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My Promotion Part 2

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My Promotion PART 2

It was mid afternoon before we woke. After all the activity of last night we were both tired. I went to put on a pot of coffee and James headed for the shower. By the time I got back he was out of the shower and getting dressed. I jumped in the shower the hot water felt wonderful. As I washed off I felt sore but not as sore as I thought I would be , I had never had that much sex at one time. I couldn't remember how many times I came last night but the memories were great. I finished up and put on sweats and went to the kitchen for some coffee. James had the TV on sitting on the couch. I fixed me a cup and walked up behind him put my arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss. I asked if he enjoyed last night, he told me it was the best time he had ever had and was really looking forward to some more fun times with our new friends. Our conversation started out with what we had enjoyed the most and with who, He really enjoyed Jan said she was a great cock sucker, when I started to say who I liked the best he stopped me and said let me guess, Jeff right? I answered yes but I wouldn't want him all the time, there were times when he hurt me. That's when he laid the bomb on me by saying, you have fucked him before haven't you? I looked at him and said yes it was at the interview. I told him I did it for us and was not happy about what I had done and could he ever forgive me. To my surprise he didn't seem mad but didn't say anything for a long while. When he finally did he said I should be mad but I'm not, this has opened a new door for us one that we both seem to enjoy, but in the future to let him know what's going on. I promised I would and continued with all the particulars of the new position and what was next. Once I was finished he told me I thought there was more to it than you was telling him. That's when I asked if he wanted me to not go for the position, he said if that's what you want go for it. I didn't know how to feel about what he said, but I was happy he wasn't mad. The weekend went by with us talking about the club and a call from Jan, asking how we were and wondering if we wanted to get together again next weekend. I told them yes and we would talk again later about the details.

Monday at work started off the same as usual, that was until Jeff arrived. He hadn't been there 30 minutes when he called me into his office. As I went into his office he told me to close the door and please sit down. After a few silent minutes he said, you know what happened Friday has to stay out of the office, it wouldn't be good for either of us if it got around. I couldn't believe my ears, did he really think I would go around the office telling everyone about our fun. I told him not to worry I wasn't going to tell anyone. As I started to get up he told me to sit down we needed to talk about the clients that were coming. They would not be here until Wednesday around 3PM so it everything in line. I told him not to worry I had everything under control. I have dinner reservations at the Chop House and hotel suite at the Hilton, they will be new clients on Thursday. Jeff smiled and said I'm sure they will be.

The week flew by and it was Wednesday before I knew it. When I left for work I told James that I maybe late and maybe not home at all. All he said was sign them babe. I had my normal things on but I had left a couple of buttons open and had my hair down but underneath was a red lacy bra and a matching throng. I spent the morning making sure everything was in order and laid out in the conference room. At lunch I went downstairs to grab something to eat, I had just sat down when Beth walked up and asked if she could sit with me, I said yes and she sat down. After a little small talk she said looks like its your day, you look very nice. I told her thank you and asked if her client was still going to be here tomorrow. She said yes but she wasn't looking forward to it. I was surprised and asked her why. She said because he is an older guy, quite a bit over weight and usually a grump. I thought to my self great hope he doesn't like sex either. I finished and we both got up and headed to the elevator. We were the only one's in the elevator, that's when Beth said I'm really sorry for how I have acted since we found out about the position, we have both worked our asses off and both deserve the position. I agreed and it was then she planted a big kiss on my lips and parted them with her tongue and said good luck. I was so surprised it was a minute before I could speak and say thank you. We went in the office and I went to make sure I had everything in place. The next thing I know its 3 and they are walking in the office, I'm nervous as hell but I greet them and bring them into the conference room. they have a seat and I called Jim and Jeff. The meeting went well, I had all the answers. Jim and Jeff said we have to leave but you are in excellent hands, they would see them tomorrow.

