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My Summer Vacation

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In the spring of 1985 I ( Bob ) had just graduated from 8th grade and was looking forward to that great adventure that lay ahead--- High School and the wonders of dating, girls , cars, and finally getting laid. Growing up out in the farm land of western Illinois I had plenty of knowledge of sex, hell I saw it every day on our farm, but hadn't had the opportunity to experience it myself yet. Sure I had jacked off dreaming what it might be like for real, but so far my only partner was my right hand. Soon this was all to change.

Part of our family lived in the country about 20 miles outside of Lexington KY. and during the past winter my aunt an uncle had corresponded with my parents and invited me to spend the month of July there with them and my two twin cousins Barb and Tim. They were a couple of years older than me and were both in High School, so I was eager to spend time with them hoping to ask tons of questions about all the mysteries of High School.

I arrived at their home on the 1st of July soon was to discover that I was going to learn way more than I had ever dreamed about sex.

My aunt and uncle both worked in downtown Lexington and Tim, Barb & I would always be alone in their home from 7 in the morning till almost 6 at night during the work week. I was to room with Tim who had 2 beds in his room while Barb had a king size bed in her room that she had just gotten for her birthday.

During the first couple of days I noticed that Tim and Barb would freely walk back in forth between their rooms and the bathroom in their underwear whenever their parents were gone off to work. Tim said that I could do the same as it really didn't matter since we were all family. I was embarrassed, and continued to wear my PJ's on my trips to & from the bathroom.

On morning of the 3rd day I was there, as I was coming out of the bathroom I ran into Tim who was just walking out of Barb's bedroom. I could hear Barb kind of chuckling in the background when I asked him what's up. He said "nothing" and Barb shouted out "yeah right" , why don't you two guys come in here and I will show Bob what's up! Tim looked kind of sheepish but said come on--and the two of us went into Barb's room and hopped onto her bed where she was sitting.

As we sat there, Barb said "see I told you there was something up" pointing at Tim's tightly whities. It was now that I noticed that there was a big bulge in Tim's drawers. "Here look" and she pulled down the front of his drawers and out popped Tim's 6' dick. As I stared at, it I got an instant hard on and Barb said "look Tim he's got one too" and reached out and pulled the front of my drawers down exposing my rapidly expanding cock and grabbed it and started rubbing it.

Tim looked at me and said "no fair" and with that the two of us proceeded to strip off Barb's bra and panties. As the three of us wrestled there on Barb's bed, soon all of us were naked and hands were going everywhere.

Tim shot a glance at me and said "you ever had a blow job" to which I answered "no --Hell I never seen another guy or girl naked in person , let alone a BJ" Next thing I know Barb's got my cock in her mouth sucking it hard and teasing it's head with her tongue. Then she pulled my cock out of her mouth and pointed it at Tim and said "want some" and the next thing I know now Tim's sucking the heck out of my cock while Barb has turned to sucking him. It was too much and I shot my load in Tim's mouth. As my cum oozed out from around the edges of Tim's mouth, Barb said "gimmy" and moved from Tim's cock to his mouth and started licking my cum out of his mouth.

As Barb finished emptying Tim's mouth, she turned to me and gave me a bug cum filled kiss with her tongue pushing my cum out of her mouth and into mine. I was in a daze and sexual overload and was just going crazy with what all was going on. As Barb finished our cum filled kiss, she said "now it's your turn" and pointed to Tim's hard cock as he lay on his back in front of us. I said "what the F_ _ _ " as she pushed my head towards Tim's erect cock. It bobbed in front of my face for a second or two before Barb pushed on the back of my head forcing my mouth over Tim's cock. He was leaking pre cum like crazy and it tasted good, so I went ahead and sucked as best I could getting advice from Barb as I worked Tim's shaft.

As I sucked Tim's erect cock Barb got under me somehow and started sucking my cock again. In no time I was hard again and then Tim exploded inside my mouth and I sucked it all down but saved some and turned around and gave Barb a cum filled kiss with her brother's cum. While Barb was licking Tim's cum out of my mouth, he said "you ever fucked a girl?" To which I mumbled a "no" with an eager look on my face while my cum wet lips were still planted on Barb's mouth.

Tim said " hell I fuck Barb all the time --here you give it a try" as he pushed Barb onto her back. Tim crawled over her and spread her legs and said" there it is"--pointing to Barb's dripping expanded pussy---go for it!! So I moved in between her legs and slammed my throbbing cock into her waiting pussy. Oh this was great---my first BJ with a girl and a guy in the same day and now fucking the hell out of my cousin's eager pussy---boy was I getting a quick education in sex.

While I was pumping away into Barb's pussy, Tim had gotten up and said that he had to get something or another--guess I was not paying much attention to anything but my first fuck--shit who cared at this point that it was my cousin who I had known since she was a little kid. Now she had what I wanted and I was fucking the hell out of that eager wet pussy surrounding my hard cock ( think it grew an extra inch that day).

Soon Tim had returned from what ever he was doing and now he was behind me watching me fuck his twin sister. Then I felt him rubbing something slippery between my butt cheeks. He even ran his slippery finger in and out of my ass hole several times as I continued to fuck Barb. I could see that Barb was watching in the mirror on her dresser what Tim was doing and then she said Are you ready" to me. As I paused to ask her what she meant, I felt a sharp pain in my ass and a tremendous pressure of something entering my ass. Barb shouted "Yes give it to him" and as she pointed to the mirror both of us watched as Tim's cock slid into my ass. It hurt like hell but soon it felt good. With every stroke of Tim's hard cock my cock was thrust deeper and deeper into Barb's pussy. It only lasted about a minute ( but seemed like hours) and Tim exploded inside my ass dumping stream after stream of his hot cum inside me. As the warm cum expended my ass I was in heaven, my balls tightened and I pumped my second load deep into Barb's pussy. I leaned over and gave her an extended kiss as Tim pumped the last of his cum into my butt and collapsed on top of me.

We lay like that for a while and then all went in to their parents walk in shower and spent the next hour washing and of course rubbing each other all over. I at some point asked Barb if she wasn't afraid of getting pregnant from all of this and she reassured me all was OK, that she had found a source of birth control pills about a year earlier and that she and her boyfriend had been getting it on since then. I asked her how she and Tim got started, and she explained that he had walked in on her and her boyfriend fucking one night and that Tim said that if he wasn't allowed to join in that he was going to tell mom and dad about it. So we had him join in and the rest is history.

Later as we were having lunch I asked Barb if she still was seeing that same boyfriend that Tim had walked in on and she said "yes" and then she said "how would you like to meet him?" "Maybe in a day or two we can invite him over to join Tim & you in another bed room fun session" I said "WOW Sure" but that's another chapter in that summer of 85's days of fun at my cousin's house.

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