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My First Swing Experience

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This is Leigh, Jack and I have been together for a few years and recently got married. We have talked about swinging a lot, so we decided to get into the swing lifestyle. Jack had been in the swing scene for several years before we met with his ex-wife and really enjoyed it, so I figured what the heck, and it might spice up our sex life, although there was a lot of spice in it already. Jack is a very sexy man he is balding on top, so we shave his head and very hairy from his neck down, which by the way turns me on to no end, he is 5'8" and 60 years old and has a nice hard 7 " cock that I love. I am 5'4" blonde hair to about the middle of my back with a lot of grey highlights, (ha! ha!) perky 38-D boobs and have a pretty nice shape for a woman of 60 years of age. I don't look my age at all, he says I look 15 years younger which really makes me feel sexy.

Jack asked me what I would like to do and I told I would love to see him with another guy, letting me watch. He asked me if I wanted to join in and I said not yet I would like to just watch him give another guy a bj and see the other guy give him a bj, so that was what we were going to do to begin with. If I felt like it I could join in at anytime but did not have to.

We met a guy, John, on sls and talked back and forth for a few days, he seemed like a nice guy so we made a date to meet him at a local daquirie shop to get aquainted first.

I figured I would be bold and had recently bought some sexy lingerie so I picked out a black bra that ties on my shoulders with a bow and string bikini that tied on the sides with a bow, I did not let Jack know what I was wearing under my regular clothes, I thought I would surprise him too.

We showered and got dressed and went to the daquirie shop to meet John. He beat us there and met us at the door, we decided to set outside where it was nice and breezy. They have some tables on a covered porch to have a little more privacy. He told us about his family and we told him about ours trying to make small talk and had a few drinks.

John went to the restroom and Jack asked me if I wanted to play. I said sure if you like him that is fine with me. We asked him to follow us home so we could get better acquainted...

When we got to the house Jack went to the restroom, those drinks were getting to him, he is not much of a drinker to start with. John said we should really get to know each other a little better and put his arms around me and drew me close and kissed me, he could tell I was a little nervous, as I said this was my first time doing this. Jack came out I said John would you like to see our home and took him on a tour of the house. We got to our bedroom and that is where the tour ended or should I say began...

I had put some red satin sheets on our king size bed and John sat down on the bed to take his shoes off and undress. Jack went to the other side of the bed and we turned the bed down and he proceeded to undress, too. I was all set to sit back and watch and John said why don't we all get undressed and relax. I said but I am only going to watch and Jack said, well you could watch in your lingerie to help us relax and to see me would help them, too. so I said ok and stripped to my sexy undies, which really surprised Jack as he did not know I was wearing them, and sat on the edge of the bed,too. Somehow I ended up in the middle of the bed instead, imagine that. Guys are so sneaky, (ha! ha! ha!).

John kissed me and decided to undo my bra and I reached up and untied the bow on my shoulder and he untied the other one, Jack said that was pretty sexy and looked down and saw that there were also bows on my hips and pulled the strings and off came my panties as well. John then started licking and sucking on my right breast and Jack did the same with my left breast, I was in heaven! then John went down to my pussy and started licking and sucking on my clit. Before long I was being taken by two men and loving it. Jack started sucking harder and it was feeling so good that I started cumming, there was no way to stop something like that, He knew I was there so he started to nibble on my boobs agressively because he knows me and I started having an orgasm woo hoo.

Jack kissed me so sweetly then stuck his cock in my mouth and I began to lick and suck him, John came up to us and I gave Jack's cock to him and he licked and sucked on it for a little bit and Jack took John's cock in his hand and started to "jack" him and he got him nice and hard and ask if I wanted it and knew I did because I love cum, and I took his cock in my mouth and Jack jacked him while I sucked and licked him, John said I'm going to cum and Jack said that is what she wants so go for it,he started grunting and I got all of his cum in my mouth and when he was finished I went up to Jack and shared it with him, in the mean time Jack was so hard from all this action that I turned and grabbed his cock and licked it and sucked it till he said baby I am going to cum and I said oh yes give me more and he did. I was so thrilled. We all sat around in the nude for a little while and talked and joked around and made plans to do this again sometime soon. John said well I guess I will see you guys later and dressed and left. Jack and I walked him to the door and when he left we went inside and crawled up in our bed and cuddled up to one another and slept so good that night and into the morning.

Now Jack is trying to set me up with several guys for me to suck their cocks while they masturbate. I love to see a man masturbate and I will lick and suck him too and then I get his cum, but I always share that with Jack, cause he likes it too. We may even have more than one at a time so I can be in the middle of a circle jerk and just go from one to the other, Boy I can hardly wait. When that happens I will let you know in my next story....

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