of the best sex we had had in a long time. The next morning, while Kim and I were having breakfast, I asked her about how it seemed like she was somewhere else or perhaps thinking of someone else when we were having sex. Kim adamantly denied that anything like that happened and I was imagining it. About a week after that night of Kim being the aggressor she did it again. As she did previously, at times she seemed to fade in and out of being “with me” and “being with someone else”. We fell asleep after we had sex four times, unlike the first time, while we were sleeping I woke to discover Kim rubbing herself and moaning Bruce’s name! My wife was fantasizing about getting fucked by another guy and I was actually enjoying watching her. The next morning I told my wife what I watched her do the previous night which she initially denied but seemed embarrassed that I had caught her. After Kim denied that she had been caught, I told her that I actually found it exciting and watching her rub herself and masturbating made me extremely hard and horny! My wife again denied it but this time she wasn’t as adamant in her denial. That night as we got ready for bed, Kim confessed that she had indeed been rubbing herself and masturbating to the thought of getting fucked by a big dick like Bruce’s. I kissed her and hugged her reassuring her that what she shared only made me lover he more because of her openness. Since Bruce and I had talked about the possibility of Kim and I joining him and Jen on several occasions, I thought there might actually be a chance of Kim and I dipping our toes into the swinger’s pool. Kim and I had been invited to Bruce and Jen’s home for a July 4th celebration bar-b-que. We were told that there would be about thirty or so people there and it was for adults only. Hearing this Kim was very cautious about attending but when Kim found out that everyone that was invited was NOT part of their “play group”, we decided to accept the invitation. The day of the bar-b-que at Bruce and Jen’s home arrived and we headed to their home. When we got there we saw that there were already a dozen or so folks there. Guys were dressed very casually in shorts and polo or t-shirts and the ladies were wearing either shorts and t-shirts or summer dresses. We hung out at Bruce and Jen’s home and had a great time with their guess. We all watched the fireworks that were visible form their back yard and soon after much of the guest began to depart. It was close to 10pm when most of the guest had left and there were only about three couples remaining. Kim and I helped Bruce and Jen along with the other couple clean up the last of the party mess and when the last of the mess had gotten cleaned up the other couple headed home. It was just the four of us and Jen had suggested that the four of us head indoors to their living room and have a couple of drinks…. Bruce reminded Kim and I that she promised that we’d agree to their initiation at a future time and that moment was a perfect time. The four of us headed to their living room and the two ladies took their places on the couch big enough for four to six people as Bruce and I got the drinks. We sat around for a while talking about the great time we had all just had and about some of the “gossip” that had made its way through the guest earlier that day and night. Eventually, our conversation began to have a highly sexual charged flavor to it. Our conversation continued and the sexual undertones of our conversation became heavier and heavier. Before long, the topic of swinging reared its head and Kim and I found ourselves again asking questions and openly talking to Bruce and Jen about swinging. Kim shocked me when she confessed openly to Bruce and Jen that after the night at the country bar, she had rubbed and masturbated to the thought of having sex with Bruce after feeling his large cock pressing up against her torso and pelvic area. Hearing Kim confess this openly really caught me off guard and I wondered where this could possibly lead. After hearing Kim’s confession, Jen expressed her pleasant surprise and how she and Bruce had on a number of occasions since that same night fantasized about having sex with Kim and I. The four of us began talking about if that’s where we wanted to take things and if so what limits we’d put in place. After a lot of serious discussion, Jen suggested to Kim and I that the two wives switch husbands and only make-out with the other…. nothing more. She expressed that it’d give Kim and I a chance to see how being with someone else and having our spouse with someone else felt. Kim agreed and soon Kim and Jen switched places on the couch, with Jen sitting next to me and Kim next to Bruce. Jen placed her hand on my thigh and Bruce gently placed his hand on Kim’s knee. We began to talk about things and everything seemed to settle in. As we sat there, I moved my hand on to Jen’s thigh and Kim now had her arm over Bruce’s shoulder getting a bit closer. Then all of a sudden, Kim looked at me then said, “I’m sorry honey…..!”, I thought she had chickened out, but Kim leaned over and placed a huge wet kiss on Bruce’s lips. Jen and I sat back in shock as we watched Kim make-out with Bruce. Jen and I sat there for a few minutes as Kim and Bruce kissed. Unfortunately, because of the position of Kim’s head I really couldn’t see much but it sure seemed like she was enjoying herself. As we watched Kim and Bruce, I felt Jen’s hand squeeze my thigh and pulled me closer to her. Kim and Bruce had been kissing for several minutes when they finally broke their kiss. Kim leaned back into the couch and her face was flushed in a hue of pink. She had a huge smile on her face and I could see her nipples trying to poke through her bra and t-shirt. Seeing her smile made me happy for her that she was able to release some of her inhibitions and allow herself to enjoy kissing Bruce. They had finished kissing and were now sitting closer to each other when Kim looked at me and said, “Aren’t you gonna kiss her?” I leaned in to Jen and gave her a deep and passionate kiss. Before I had a chance, Jen was sliding her tongue into my mouth probing the recess of my mouth with her tongue. We deeply kissed allowing our tongues to reach into the other’s mouth and I felt Jen’s hand on the back of my head as she pulled me closer into her kiss. Kim is a great and passionate kisser, but kissing another woman for the first time in over twenty years was exiting and had me sexually charged like I hadn’t been in years. When Jen and I broke form our kiss, I looked over at Kim and Bruce and they once again were at it. This time Bruce had one of his hands on Kim’s tit and his other hand was making its way to her ass. Jen leaned in and whispered in my ear, “looks like she’s having fun!” We sat and watched Kim and Bruce act like young lovers exploring their partner’s body for the first time. Bruce was leaning back into the couch and Kim was crawling up onto Jen’s husband. Kim used one hand to hold her inches away from Bruce and her other hand was now on his inner thigh slowly making its way north! As soon as Bruce had placed his hand on Kim’s right breast her hand quickly made its way to grab the swollen cock in Bruce’s shorts. Jen leaned onto me more and she had grabbed my left hand and placed it on her left tit. I looked down as I felt Jen’s hand making its way up my inner thigh. My cock was harder than it had been in recent memory as the feel of this new woman was touching me in new ways that sent my senses into overdrive. I watched in anticipation again as Bruce began to caress and massage her tits as they continued to kiss. Kim released her bracing allowing her to fall onto Bruce’s body and his hand on her lower back made its way to my wife’s ass. It was a second after that when Jen crawled onto me and we resumed our passionate kissing. This time I had a hand full of Jen’s tits and ass and she had a firm grip on my cock. The four of us made out on the couch for several minutes each couple lost in the pleasure that they were experiencing. After several minutes, Jen broke her kiss and whispered in my ear that she wanted to suck on my cock. Unsure of how Kim would take seeing another woman sucking on my dick I told Jen I wanted to see how far Kim was willing to go. Jen and I looked over at Bruce and Kim and saw that Kim had somehow pulled Bruce’s cock out of his shorts and she was now stroking it. Seeing that Kim was “taking things to the next level” I kissed Jen on her lips and told her she could do to me as she wanted. No sooner did I say that and Jen was on the floor kneeling in front of me desperately working to pull my sorts off. I lifted my hips allowing Jen to make haste with removing my shorts and once they were midway down my thigh, my cock sprang to full attention reaching for the celling. My attention was solely focused on Jen as she primed herself to devour my cock with her mouth. With my legs spread and Jen kneeling between them she grasped the shaft of my cock and pushed it forward against my pelvic area as she began to lick and suck my balls. One by one she took my ball sacks into her mouth and gave them gentle tugs as she sucked them into her mouth. I wrapped my hands around her head and ran my fingers through her hair as she gently yet purposely sucked and licked my balls. I looked at Jen’s gorgeous hazel colored eyes and she gave me a smile as she continued to stroke my cock with her two hands as she continued to give oral pleasures to my balls and the base of my cock. As the first drops of pre-cum oozed out of my cock, Jen used the tip of her thumb to rub it all over the head of my cock. Jen brought her face to the point where the base of my head meets the shaft and she gave it a gentle kiss followed by a lick that she made from the base all the way to the tip of my cock circling my head with her tongue and getting her first taste of my semen. Seeing how she was driving me crazy, Jen asked if I was ready for her to give me the best blowjob I had ever had to which I simple nodded my approval. Jen gave me one last smile and a kiss at the base of my cock head then she leaned up as high as she could on her knees then on one quick swoop had half of my cock in her mouth. Jen sucked on my dick as her head bobbed up and down. With every bob of her head, the amount of saliva that accumulated at the base of my cock began to build. Jen’s head began to twist as she bobbed on my dick and as her head went up, her hand followed keeping my shaft under constant grip. I closed my eyes to relish the incredible blowjob that Jen was giving me. I sat back and continued to run my hands through her hair as I gently guided her head up and down on my cock. Several minutes went by and I opened my eyes and much to my surprise, Kim was kneeling on the couch with her head in Bruce’s crotch getting ready for her to suck on Bruce’s massive cock. Not only was Kim primed to suck on Bruce’s cock but her shorts had been pulled to her knees and it seemed like Bruce was fingering my wife from the rear. Damn!!!!! Kim was really letting her inhibitions go! I watched as my wife began to impale her mouth onto Bruce’s massive cock . She was able to get a little more than half of him in her mouth before I heard her begin to gag. She quickly pulled herself off Bruce then she recomposed herself then went in for another attempt. Seeing that Kim was lost in her own little world with Bruce, I returned my attention to Jen as she continued to give me the best blowjob I had ever had! Jen had been working my cock with her hands and mouth for several minutes when I began to feel the sensation of an orgasm begin to build. Oh I so badly wanted to blow my load but I also wanted to get a chance to fuck Jen if things got to that point. I told Jen that I was just about to blow my load when she told me to let it go, “I’m a total cum slut and love to eat cum! Shoot your load and I will gladly swallow every last drop!” I told her that I wanted to save my cum just in case I got a chance to fuck her. Her response surprised me as she stood up and dropped her shorts and g-string panty, then she pulled off her top revealing her luscious and round breasts. Jen looked at me and said, “Well someone’s gonna have to cum and if it ain’t gonna be you then it’s going to be ME!” Jen took her naked body and climbed up on the backrest of the couch and prepared to straddle my face with her pussy. In all the years that Kim and I had been together, I had forgotten what it was like to eat a bald pussy as Kim keeps her snatch groomed but she always has a decent amount of hair down there. As Jen climbed on top of me I could see that she had considerably larger inner pussy lips than Kim. Kim has what I would call “inny-lips” where her inner lips do not extend beyond her outer outer lips. Jen’s inner pussy lips extend beyond her outer lips by at least a half-inch. She got in position over my face kneeling on the top of the back rest of the couch and lowered herself onto my face affording me total access to licking her pussy. I reached up and with my two thumbs opened her outer pussy lips and I gazed lustfully at the beautiful pinkness mere inches from my face. I ran my nose through her pussy lips resulting in some of her juices getting deposited on the tip of my nose. This also gave me my first smell of Jen’s luscious pussy. With Jen still poised over my face, I again used my thumbs to spread her open, this time I spread both of her inner and outer lips open letting me see the soft, wet and pink opening to her love canal. I took another deep breath taking in her musky smell then dove in for my first taste. Jen’s pussy has that same musky taste Kim has and as best as I can remember, it seemed to taste much like the other women I had tasted in the past…. but Jen’s juices had a slight sweetness to it. I proceeded to take a second then third lick of the delicious pussy on my face. I reached up and with my two hands grabbed Jen’s breasts and began to massage taking time to pinch her nipples between my thumb and index fingers. Jen moaned every time I tugged on her nipples so I made sure that I kept constant tension on those dark brown, gr*pe-sized bundles of nerve endings. Enjoying the total bliss that I was in the midst of, I closed my eyes and pressed on with driving Jen into total sexual ecstasy and to an eventual orgasm. I had been eating Jen for a couple of minutes when she asked me to finger fuck her as I continued to lick her clit. I took my right hand and brought it to my face and eased a finger into Jen’s dripping wet hole. Her walls were soft and slippery obviously the result of her being horny as hell. I pulled my middle finger out of her and put in in my mouth relishing her taste even more. Hearing her beg for more, I eased a second then a third into Jen. I began to focus more of my oral attention to her clit and hood. I would periodically use my tongue to push her hood back exposing her swollen clit and then give it a flick with the tip of my tongue. Every time I flicked her clit Jen quivered and let out a moan of pleasure. I love eating pussy so I took my time enjoying what I was doing to Jen. I had been licking Jen for a number of minutes when she told me that she wanted to cum. Jen allowed me to pull her off of my face and laid her on the seat of the couch. It was at that moment that I realized that Bruce and Kim weren’t on the couch any more….. as a matter of fact, I took a quick look around the living room and they were nowhere to be found. Seeing that my attention had gotten distracted, Jen asked me why I stopped. I told her that Bruce and Kim weren’t in the living room anymore and so the two of us paused just for a moment when we both heard moaning coming from the open door leading to Bruce and Jen’s bedroom…. Jen looked at me and said, “It sounds like Bruce is fucking Kim! “ I