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My Summer Vacation Continues

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My Summer Vacation Continues

My first sexual experiences with my twin cousins Barb and Tim during my visit to their house in the summer of 1985 were wonderful. In just one day of fun in bed with Tim and Barb, I had been given my first BJ by a woman ( Barb ) and by a man ( Tim ). I had fucked my first pussy ( Barb's ), Given my first BJ to a man ( Tim ) and gotten fucked in my ass by Tim's cock.

As we were relaxing in bed together after all that, Barb suggested that her boyfriend join us for another session in bed and I thought she was kidding.

Since my cousin's parents were always gone off to work from 7 in the morning till 5 at night, the three of us had the house to ourselves. The next morning when I got up, I noticed that Tim was already out of our room and I thought he had gone to take a shower. As I walked down the hall toward the bathroom I peeked into Barb's room to see if she was up.

Well she was up-sort of- but she was face down on her stomach with Tim on top of her - fucking her in the ass. She was trying to be quiet but Tim was driving his 7 inch cock all the way in till his balls were smacking her butt with each stroke. She moaned each time his cock rammed to it's fullest extent inside her butt.

Not wanting to miss anything, I slipped into Barb's room and walked up to the side of the bed with my hard cock sticking straight out. Tim said "look who's here" and Barb turned her head toward me and said " come here". I got on the bed with them and moved the head of my hard cock close to her mouth. Her mouth opened and she started licking the head of my cock. It felt really good and pre cum dripped onto her tongue. I started fucking her in the mouth and she was able to get all of my 6 inch cock inside her mouth without gagging .

As Barb was sucking my cock, Tim seemed really engrossed in watching his sister give me a BJ. This whole time Tim continued to slowly slide his cock back in forth inside his sisters ass and she was loving it. I looked at Tim and pointed at my cock which was still in Barb's mouth and said 'want some? ", and he said sure. So I got up and stood over Barb facing Tim and shoved my cock into Tim's mouth. He sucked it in and proceeded to give me a great BJ as he continued to fuck his sister's ass.

As Tim was sucking my cock I thought about the day before when he had fucked me in the ass. It was the first time anything other than my finger that had been placed in my ass. It had hurt like hell when Tim had shoved his cock into my ass but I also knew that it ended up feeling good after I had adjusted to having a cock inside me. I figured that it was my time to find out what it felt like to fuck someone else in the ass, so I moved around behind Tim and started fingering his ass as he was still fucking Barb's butt. There was a tube of KY laying on the bed, so I took it and spread some on Tim's rosebud. I first slid one finger inside and then two. Now both Tim and Barb were moaning and after putting more lube on my cock, I put the head of my cock up against Tim's wet opening. He paused what he was doing and as I pressed forward the head of my hard cock popped into Tim's ass. As Tim moaned a little, I continued to slide the rest of my 6 inch cock into his waiting ass.

The feeling was out of this world. The day before when I had fucked my first pussy ( Barb's ) I thought that nothing could feel better. Well, I was wrong! A tight ass gripping a person's cock was GREAT! I started pumping Tim's ass and he resumed fucking Barb's ass and the three of us were going wild. In a matter of minutes ( probably seconds ) I felt my cock expand and getting really hard and I knew that I going to cum. I lunged forward and drove my cock as far as I could into Tim's ass and started filling his ass with cum. The force of my lunge had also driven Tim's cock far into his sister's ass and as I was cumming in his ass , Tim was shooting his load deep inside Barb's ass.

We were completely drained and had just started to collapse on top of each other when Barb's boyfriend walked into the room. Barb had invited Ron over, but had not expected him to arrive until later in the day. He said "looks like you started without me" as he moved over to the bed and quickly stripped off his clothes. He said "don't move" " Who is that with his cock up your brother's ass ?" Both Barb and Tim blurted out "he's our cousin" And with out saying anything more Ron got up on the bed and slapped a bunch of lube on my ass and shoved his huge cock into my ass. He never fingered it first or took his time in getting me ready but just drove all of his 8 inch long cock into my ass.

There we were in a chain together. My cousin Barb with her face squished down into her pillows at the head of her bed, her brother with his cock still in her ass on top of her and me with my cock still in my cousin Tim's ass with my ass getting pounded by Barb's boyfriend Ron. Ron fucked my ass for almost 5 minutes before I felt him tense up and then he filled my ass with tons of cum. I thought he would never stop cumming as stream after stream of cum shot into my ass. There was so much cum that it oozed out of my ass past his cock and dribbled down all over my balls.

We all rested for a while and then all showered together in my aunt's walk in shower. While we were in the shower, Barb kept playing with my cock and soon it was hard again. She ordered me to lay down on my back there in the shower and as Tim and Ron watched, she lowered herself down onto my cock and started riding it like she was on top of a bucking horse. Then she said "are you ready for your initiation to our club?" What club I asked and Barb said " our sex club" and I asked "what do I have to do?" and Barb said "just lay there and watch" As I lay there she got up off my cock and moved forward till she was squatting / sitting on my chest with her pussy about 2 inches from my face. Then Tim and Ron moved over and stood on ether side of my head looking down at me. Barb looked up at them and then at me and asked "are you ready" and I said " I guess so" and suddenly a gusher of pee shot out of Barb and sprayed all over my face. I gasped for air as what seemed like rivers of Barb's warm piss gagged the hell out of me Then when I thought it was over, Tim and Ron opened up on me and two more streams of pee sprayed onto my face. Barb was laughing like crazy as she Ron & Tim tried to drowned me with their pee. As they finished with my initiation into their "sex club" and the water from the shower washed away the pee, Barb again got up and again lowered her dripping pussy down onto my still hard cock.

Barb said "you were a good sport, so here's your reward" as she bounced up and down on my cock as Tim and Ron looked on. After I had regained my senses, I figured now it was my turn at pay back. I asked Ron and Tim to grab Barb by her shoulders and hold her firmly down on top of my hard cock and not to let her up until I said so. They said sure and pressed Barb down tightly on top of my cock. Barb said "what's going on" and I said "are you ready" and released 4 hours of accumulated piss up inside her pussy. She hollering and swearing as about a pint of hot pee expanded inside her. Since she was being tightly held in place on top of my cock, most of the pee stayed inside until Tim and Ron finally let go of her. Now it was Tim, Ron and I that were laughing. Barb said" watch out I'm going to get you back for this -- but that took place about a week later during my summer vacation--to be continued.

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