There names are Bret and Steve, I'm guessing in their mid 30's both in good shape and both really funny. I thought I am going to enjoy the time with them. I said well gentlemen our dinner reservations aren't until 7 so I will take you to the hotel until then. They both said great and we left. On the limo ride there we talked and they joked constantly. They were in the back seat and I was in the front facing them, getting in these things is not easy with a skirt on not to mention a tight one, it rode up and was difficult to pull down, that's when Bret said don't pull that down on our account, I smiled and stopped pulling. As I crossed my legs I'm sure they could see my red throng the way they were looking. when we were getting out at the hotel they let me go first, guess they were hoping for a good view from behind, I have no doubt they saw my ass. We walked through the lobby and into the elevator all the time joking about how they knew nothing about the area and where the fun spot were. I assured them I would point them to the fun spots, that's when Steve said I've seen one already and they both laughed. when we got to their suite I opened the door and gave both a key and then showed them around. There was a stocked bar so I asked what they would like to drink. I made them a drink and they insisted I join them, so I mixed myself one and we went to the living area and sat down. We talked about the hot spots around town and that's when Steve said are there any good strip clubs close by. The one damn thing I hadn't thought about, I replied I'm not sure let me find out. I looked strip clubs up on my phone and found one 2 blocks away. I told them I had no idea how good it was but it was close. Steve said great we will have to go there after we eat. There was two and a half hours till our reservation. we talked more and Bret said he would mix us another drink, he made a strong one for me. As I drank my drink I started to feel its effect on me. The conversation soon turned to the strip club, that's when Steve asked if I ever stripped, I was about to say it's none of your business when I remembered the goal of this meeting. I said I had for my husband but no one else. That's when Bret said why don't you give us a little show now to pass the time, I said no I didn't think so they could see all they wanted at the strip club. Bret said yeah but that's later we would like a show now. I again said I didn't think so but didn't really mean it, I think the sensed that in my voice and kept after me. I finally said OK but no touching only looking, they agreed but I didn't really think they would keep their word. I started dancing swinging my hips and shaking my tits. I first took off my jacket and threw it at Bret, now when I shook my tit's they would really move in the lacy bra. I slowly unbuttoned my top until they could see my red bra, this time I threw the top at Steve. As I slowly danced I unzipped my skirt and slowly slide it down my legs and kicked it off, now I'm dancing in my bra, throng and heels. That's when I said that's it, knowing they wouldn't let that happen. They both said oh no babe don't stop now. I leaned over and shook my tit's as I reach the clasp and let them loose they both moaned. I could see a budge in both of the pants as I turned around and shook my ass at them, that's when Bret said holly shirt girl you are awesome as he rubbed his cock through his pants. I kept dancing not taking off my throng, that is until Bret said lets see that pussy girl. I started pulling it down but as I did I would turn where neither could see it and turn back around as I pulled it back up, I did this several times until Steve told me to stop teasing them and take it off. I turned my back to them slowing pulling it off and stepped out of it as I slowly turned back around I see that both of them have their cocks out stroking them. They were both about 8 inches long and average thickness, I kept dancing until Bret said I needed to give him a lap dance, I agreed but reminded him no touching. He said ok and I climbed onto the chair and started dancing again this time rubbing my tits in his face and sliding up and down his cock with my now wet pussy being careful not to let it enter me. I kept this up until I heard him say OH FUCK I"M CUMMING as he shot his load. As I got up Steve said my turn, so I did the same to him, except he grabbed one on my nipples and started sucking on it, this made me even wetter and as I slide up and down his cock I came as the head of his cock massaged my clit. Now I'm dripping my juices on his cock and as I rubbed up he lifted his cock and it slide in my wet wanting pussy. We both said OH FUCK at the same time and I started riding him hard. He started matching my strokes and it wasn't long before I hear I"M CUMMING and feel his hot cream shooting inside me. Damn was that good. I feel his cock start to soften and I pull off. Bret said that wasn't fair she said hands off that's when Steve said he didn't use his hands only his mouth and cock, we all laughed and I told Bret he would have his turn.