didn’t know what to do hearing that my wife who had never been with anyone other than me was having sex with someone else. My mind raced through a series of thoughts and emotions ranging from rage and jealousy to utter ecstasy. It’s funny that the very moment that I took my eyes off the open door to Bruce and Jen’s bedroom and realized that Jen was laying on the couch in front of me completely naked and wanting me to fuck her, any and all jealousy I had disappeared and I went right back to eating Jen and I decided that if Kim was having sex with Bruce I was going to fuck Jen. I propped Jen up against the back of the couch with her add on the edge of the couch seat. I got on my knees and resumed my oral pleasuring of Jen again licking her up enjoying her taste. I could sense that she was edging towards an orgasm so I stopped licking her pussy which got her upset and she cussed me out for letting her hang so close to her orgasm. I assured her that I would give her what she wanted, and then some! When Jen seemed to calm down from the edge of her orgasm I resumed licking her clit but this time I inserted my middle finger into her vagina a bit over an inch so I could gently stroke her as I licked her clit thus pushing her over the edge. As I pressed on with the dual pleasuring of her pussy Jen began to breathe faster and deeper signaling that she was edging to an orgasm. I could feel the walls of her vagina begin to clinch on my finger! Jen took a deep breath then held it as the waves of her orgasm began to consume her. I pressed faster and harder with my finger as I tried to keep my tongue on her clit hoping to drive her higher and higher into complete sexual bliss. Finally Jen exhaled letting our one hell of a scream which was followed by scream after scream from her as her orgasm consumed her body. Jen grabbed the back of my head pulling me into her tighter and I continued to lick and finger fuck as long as she’d let me. It didn’t take long before she began to try to push me away from her pussy but I fought her keeping my efforts going as long I possibly could. When Jen’s pushes and her trying to close her legs on my head became more than I could fight off, I decided it was time to fuck her. I pulled my face out of Jen’s pussy and watched her roll through the last convulsions of her orgasm and just when she seemed to come off the last of that, I spread her legs open and took the head of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her love hole. Feeling the head of my cock against the opening of her vagina, Jen looked up and me and told me to fuck her and fuck her hard! I may not be as big as Bruce, but what I lack in length I more than make up for in girth. I eased the head of my cock into the entrance to Jen’s dripping pussy. As my cock slid deeper and deeper into Jen, I felt her walls squeeze every inch of my dick. It didn’t take long before I had “bottomed out” in Jen and had buried all 7 ½” deep in her. She let out a gasp of pleasure feeling my torso pressed against hers. I slowly pulled my dick out except the tip of my head. I gazed down at my cock in Jen and saw that her vaginal walls had slightly crept out of her desperately trying to hold onto my dick as I eased it out. The sight of my dick in Jennifer was amazing so I grabbed her hips and pushed my cock back into her as hard as I could. As I began to slide in and out of Jen I watched as her tits began to bounce with every thrust. As I began to increase my pace, Jen grabbed her tits trying to keep them from bouncing around too much. I kept my pace easy yet forceful enjoying the sheer pleasure of Jen’s pussy surrounding my cock. Jen and I had been going at it for a bit when she demanded that I increase my intensity and pace…. “C’mon Will, fuck me good! Bang me hard!!! Let me feel you slam me hard!!!!” Jen demanded. I gripped her hips harder and began to increase my pace. With every thrust I went a little faster and harder! My pace increased steadily till I was going as fast as I could… Just then, Jen reached for her pussy with her right hand and began to rub her clit as I continued to fuck her. Jen was now pinching and pulling her left nipple with one hand and rubbing her pussy with her other. Seeing her right breast bouncing with my thrusts, I reached up and began to pinch and pull her nipple hoping that I could push her over the edge before I blew my load! I was on the verge of cumming when Jen began to go through the same routine she did earlier as she experienced her first orgasm of the night. She took a deep breath and held it as her orgasm took over her body! I continued to pump in and out of her as she raged into another one. This time when Jen exhaled, she screamed at the top of her lungs that she was cumming, “I’m cumming!!! Fuck yah! I’m fucking cumming!!!! Fuck me Will Do me!!!! Don’t Stop!!!!” She screamed! I tried my best to hold off but the feel of her pussy convulsing on my cock pushed me to the edge of my own orgasm. I told Jen that I was about to cum and asked her where she wanted me to shoot my load. Jen somehow managed to somewhat compose herself enough to pull herself off of me and turned her body in such a way that she had her face right by my cock with her mouth wide open. She looked at me and told me she wanted my cum in her mouth! As I grabbed my cock and gave it the last few strokes needed to blow my load, I saw that Jen was rubbing her pussy again attempting to finish herself off. With her free hand, Jen grabbed my cock and took my place stroking my dick. It only took a stroke or two before I blew my load! My initial shot hit Jen’s tits but she quickly engulfed my cock in her mouth. She milked my cock with her mouth sucking every last drop of cum out of me and into her mouth. When I felt the last surge of cum ooze out of me, I pulled my cock out of Jen’s mouth. She opened her beautiful mouth showing me the massive pool of my semen in her mouth. She closed her mouth and swallowed!!!! Jen opened her mouth showing me that her mouth was clear before taking me back in her mouth as she gave me one last clean up. Being fully spent, I leaned in to kiss Jen and we began to kiss much like we did when this all began. This time however, I could taste the familiar salty taste of my own cum on her breath. That made me kiss her deeper and more passionately! We kissed and caressed together for a couple of minutes relishing in the afterglow of the great sex that we had just had. When we finally broke our kissing, we laid together with arms around the other. It was at that moment that we heard Kim STILL! She was moaning and screaming as she and Bruce were still going at it. Jen told me that Bruce had incredible stamina. Jen asked me if I wanted to go watch Kim and Bruce but I declined opting to let Kim have her privacy and allow her to have that moment to herself. Kim’s moans went on for another 5 minutes after Jen and I had finished when we could hear Bruce tell Kim he was cumming! Hearing that Bruce had just fucked my wife, I looked at Jen and we both smiled and hugged each other. The noise from Bruce and Kim’s bedroom had ceased for several minutes and Jen and I were now relaxing on the couch sitting next to each other with my arm over her shoulder and her hand on my leg. We hear rustling in the room and Kim and Bruce finally emerged holding hands making their way back to the living room. The smile on Kim’s face was bigger than I had seen in a long time. She was covered in a sheen of perspiration and I could see that her pelvic area was now a shade of rosy red versus her normal milky skin colored. She had just gotten a hell of a fucking at the hands of Bruce and she looked like she enjoyed the hell out of it. Kim and Bruce sat in a love seat opposing Jen and I. My wife looked at me and mouthed “I hope you’re not mad at me…..” I simply blew her a kiss and mouthed back to her “I love you!” When Kim sat down, her legs parted enough that Jen and I could see that Bruce’s cum was oozing out of her pussy. I stared at the cum dripping out of my wife and the site of it got my cock to stir again realizing that my loving, beautiful and faithful wife had just got seriously fucked AND she had had let Bruce cum in her! Jen began to climb off the couch and she announced, “I can’t let good cum go to waste like this!” Jen made her way to Kim and she knelt down in front of Kim and used her hands to open Kim’s legs wide. There was a look of disbelief and apprehension on Kim’s face as Jen moved in towards my wife’s pussy. When Jen dove into my wife’s pussy there was an initial shock that was very evident on Kim’s face as she had never experienced any sort of sexual contact with another woman or had she ever expressed any desire to have one. I watched from the rear of Jen as she dove into my wife’s genital area. Jen reached under Kim’s thighs and propped her legs up on her shoulders as she devoured my wife’s cum filled pussy. After the initial shock of a woman licking her pussy subsided, Kim sat back and enjoyed the oral pleasuring that Jen was giving her. Jen had been licking my wife’s pussy for only a couple of seconds when she climbed up from under her thighs and between her legs when she climbed up to Kim and was now face-to-face. Jen leaned in and began to kiss Kim. After an initial kiss, Jen positioned herself in such a way that I could see what she was about to do next. Jen grabbed Kim’s face with her two hands and leaned her head back. She again leaned in and gave a closed mouth kiss on Kim. That was followed by Jen opening Kim’s mouth with her hand she had on her jaw. Jen opened her mouth slightly allowing some of the cum she had just sucked out of Kim’s pussy to fall into her open mouth…. Watching this drove me wild as Kim was never much into eating cum and she had always expressed her distain to kiss me after I had eaten her pussy. To Kim, kissing me after I had eaten her with the taste of her own juices on my breath was a “No, No!” Well, in those few seconds that just passed, Kim seemed to have no problem eating cum or tasting her own pussy. I loved what was going on!!!!! After Kim and Jen shared another passionate kiss, Jen extended her arm to Kim and she pulled her up off the love seat. Jen gave Kim a kiss on her cheek and whispered something in her ear. The two ladies smiled and then they switched places with Jen sitting down next to Bruce and Kim returned to me. My wife had a glow to her that I hadn’t seen in years and she looked AMAZING and completely satisfied. She sat next to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek as she whispered “Thank you….. Bruce was great! I love you so much for letting me do this!” The four of us sat for a while as we enjoyed the “post sex” high that we were all experiencing. After about thirty minutes or so of just talking about what had just happened, Kim and I got ready to leave. We got cleaned up and dressed. As we left, Jen looked at Kim and I and asked, “I hope that we can do this again…. Will is an amazing lover! I hope you had a great time with Bruce…. I know he had a wonderful time with you!” Kim replied that she DID have a great time and she did hope that we could do that again. Over the next couple of months, we met Bruce and Kim for dinner or going to a bar and dancing. Our “dates” did result in the four of us heading either to their home or ours where we would have sex with each other. It was amazing and because of the openness that arose from our play with Bruce and Jen, things between Kim and I got even better. The frequency of sex between Kim and I increased and the passion that we shared was like when we were newlyweds. One night after one of our rendezvous with Bruce and Jen, they invited us to their home for a party they’d be hosting at their home. Bruce and Jen gave us the details that the party would be a swinger’s party with about fifty to sixty people there. As much fun as Kim and I were having with Bruce and Jen, Kim was a bit apprehensive about going to a swinger’s party. She was very apprehensive about taking things to a higher level with opening our sexual play to include people other than Bruce and Jen, especially people who we didn’t know. We told Bruce and Jen that we’d talk about their invitation and get back with them soon. After talking at length, Kim and I decided that we weren’t ready to go to Bruce and Kim’s party. When we told them that we wouldn’t be attending, Jen and Bruce talked to Kim and I to reassure us that no one at the party would force them to do anything they didn’t want to do. Jen suggested that Kim and I attend and that we could be “spectators” just to see if that was something that we would want to be a part of. They said that if Kim and I felt uncomfortable, we could leave and there would be no hard feelings. Hearing that, Kim and I decided to take up their offer to attend as “spectators only”…. A couple of weeks before the party, Kim went with Jen to shop for outfits for her and Jen. It was nearly 10 pm when Kim arrived home and she was giddy as a school girl and excited more than normal. She showed me part of the outfit that she had selected, it was a pair of white micro jeans shorts and a sequenced halter top. When I asked to see the rest of her costume, she told me that it was a surprise and that I’d have to wait for the day of the party. But then she said that there was something that she wanted to show me but we’d have to go to the bedroom. We got to the bedroom and she closed the door behind her and she dropped her shorts and her underwear exposing a freshly waxed and completely smooth pussy! Oh my cock got instantly erect seeing my wife’s pussy completely bald for the first time! Kim told me that while they were shopping Jen had suggested that Kim “trim or tame” her pubes before the party. Kim told her that after I had raved about Jen’s bald pussy she had considered going bald but always chickened out…. I rushed at Kim wanting to take her right then and there but she reminded me that our kids were awake and that she’d be all mine after the kids went to bed. Needless to say, I took GREAT joy in getting a first time experience of eating my wife’s bald pussy for the first time! Seeing how much I loved her pussy being bald, Kim told me that she’d keep it like that! We had sex three times that night and we both fell asleep naked next to each other out of sheer exhaustion. I was really loving Jen’s influence on my wife…. little did I know just how much further Kim would take my wife on her journey of exploration…… The day of Bruce and Jen’s party arrived and Kim and I got dressed at home. Usually, when we go to meet Bruce and Jen, Kim will let me see what she’s going to wear but this particular day Kim got dressed in the bathroom with the door closed…. I had no idea what the “other part of her outfit” was or what it looked like. When she finally emerged from the bathroom Kim had on her super small micro-shorts and the sequenced halter top. That whole week leading to the party, Kim made a number of trips to the tanning salon so her skin was nicely tanned instead of her normal cream-colored skin. As part of her surprise for the party, I didn’t get to see Kim naked all week so I really had no idea of what she and Jen had planned for her as far as her look for the party. There was my stunningly gorgeous wife in a super short pair of white jeans shorts, a green sequenced halter top that scooped low in the front and exposed her entire back. The way her halter top covered her, you could see that she was wearing some sort of fluorescent green string bikini top. Her shorts were sooooo fricken tiny that I figured she was either wearing a teeny-tiny bikini or nothing at all. Kim gave me a quick “spin” asking me of what I thought. Seeing what Kim was wearing got my cock hard and she could see that! “Oh, I see that someone likes what I’m wearing!” as she stared at my crotch area.

