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Mike finds he likes anal

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I have been married for four years now, and my wife was scared of anal. I kept on tell her that it's fine and nothing to worry about.

So over a few years, she said,"I'll try it but you must take it first," and I said,"ok,, as long as you get it to."

The next week she comes home from coming from work. She said, "let's go to the store and pick out a dildo," we went to the adult sex shop. She looked around and touched a few of the dildos. She calls me over and says, "I have found the one," she said. I looked at it and it's a good seven inches long, and need a harness.

We pay for the items and a few extra things for the night.

Instead of going home right away, we stop for dinner. She looks worried about doing anal on me, and she asks me, "do you think it's going to hurt," and I said, "of course it's going to hurt, but the pain will go away."

We head back home after dinner, and we go inside the house. I take a shower and clean my insides real good. I head back into the bedroom. I see Jill dressed in a black corset and thigh high boots, and the strap-on on around her waist.

She orders me onto the bed and get on my back. I listen to her, and she lubes up my anus and the dildo.

She starts towards me and lefts up my legs for better access to my ass. She starts to push in the head of the cock into my butt. I scream a little bit as she enters my butt. She stops just before the head goes in. I look at her and said, "what are doing," and she said, "you screamed."

"I didn't want you to stop," I said, and she started again. This time the head went in and I heard a pop. That's it it in, and she waits , and the pain and muscles are relaxed.

She starts pumping slowly in and out. As time went by she is picking up her speed and slamming her cock into my ass. Just then I am screaming in pleasure, and said, "oh fuck, fuck, fuck, that's it, fuck me hard and fast." She is now fucking even faster and harder, with each thrust she is slamming harder back into me.

Then she said, "I want you in doggie style," and I turned over onto my hands and knees. Now she has even better access to my butt. Now she pushes the dildo back into my ass and is plowing my like I am a am whore.

I said, "oh fuck babe fuck me like I fuck you," and she said, "oh I am going to make you hurt." "Oh fuck, fuck, fucking yes," I said. Fuck me hard.

After a hour she was tired ad wanted to rest a little bit. Before we started up again.

I was a good hour before we got back into fucking. She asked me, "would you like to have a cock to suck mike," and I said, "I don't know if I would like to, but I am up for anything if you are up for it Jill."

So she got on the phone and call a friend over. She tells me that her friend is coming, and will be her in ten minutes.

After about ten minutes goes by, I hear a knock on the door. Jill answers the door, and they both walk back into the bedroom. To my surprise its not another guy, but a she- male.

Mike this is Wan, and Wan this is Mike. We shake hands, and after that was done she strips down, and I see a six inch cock right in my face.

I take the cock into my hand, and start to stroke it like I would mine. Jill got behind me and started to fuck me again in the ass, while I slowly lick Wan's cock. I taste the tip of her cock and smell the manhood from her cock. Just then she shoves it right into my mouth, and forces me to start sucking her six inch cock. For some reason I was able to take her full length down my throat.

I would have to say it was a good whole ten minutes as I sucked her cock, when she started to cum in my mouth. At the same time Jill was fucking me hard and slamming her cock into my tight ass.

They decide to switch places and Wan wanted to put her cock into my ass. Jill want to taste my sweet cum as she fucked me.

Just then Wan was able to enter my tight ass, and start fucking me with a real cock. I felt the texture from Wan's cock and the dildo and it's a big difference. Wan's cock was way better then the dildo. She said, "you want to feel a real cock," and I said, " fuck me, and make me scream for more."

Just then she started to go in and out of my butt. Her first thrust was slow, and after that her every thrust was harder and she just plowed into me. I just said, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me Wan, fuck me Wan, I want that cum in my tight ass. It was a good thrity minutes and she shot her cum deep into my rectum. It feels warm inside my rectum, and just as Wan cummed I shot my cum into Jill's waiting mouth. We all laid on the bed, and I could fell her cum slowly coming out of my anus.

After that night, we loved having Wan over for a nice three way, and for the most part I was the one that got a lot of the anal action. I love cock now, and I want a dildo and a cock inside of me, and it does not matter if it's in my mouth or ass. I just want cock.

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