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Molly is a Wonder

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Molly was a wonder. I was totally hooked into her for many years. We lived together for a time. She had been married four times and I wanted to be her fifth. Molly only had one problem and that was that one man was never enough for her. She had been going from man to man for years. I knew this about her and when it was time I would back off and she would have her next man and then eventually we would get back together again. I was always willing. I was in love with her forever.

We had sex whenever and wherever we could during those times together. She had a van and we would go on trips together across country. We would stop at every rest stop and get it on. She liked to do everything. She was the only woman I ever had anal sex with in my life. She gave the best blow jobs you could imagine. Sometimes when she was down on me and I was ready to cum she would stick her finger up my butt and I would explode and almost pass out it was such an intense cum and she always swallowed.

So it had become time for a new man as I could feel it coming. So I sat down with her and told her it was ok with me if she wanted another man and we could continue as well. She was a little surprised and asked if I was sure. I told her I loved her and understood her and whatever she wanted was ok with me. I added if you ever want both of us at the same time I was willing. So that was how it went until she tired of the guy and it would be just her and me again for a time until the next one came along.

I had my own place and sometimes she would come over and one day we had sex five times a record for me. One day when we were talking she said the guy she was currently dating had asked her to do a threesome and she had thought of my earlier remark that I was willing to do that and asked me if I still wanted to do a threesome with her. I was very excited when I agreed. Although I have had sex with well over 100 different women over the years, I had never done a threesome before.

So one evening she invited me over to her place. I was a little anxious as I approached her door, but also excited. The room was warm and Molly looked beautiful as usual. She had a slight flush on her face as she introduced me to Dave. We shook hands and he seemed like a nice guy. There was a fire going in the fireplace and we sat next to it together with Molly between us.

She leaned back against Dave and he kissed her and her skirt rode up a little exposing her legs and so I stroked her legs as she was kissing him. She gasped at my touch knowing what was about to happen. He reached in and unbuttoned her top and I slid my hands under her skirt and slid her panties down and off and stroked her pussy. I had done that many times before. He removed her top and I slid her skirt off and she was naked between us.

Her face was very flushed and her eyes very b right. I moved down and began to lick her pussy and she spread for me and he was sucking on her nipples at the same time. She began to jerk and moan and had her first cum on my face and finished kissing him passionately as she climaxed. I stood up and removed my clothes. He did the same and we were all naked. We were both hard and standing on either side of her and she went down on me first and then turned to him. She went back and forth for a time. Then it was time to fuck and he stretched out on the floor and she climbed on for the ride. As she rode him I approached and we made eye contact and I could see the pure lust on her face as I slipped my cock into her mouth again.

I knew what I was about to do. She was in for a surprise. She was riding him hard as she sucked me and gasping for breath. I pulled out and moved behind her out of sight and watched him giving it to her. It was a little strange watching her fucking another guy for the first time. I had always known she was doing it, but watching her made it different kind of experience. I moved behind her and touched her butt and she swung her head around and suddenly realized what I was about to do. I could see she was totally in to fucking him and had done him before. I slipped a finger up her butt and she groaned oh yes. I moved forward and slipped my cock up her butt and went deep and held still for a moment. Molly began to quiver and jerk as we both fucked her at the same time. I could feel his cock moving in and out of her and he could feel mine I am sure. Molly completely lost it and grunting and moaning oh yes fuck me climaxed again.

We worked Molly over for a long time. We fucked her brains out and she took it all. I was ready to cum and pulled out and squirted all over her butt and back. She turned her head and watched me squirting all over her. I stepped back watching her working to finish him off and he moaned and grunting several times jerked inside her pussy and exploded and she riding him hard came with him.

We all relaxed and finally Molly said that was the wildest thing I have ever done. I loved it. We all had drinks as we all need some recovery time. We were not done yet for the night. Molly put a robe on looking very sexy. Dave and I put on out shorts and we sat around for a time. As we sat there I noticed she had slipped her hand under her robe and was playing with herself. We both watched her and she watched us. She said you two were wonderful, I think I am hooked. I loved having both of you in me at the same time. I have never cum that hard before. Her face suddenly got very flushed as she was talking to us and she began to jerk against her hand and with us watching showed us her cum. She said I wanted to do that for you.

We both had gotten hard again watching her. She turned to Dave and facing him went down on his cock. He gasped as she sucked him. Her back was to me so I moved behind her and lifted her butt in the air and slipped into her pussy which was very wet. So I fucked her doggie as she sucked on him. He started to jerk against her mouth and she sensed he was about to cum and went all the way down on him and held him in and he yelled and exploded down her throat. She swallowed it all and he nearly fainted I think.