The hour drive to Bruce and Jen’s house was unusually quiet. Any question that I asked Kim about what we were going to do that day was met with silence or a shrug of her shoulders and a barely audible, “I don’t know…” Realizing that she wasn’t in much of a mood for conversation, the latter half of our trip was quiet other than the sound of the music from the car stereo. When we arrived at Bruce and Jen’s home, there were a number of cars that were in their driveway and the street fronting their home. We parked and Kim sat for a moment and took a deep breath seemingly to try to calm her nerves. Kim looked at me and smiled and leaned over to give me a kiss, “I think I’m ready for this….. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but know this Will…. No matter what happens at this party… I love you more than anyone!” With that, she gave me one more kiss this time on my lips and then she opened her door. We walked to the door to Bruce and Jen’s home and we were met by Bruce. Bruce was there in a fitted polo shirt and a pair of snug fitted bikini-boxer style swimming trunks. He kissed Kim on her cheek and told her that Jen was waiting for her on the pool deck. Bruce welcomed me and we made our way to the pool area where most of the people seemed to be. When we got to the pool area, there were about thirty people there looking to be in the age range similar to Jen and I. There were a few people there that looked to be in their late twenties or early thirties but most of them seemed to be in their forties. The guys were mostly wearing board shorts or speedo style trunks and many had already removed whatever shirt they had been wearing. The women were wearing various styles of bikinis but most were wearing either thongs or G-string bottoms, and a number of them were already topless. Kim found Jen talking with a bunch of people and Jen excitedly ran over to greet us. She gave me a kiss on my lips and then kissed Kim. She excused herself then grabbed Kim by her hand and led her into the house. I stood there dazed and confused as to what just happened but excited to see where the afternoon/evening might lead. I grabbed a beer and found a pair of lounge chairs that were open figuring that I’d save a spot for Kim and I. It had been about five minutes since Kim and Jen went into the house when one of the guys that was in the small group near me I had noticed his attention turned to where the guest were exiting the house onto the pool deck. He nodded to one of the other guys in the group and he turned his attention to the same place. I decided to see that they were looking at and much to my surprise, they seemed to be looking at Kim and Jen as they made their way back to the pool area. Kim and Jen looked like they were wearing the same type of micro-bikini outfit, just different colors. Kim was wearing a fluorescent micro-bikini where the tiny triangle in the front barely covered her pussy and the two triangles for her top barely covered her areola and nipples. The material was so sheer that you could see relatively clearly the outline of her pussy and her nipples were very visible through the sheer material. Jen was wearing what appeared to be an identical outfit but hers was a pastel yellow. The two ladies were extremely HOT. As Kim got closer to me it appeared that the tanning that she had been doing was done in such a way that the areas behind the tiny pieces of material were the only areas that she didn’t tan leaving her with these incredible tan-lines in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. Kim found me and again spun around for me to see what she was wearing….. I couldn’t believe what my wife was wearing. Never before would I have imagined her wearing something so revealing IN PUBLIC! All I could do was stare and gawk at my wife looking so sexy and beautiful. She sat down in the chair next to me and she said her heart was beating a “million miles an hour” and wanted to just relax for a few moments allowing her to come to grips with her wearing such a tiny bikini in public. Kim asked me to put lotion on her so I grabbed the sunscreen and began to rub it on her nearly naked body. When I got to her ass cheeks, I rubbed them making sure that they wouldn’t burn. When she turned over, her nipples were even harder than they were before now clearly visible through the sheer material. I began to put lotion on her legs working my way up. When I got to her pelvic area I rubbed lotion on her inner thigh and noticed that the sheer material barely covering her pussy was showing signs of being damp and wet. I wasn’t sure what was the cause of her getting so turned-on but I liked what I saw. I finished covering her exposed skin and I gave her a kiss on her lips reassuring her that she looked ABSOLUTELY SOMKING HOT!!!!! Kim laid back on the lounge chair attempting to calm herself down and get comfortable with her being nearly nude. Over the next thirty minutes or so, a number of guest both men and women came by and introduced themselves to us. All of them were so gracious and courteous. A number of them told Kim and I that Jen and Bruce had told them that we were their guest and that this was our first house party. They told Kim and I that no one there would be pressuring us to do anything we didn’t want and to feel free to take things at whatever speed we were comfortable. We had been there for almost an hour when someone had jumped in the pool and the splash got most of Kim’s body soaking wet including her tiny bikini. When the material got wet, it became transparent!!!! Seeing that her bikini was no longer hiding anything, I suggested to Kim to take it off, “Hey Sweetheart, your bikini isn’t hiding anything anymore….. You might as well take it off!” Much to my surprise, she did just that! My wife was now in public completely naked. Wanting her to not feel alone, I dropped my shorts and was now lying beside her in “my birthday suit”. I reached over and grabbed her hand hoping to calm her nerves. I could feel her pulse and her heart was beating as fast as I ever felt.

