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My Italian Wife Elenas, Home grown FMF

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My wife Elena and I had been married for eleven years when we decided to both leave Army life. Things have been pretty rough with long separation after 911 so when the opporunity came up for us both to find jobs locally we jumped at the opportunity. We met in Italy, fell in love and married, although she is Italian she was a US citizen, a registered nurse and a Captain serving in the US Army at the time. That said, she was brought up in a strick Catholic household but was the sexual black sheep in the family which is why I married her! If we stayed in the Army our future looked much the same with many more moves and separations so this was the right time and place to settle down mainly because we loved Colorado, the kids could stay in their same school, same house and Elena easly landed a nursing job in the Springs. Bad news was my job required I spend the first six months away in Korea but once I returned I had a guarenteed position back home. The big day came to depart, she & the kids shed tears when they dropped me off at the airport and we said our goodbyes. We were no strangers to separation as I had deployed to Europe and the desert twice for over a year while in the Army.

We stayed very close during our previous separations and learned to make the very best of it as a family and as husband and wife. We had a special way to stay intimate with what started out as a game to send each other sexy letters and pictures grew into one of our favorite adult hobbies, making home grown amatuer movies together, kinky, yes but it was a lot of fun. Challenge was always getting the tripod set up to get the action when it wasn’t her shooting me or me shooting her, so it wasn’t perfect but the best we could do without a third party cameraman. Through some inventive techniques and multiple "takes" we were able to get the shot we needed to edit out a short movie. Typically it would take us about five love making sessions and a few viagra's to create a long lasting respectable porno scene by porno standards. We loved producing these as our home movies came complete with costumes, plot and scandal! Writing the script was fun, acting in the sex scenes was great, out takes led to some gut renching laughs and the final product left us with a real couples bonding experience for us both.

During our separations at my request my wonderful sexy wife Elena e-mail'd me very sexy pictures of her in risque lingere and occasionally send a short DVD stripping or getting herself off with her newest toy. The longer I was away the more erotic the pictures became so by the time I was due to get home I was getting videos of her doing it in on our bed, on the kitchen table, on the pool table, couch, on the car in the garage, you name it. She loved to tease me as she played the lonely housewife to the sex vixen, herself masterbating with one sex toy after another as she put on a "porn star" orgasmic performance. Not sure if she really was really having all those screaming orgasms but it sure was entertaining! I got so hot, horny and hard viewing her Academy Award winning performances it had me jacking off like a mad man until I shot gobbs of goo-string a foot in the air. Truth is she knows I love porn, she knows this will keep my mind on her hot body when I am away and she’s knows it will kept my mind on her velvet pussy. A great Mom and hard working professional by day she has a dark side as she’s a self confessed closet exhibitionists and wanna be porn star so this fills her fantasy to make adult movies and I love it!

Elena is an attractive at 35 years old, I am very proud of her as she has maintained a killer body from years of devoted exercise and diet even after having had our two kids. Since we only wanted two kids I had a vasectomy once our second was born and she upgraded her chest with a killer breast augmentatiom. Over time she got a few tattoos, one her ankle, in the small of her back and most recently on her shoulder. Her attitude toward sex has always been open and unihibited but now her sex drive seemed to grow as she aged, taking a real interest in kinky sex playing her various rolls in our adult movies. She loves to dress up on our date nights or parties and always picks out something that shows off her long legs and perky full 34C+ tits attached to her shapely 5'6", 105lbs hard body whenever the occasion allowed. I am proud to be with her and lucky to be the guy banging this hot Italian Momma!

After about five months into my trip I recieved my badly needed DVD from her that began with her laying out back by our pool sunbathing in string bikini, sexy high heels and sunglasses. I was somewhat surprised to see she had cut her hair to a Lora Bush look from her usual long hairstyle. Brenda sat up from the lounge chair and began rubbing suntan oil all over her soft tan olive skin asking how I liked her new hairstyle. After about 5 minutes of updating me on the latest gossip at work and the neighborhood she smiled and laid back saying "I really miss you baby and want to give you a special treat this time. I have a surprise for you Honey, this one will give you a whole new view of your very horny, hot, wet, naughty wife!". The camera scanned her body zooming in and out on her legs, crotch and tits as her hands corressed her legs, breasts and crotch. The camera began to move around her circling 360 degrees at which point she slowly took off her top teasing me by squeezing her nipples and pushing her awesome tits together then sensuously sucking and licking her each nipple. With a sexy smile she leaned back spread her legs and pulled her bottoms to one side exposing her wet womanhood glistening in the bright mile high sun - my cock sprang to attention! The camera focused on her pussy as she played with herself, she rubbed her swollen clit with one hand and held her bottoms aside with the other. Brenda arched her back and sensuously slid her bottoms off exposing her no tan line naked body to the warm Rocky Mountain sunshine. The camera moved between her legs again for a closeup as she spread her legs wide open for the camera I heard her say "Give my man a closeup shot, he's loves to see my wet hot pussy, don't you baby!" She spread her labia lips apart exposing her engorged pink hole, moaned as she played with her swollen moist pussy as her juices oozed from her slit and ran down her ass. I must admit it was an awesome sight and I had a raging hardon to deal with once again!

