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My Promiscuous Evolution

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First of all, I am not writing for your entertainment, but rather trying to understand myself and the journey I have experienced.

I was born a boy child unto strict religious parents in 1960s Alabama. I was blessed or cursed with an inherent urge and curiosity toward sexual things. One of my earliest memories occurred when I couldn?t have been more than 3 years old. My mother had a morning ritual coffee meeting with the neighbor ladies and church ladies at our home. During one of these caffeine hen parties, five or six of us toddlers found a hiding place behind the den couch. We began exploring our curiosities with one another. It wasn?t long until we were all naked, poking and prodding one another in our private areas. It was at this point, we were discovered by our mothers! My mother is a large framed woman and hasn?t changed much since then six feet two inches tall and 200 pounds. She grabbed me up by my feet and as I hung upside down, she spanked me endlessly for my indiscretion. I remember feeling great shame, but at the same time I was trying to steal a last glimpse of my naked playmates! After that day, the children of the coffee devotional were kept within maternal eyesight. While I was under constant surveillance, I still possessed an overwhelming desire to seek sexual curiosity.

When I was four, I had a friend of the same age called Bubbles. Bubbles and I played in the driveway and on the front porch of my house daily. Of course, I couldn?t be a good boy and we found ways to play show me yours and I?ll show you mine games. One day we were both bottomless and touching each other when the postman walked up. He stared at us for a second and rang the doorbell. My mother came to the door, glanced at us and her face became deep red and angry. Once again my mother grabbed me up and whipped my naked bottom. Bubbles was escorted home and there was an angry exchange of words between the two mothers. Bubbles and I were never allowed to play together again.

At age five, my mother and I went across the road to a friend?s house for coffee and cake. I was quite familiar with this girl. Her name was Julie. Her family and my family attended church together three times per week. I always got to play with her older brother?s collection of army men, tanks and jeeps. I liked going over there to their house. On this one occasion, Julie wanted me to play in her room. I went in and was not impressed by the play options of dolls and girlie things. But Julie had another plan. She wanted to play nurse ?patient games. This was right up my alley! In the course of our play, I discovered a feeling that I had never had before. I was sitting on top of her as she lay on the floor. We were both clothed, but I had an animal instinct within to rub myself by sliding back and forth across her. Before long, I had the rush of extreme pleasant feelings across my body. I told Julie of my experience and she wanted to try. I lay down and she began to rub herself back and forth across my abdomen. She too had an experience of physical feelings. We thought we had discovered the secret of the universe, so we went running down the hall to the living room where our mothers sat. Julie yelled Momma, Momma, I want to show you something. She instructed me to lie down on the floor and then she mounted me and rode back and forth across my lower half. I saw the shocked look on my mother?s face and immediately understood what was going to happen next! Mom grabbed me up, whisked me out the door, and spanked me all the way home! It didn?t matter; I had learned a great secret that day. The next day my mother and I walked across the street to my friend Bobby?s house. Our mothers started the normal gossiping and Bobby and I went to his bedroom to play. I couldn?t keep my secret and I told him about the previous day?s experience. He allowed me to demonstrate on him and then it was his turn. He kept saying I don?t feel it. We decided maybe we needed to be naked so we stripped off our pants and underwear and he sat on my little penis and stared rocking back and forth. A few minutes later he said, I like it. We got dressed without being caught. It was a successful mission! I remember playing the rubbing game a few more times with Bobby.

It was at age seven, my life changed. A moving van was parked in the driveway of the house next door. I watched through our hedgerow as furniture and toys and such were unloaded. I saw a boy that appeared to be my age playing in the yard. I made my appearance and said hi to him. From that moment we became lifelong best friends. His name was Frank and he was 10 months younger than me. His parents were extremely less conservative than mine. They were both drinkers and smokers. Franks dad cursed frequently. I felt more accepted at Franks house than my own. We spent every waking minute together. Cars, trucks, army men, hide and seek, whatever we could imagine. It wasn?t long before I shared my curious side to him. We crawled up under his house and played show and tell. After that first time, we frequently did sexual things. He and I shared the rubbing game. We started spending every Friday and Saturday night together; one weekend at my house and the next at his. We always slept in the same bed. Of course this always led to more experimentation.