I looked at them and said you boys better get cleaned up if we are going to make our dinner time. They got up and went to their rooms and I headed to the bathroom to clean up and get ready. Once we were all ready I called the limo and we went down to go to dinner. I let them get in first so I could give them a good show getting in. I had left my throng and bra off so going in they got a good view of my bare tits and my bare pussy when I sat down. It was about a 10 minute ride and all they talked about was the strip club. Once there they let me get out first, go figure, this time they had a clear view of my pussy as I got out. They had our booth ready and we had no waiting. I slide in first they sat on each side of me. We ordered drinks and read the menu. After ordering we sat and talked, I tried to get them to talk about the contract but all they wanted to talk about was the strip club, men! It wasn't long before I felt a hand on both of my legs sliding my skirt up to were they could take turns rubbing my pussy. All this attention was making my nipples hard, Bret noticed and said girl you must like the attention, that when I grabbed their hard cocks in my hands and said not as much as you two seem to be. We all laughed and the food arrived. After dinner we got back into the limo and when I said back to the hotel they said no we want to go to the strip club. So I told the driver to go there. We went in, the place was dark except for the stage and the music was really loud. We found a table close to the stage to watch the entertainment. The girl that was dancing was swinging on a pole and doing splits on the floor. She hadn't taken everything off yet and the guys started shouting for her to take it off, this was my first time in a strip club so I didn't really know what to expect. She kept dancing and took off her top, Bret went to the stage and place a bill in her G string. She wiggled her ass at him and placed it in his face then turned and shook her tits in his face. Steve had his hand on my leg as we watched Bret. Bret returned and whispered to me she's hot but doesn't have anything on you. The music stopped and she left the stage. The next girl was really sexy had huge tits and a sexy ass. the men started clapping and shouting at her. This time both Steve and Bret went to the stage and as she danced they placed bills in her G string. They did it so often she soon was only paying attention to them. Steve whispered something in her ear and she took off the next to nothing top and put her tits on his face. The music ended and she left the stage. When they returned they asked if I liked her, what could I say but yes. Steve said great she's going to give us a private dance. He took my hand and lead me to a room off the dance area. The room was dimly lit with two luv seats, it wasn't long before the dancer came in and gave both the guys a kiss and then turned and gave me one also. We sat down and she started dancing, she hadn't put her top back on so went right to putting her tit's in the faces of the guys and giving them a lap dance. She danced for Bret first then turned her attention to Steve. She was grinding her pussy on his lap, I knew he had to have a hard on. I saw Steve whisper in her ear and she got up and came over to me, shaking her tits in my face she leaded over and gave me a kiss backed off and came back for another kiss this time parting my lips with her tongue. As she put her tongue down my throat I felt her hands pinch my nipples. I thought OMG here I go again. She kept kissing me and pinching my nipples as she straddled me she was rubbing her pussy on me, this caused my skirt to ride up to my waist leaving the only thing between our pussies being her G string. I started getting into this especially when she stopped kissing me and leaned over and started sucking my nipples through my top, they were hard as rocks. As I started to moan she got off me and got on her knees kissing my inner thighs heading to my wet pussy. Soon I felt her tongue licking my lips parting them and pushing her tongue deep into me, I moaned louder as she flicked my clit with her tongue, she really knew how to light my fire. It wasn't long before I was screaming FUCK YESSSS EAT MY PUSSY and came hard. She started licking my juices, it felt great as I came down from my orgasm high. After a few minutes she got up and gave me another kiss with plenty of tongue, that when I tasted my juice and thought to myself how good it was. Steve came over to me and whispered in my ear asking if I wanted to dance out on the floor, I said yes thinking I was going to dance with him and Bret but I was wrong he wanted me to dance up on stage. Once I figured out that was what he had in mind I started to back out, but it wasn't to be, I protested but not to strongly thinking about getting them to sign with the company. We went back to the main area and Steve went to talk with someone about letting me dance. When he returned he told me the floor was all mine after the next dancer. I keep thinking now what am I going to do, I don't have any under wear on only my street cloths, so after the next dancer left the floor I went out on stage as the music started. All the guys in the place were yelling at me to take it of. As I danced I started to relax and enjoy all the attention. As I danced I unbuttoned my coat and threw it on the stage. The guys got louder as I started with the buttons on my top, one at a time I opened it exposing more and more of my breasts. As the last button came open I threw my top on the stage and danced around shaking my tits as the cheers really got going plus bills started being thrown on the stage with some guys putting them in the ban on my skirt. With all the attention I was soaking wet and loving ever minute of it, that's when I started to unzip my skirt but the bouncer stopped me and escorted me off the stage as everyone started booing as I left. Turns out it is against the law to be completely nude. So here I am walking around without a top on since mine was on the stage. As I walked up to the stage to get my top everyone was cheering and clapping for me. I got dressed and the guys one on each side lead me out to the waiting limo. As we got in Bret said damn girl are you sure you have never done that before you were great. I told him no but I could probably make more money and have more fun doing that. We all laughed as the driver headed to the hotel. As we got in the elevator I kissed Bret then Steve and told them I'm horny as hell who's going to be first. It was then I asked myself what I had become. Bret reminded me that I had already fucked Steve and it was his turn. That's when the elevator stopped and the doors opened, I said batter up Bret lets go. As soon as we were in the room Bret was taking off my cloths and had me on the bed before I knew it. He must not have taken off his pants because I had no sooner laid my head down when I felt is hard cock slide into my still wet pussy. He was stroking me long and slow at first but he soon picked up the pace. I thought at this pace he won't last long but I was wrong, I came 3 times and he was still hard as a rock. I was getting loud it felt so good, that's when Bret pulled out and moved me around on the bed so my head was off the bed. It wasn't long before I understood why, Steve was holding his cock at my lips so I could suck on him as I took him down my throat I felt Bret's cock enter me again and started stroking me. I was in heaven and it wasn't long before I came again. Bret's pounding of my pussy was awesome and I was loving sucking on Steve's hard cock. This went on for what seemed like an hour when I hear Bret say OH FUCCCCCK IM COMING and I felt his hot cream fill my pussy, as he slowly stroked me I felt Steve stiffen and start shooting his load down my throat. Damn did it feel and taste good. I keep thinking what have I become but all along loving every minute of it. They both fucked me two more times during the night, we slept in between each time. It was 8 before I woke, I got up and showered before either of the guys woke up and left and took a taxi home. When I walked in James was in the kitchen making a pot of coffee, as I walked in the room he turned and looked at me and said damn sweetheart you must have had a wonderful night you will have to tell me about it. So I grabbed a cup sat down and started telling him about the night. As I talked I saw his cock getting hard and finding its way out of his boxer shorts so it was standing at attention and throbbing. That's when I asked if he wanted me to continue or take care of his hard cock. He told me to lay across the table and keep talking and he would take care of it himself. As I leaded across the table my skirt came up showing him I didn't have on any panties, he rubbed the head across my wet lips and slowly entered me as he said keep talking. I continued the story as he slowly stroked me and the closer I got to the end the faster he stroked. He was stroking me so hard I could no longer talk other then to scream for him to FUCK ME HARDER. I had come twice before he filled me with his cream. As he slowly pulled out I got on my knees and cleaned all our juices off of his cock. I took a shower and dressed and went to work, kissing James long and hard before I left. When I arrive Bret and Steve were in the conference room with Jeff and Jim. As I walked into the room Steve said there's that wonderful host. That's when Jeff said they were just telling us what a great time you showed them last night and have signed a contract with us for the next 5 years. I blush a little and said that's great welcome aboard. Bret told me that would most likely be in town on a regular basis to touch base with us on legal details. I winked and said they were welcome anytime. I got all the papers together and make sure everything was done. Before they left I asked if they would be spending the night in town tonight and Steve answered that unfortunately they had to return home. They left and Jeff called me into his office where he an Jim congratulated me on a job well done. Jim told me then he thought I would be the next partner with a little wink.

