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Molly was beautiful. She was 50 but you would never guess. Her figure was near perfect. She had been married four times and had many other men along the way. One man was never enough for her so she always played around in her marriages and with me. I was ok with it but she had a hard time accepting she was that way. I finally convinced her she could have other men and me too and I would have other women too. After that she would see other men and me both. Molly wanted sex every night, either me or someone else. I set a record for me when we had sex 5 times in one day. Molly also liked anal sex and gave wonderful blow jobs. She enjoyed sticking her finger up my butt as she sucked me. I would do the same to her when I was down on her. She once told me she had sex with her 3 brothers when they lived on a farm for several years. They would corner her in the barn and give it to her. She encouraged them as she liked it. She had a van and we travelled frequently and stopped at every rest stop to have sex. We once traveled to N. Dakota and back. I lost count somewhere along the way.

The one thing she had never done was have sex with another woman. She had female friends who were Bi and often made passes at her, but she had always said no. Although I think she was tempted at times. I once asked her if she was tempted and she said yes just not ready. I said ok. Molly was going out with one of the other guys she was seeing so I got a date. Her name was Jill and she was fun. She had told me she had done threesomes with another couple a few times and had her first experience with another woman and had fun. The woman had used a strap on. I asked her if she would be interested in another threesome and she said oh yes it was fun. I was thinking of Molly.

The next night I was with Molly again and sometimes she wanted to tell me what she did the night before, but not often. She still had some problem admitting she was having sex with someone else. But tonight she was talkative and said she had a great time the night before. She told me he was a new guy she was seeing and had been a lot of fun. She flushed a little by saying he got me in my butt and I really enjoyed it a lot. She added some men have a problem with anal sex, but he was really into it. I said I am really into it to and she smiled and said we will soon.

After we got it on I mentioned I was seeing a lovely girl who likes threesomes with another woman. She would like to do it again and then I asked Molly are you interested? Molly looked at me and said maybe. I asked would you like to meet her and Molly said sure. I arranged for them to meet for lunch the next day. Later Molly and I talked and she said she is a very nice girl and very attractive, are you doing her. I said yes occasionally when you are not around. She is very good and wide open to new experiences. Molly said we did talk and she certainly an interesting person and told me she really wants to explore. She mentioned that she and the other woman used a strap on each other. I was tempted. I said great let me know and I can arrange it for the three of us. Molly had another night out with someone different the next night so I called Jill and we met. Jill was wild as she had gotten really turned on talking To Molly and really wanted to do something with her. I said well ask her she just might say yes, she thought you were lovely. Jill said I will tomorrow.

Molly and I were together the next night and she said I heard from Jill and she wants to get together with you and I. I told her I would. I was surprised and asked when she said this weekend. I said great you will have a great time. Molly said we will see. I am willing to see what it is like. I smiled and said me too I have never done it before. I asked so you and she are going to have sex with her. Molly said yes otherwise there is no point to getting together. I thought wow.

We were all sitting together. Jill looked excited and Molly a little nervous. The plan was for me to start with one of them and then the other until we were all excited enough to explore what Molly and Jill would do. I suggested they undress each other as a start and I would start us out. Molly needed to start somewhere and I thought it would get her interested in Jill if she undressed her and Jill her. So we started. I was excited about doing them both in front of each other. Jill started and moved over to Molly and unbuttoned her top. Molly looked down watching this young girl undressing her. Jill removed her to then her bra and smiled and said nice and then slid her skirt down and off and finally her panties Molly was naked. The reached out to Jill and removed her top and continued until they were both naked. Jill has large full boobs and Molly looked at them and said you are lovely.

I was lying on the bed naked up and at the ready. The ladies joined me. Both were focused on my cock and Jill reached out and stroked me and then Molly. I pulled Molly down on the bed and did her first and skipped into her pussy. Her legs went up in the air as I gave it to her. Jill reached in and rubbed her thigh and stroked my balls. At the same time she lay next to Molly and leaned in and kissed her and with her other hand stroked her boobs. Molly whispered I am so hot as Jill and I did her together. It was time for Jill so I pulled out of Molly and into Jill. Molly stroked her thigh and then her boobs as I fucked her. Both ladies were hot by now and I pulled out and they moved together. Jill slid her hand down and slipped a finger in her pussy then two and fingered her. Molly followed her lead and so they lay there kissing and fingering each other. I heard molly say you feel good.

