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My Coming of Age P2

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If you have read the first installment then you know what has happened so far. Bev and I were at her lake house and were in the process of getting naked and me playing with her greats nipples. She really enjoys having them sucked on and I was glad to take care of that for her. I was sucking each nipples and rubbing her pussy when she stopped me. She looked me in the eyes and said Jerry we need to talk. She moved to the bed, sat down and patted the bed beside her letting me know to sit down. That's when I received a talk about how foreplay is a must and she was going to teach me how to treat a woman. She started by asking me questions about my sex with girls. After hearing my answers she said sweetie you have the equipment to make any woman happy but you don't have the finesse to make it completely enjoyable. The first thing we need to work on is slowing down we have time to enjoy each other, long deep kisses fondling each other and mutual oral is an enjoyable way to set the mood, with that being said she leaned over and kissed me with her tongue down my throat. I was kissing her back getting into the mood she was setting, rubbing her tits but not pinching her nipples, this went on for what seemed like an hour, my cock was throbbing hard and was starting to hurt, I needed some release but that wasn't going to happen at least not yet. We kept kissing and she finally started rubbing my hard cock, it was all I could do to keep from cumming I was so turned on. That's when she took me into her mouth and within a matter of a couple of minutes I filled her mouth with my cum. She cleaned me up and looked into my eyes and said that's something else we need to work on and laughed. We laid back on the bed, she looked at me and asked if I had ever gone down on a woman, I sheepishly told her no. She said well there's no time like the present to take care of that. We started kissing again, I started kissing down to her tits finding her nipples hard sucking on them after awhile she started pushing me down, as I when lower and lower I was kissing along the way. When I got to her legs she spread them wide showing me her nicely shaved pussy, I could see it was wet with her moisture, that's when I kissed it licking her lips and sticking my tongue into her as deep as I could, she moaned so I figured I was doing it right and kept licking. When I would lick her clit she would shiver so I figured that spot that needed the most attention but with my licking and sucking on it, it wasn't long before she pushed me away and again told me to slow down easy there, that one of the most sinative areas on a woman's body. With that I slowed my pace and it wasn't long before she was bucking and moaning, saying that's it keep doing that. I was enjoying her taste and the fact that I was giving her pleasure. It wasn't long before she started saying OH YES I'm CUMMING, followed by a gush of fluid. After she stopped shivering she pushed me away and closed her legs, I stayed there and after a minute or two she opened her legs again and told me to gently lick her, which I did. After a few minutes she pulled me up and gave to a deep kiss and said for a first time that wasn't bad but we need to work on that also. We laid there for awhile and got up and to my surprise she really had some things she wanted moved. We hadn't gotten dressed moving the furniture and one thing she wanted moved was a large mirror. When I got up on a ladder she took my soft cock in her mouth and soon had me hard. She kept sucking me and after about 5 minutes I told her I'm going to cum, that's when she stopped looked at me and said oh no you don't, I wanted to cum so bad. She took my hand and lead me to the bed where she laid down with her legs over the edge as she spread them I got between them ready to put my hard cock into her that's when she stopped me again, took my hands and pulled me down to where I was looking straight at her pussy. I leaned forward and ran my tongue up and down her wet lips stopping at her clit giving it lots of attention. her moaning got louder and louder. I continued my assault on her clit while I put a finger in her wet pussy and started finger fucking her. It wasn't long before she started to shake and screamed out OH FUCK YES ! Her ass come up off the bed and she shook really hard. She shook a for a minute and pulled me up so she could kiss me when that happened it was like my cock was guided to her pussy, when I felt the wetness I pushed into her and being wet I was able to enter her completely, she broke our kiss long enough to say "oh fuck yes Jerry fuck me hard" hearing that I start driving into her as hard and fast as I could and soon she was shaking again and I felt her juices flow out, I slowed the pace so I wouldn't cum keeping a steady rhythm until she started shaking again, that was my sign to pound her hard and fast, this time I couldn't hold back and as she came again I let go inside her, filling her with my cum. I collapsed on her and we laid there to recover. Bev was the first to speak, she said now you are getting the idea but you still have a ways to go. Lets get cleaned up and head back to town. On the ride back we talked about my girls friends and what we had done. When we got to her house she told me to be back tomorrow at 2 PM gave me a kiss on the cheek and went in. I was thinking have I done something wrong, did I make her mad, these were my thoughts all night and the next morning. I couldn't wait for 2 to come. It was about one I