As I walked out of the office Beth came over and said congrats girl looks like you are a winner. I told her she still had her turn and it could be a tie. That's when she asked if I would like to have a drink after work and I replied sure I would love to. I called James to let him know I was having a drink with Beth and would be a little late. After work we walked to a hotel bar and sat in a booth, ordered drinks and talked. We hadn't been there long when two guys walked over and asked if we wanted some company. That's when Beth leaned over and gave me a long hard kiss, looked at them and said no but thanks for asking. They both looked at us, looked at each other turned and walked away mumbling something about fucking lezzys. Beth and I looked at each other and laughed, as we laughed we looked at each other and before I knew it we were kissing again. After a couple of really hot long kisses, Beth asked if I would like to go to her apartment. I told her I would like to but I felt I had not been giving James enough of my time lately and needed to go home. As we walked out I thought why not ask her to my place, so I did and she said sure she would love to. As we rode in the taxi we had a few more hot kisses, this was making me extremely hot and wet. That's when I felt Beth's hand on my leg pushing my skirt up till she found my soaked panties, I spread my legs for her and moaned. She had me on the verge of coming when the taxi pulled up at my house. I paid him pulled down my skirt and we headed in. Once in I introduced Beth to James, He said oh yeah I remember meeting you at a office party. I ask him to fix us a drink and headed to the bathroom. While I was there I was thinking to myself just how much I had changed in 2 short weeks, I couldn't believe it but boy was I having fun.