A minute or so after things seemed to settle down with Kim Jen came by and grabbed Kim's hand. "Come with me, I want you to meet a friend of mine! He's a really good friend of mine, I think you'll like him too!" Jen led Kim to a group of people that were on the other side of the pool and in the middle of that group was this tall and very muscular black gentleman (I would later find out this guy was the man that Kim saw Jen making out with that one night at the restaurant we were at). Jen seemed to introduce Kim to everyone and I decided to watch from afar. A few moments after Kim got there, I noticed that the black guy was sitting on one of the chairs with his shorts around his ankles and it looked like there was a woman giving him a blowjob. As the small group of people around them moved about I realized that the woman on her knees giving the blowjob was KIM! OMG.... my wife was all apprehensive and unsure about attending this party and here she was, a bit over an hour here and she's sucking some dude's cock!!! Once again, I opted to let her have her own space and chose to stay where I was watching from a distance. Watching my wife give a relative stranger a blowjob got me harder than I was before and my cock was standing straight up.

"Hi, my name is Kasey!", a sexy voice caught my attention. I looked at the woman that had made her way to me and she was this short little Asian woman with tiny tits but an absolute toned ass and legs. She asked to sit next to me and we began to talk. She noticed my attention was split between her and the action that was going on with Kim. I explained to her that that was my wife giving the blowjob to that guy over there. Kasey's response was that it wasn't right for her to have fun leaving me alone. "Since your wife is over there having fun, can I give you a blowjob?" she asked. Of course I accepted and in nothing flat she her hands around my cock getting ready to take it in her mouth. In recent times I had felt the pleasures of two different women giving me blowjobs and what Kasey did to me set a whole new standard for cock sucking! The combination of her forceful sucking along with her stroking had me on the verge of blowing my orgasm in nothing flat. Kasey sloppily slurped and sucked my cock with a vengeance I had never felt before. When I felt the urge to blow my load I told her that I was ready to cum and she sucked even harder. I began to unload my cum in Kasey's mouth. I felt stream after stream of my semen surge out of my cock and there was no quit in Kasey's ability to swallow my cum as fast as I shot in in her. When I had unloaded the last of my cum in her mouth, Kasey made one last suck of my cock extracting the last remnants of my sperm. She gazed at me as she swallowed the last drops of my cum. Sensing that there was nothing left in my cock, Kasey pulled her mouth off my cock and smacked her lips together as if she just completed a great tasting meal. "Thank you! That was awesome! I hope I'll get a chance to get fucked by you before you and your wife leave!". Kasey came over and gave me a kiss on my cheek and headed to the other side of the pool. I watched as her tight ass cheeks wiggled as she walked away. I hoped that I would get a chance before the night was over to fuck her!