when I notice a red Corvette in Bevs driveway, I'd seen it there many times before but didn't know who was driving it. Two o'clock finally came and I headed to Bev's. I knocked on the door and heard Bev tell me to come in. When I came in there was a beautiful blond woman sitting on the couch, she was wearing a white top and a black skirt, it was hard to tell much about her the way she was sitting and the lighting in the room. Bev said Ann this is my neighbor Jerry, Jerry this is Ann. After a little small talk I learned Ann lived in the next town from us on a small ranch with horses and invited me over to ride. Bev told me that she and Ann had been talking about me and that Ann had wanted meet me, I guess I blushed since they both laughed. Bev told me that she and Ann had known each other since grade school and had enjoyed playing with each other and with others. My mind was racing wondering where this was going to lead. Well it didn't take long for me to find out. Bev got up grabbed my hand and we headed to the bedroom I could hear Ann walking behind us and I was getting excited to see just what she looked like. Once in the room Bev guided me to a chair next to the bed and told me to sit. As I sat down I got to see Ann standing for the first time, she was about 5' 6, it was hard to tell since she had on heels and I was sitting down but it wasn't heard to tell about the rest of her body. Her skirt was short it came to about halfway between her knees and what I guessed to be heaven, I followed her long legs up her tits were much larger that Bev's and I was fixated on them. I was brought back to reality when Bev said see typical man only interested in boobs and they both laughed. I could feel my cock getting hard wondering what was going to happen next. Once the laughing stopped Bev told me to just sit there and learn. I had seen videos of two women playing but never in person, my cock was getting harder and harder. Bev pulled Ann close and they started kissing, their kisses got hotter and hotter, each moaning as their tongues did battle. When they stopped Bev started unbuttoning Ann's top pulling it off showing me her bra, she had the biggest tits I had ever seen they were 38's for sure, Bev rubbed them inside the bra and had Ann moaning again as Bev took each one in her mouth sucking her nipples through the bra while reaching around and undoing the clasp. As she pulled back just enough the bra fell to the floor showing me the biggest most awesome tit's I had ever seen, that's when I noticed both of her nipples were pierced and had rings in them, another first for me. Bev took each nipple in her mouth and sucked on it pulling on the ring stretching her nipple making Ann moan with pleasure. While she was sucking on those beautiful nipples Bev as taking off Ann's skirt, when it fell to the floor Ann stepped out of it and kicked it my way. I was ah struck all I could do is stare at the most sexy body I had ever seen standing there with nothing on but a thong having her nipples sucked by another sexy woman. Bev turned Ann around and pushed her onto the bed and for a moment seemed to be like me and stared at the sexy woman in front of her. Her stare didn't last long till she leaned down and started kissing Ann's legs going back and forth between them slowly moving up closer and closer to her pussy, Ann's moans got louder and louder as she pulled on her nipple rings waiting for the kissing to reach her now soaking wet pussy. As Bev reached her fabric covered pussy I could see it was wet from Ann's juices, Bev was running her tongue around the edge tracing the edge of the material, this sent Ann over the edge and she screamed out "FUCK YES I'M CUMMING" and started bucking as Bev now had moved the material and was licking her pussy. Bev kept licking and sucking on Ann's pussy until she came a second time. then slowly kissed her way back down Ann's legs taking the thong with her. When she had pulled it off she tossed them to me. My cock was as hard as I ever remember it being watching these two sexy women. Bev looked at me and told me to get naked she knew I had to be really uncomfortable. As I stood up and took my cloths off I had my eyes glued to Ann's sexy, sweaty body lying there with only her high heels on, my cock was rock hard and standing out like a flag pole. That's when Ann said you were right Bev he does have a nice package. I was getting braver so I took my cock and stroked it a few times only to have Bev tell me to not get carried away there she had plans for that later as she took her cloths off and climbed on the bed next to Ann. I couldn't believe I was there in a bedroom with two women with the sexiest bodies I had ever seen and I was going to get to fuck them. Bev told me to come get onto he bed and for now just watch as she leaned down and started kissing Ann, while she was kissing she started rubbing and pinching Ann's nipples, Ann's moans got louder and louder. Bev's kissing soon ventured down to Bev's tits where she started sucking on them with a bite now and them. I laid there watching this my cock beginning to ache I needed release but Bev moved my hand every time I started to stroke it. Bev kissed her way down to Ann's pussy , I could see her tongue licking her pussy lips teasing more and more. While Bev was licking Ann's pussy Ann was pinching and pulling her own nipples still moaning with a FUCK YES now and then. That's when Bev grabbed me and pulled me down to Ann's pussy and continued licking teasing with every lick. I watched as she slide her tongue into Ann's slit starting from the bottom and licking to her clit only to