As I walked back into the living room James and Beth were sitting on the couch talking. James handed me a drink and I sat down across from them. We talked about things going on in the world when out of the blue James says you were right she has big tits. Beth and I looked at each other and busted out laughing. I told Beth that's the only thing about you I was sure he would have remembered, Beth said well they are my best assets as she pushed her chest out. Of course James agreed. I told them I would be right back to continue the conversation, that's when James asked which one the world or Beth's tits. I told then you choose as I walked out of the room. I made us a snack to go with our drinks and when I walked back into the room Beth was on James' lap facing him as he sucked on her nipples. I looked at them and said well that's the subject I figured you would continue. I sat down and watched them all the while getting wetter and wetter. I had all I could take and walked behind the coach and started kissing Beth our tongues doing combat. As we kissed and James sucked her nipples Beth had freed James' hard cock, she stopped kissing me and moved to where I could see his throbbing hard on and asked if she could take care of it. I told her sure but lay down on the coach. She got up and laid down so James could slide into her wet waiting pussy, I loved the sight of him sliding into her and the loud moan that she gave. As I walked around the coach I took off my cloths and leaned down and started licking Beth's clit as James stroked in and out. It wasn't long before I heard Beth yell out OH FUCK I"M CUMMING and started jumping around until her orgasm subsided. James was still stroking her so I moved up and put my pussy in her face and she eagerly licked me, she sure knew what she was doing and I was loving it. This kept up till I hear James telling us he is going to cum, that's when Beth yells yes fill me up with your cream, Hearing this made me cum and my juices flow over her face. We all needed to take a break after that. After our drinks I suggested we move to the bedroom for round two. As soon as we got into the room James and Beth removed the rest of their cloths, James was still recovering so Beth and I started kissing again, it wasn't long before we got into a 69 position, as I licked her pussy I could taste James' cum it was so sweet, I have grown to love the taste in the past couple of weeks. I was the first to cum and as I continued to eat Beth, James had gotten hard again and came over to Beth and put it in her willing mouth, she had him moaning from the start taking him completely down her throat, I know how much he loves his cock sucked and she was an expert. I was still licking her but she hadn't cum so I reached into the night stand and got my silver bullet, with that its wasn't long before she was screaming again well as much as she could with a cock in her mouth. We all fell on the bed and were soon asleep. I slept until morning when I was awaken by the bed being bounced around, I looked to find James fucking Beth again, he was really pounding into her and I could tell she was loving every stroke. I laid there and watched them until she starts yelling I'M CUMMING followed by James saying OH FUCK I'M CUMMING and shot his load deep in her pussy. Soon they both fell on the bed exhausted.

I looked at the clock, saw the time and told Beth if we didn't hurry we would be late. That sent us running to the shower and to get dressed. We got dressed and jumped into the car and headed to the office. On the way Beth told me I was a lucky woman to have a man like James, I couldn't agree more. We arrive a few minutes late and Beth went straight to her office to get ready for her new client.

At 2 o'clock her client showed up but he wasn't over weight and wasn't old. He was in great shape and looked to be around 25 years old. I was the only one out when he arrived and showed him to the meeting room, that's when I found out he was the son of the client that was supposed to be here. I told him to relax and I would get Beth. I went to her office and told her babe you are going to enjoy your client, she laughed and said yeah right, but as we reached the room and she saw him she looked at me and I winked and said have fun. The meeting seemed to go well and Beth left to wine and dine him. As they walked by my office she stuck her head in and winked at me. The next morning they returned to the office and went straight to the meeting room to talk with Jeff and Jim. The meeting lasted almost and hour. they all shook hands and I saw the client sign the papers. Although I was happy for Beth I knew that meant we had tied and would have to meet with Jim and Jeff a second time. The difference is I was ready this time to do what ever it would take to secure the position. It was almost time to go home when Jeff called me into his office. He told me to sit down, that's when he told me what I already knew. He said that he and Jim wanted to have the position filled as soon as possible and wanted to do the final interview tomorrow night if I could that soon. I told him that wouldn't be a problem what time would they like to start. He said 7 PM at Jims apartment. The time flew by until the interview, I had showered and dressed in the sexiest dress I had it was very tight short and really low showing a lot of cleavage. This time I didn't have anything on under it.