At age 12, Frank and I built a tree house. It was thirty feet up a hedge apple tree and no one else dared to make the dangerous trek up there but us. We found the remnants of a triple x magazine in a grassy field. This became our sexual bible. We kept the pictures in our sacred hiding place. We attempted to imitate every picture on every page of the magazine. I learned how to be oral with Frank?s penis and rectum. I learned how to kiss him. He willingly learned these skills too. I began to sprout little hairs in my pubic area and my penis became more reactive and would swell until it was tight against its flesh. During one of our naked sessions in the tree house, Frank was sucking me and when the flushing feeling came over me, a fluid squirted out from my penis. Wow! What a feeling! I spent the next 6 months trying to make Franks penis squirt without any luck. But then, the signs of pubic hair began to sprout forth from Frank?s nether region. And on one glorious day as I sucked him, he tensed and released a multitude of squirts in my mouth. I liked it. Having developed erections and orgasms, it opened up a new world of sexuality for us. We loved to 69 and missionary without penetration. As much as we tried, neither of us could stand the pain of anal. We were happy with our sexual encounters.

At age 15, Frank and I were camping in the back yard. We had a large 7 person tent that we spent most nights in during the summer months. One night after midnight, an older neighbor boy came to visit. He was 17. He caught us playing with each other. It didn?t seem to faze him. He whipped out his own penis and started to masturbate. We watched in amazement, but then things went bad. He became aggressive. Frank ran out of the tent and left me one on one with Steve the older boy. Steve through me on the ground and ripped my clothing off. He shucked his pants off to his knees and pressed me face down on the ground. Steve spit on my rectum and then pressed his hard penis against my bottom. It hurt bad! He was persistent and kept pressing until I felt a release of tension in my butt. He slid on in. I whimpered the whole time. He finally orgasmed in my ass then stood up and walked out. I stayed in the tent the rest of the night nursing my sore ass. Frank reappeared in the tent before daylight. He held me and kissed me, saying he was sorry over and over. But after that night, I allowed Frank to fuck me in the ass when he wanted.

Frank and I were both heterosexual in public. We were both high school football players and considered normal teenagers. We both enjoyed the pursuit of girls. After age 16, we had less sexual encounters together for a year. But for some reason our 17th and 18th year put us back together frequently. Frank would come back home from a date on Friday night and ask me to lick the feminine juice from his cock. I would do the same after a successful date.

I graduated high school a year ahead of Frank and we lost contact for a short time. My mom and dad had bought the family farm. Mom and my brother moved to the farm 100 miles away so my younger brother could start 8th grade there. Dad and I lived in a rental house. He would leave for the farm Friday afternoon and would return Monday afternoon after work. I had the weekends to myself. Frank and I redeveloped our sexual relationship. Frank was dating his future wife and they set me up on a blind date with her best friend. The three of them showed up at my house one Friday evening and I was grilling steaks, chilling beer and wine. We fed them a great meal. Afterward, Frank and Diane excused themselves to my bedroom and I began to make moves on Renee, a beautiful tennis player with long black hair and tanned body. It seemed meant to be and we were so easy together. Nothing was a struggle. We shed every cloth from our bodies, while making out on the couch and I was in heaven at the view of her chocolate features. Brown areolas sitting atop beautiful b cup breasts. Black trimmed pubes with a chocolate brown clitoris peeking out below. She tasted like honey. I fell for her that night.

Frank and Diane, Me and Renee married within a month of each other. Renee and I bought a mobile home and lived in a highly congested trailer park. Frank and Diane got an apartment about 5 miles away. We would get together every weekend. Frank and I both steered our ladies toward sexual things more and more with each passing Friday night together. After a few months, we had them agree to a friendly game of strip poker. It was too much fun. Before long, we were buying sex board games, but not crossing the line between couples. We were having same room sex with our spouses. One Friday night things got a little wild, but Renee had a headache and wanted to go home. I took her home and she told me I could return if I wished. OK, I did and wow! We played a few rounds of sex and drinking games Frank, Diane, and I. Diane excused herself upstairs and returned with a sheer top and panties. Frank took her to the living room and began to make out with her. I watched. Frank had her stripped down and on the floor. He had thrown off his clothes and was eating her. He motioned me over. I didn?t know where I fit in, so I reached behind Frank and began to stroke him. It was dark in the room so he didn?t feel like we were revealing our secret! Things began to escalate and Frank pressed forward to plunge his cock inside Diane. I crawled under Frank and found my lips pressed against Diane?s wet hole with Franks cock sliding in and out from above. I slurped and sucked and swallowed everything that dripped into my mouth. When Frank orgasmed and withdrew, I buried my face into Diane?s hole and drank every drop. I was hesitant about making the ultimate move, but I wandered forward and kissed Diane on the lips. My swollen cock touched her vagina. I met no resistance, so I plunged it in. What a talented young lady! Her vagina squeezed and released over and over. I couldn?t contain myself and I lost my load very quickly. What a night!