With Kasey gone, my attention returned to the small crowd where Kim was and I could see that now she was getting fucked doggie style form that black guy. Some of those around her watched and others just continued in their conversations. Seeing my wife get fucked by a black guy the way she was got my cock to stir. I watched as best as I could peering through the six people standing around them. From where I was, I could hear Kim moaning as she got fucked hard from that black bull. This went on for a couple more minutes when I heard the guy begin to grunt signifying he was ready to cum. Through the legs I watched as he pulled out of Kim and Jen positioned Kim right in front of him with her face right where his cock was. Kim took his cock in her mouth and he unloaded his cum into my wife's mouth. I couldn't believe what I just saw, my wife was letting this guy shoot his load into her mouth!!!!! When he finished cumming, he leaned in and gave Kim a kiss on her cheek and offered her a towel. I didn't see what happened next but Kim and Jen were soon walking from the group back to where I was.

Watching Kim walk back to me I saw that special smile on her face again, the same smile that she had the first time she had sex with Bruce. As she got close to me I noticed that there was remnants of cum on the side of her mouth, but she either didn't know or she didn't care. When Jen and Kim got back to where I was, Jen proudly celebrated Kim's first BBC! I signaled to Kim that she had remnants of the guys cum at the corner of her mouth to which Jen leaned over and licked it off her cheek then kissed Kim sharing the last drops of cum the guy Kim just had sex with between them. "I hope you're not mad at me?" Kim asked. I leaned over to her and reminded her of what she had told me earlier, " No matter what happens at this party… I love you more than anyone!" I leaned over and gave her a kiss then sat back holding her hand.

Kim and I sat there for about fifteen minutes and a few more guests, both male and female stopped by to introduce themselves to us. One of the couples that stopped by complimented Kim on how hot she looked as she got fucked by the black gentleman. Those compliments were followed up by them congratulating me on having such a sexy and beautiful wife and letting her have sex with other men! We sat there with little said between us. We noticed that at the hot tub in one corner of the pool there were two women engaged in a lesbian 69 and it was very hot watching them go at it with no regard to what was going on around them. It was about this time that we had noticed that most of the crowd had moved into the house where Jen and Bruce had explained that different rooms were designed for different "play situations". I had just closed my eyes for a moment when I hear Jen, "Hey Kim..... Come with me, I want you to meet a couple of friends of mine! They're a couple of really nice guys... I'm sure you're gonna like them too." Jen grabbed Kim's hand and led her back to the house.

I kind of had a feeling that there was a possibility that the night that the two ladies had gone shopping for their bikinis and clothes that they had long ago discarded that Kim had maybe come up with a "bucket-list" of sorts of things that she would want to try.... and it seemed like Jen was going to try her best to help her cross off as many of her "items" as possible. Strangely, I was ok with that.... Kim seemed to be having the time of her life and i was sure that before the night was over I'd get my chance to fuck a couple of the women there..... to me it was a "win-win" situation!

It had been a couple of minutes after Kim and Jen had made their way into the house and I was once again alone. I had taken a sip of my fresh bottle of beer when I heard a familiar voice, “Hi Will….. I’m back, and this time I brought a friend with me.” I looked in the direction of the vaguely familiar voice and it was as I suspected… it was Kasey again. Holding Kasey’s hand was this tall slender and slightly older Asian woman, her name is Penny. Kasey and Penny sat in the open chair next to me and the three of us began to talk. Unlike when Kasey gave me the blowjob earlier while still wearing her bikini bottom she was now completely naked and Penny was also nude too. Like Kasey, Penny is a relatively slender woman with small breasts. Although her tits are on the smaller size, she was rocking these barbell piercings on both of her nipples. As we shared small talk, I playfully asked Penny if the piercings on her nipples were the only ones she had, to which she opened her legs showing me the hoop piercing she had on the hood of her clitoris. Seeing first hand my first ever pierced pussy got my cock to stir and harden even more.

Realizing that these two lovely ladies had gotten my stiffen to harden pretty quickly, Penny asked if I wanted to join them in one of the play rooms in the house. I stood up and Kasey joined me on my right and Penny move in on my left. The two girls put their arms around my back and I took the opportunity to reach down and put my hands on two beautiful asses. I gave them a tender squeeze and we made our way into the house. We entered the living room and there was seven people in various combinations engaged in sexual activities seemingly having a blast. We made our way to the hall way leading to the bedrooms that had been designated for different play situations and as we came to the first room we peered in and to my surprise there was my wife between two guys. Kim had one guy fucking her from the rear and another guy was fronting her with his cock in her mouth. In all of the times that Bruce, Jen, Kim and I had played together, Kim had only expressed a desire to be with one guy at a time. So seeing her like this was yet another first!

Seeing Kim in her first ever "spit roast", I decided to pause for a few moments to watch the action. "Isn't that your wife?" Kasey asked. I replied yes followed by, "it sure looks like she's kind of busy having one hell of a time!" Penny responded, "Well, what are we waiting for.... I'm ready to get that fat cock of yours in me! Let's get in there and have some fun too." Unsure if I wanted to "impede" on Kim, I suggested we make our way to another room. We found a room two doors down where there was only a couple in there having sex and decided to take advantage of the open bed. Kasey, Penny and I made our way to the bed and the Asian beauties began to work on me. They sat me up against the headboard and the two women laid on the bed on either side of me. Their faces met together over my lower pelvic area and they began to kiss. Seeing these two beauties kissing each other passionately I began to rub and caress their backs as well as their toned and shapely asses. After a few moments of the two women kissing together, they focused their attention on my cock.

It began with the two of them giving me a double blowjob with each one sliding their lips and tongues up and down one side of my cock. When they would meet at the tip of the head of my cock they would exchange kisses and sultry tongue play. Kasey and Penny did this for several minutes and in the midst of what they were doing to me I thought "I could die now because I'm in heaven!". This double blowjob was soon followed by each woman taking turns giving me a blowjob then offering my cock to the other one for them to suck on. While one was sucking on my shaft the other was licking and sucking on my balls. Never before had I ever been on the receiving end of a double blowjob but this definitely set the bar high for future blowjobs that I'd ever be a recipient of. Kasey and Penny went on with this for several minutes when Penny said that it was their turn. Both ladies crawled the center of the bed where they began to hug and kiss. When they began to do this I was unsure of just how I was going to reciprocate the oral pleasures to these two women.

It took a few moments to realize what they were doing when I realized that the way they were tangled together it afforded me full access to both women's pussies. I took my place where their legs were and took a gaze at the amazing sire before me..... I had never before seen TWO beautiful bald pussies together like this aching for me to do something to them. With Penny on top I decided to go fate her first. I spread her ass cheeks and used my tongue to give her an initial lick going from the top of her pussy all the way to her asshole. Apparently the feeling of my tongue running across her like that got her to quiver with excitement as she let out a moan of ecstasy. Next I chose to do the same thing to Kasey but with her on the bottom, I chose to begin at her asshole and run my tongue all the way to her pussy. Both women tasted very much the same with a sultry blend of muskiness, sweetness and a bit of saltiness.... both women tasted absolutely DELICIOUS!