pull her tongue out before she touched Ann's clit. Ann was going crazy, she was pulling her nipples so much I knew it had to hurt but her moans said otherwise. After some more teasing Bev started her lick again but this time stuck her tongue deep into Ann's pussy. Ann bucked as Bev put her mouth over her pussy sucking her clit into her mouth tongue fucking her. Ann was squirming and bucking as Bev sucked and licked her pussy and before long screamed "OH FUCK YES I'M CUMMING". She came over and over the whole time with the ass off the bed, I had never seem such an intense orgasm. I knew in my mind this was what Bev was talking about when she said foreplay is a must to make a woman have a great orgasm and want more. Once Bev stopped Ann's ass fell to the bed and she didn't move for the longest time. Bev looked at me, leaned over and kissed me deeply, I could taste Ann's sweet juices. She broke the kiss and said now it's your turn, not knowing exactly what she meant until she laid on her back with her leg spread beside Ann. I crawled between her legs and up till I could kiss her, in that position my hard cock was right at her wet pussy, I moved up and down with my cock while we kissed and put pressure on her pussy lips but found she was holding them tight to where I couldn't enter her. She broke the kiss looked me in the eyes and said didn't you learn anything??? I told her yes I did and slowly kissed my way to her hard nipples as I pinched one and sucked the other she started to moan, I stayed there enjoying her nipples but as her moaning got louder I kissed down to her legs kissing all the way down one and back up the other, I did this several times never getting close to her pussy. I looked up to see her pinching and pulling her nipples while she squirmed and moaned. As I kissed my way down her legs again I noticed Ann was lying on her side watching us as she rubbed her nipples. On my kissing back up this time I didn't stop I licked around Bev's pussy lips causing her to squirm even more. That's when she pushed me back and told me to lay down, once I was down she moved over me and soon I had her pussy on my face. I started again to lick around her lips until she cried out please lick me, I need it now. I pushed my tongue as deep into her as I could from bottom to top, finally stopping and sucking her clit into my mouth as I tongue fucked her. From the playing with Ann and all I had done it wasn't long before Bev screamed "FUCK YES I'M CUMMING" and her juices flowed into my mouth. I kept licking her slowly as she came back from her orgasm. That's when I felt a hand on my hard cock then the wetness of a tongue as it was swallowed by Ann. I let out a moan and damn near came but I was able to hold it. Ann had my cock deep down her throat massaging it with her tongue, omg it was great, I think she was really better than Bev sucking me. I was really enjoying her sucking me when she stopped, I thought to myself damn why did she stop when I felt her hold it as she put it into her wet pussy and started to ride up and down it's length I thought oh fuck yes. She was wonderful sliding up and down my cock, moving from side to side as she did. I was in heaven this beautiful sexy woman riding me while I had a face full of pussy. I'm not sure just how long this when on but I was enjoying every minute of it. It was hard for me to concentrate on Bev's pussy while Ann was riding me and I think she knew that so she got off me and started sucking Ann's nipples. When she did Ann started riding me harder and faster and it wasn't long before I was about to explode. I told Ann I was going to cum, hearing that she slowed her pace but it was too late I shot my load deep in her pussy. She gave a loud moan and soon was shaking and her pussy was squeezing my cock milking it for every drop. She kept sliding it full length until I was soft and fell out. The three of us fell on the bed in exhaustion. After a while Bev says to Ann now it's my turn to ride him, you killed it bring it back to life. Ann's response was "with pleasure" as she took my soft cock and licked it like a loly pop and swallowed it down to my balls, the whole time with lots of tongue action. With all that it wasn't long before my cock started to awaken from all that attention once it was hard she stopped looked at Bev and said there I breathed life back into it. Bev turned over and got on all fours and Ann guided me into her, rubbing my cock up and down her slit before I slide it in. I started slowly stroking Bev's wet pussy as her moans got louder and louder. While I was stroking Bev I noticed Ann get under her and I soon felt her licking Bev's clit and my cock. It was a awesome feeling for me but Bev went wild, she must have cum three times before I lost it and filled her with my cum. Ann cleaned us both up. This went on till after five, when I was recovering the ladies were having fun with each other. The times I was an observer I couldn't help but think I'm the luckiest guy in the world. As the fuck fest was winding down we all went to the shower and believe it or not I was hard again, they both took turns sucking me until I shot my load. Ann had to go and as she was leaving she gave me a big hug and told me anytime I wanted to come out to her ranch I was more than welcome. She kissed and squeezed my cock as she went out the door. I looked at Bev wanting to see what she had in mind, that's when she told me she had a meeting and had to get ready and she would see me later. I gave her a deep kiss and went home one happy guy.

To be continued .....

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