I arrived at Jims apartment right on time. As I walked in Jim commented on how sexy I looked I thanked him and asked if I might have a drink that's when Jeff asked if I needed some liquid courage I told him no but I hoped they had taken their vitamin V they were going to need it, They both laughed and told me to bring it on. Jim handed me my drink and we sat down. Jeff said that Bret and Steve had said I was really something and they were looking forward to meeting with me in the days going forward. I finished my drink and Jim ask if I wanted another one, I said sure and he left to make me one. While he was gone I told Jeff I had been waiting for the chance to ride is sweet cock again. He said he had been wanting some more also. That's when I got up walked to where he was sitting, unzipped his pants and brought out his soft cock. I bent over and took it in my mouth swallowing the entire thing, something I can't do when he is hard. As I was sucking Jeff, Jim returned and saw what was going on and said damn you two started with out me. I wiggled my ass at him knowing he was able to see may bare ass and pussy lips. I heard a zipper as I kept sucking Jeff I soon felt the head of Jim cock rubbing against my wet pussy. When he found how wet I was he entered me with one quick thrust and started stroking me as I sucked Jeff's now hard cock. I let this go on for several minutes and was loving it but I needed Jeff's monster in me. I stopped sucking Jeff and pulled Jim's cock out turned around and slide down Jeff's huge cock till I had it all in me then slowly started riding him as I took Jim's cock deep in my mouth. All three of us were moaning with pleasure. I sucked Jim wanting him to cum first so I would be able to ride Jeff hard. Soon I got my wish as I felt Jim stiffen and start to shoot cum down my throat. I loved the taste of his cum and my juices. I kept sucking until he started getting soft, I let his cock slide out of my mouth and started riding Jeff hard, I was loving that huge cock stretching my pussy. I kept riding him until I heard him say he was cumming and filled me with his cream, I was loving every minute and rode him till he was soft. After all this I still hadn't cum and was wanting to badly. I looked at Jim and told him I wanted him to eat me I needed to cum, that's when he leaned over and removed my dress freeing my tits. He took a nipple in his mouth sucking it hard then bit it making me scream with pleasure. He then took the other one in his mouth and bit it also again I screamed with pleasure. He continued kissing his way down to my cum soaked pussy and started giving me a wonder tongue fucking. It wasn't long before I started to cum screaming HELL YES EAT MY PUSSY. As I came down from my high I laid on the coach with my eye shut feeling great. While Jim had been eating me Jeff had been stroking his cock hard again, he told me to keep my eyes shut and pulled my legs up, that's when I felt the head of that monster parting my lips sliding deep in me, I came hard as he started stroking me, I opened my eyes and looked at him and told him to fuck me, fuck me hard. I didn't have to tell him twice, he pounded me hard and it felt wonderful. After our meeting at the swinger club I knew I was in for a long hard fucking and OMG did it feel great. .I must have cum 5 or 6 times before he came, I told him no don't cum please don't cum I need your cock bad but he shot his load deep in me and was soon going soft. That's when he pulled out but to my surprise I soon felt Jim's hard cock slide in, I yelled HELL YES GIVE IT TO ME, and give it to me he did. Again I came time after time, I was in heaven. He fucked me so hard I must have passed out because the next thing I knew I was on the couch and both of them were sitting in chairs looking at me. I told a drink, looked at them and asked if that's all they had. They looked at each other and said damn is this the same gal that was here 2 weeks ago. That's when I said no you made me a slut and now I want to be fucked all the time. Jim and Jeff said they were both worn out for the night, I looked at them and asked if they were sure I was just getting started. They looked at each other and said yes we are done they had to save some for Beth tomorrow. I said well OK guess I will go home and fuck my hubby.

I cleaned up dressed and kissed them good bye, squeezing their cocks as I did. I went home jumped in the shower and told James of the meeting. He said I should have the job in the bag. I can only hope he is right. The next day flew by and I wished Beth good luck as I kissed her in the elevator. I was on pins and needles the whole night thinking about what tomorrow would bring. Soon enough it came and I was on my way to work. Beth was there in the coffee shop, I asked her how it went and she said she thought very well and may the best gal win. I wished her well also and we got in the elevator. It was lunch before either of the guys got to work but it didn't take long before they called a meeting of the entire office. That's when they let everyone know of the new position and who the candidates were. Then Jeff said he was proud to announce that Liz would be the new third partner of the firm and that Beth would be promoted to a new position of not only seeking out new clients but as the person that would wine and dine all new and existing clients. When I heard that I was both excited and disappointed, since I had been told only one of us would be promoted and the other would lose their job. The more I thought about it the madder I got, that's when I started thinking of how to get my revenge. So stay tuned for part 3.

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