Over the next several minutes I took turns licking Kasey and Penny alternating between the two. After several rounds of licking both women, I began to finger fuck one while I licked the other. I began with Penny and I slid my middle finger into her pussy then pulled it out and cleaned if off. I repeated this with Kasey then went into licking one while fingering the other. I could hear that what I was doing to the two women was edging them to an orgasm. I don't know how long I had been going at Penny and Kasey before I decided to begin fucking them both. I knelt down between the two girls and grabbed my cock and had a difficult decision to make... "Which pussy do I fuck first?!" I decided that Kasey being on the bottom would be easier to start with so I put my cock at the entrance to Kasey's bald pussy and plunged my cock deep in her. When I slid all of my cock in her, I heard her moan her approval. I slowly pulled my cock out then eased it back in. I plunged my cock in and out of her several times then went after Penny. I pulled my dick out of Kasey and saw how my cock was covered by her pussy juices. I reached a little higher with my cock and plunged into Penny. I don't know if it was because my cock was covered with the juices from Kasey but I slid into Penny with little to no effort. I repeated the same motion with Penny that I had just done with Kasey and she also responded with her moans of satisfaction. I alternated between the two ladies for a bit realizing that I was surely the luckiest guy there getting to fuck these two Asian beauties at the same time!

I had switched between Kasey and Penny several times when they decided to switch things up between us. Instead of the two women kissing each other, they changed position and were now engaged in a lesbian 69 with Kasey now in the top position. I sat back for a moment to enjoy the "point blank view" of the two women licking each other like there was no tomorrow. After enjoying the show for a minute or two, I went in and poised my cock to slide back into Penny. Seeing that I was ready to enter Penny, Kasey repositioned her head to afford me easier access to fuck Penny. I slid my cock into Penny and she again moaned in sheer pleasure. I began to fuck her steadily as Kasey continued to lick her clit. After several thrusts in and out of Penny, Kasey grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Penny and sucked me clean, then helped to ease me back into Penny. I couldn't believe what was going on and I was thinking, "If this is a dream... please don't EVER wake me up!" I resumed my fucking of Penny then decided that it was now time to do the same thing to Kasey.

I pulled my cock out of Penny and quickly made my way to the other side of the girls and got ready to fuck Kasey. From the moment she and I first met when she gave me one of the best blowjobs I had ever been lucky to get, I wanted so badly to get a chance to shove my fat cock deep in her. I grabbed my cock right behind the head and eased the tip into Kasey. I had barely gotten my cock in her when she began to cum. I heard her scream that she was cumming which drove Penny to intensify her licking and I plunged my cock in her till I got every last inch in her. The waves of her orgasm began to consume her and Penny persisted with her licking and I began to fuck as fast and as hard as I could. The combination of Penny and me on Kasey caused her to elevate her sexual pleasure to the point that I got to experience something that I had never been a part of before.... Kasey began to ejaculate and flow like a waterfall flowing her fluids all over Penny and me! The harder I fucked the more she seemed to gush! How Penny didn't drown form from the amount of ejaculate that flowed out of Kasey is a miracle in itself. I continued to fuck Kasey until I had myself on the verge of my own orgasm.

I pulled out of Kasey and chose to sit back and watch these two lovely ladies continue in this amazing lesbian 69. With my cock still pulsing from being pushed to the very edge of an orgasm I struggled to not grab it and stroke it especially with what was going on in front of me. Kasey and Penny went at their amazing mutual oral pleasuring of the other for a bit more when it seemed that Kasey was able to push Penny over the edge into her own orgasm. As Penny grabbed Kasey's thighs tightly pulling her on to her face as hard as she could I watched the two Asian beauties finish each off till their respective orgasms had subsided. When they appeared to have finished, Penny noticed that I was sitting there still rocking a full erection and making the correct assumption that I still hadn't busted a load. Penny climbed out from beneath Kasey and suggested that the two of them finish me off. The two ladies got onto their knees and were now side-by-side with their arms wrapped around the other's waist. They looked at each other when Kasey looked at me and asked me if I had ever had two women "Eiffel Tower" me before. When my face showed my puzzlement of what it was, the two ladies joyfully said that they wanted to give me my first one ever.

Penny laid me down and told me to prepare for one of the greatest experiences that any man could ever want. Kasey got into position near my right hip and Penny was now kneeling next to my head. Kasey grabbed my cock and poised herself over me preparing to guide my cock back in her. Meanwhile, Penny began to straddle herself over my face lowering her pussy to right above my mouth. I recalled seeing this done in porn videos in the past but never knew there was a "name" for this let alone thought that I'd ever get a chance to experience it. Kasey impaled herself on my dick and was soon grinding away on me with all she had. While this was going on I was having the time of my life as I got to lick and eat Penny's pierced pussy. The three of us went at it like this for a couple of minutes when Penny demanded that she'd get a chance to ride my fat cock before I blew my load. The two ladies crawled off of me and switched positions. I now had Kasey on my face and my dick filling Penny.

Over the last half-hour or so I had been several times on the verge of blowing my load in both of these women. Having the chance to fuck one while I ate the other one I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to be able to hold off getting pushed over the edge. Sadly, once I was back in Penny, I didn't last much longer. She barely got to ride on my cock for more than a couple of thrusts when I had to release the built up sexual tension that had been accumulating in me. I took my mouth off of Kasey to let them know that I was about to cum which seemed to ignite Penny to ride me for all that I had left. Her thrusting intensified and so did Kasey's motion on my face. I felt the first wave of my sperm flow from my cock resulting in my shooting my load into Penny. I felt surge after surge of my semen flow out of my cock into Penny filling her with my cum. As my cock began to shrink and retreat from Penny's pussy the two ladies climbed off of me falling to the bed. Penny fell to the bed first and opened her legs showing her freshly fucked pussy with my cum oozing out of her. Kasey dove in and began to lick out the mess that I created. I watched in sheer pleasure as the two ladies began to share the cum that I had deposited in Penny. When it seemed that Kasey had cleaned up the cum that would seep out of Penny, the two gave each other a final kiss then came to me. The three of us embraced and laid there entwined in a three-way hug for a few minutes soaking in the post fuck high with each other.

Kasey was the first to leave quickly followed by Penny. Now alone I decided to find out what my lovely wife was up to. I made my way to the room I had seen her in earlier and much to my surprise, I heard her muffled moans and screams as I approached the room. I entered the doorway and sure enough, she was still in the middle of the same two guys she was with earlier, this time the guy that was fucking her was now at her face getting a blowjob and the guy that was face fucking Kim was now fucking her doggie style. Right next to Kim was Jen cheering and encouraging her on and giving my wife smacks on her ass. The guy that had been fucking her quickly went from pumping in her to positioning himself right next to the guy Kim was sucking. The guy Kim had been blowing pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth and the two guys were now stoking their cocks pushing themselves over the edge. Kim sat up requiring the two guys to reposition themselves so their cock was still fronting Kim's face. Jen got behind the two guys and began to direct them to shoot their loads all over my wife's face and tits. No sooner did she give that order when the first guy grabbed Kim's face and shoved his cock in her mouth then pulled it out finally shooting his cum all over Kim's face.

Ribbon after ribbon of his white gooie cum was shot all over Kim's face and hair. As the surge of his loads began to lessen, Kim took his cock back in her mouth and began to suck his cock trying to milk him till there was no cum left. I watched as Kim stroked his cock with one hand desperately trying to extract the last of his cum into her mouth. Just then the other guy moaned that he was about to cum. Jen directed him to blow his load all over my wife's face and tits. With Kim still sucking in the first guy, the second guy began to shoot his cum all over my wife's face. His first two surges of cum landed on Kim's eyes and her cheek. Following that, he pointed his cock lower and began to launch the remnants of his cum all over Kim's tits. I watched in utter disbelief as my loving wife had become a cum slut much like Jen. When the two guys finished blowing their cum all over my wife, Jen began to use her fingers to scoop the cum off of Kim's face and cleaned her fingers licking them clean. Jen proceeded to clean Kim's face as best as she could and she'd periodically share the cum she cleaned off of Kim with her. The two ladies seemed to be lost in complete bliss as they shared the sexual mess created by Kim's two fuck buddies. The first guy had stepped away while Jen was cleaning Kim and had returned with a set of white towels. Kim began to clean the remnants of cum from her face but Jen told her she had to leave the cum in her hair and on her tits as a "badge of courage" and of her "accomplishments".