I was getting close and she could tell and pulled away and swung around and went down on me with his cum still in her mouth and I held her head in place and jerking in and out of her mouth started to squirt. She reached between my legs and slipped her finger up my butt and I completely lost it and grunting exploded all over her face and in her mouth. I collapsed on the bed next to her. We were all done for the night.

A few weeks later Dave moved on and it was just me and Molly for a time. Molly had a lot of girlfriends several which were gay or Bi and I once asked her if she was Bi. She just laughed and said no not now although her girls friends often made passes at her she had never taken them up on it. One night after sex we were lying there in the warm aftermath and I said you know I did a threesome for you how about you doing one for me with one of your Bi friends. She laughed and said oh blackmail huh? I said yes. She said well that does sound interesting and that is all she said at the time. About a month later she told me one of her friends had made a pass at her again and after thinking about it for a moment told ok, but it would have to include me and she had agreed. I thought wow.

Molly and I were cuddle up on her couch waiting for Sue to arrive. I knew Sue. She was a lovely 22 yr old. She was a very sexy lady. So I asked are you going to do her. Molly said not sure maybe, but she wants to do me which is ok with me. Sue arrived and we sat together chatting for a time. Her face was slightly flushed as she made eye contact with Molly as they talked. She had wanted to have sex with Molly for a long time and now she was about to have her chance. Slowly they moved closer together and finally Sue gave Molly a tentative kiss on the lips.

Molly allowed the kiss and when they parted she said never done that before, it was nice, you are so soft. Sue kissed her again only longer this time. Molly then kissed Sue and her face flushed as she was turned on by what she was doing. The kissing continued and Sue reached out and said may I and Molly nod a yes and she unbuttoned her top. Molly gasped softly as sue touched her boob as she unbuttoned her top and it fell open. Sue moved her hands inside and felt Molly up. Molly looked down at this young girl playing with her boobs and whispered it feels good. Molly had crossed over to the other side for the moment at least.

Sue knew what she wanted to do. Molly also knew what she wanted to do. Molly leaned back against the couch and allowed sue to do her thing. Molly watched as Sue slipped her hand up and under her skirt sliding her hand up her leg. Molly spread open a little and Sue leaned forward and gave Molly a long passionate kiss and move d her hand up to her pussy touching her there. Molly opened her eyes and made eye contact with Sue and smiled at her. Sue slipped a finger in her pussy and Molly gasped as she fingered her.

Molly was now wide open and Sue pulled her panties down and off. Sue leaned in and got what she had come over for and licked Molly. Molly shuttered and got off covering her face with her cum. Sue rose up with her face all wet and said I did it got you off. Molly looked down at this lovely 22 yr old and said you sure did; a surprise for me. Sue went back in for more and continued licking and sucking on Molly. Molly just lay back and allowed the moment. It was evident she loved pussy and had been there before.

I moved behind Sue with my own intentions as she knew I was part of the evening. I reached down and pulled her skirt over her butt exposing her. I slid her panties down and off. She looked up and back at me realizing I was about to fuck her and said yes. I felt her pussy and she was very wet. I looked down at Molly spread wide for Sue and we made eye contact as I slipped into her pussy. I could see Molly was really turned on as she watched me fucking Sue. She had never seen me with another woman before. Sue was very tight and I had to push hard to get in her pussy. She grunted as she felt my weight on her butt.

Sue moaned saying a muffled oh yes as I gave it to her hard and fast. Molly watched this young girl licking her again. I could see the lust in her eyes. She was enjoying the attention.

I pulled out and pulled Sue away from Molly and went down on her. She shuttered at the touch of my tongue. She spread for me and I went in deep with my tongue fucking. Molly swung around and was watching me. I looked up at her and said want to join me? She hesitated unsure of herself for the moment. Finally she said I could. I said yes it would be a new thing for you.

She watched me doing her for a time and finally moved down next to me watching close. Sue was enjoying my attention lying back with her with her eyes closed breathing hard. Molly made her move and I moved to the side to give her room and she leaned in and tasted her first pussy. Once there she did her thing and seemed ok with it once she started. Sue felt the change and looked down at Molly down on her and lost it and grunting climaxed. She was jerking so hard I had to hold her down. Molly stayed with her and finished her off. I was surprised.

I was still up and hard and Molly whispered do her some more. I like watching you. It is almost like being able to watch you and me. So I moved back in face to face with Sue. Molly watched me intently and was playing with her pussy as she watched. Su7e looked over to Molly and reached out and pulled her on top of her and guided her pussy to her mouth.

Molly was sitting on her face. I was banging her hard and she shuttered again and I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock. She made a muffled sound and I felt her pussy quivering on my cock and I exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her Cumming with her. Molly was holding her head in place and with a fucking motioned squealed and climaxed on her face. She fell away and said now that was intense.

The aftermath was a new kind of friend for Molly as she made it clear she would be doing it again.

The End

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