Now being Italian, Brenda had a naturally hairy crotch. She used to shave until she had it permanently removed sparing me the jungle between her legs if she failed to trim the forest. When I first met her she only shaved her bikini line until I convinced her I would give her more oral if she shaved as I was constantly suffering from public hair furr balls in my throat - after that her crotch was always smooth as and hairless as a babies ass! Even after trimming it she still had a healthy patch of hair on her pelvic mons. As she pulled her bottoms off I could clearly see she had trimmed her bush to a small silver dollar size thin tuft of hair an inch above her slit. The camera zoomed in and out as she talked to me like I was their asking me if I liked her "other" new hairstyle. I truly did but had to ask myself ,"after 11 years of marriage, why is she doing this now?" In addition she had pierced her navel and had jewelry in her belly botton, again a turn on for me. Then she asked if I missed her, if I wanted to taste her wet juices as she discribed for me how much she wanted to suck my hard cock and fuck me like there was no tomorrow... Then she picked up a big thick black dildo from the table next to her and started getting herself off with the vibrating monster and said "since you can't fuck me then maybe you'd like to watch me fuck this big black cock...!" Now, my cock was at full mast and I struggled to get it out of my jeans to punch my clown while I watched her pumped the huge black cock in and out of herself while she furiously circled her clit with her other fingers! She put on a great show fingering her ass and dildo fucking herself silly, pinching her nipples and rubbing her clit until she spasmed and moaned as she came - I blew my load about the same time shooting jiz two feet in the air. The camera zoomed on to her face as Brenda recovered then she blew me a kiss I could see in her sunglasses the reflection of the camera person! Then she gathered her things and walked naked in her heels back into the house turning around as she walked to motion for the camera, I assume she ment me to join her inside. I watched it over and over trying to make out the gender of the reflection but it was to small and distorted. I didn't know whether to be pissed our just to let it go as maybe it was a discete female friend from work who did the honors for her. Truth is I was strangly aroused by the thought of this mystery person filming my wife or even excited at the thought of her having sex with the other person.

The more I thought about it the more I needed to know who had filmed her. I had convinced myself it was some dude since she has never indicated any interest in women or agreed to have a woman join us in bed so having a woman film her seemed unlikely. She knew I must have seen the reflection of the person as he or she zoomed in at the end and she was definately directing someone to what to shoot. My curiosity got the better of me so I e-mailed her asking her who was behind the camera. That evening I got my response - she began by telling me how much she loved me and hoped the whole thing did not lead to a divorce as she pleaded for my understanding. She told me she had been spending alot of time with our neighbors as our kids played together constantly and we were all close friends. We grilled out with our neighbors Beth and Kerry on weekends, enjoyed time playing cards and getting pie eyed together. We had even hot tubbed with them occasionally in the nude but that was as far as it went so all in all we had a close friends. They are our age, Beth is a cute blond with a very hot body and a great pair of tits and her husband Kerry is handsome well hung and well built at 6'2" 220lbs X pro soccer player.

She told me one Saturday afternoon a couple of months ago she was at Beth's hanging out while the kids played in their pool all afternoon. After a few beers and girl talk she said their conversation turned to their sex life. Basically after discussing what their bedroom life was like Brenda joked how she was so horny she was ready to jump the yard guy if he held still long enough! Beth said she and Kerry had always wanted to try a threesome, guy or girl but never had the opportunity. About that time there discussion was interupted when Kerry got home from golf and asked if these "sexy ladies" cared to join him in Margeritaville. Tequilla is the one alcohal that is guarenteed to make Brenda horny, naughty and wild. They did so Kerry made them a pitcher of frosty Cuervo Gold laddened tequilla mageritas and then jumped in the pool to cool off before grilling dinner for the ladies and the kids. It was getting dark so Brenda thanked them and took the kids home to turn them in for the night. Shortly after getting home Beth called Brenda inviting her back over after the kids were asleep for another magerita and a hot tub which she accepted. Brenda got on her bikini and robe and returned to the pool area finding Beth and Kerry already in the hot tub naked with another pitcher of magaritas at hand. Kerry told her the price of admission was to take off either her top our her bottoms because after dark only one piece of bikini was allowed in the hot tub at a time. She agreed to take her top off then figured it was silly so she took off her bottoms joining them in the nude since we'd all done this before. Brenda sat across from Kerry and Beth as they all downed two full pitchers margeritas between them. She said they were having a great time and all getting tipsy when either Beth or Kerry started playing footsy with her. She played along telling me it was kind if erotic not knowing which one it was, Kerry or Beth, male or female!