A few weekends later, Frank and I were trying for the elusive foursome. We had the ladies almost nude with a game of adult dice, but we had run out of beer and the girls were losing their buzz. Frank and I decided to make a beer run. We jumped into my car and headed to the beer store. During the drive, we spoke of the anticipated events to come. We got a little too horny and I felt Franks hand on my crotch. He rubbed as I drove. We made it to the beer store and made our purchase. When we got back into the car, Frank started fondling me again. I made a command decision and headed for my house. When we got there, I unlocked the door and Frank shoved us both inside. He pushed me down to the floor and frantically disrobed me. Seconds later, I felt the head of his penis pressing against my rectum. He pressed it in deep and rode me aggressively. He spewed his load in my ass and rolled me over. He returned the favor by sucking my cock until I shot my load. We dressed and went back to Franks house and could not get our ladies drunk enough to continue with our plan. The night ended without a foursome.

Frank and I were successful in our careers and it wasn?t long before Renee and I bought land and moved our mobile home to the country. It was an hour and a half away from Frank and Diane, but within a year, they were building a house just 30 minutes away. Frank and I worked odd shifts, while our wives both worked days. Frank would occasionally bring his children over and we babysat his two and my two during week days. When the children took naps, we would try to rekindle our sexual relationship. A blow job here or there was all we could ever accomplish. One day the kids who were all kindergarten to first grade age, were playing outside. Frank locked the door and I peered out the window on my knees, on the couch. As I watched our brood, Frank peeled off my jeans and underwear and dropped his pants. He entered me from the rear. I tried to concentrate on the children while Frank pounded me. One two three four, still good. Over and over I counted kids in the front yard. But I missed one and my daughter entered the house through the back door. Unknown to Frank and I she stood in the kitchen and watched us. When Frank quickened his pace and filled me with cum, we suddenly realized that we had an audience of a first grade girl. It cost us a Barbie funhouse, corvette and a bag of candy to buy her silence!

The years took their toll. Frank and Diane divorced. Renee and I moved away. Frank and I lost contact. Since then Renee and entered the swinging lifestyle. Both of us are happy bisexuals. Recently I received a phone call from Frank. After catching up on old times, I invited him to visit. He came over for supper. I attempted to play a little grab ass with him but he was reluctant. It wasn?t until Renee made a few flirty moves on him, that he seemed to try to find ways to join her company. He followed her to the kitchen and hugged her. He followed her to the bathroom and attempted to go in with her. He had it bad! Every time she went to refresh her drink in the kitchen, Frank was in tow. After a few trips, I heard the sounds of smooching in the kitchen. I just sat back on the couch and listened. Renee and Frank appeared hand in hand from the kitchen. She pulled him toward the hallway and toward the bedroom. Franks erection was obvious through his pants. I gave them a few minutes and then shed my clothes and wandered down the hall. Renee lay naked on the bed and Frank had his face buried into her crotch. I undressed him as he ate her. I stuck my tongue into the crack of his ass and he pressed back against me. We tried every combination of three ways that we could think of. The last position was a memory maker. I lay on my back with my head lying at the head end of the bed. Frank lay on his back with his head at the foot end of the bed. Our legs were entwined and our asses touched the ass of the other. I reached down and held our cocks together and began to stroke. Renee watched for a few minutes the climbed over the top of our touching cocks. She took both cocks into the possession of her hand and lowered herself onto them. Both our cocks were being enveloped by her pussy. Down, down, down she dropped. She moaned and began to raise and lower herself on the two members. Frank is longer than me and during a long stroke my cock fell to the side. Renee immediately took my cock in hand and guided it into her ass. Wow! We fucked like this forever. When Frank and I both squirted, our cum began to drip upon both of our thighs. Renee excused herself and I rolled over on top of Frank and we slid together cock to cock in our love goo. We both came several times that night and all three of us awoke the next morning crusted together. Now Frank calls monthly. Sometimes he comes to see me. Sometimes he comes to see Renee. Sometimes he comes to see both of us. I am happy, I am bi, and this story explains why!

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