The two guys thanked Jen and Kim giving them both soft kisses on their cheeks before they exited the room. As the two guys left the room, Kim noticed that I was in the room watching her. Still on the bed she held her arms open as if to beckon me to come and hug her. I made my way to her and I could see that her pussy was now definitely worn and now a shade of rosy red. As I hugged my wife, I could feel the sliminess of cum all over her tits. Kim had the distinct aroma of sex about her. From the cum that was on her chest and in her hair to the perspiration that she had covering her body, she exuded sex and it turned me on. I kissed Kim on her cheek and whispered to her that I got to see the end where I watched her service the two guys and it got me sexually charged and aroused like I never thought that I could. We remained in our hug for a minute or two and when we finally separated, there was a considerable amount of cum now on my chest to which Kim laughed about apologizing.... Seeing my chest smeared with cum, Kim and Jen began to lick it all up making a great attempt to clean my chest of the mess. Watching my wife become a complete cum slut got my cock to stir again. It was about this time that I was thankful that I took up Bruce's offer earlier that afternoon/evening and got some help from one of those "little blue diamonds".... I was very pleasantly surprised at how quickly my cock was gearing up ready for a third go round.... never before had I ever "recovered" so quickly.... I was excited to see if and what was next.

As Kim, Jen and I laid there on the bed, there were two couples on the bed next to us going at it.... watching them was surely a treat for the eyes and ears as the two ladies made it no secret how they were feeling at all! So Kim, Jen and I shifted our attention between the action on the bed next to us and sharing what Kim had just experienced with the two guys. They told me how the two guys had tag-teamed Kim for nearly thirty minutes alternating between fucking her and getting sucked off by Kim. Kim told me how they alternated between her getting fucked doggie style and being on her back as they went at her. She even shared with me that as they two went at her with her on her back, Jen had reached between her legs and began to rub her pussy. The combination of her getting fucked and having her clitoris rubbed at the same time allowed her to have her first orgasm while being penetrated. The glow on Kim's face as she shared her experience with me continued to get my cock hard. Seeing that my cock was nearly at full erect she grabbed my cock and she sat up seemingly eager to tell me something.

"While I was getting 'spit-roasted' by Jake and Owen, Owen asked me if he could fuck me in my ass!" As excited as I was to experience getting fucked in the ass for the first time, I wanted YOU to be the first one!" Hearing that I'd finally get a chance to fuck my wife in her ass was the final straw to get me fully erect. Kim looked me in the eyes and then shared one more "bombshell" with me. "There is one more thing that I want to try tonight, I was ready to get DP’d by Jake and Owen but I think I want to take it one step further.... I want to experience not only my first DP, but I also want to be the center of a gang-bang!" WTF did I just hear.... my wife wants to be the center of a gang-bang..... where the hell did THIS come from? "Jen is going to gather a bunch of guys to join us, I want you there to not only participate in it but I want you there so I will feel a little safer..... are you alright with this?" Kim shared with me. After the initial shock of hearing what Kim wanted to do, I squeezed her tight and gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek. "If this is what you want to do, I'll be here for you! Of course finally getting a chance to fuck you in your ass just might be the highlight of the night!" We kissed and hugged.

Kim and I got up and headed outside to the pool area where Kim wanted to relax a bit before finishing off her final "box to check". When we got to the pool, Kim wanted to jump in the water to rinse off. We jumped in the water and the two of us cuddled and played with each other as we rinsed the other off. We exited the pool and the lounge chairs we were sitting in earlier were open so we laid on them. Kim was lying there with her legs spread open with her feet on the ground. Lying like that, anyone that walked by got an unobstructed view of my wife's bald and well fucked pussy. For the next fifteen minutes or so several people walked by and both men an women seemed to enjoy the sight of Kim’s legs spread apart and the view of her pussy. Since our chairs were next to each other, Kim decided to reach over and she grabbed my cock and playfully began to stroke it. As much as I enjoyed what she was doing to me I told her not to do too much of that because I wanted to be a part of the gang-bang that Jen was coordinating.

We had been taking it easy for almost an hour when Jen found Kim and I. "Are you ready, Kim? I have several guys that are anxious to help fulfill you final desire for the night.....! And of course one of those guys does include Bruce!" Jen asked holding what looked to be a blindfold. Kim popped up excited as can be and she grabbed me by hand and Jen led Kim and I back to the house. Jen took us their bedroom which was "reserved" for only Jen and or Bruce's play. When we got into the room, there were a total of seven guys in the room including Bruce. Most of the guys were either "average sized" or slightly bigger than "average", except Bruce sitting there on the chair next to Bruce and Jen's bed with his 10in plus dick. Kim looked at the assembled group that would be soon filling her everyway possible and she light up with anticipation. "All these guys are for me!?!?" I can't wait!!!", Kim exclaimed. My wife got onto the center of the bed and Jen gave out the instructions for how things would unfold.

Jen explained that I would be the first one to fuck Kim. I would be able to do whatever I wanted to including fucking her in her ass. She next explained that the guys were to take any and all queues from Kim..... If she wanted a dick in her pussy then someone could do it.... wherever she wanted a guy be it in her pussy, mouth, ass or hands. All directions were to be given by Kim.

Kim and I began kissing and touching each other like a couple of teenagers building the anticipation of Kim's final request for the night. I looked at Kim and she had this huge smile on her face looking like someone on Christmas morning excited to open their "big present". I went to kneel between Kim's bent legs when one of the guys positioned himself with his cock near Kim's mouth. Just before it all got rolling, Jen told Kim that she'd have more fun if she was blindfolded. Jen sat Kim up and got ready to tie the material over my wife's eyes. Jen looked at me and told me it was time for me to begin. Jen put the blindfold over Kim's eyes and I watched as my wife took a huge breath before she laid back for her fucking. Realizing that I was moments away from getting a chance to fuck my wife in her ass I took one final look at her in an amazing state of anxiousness and complete anticipation.

I edged myself to Kim's pelvic area greatly anticipating the feel of her ass surrounding my cock. I had the head of my dick a couple of inches away when Jen stuck her hand in the way telling me that she was going to help get her ready to take a dick in her ass. Jen licked her middle finger then began to play with the entrance to my wife's ass. I watched as Kim's virgin asshole tightened up. Jen circled Kim's asshole with her finger coaxing her to relax and enjoy the feeling. Sensing that I wouldn't be fucking Kim's ass anytime soon, I laid next to her and began to kiss and fondle her tits. Kim's ass seemed to relax for a moment when Jen eased the first digit of her middle finger into my wife's ass. This got Kim to let out a moan like I'd never heard before, this moan had a hint of pain to it and I began to think that if that's how she reacted to a finger there was no way I was going to be able to get my fat cock in there. Jen began to caress Kim's face and tenderly ran her hand through my wife's hair in an effort to get her to settle in and relax. It took a couple of moments when I saw that Jen was able to slide more of her finger up my wife's ass. Jen worked Kim like this for a couple of minutes when she was finally able to bury her entire finger in Kim's ass. With Jen's finger shoved all the way in Kim's ass, Kim let out another moan of pleasurable pain. Jen told me to get the bottle of lube that was on the nightstand and when she pulled her finger out she had me cover her finger with the lube.

