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My Twin Sister- Bisex Play

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My twin sister Toni and I are the only two children in the family. We've always done everything together and were always given a lot of independence from our parents. We lived in bedrooms upstairs away from our parents and shared a bath between the rooms. It was probably inevitable that we would get curious, spy on each other, then a little show me yours, then quickly we began to get naked and become inseperable sex partners. We did it all, all of the time. Then we started to include others.

It started with a male friend, my best friend. My sister wanted to see him naked too. We started to play a game we called "double double dare" where each dare would be more extreme. Between us we moved from oral sex, to swallowing my cum, to ass fucking. Then we got my friend involved.

It started with me daring my sister to kiss my friend, then he doubled dared me to kiss my sister, and that was hardcore for him. Then dares to get naked, some cock sucking, and eventually he fucked my sister. It was a huge turn on for everyone when he dared my sister to fuck me and we did right in front of my friend. I thought that was the end until my sister got my friend and I to suck each others cocks. She was such a hardcore tease she got me to suck off my friend and even let him cum in my mouth, then he returned the favor.

Another day and the three of us were together, again fucking my sister, when she dared us to "butt fuck" each other. I was game, because my sister and I had play with anal sex before. She took me up her ass bareback and I filled her with cum several times, and she would finger fuck me, and later used a candle to fuck my ass. We went ahead, after my sister said we could both butt fuck her if we did each other. After a little ass play, my friend fucked my ass for our first time, and it felt great, I could even feel his cum filling me. For my friend, it hurt, and I didn't fuck him for long, and didn't give him my load. We repeated this a number of times, and my friend and I both got into sucking cock and taking a cock in the ass.

Around this same time, my sister wanted to get naked with one of her friends. During a sleep over, we played double double dare. Again we progressed to getting naked and my sister and I fondling each other naked, much to the surprise and delight of her friend. My sister and her friend also enjoyed making other with each other naked.

It was another time, another night when my sister and her friend both came into my room naked, wanting to play naked together again. This time they both suck my cock, then I watched them eat each other's pussies, before I popped the friends cherry. We repeated this a few times, then my sister's friend, had another friend, and the three of them would get naked whenever they could. I was lucky enough to fuck all three for several years.

The next great bisex adventure was when my sister and I went to the "city" to visit a college we were going to attend together. Near the campus we stayed at a hotel, and near the hotel was an "adult bookstore". We had to investigate. We were too young, but the clerk didn't seem to care. We prowled the stacks magazines, then found the "peep shows" in the back. We had never seen a porn movie before. Once we figured out the movie booths and had a handfull of quarters we watched our first hardcore film.

We got so turned on we were kissing and fondling each other, until we saw the big holes on either side of the booth, and a hand reaching through. It was a "gloryhole", a foot in diameter. Someone was in the booth next to us, as kind of signalling for us to approach the gloryhole. I didn't know any better so we both leaned over and looked through. What I remember most was some strange cock pushing completely through the hole. He was rock hard and whispering to us to "suck me". My sister was excited, giggling, and curious, but just grabbed the cock and started to jerk it off.

Again the voice whispered "suck me" and my sister just popped the cock in her mouth and gave it a few deep sucks, then jerked him some more. It was just minutes before we were both surprised that he started to cum. He shot his load at us, missing me, but running down my sisters arm. Then the cock pulled away and I looked to see this stranger pull up his pants and leave the booth.

We were excited, but shocked, then in a minute someone else entered the booth. I saw someone lean down, then a hand, and a voice asking to "show me your cock". I was hard as a rock, and my sister said to drop my pants and make him suck your cock too. So I did. I slid my cock toward the hole, the hand pulled me through, and suddenly someone was sucking my cock. I let this continue as my sister watched and played with my ass until I came in this strangers mouth and he swallowed my cum. As soon as it was over, the stranger left.

We were so turned on by this, my sister said we should get naked and I could fuck her. So we stripped completely naked in the booth and as my sister sucked me hard again, I searched in her purse for a condom, and we fucked naked to a climax in the booth. We left after fucking, but later that night returned, with a pocket full of quarters, a purse full of condoms, and my sister naked under a slip dress. This time we entereda bigger booth, with gloryholes on both walls. We stripped naked and stayed for hours playing with each other, and at least four different cocks. I sucked everyone, and my sister helped before she pushed her ass against the hole and let each man fuck her pussy.

Our next bisex experience would come later that year when for graduation our parents let us go alone together on a cruise from Miami to LosAngeles. We met some gay men in Miami, then found out all about "swingers" who were on the cruise, and eager to seduce a young couple.

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