She said they were both straight faced and she could not tell by their expression who it was. As they laughed and talked the foot made it's way up her leg and past her knee until a big toe was pressing against her bare crotch. She said she could not resist the temptation to play along so she spread her legs apart and reached down to feel the intruder and felt Kerry's hairy leg. He winked at her without Beth seeing him. Now she said she was getting very turned on by Kerry rubbing her crotch with his foot while she talked to unsuspecting Beth all the time her husband was secretly giving Brenda a toe job in the darkness of the bubbling water! After awhile Beth moved next to her and Kerry somehow positioned himself close enough to reach her with his hand, she said she could not resist opening her legs accepting his advances as he discretely rubbed her crotch and slid his finger in her silky wet hole. After several minutes of feeling the pleasure of his finger massage her vagina and clit she was close to cuming when Kerry stood up and excused himself but the fingers were still giving her pleasure! To her shock it was not Kerry's fingers, but it was Beth's! They both laughed and said "Gotcha!" Brenda was speechless and shocked. Before she could react she said Beth put her arms around her and pulled the two of them together whispering softly in her ear, "Suuuurpriiiised?" She said she was so turned it felt so good she allowed Beth to continue to caress her body, then she was kissing, licking and sucking her neck, ears and kissing her, she massaged her breasts, pinched her now rock hard nipples and rubbed her throbbing clit until she exploded in an shattering orgasm.

She had not noticed until after she came that Kerry was now back in the hot tub rubbing his wife's tits. By the time Brenda had regained her composure Kerry and Beth were in the throws passion, kissing each other giving Brenda a live sex show. She said she got so excited all she could do was sit back and watch and play with herself. Beth lifted herself out of the hot tub and sat on the edge spreading her legs for Kerry telling him get over here and eat her pussy. The love making was clearly visible as the livingroom lights lite up their bodies. Kerry burried his face in Beths shaved pussy and got her off in minutes as she pulled Kerry's face against her pussy as she quivered in pleasure. Now Brenda said she was so hot she had to finger herself while they two went at it right next to her. I knew Kerry had a package from our previous hot tub adventures but when he came out of the water Brenda said her jaw dropped as he sported a thick 9" rock hard cock pointing right between Beth's legs. Brenda said Kerry asked her if she liked what she saw, she said "my God it's been so long that big" and smiled in awe of his solid stiff shaft, big nut sack and shaved balls. Beth laid back and held her legs open for him telling him to come and fuck her with his big cock, then wrapped her legs around him as his beautiful cock disappeared inside her with one slow steady forward movement. Beth let out a deep moan as Kerry began a steady rythum slowly at first then ever faster and faster her tits bouncing back and forth. They made lobe moaming, grunting and groaning softly until Beth's body shook and she moaned out her pleaseure as he brought her to a another shattering orgasm. Soon after Beth came Kerry's muscles tensed up, his rythum got faster and faster his balls slapping against Beths wet ass until he came deep inside Beth, grunting and groaning his seed filling Beths satisfied love hole. Brenda said she had never seen such a sight, her heart was pounding and her pussy was burning with desire watching the two passionately make love. She admitted she could not resist massaging his balls as they made love or sucking Beth's haed nipples as he made love to her which she greatly appreciated. Again I could not believ what I was reading and was 25% pissed and 75% turned on.

Now she dropped the bomb on what happened next. Brenda said they all moved into the house and went to their bedroom to shower together. Kerry and Beth washed Brenda from top to bottom then dried her off and led her to their bed. She told me she could have stopped it but that she was so caught up in the experience and moment she could not resist the temptation. She kept telling herself she had to stop but never could. For the next few hours they ravished her, she said she was so sorry but the combination of the tequilla and the erotic moment just swept her off her feet. They began by giving her a sensous massage then one thing led to another. Before long she had Beth between her legs eating her pussy while she gave Kerry oral sex. By the time the threesome was over she said Kerry had had her twice and she had gone down on Beth while she gave Kerry oral. She lost track how many orgasms she had but assured me this was a totally physical act of animal lust and not love. She was sorry and would understand if I wanted a divorce. Strangely after all that erotic discription I had a raging hard on and wanted to see it all.

After that night she told me the three had gotten together at their house or ours regularly. Then she said it was both Kerry and Beth who were helping her make the video. She was again very sorry but hoped we could work though this. Wow, I was really pissed, jealous and unbelievably turned on all at the same time. Now that I am back in Colorado our neighbors are also staring in our newest production: "The 4nicating 4some!"

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