Jen eased her finger again in my wife's ass this time seemingly going easier and with less resistance. Jen began to slide her finger in and out of Kim's ass quicker resulting in my wife's moans to sound less painful and more pleasurable. As Jen went on like this for a few more moments, she told me to lube up my cock and be ready to replace her finger with my cock. She told me that I would need to go slowly but if I took my time, Kim would be able to take me completely in her. Jen pulled her finger out and Kim's asshole remained open ever so slightly. I again knelt between Kim's Legs and I took my cock and placed it at the entrance to my wife's ass and began to ease it in her. As the head of my cock began to enter Kim's ass I felt her sphincter clamp down around my cock making it very difficult to progress any further. Jen went to calm Kim down and worked at getting her to allow me to ease more of my cock in her. I felt Kim's ass begin to loosen and Jen nodded at me to ease more into her. Little by little with Jen's help, I was able to get my entire cock in my wife's ass. Never before had I EVER felt something so tight around my dick before and it was an amazing feeling. Jen told me that I could begin to slowly ease my cock out then back in. "Slow and steady is the key..... it'll only take a few strokes before you can go faster!" Jen told me. I tried desperately to maintain a slow and steady pace wanting to help make this experience as pleasurable for Kim as it could be.

I had been in her for almost a minute when I could feel the walls of her ass relax to the point where I could fuck her easier. I had my cock nearly completely out when I took the lube and drizzled a bit more on my cock wanting to be able to go faster. Kim was now able to relax to the point where I easily slid in and out of her ass. I began to increase my pace and as I did her moans got louder and louder. I was on the verge of blowing my cum in my wife's ass when she slid herself completely forward dislodging my cock from her ass. Jen asked her what she was doing and my wife's reply blew me out of the water..... "I want Will in my ass and I want another cock in my pussy... I want to get DP'd! I want my two ___ filled!!!" Jen instructed me to lie on my back so Kim could mount me "reverse cowgirl" and she got Kim in position to impale herself once again in her ass. Kim eased herself onto my cock and quickly had my buried deep in her. Jen called over one of the guys that she had brought in and instructed him to slide his cock in Kim's pussy. It took some maneuvering but before long, Kim was experiencing her first ever DP! I began to fuck her ass steadily and I could feel the walls of her ass react to getting fucked in her pussy at the same time. Kim's screams and moans again sounded more of pain than pleasure but as her DP progressed, she began to sound more pleasurable than pain.

As her moans got louder, Jen had apparently gotten two guys to position themselves on either side of Kim offering their cock for her to do as she wished. Kim grabbed one of the cocks and began to stroke it with her hand. I turned to the other side to see what if anything Kim was doing with the other cock and she now had that one in her hand and she was stroking that one too. The reality that my wife was servicing four cocks at one time was nearly enough to send me over the top. All of a sudden Kim's moans had become muffled and sounded like she had something covering her mouth. I looked back to the other side and she was now sucking the guy that she had been stroking just a moment earlier. I had always fantasized about seeing something like this in real life.... little did I know that my first reality of a woman servicing four cocks all at once would be my wife.

I wasn't sure how long I'd be able to last with everything that was going on, so I decided to make the best of it and give Kim all that I had. I began to thrust into her ass as fast as I could. I lasted probably about a few seconds beyond that point when I began to unload my semen deep in my wife's ass. I felt the surges of cum empty into Kim's ass. It didn't take long for her ass to squeeze my cock out of her freeing me to crawl out form under her. As I made my way out I realized that Kim still had one guy fucking her pussy, one in her mouth and now one guy in each hand stroking them off. My wife was in the midst of her first ever gang-bang and by the looks of it she was making the most of it. Over the next thirty minutes plus, I watched Kim service the guys Jen had assembled. They alternated fucking her in her pussy and her ass at times giving her an orgasm. Most of the that time, Kim had a cock in her mouth and was sucking off at least one cock at all times. I sat back and Jen came over and sat next to me leaning over on my lap as the two of us enjoyed the show. One by one, the guys that were being serviced by Kim were shooting their cum on or in her. The material that covered Kim's eyes was soaked with cum and as one guy transitioned to the next, I could see that her pussy was flowing with cum! My wife was now a complete slut and it was really turning me on.

As the guys that were fucking Kim began to fall away I noticed that my cock was hard again and wanting more. This gang-bang had been going on for nearly an hour and all but one guy had left. He was getting his dick sucked by Kim. I looked at my wife's pussy and it was a complete mess of sweat and fresh cum. I hoped that I could get one more shot at fucking Kim. I knelt down between her open legs and slid my cock into her pussy. Much to my surprise, even after getting fucked buy seven different guys she recognized the feel of my cock in her. Kim ripped the cum soaked blindfold off of her face so she could see me as I fucked her. Her eyes locked on mine as my cock easily slid into her. I had never felt any pussy so full of cum before and knowing that it was my wife's sent me into amazing bliss. I began to fuck her with complete and reckless abandoned. The guy she was sucking began to blow his load in Kim's mouth and I watched her attempt to swallow every last drop but he must have been a heavy cummer because there was a large amount that flowed out of the corners of her mouth.

With my fat cock still deep in my wife, I had suddenly realized that there was one guy who hadn't gotten a chance to fuck Kim... it was Bruce. I suggested to Bruce that he join Kim and I and he made his way over to us sporting his massive 10in plus raging hard-on. I had been fucking Kim "missionary style" for a bit and was nearing another orgasm. Bruce knelt beside Kim and whispered something in her ear to which the look on Kim's face went from total bliss to showing signs of fear as she nodded her head. Kim pulled away from me dislodging my cock from her pussy then motioned for me to lie on my back in the center of the bed. Kim told me that she wanted one more DP for the evening.... she wanted me in her pussy and Bruce in her ass! Kim mounted my torso grabbing my cock and easing it back into her cum filled pussy. I was able to slide into her with no effort and paused there so that Bruce could enter her ass. Kim leaned forward and her tits were now in my face so I began to lick and caress her areola and nipples.

I soon felt the walls of Kim's pussy begin to tighten realizing that Bruce was inching more and more of his cock into my wife's well fucked ass. The more Bruce was able to get into Kim seemed to get more quite she became. Where she was moaning and letting out subtle screams earlier, all I could hear from Kim was the sound of a low grunt that correlated to the feeling of her pussy walls tighten from Bruce's cock in her ass. I laid still as Bruce inched more and more of his dick into Kim holding fast until I could feel him begin to pump in and out. A few moments passed when I began to feel the walls of my wife's pussy begin to slacken then tighten. I could feel Bruce begin to pump slowly which was met with Kim resuming her moans and soft screams of passion. Kim looked down at me and begged me to fuck her wildly. Bruce and I began to fuck Kim's two holes almost in unison entering and exiting her at nearly the same time. All of a sudden, Kim began to scream loudly for Bruce and I to fuck her, "Yes...... Bruce, fuck my ass! Fuck me!!!! Fill me up with all you got..... I want to be your fuck toy and want you two to use me like a whore!" In all my years with Kim, I had never heard her so vocal and so vulgar during sex.

Bruce and I went at it for a couple more minutes before I felt the urge to blow my load in Kim. I told her I was ready to cum and she leaned down to kiss me as I began to unload in her. We kissed passionately and deeply as I started to unload my seed in Kim. With each surge of semen spurting out of my cock, my thrusts became more direct and were in sync with my releases. My cock quickly began to shrink as the last of my cum had oozed out and with Bruce's large cock still in Kim's ass it was squeezed out faster than normal. I felt my cock pop out but Bruce was still going. I wrapped my arms around Kim's upper torso under her arms and held her tight as we continued to kiss as Bruce finished his assault on Kim's ass. I had been out of Kim for a little over a minute when we heard Bruce say that he was on the verge of blowing his load. Kim broke her kiss with me and demanded that Bruce fill her ass with his cum! No sooner did Kim say that when Bruce began to grunt and moan signifying that he was cumming in Kim. I gripped Kim as firm as I could feeling her body rock with Bruce's thrusts. I felt Bruce's thrusts become less and further between each one. Soon, he had stopped and I felt him crawl off from behind Kim.

My wife's body was completely limp as she was now completely spent and exhausted like she had never been before. Bruce had crawled off the bed and he gave Kim a gentle kiss on her cheek then he took Jen by the hand and the two exited from their room closing the door as they left. I leaned back to check on Kim and I realized that she had passed out and was now sleeping. Still entwined, I held her close and closed my eyes soon falling asleep. I don't know how long it was but I woke as I felt Jen and Bruce crawling into the bed with Kim and I. The four of us laid there sleeping in the bed till mid-day.

The sexual awakening of Kim was an amazing thing to witness and be a part of..... We still play regularly with Bruce and Jen and we are looking forward to their Christmas party that we have been invited too.

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