I moved back to Molly and we fucked some more and Jill got off the bed for a moment and when she returned was wearing her strap on. I could see the lust on her face as she watched Molly and me getting it on. I whispered to Molly that Jill was going to do you now and moved to the side and Jill slipped between her legs. Molly looked down at the large strap on that Jill was wearing and I could see in her eyes how excited she had become. One of her Bi girlfriends had told her about how much fun she had using a strap on. Jill looked down at Molly and said ready and Molly nodded a yes and Jill slipped the Dildo end of the strap on into Molly. Molly gasped as the large dildo filled her up. I sat by watching Jill fuck Molly. Once all the way in Jill leaned forward and was kissing Molly passionately as she fucked her.

Molly had her eyes closed and was totally into the moment wide open to Jill. Jill really gave it to her. I made eye contact with Jill and she had a pure lustful look on her face. I whispered to Jill fuck her good and moved behind her and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind and the three of us fucked together. Jill moaned as I fucked her and I heard her whisper to Molly I love doing this. Molly whispered I love you doing this. We fucked for a long time and molly finally lost it and gave it to Jill saying oh yes fuck me as she got off. Jill never slowed down and just kept up her pace and grunting making eye contact with Molly moaned I am going to cum and I felt her shutter and her pussy clamped down on my cock as she got off. I backed off and the girls got quiet lying together with the strap on still inside Molly kissing each other.

Their breathing returned to normal and Jill pulled back and the Dildo popped out. Finally Molly said that was absolutely wild. I never realized how much fun it could be. I am so glad we met Jill. Jill said it has been a long time and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing this. We all took a break and had some drinks. Jill slipped the Strap on off and handed it to Molly. Molly knew what Jill wanted her to do with it later. Molly looked at it and said wow I would never have believed I would be doing this. I feel like a very bad girl. Jill said I hope so and they both laughed.

A while later they were sitting on the couch both still naked doing some more kissing and allowing their hands to Rhome, as they were getting ready for round two. Jill looked down and whispered to Molly I want to taste you and slid off the couch and Molly spread for her and Jill licked Molly. Molly looked down at this lovely young girl licking her pussy and then up to me standing behind her up and at the ready. I got on my knees behind Jill and fucked her as she Licked and sucked on Molly. We all got lost in the moment just enjoying all the sensations we all were feeling. I watched as Molly got really hot from what Jill was doing to her and her expression changed and I could tell she was about to cum and slammed into Jill harder and Molly could feel that through her mouth and gave it up to Jill exploding all over her face. Molly fell to the side and I kept fucking Jill. Molly slid off the couch and returned a few minutes later wearing the strap on. I could see the lust on her face as she approached Jill. I could see in her eyes she really wanted to fuck her.

I pulled out of Jill and Molly moved behind her and replaced me. Molly fucked Jill hard. Jill could tell the difference and moaned oh yes. I stood by watching with a raging hard on. Molly pulled me close and kissed me hard and whispered I want that in my butt now. I moved behind her and as she fucked Jill I went into her butt. Molly goes into a different world when she is being fucked in her butt. She absolutely loves it. The three of us got into a rhythm of motion all moving together. I would slam into Molly as she would slam into Jill. It was loud. All of us were moaning and grunting. I had been holding off the whole evening and was beyond holding off any more and grunting I said cum and exploded deep inside Molly pulling out squirting all over her butt and back. I felt her shutter as she got off with me. Jill had her face pressed against the couch and moaned oh yes give it to me I am going to cum and Molly fucked her harder and Jill lost it. Jill shuttered all over as she gave it up to Molly and fell forward panting. Molly pulled out and we all were panting.

It was late so Molly invited Jill for the night and we all went to bed and fell asleep. Later I was awakened by the sound of the two ladies whispering to each other. I heard Molly say I want to know what it is like and the sounds of them moving around. They were very quiet and I looked over my shoulder and they had moved into a 69. Molly finally was going all the way with another woman. I pretended I was still asleep as they got each other off. The next morning when Jill was getting ready to go home Molly pulled her close and said you are wonderful we will do this again ok? Jill said yes I would love doing it again. And of course we did.

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