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Meeting a stranger from talking on-line

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So me & my girlfriend Marie have been meeting people on-line for sex over the past few years. We aren't hardcore swingers but we DO like company in our bed once in awhile. Over the past few years we have let guys come by & join us in bed. We like MFM because I(Fred) enjoy playing with a mans cock once in awhile & she(Marie) enjoys watching me suck on it as she fucks.

At first I would talk on-line with guys & show them pictures of my sweet lil slut & they would beg to meet her. Sometimes I just did it to tease them, knowing we would never meet them at all. Other times, I told her abput a few of them & would end up bringing them over to her house to have a 3sum.... Marie never had a 3sum before me & never seen a guy suck on cock other then on-line...

Well, after a few guys & a few years of doing this, I was in the mood to do it again with her. This time tho, it was going to just be her & him alone for awhile. I of course would b there, just not in the room at the time.....

SO one night not long ago, I was on-line & a guy was instant messaging me. We had spoke a few times before & it was always about how he wanted to fuck Marie after seeing pics of her posted on-line. I never met him & wasn't sure I wanted him to fuck my girl. He seemed to be a little more about himself then I liked.

Well, one night I was fucking Marie & told her a guy I know wanted to screw her.. SHe seemed somewhat open to the idea but not completely. As we screwed, I grbbed my fone & called him. I told her to say hi & they had a lil convo back & forth. At the time they were talking, I was sucking on her very wet pussy. I could her moaning in the fone which he seemed to enjoy because I heard her telling him what I was doing.

After about 10 minutes of chewing on her clit, she exploded in my mouth with her warm honey & her back arched as she got off. All the time she was moaning on the fone to Tommy. AFter she came down a bit from her orgasm, I shoved my dick in her & started to pump her warm slut opening. I could tell she was into it because she had yet to stop talking with him. Remember now, hey had never talked of met before she was moaning to him that night.

I loved hearing her talk about what I was doing to her & he obviously wanted to stop over.. She said no, maybe another time too much disappoint for me & him... boo-hoo right? I thought I had her in the mood. Well, the next we were out to dinner & started talking about her lil fone sex the night before. She told me she had jerked herself off thinking about him that afternoon.

I was getting hard thinking about this guy fucking my girlfriend.After a few tall draughts & sum dinner, I grabbed my fone & put our address in a text message. I told her if sh wanted to fuck him, all she had to do was push send. s my fone sat on the table with her looking at it, I got up to use the restroom. When I came back to the table my fone was closed. I didn't know if she sent the message or deleted it. After a few minutes, I asked her if she wanted to fuck him tonight? She said relax, we have time, its early yet... I told her ok & had another beer. We left the restaurant & drove a short distance home.

I was horny as hell to know if she sent the message when I rec'd a text & it said I'm 15 minutes away. Meanwhile Marie had now gone to the bedroom & started to undress herself. I asked her for a kiss & she said no!!! I was a bit stunned by that. I could tell she a lil buzz & I walked out of the room. A few minuted later I walked down the hall & she was naked under the covers. I again asked for a kiss & she told me that she was not giving me one. I aksed why not & she said, he will be kissing me shortly and to get out of the room...

I was a bot stunned by her reaction but decided to to see where things went. ABout 5minutes laster, he knocked at the door & I let him in. We introduced ourselves & I asked him what he wanted. He simply stated, TO FUCK YOUR GIRLFRIEND LIKE SHE WANTS ME TOO.... I kinda laughed at him then stated she is in bed waiting. I walked to the kitchen & he walked into her room. I opened a beer & was watching the local game on TV with the volume down some so I could hear the 2 of them,,,

After about 10 minutes of listening, i walked in the room to find Tommy sucking on Marie's pussy like he hadn't ever had a meal. He was pumping his fingers in her cunt like she enjoyed as he ate her out. I walked around the side of the bed & asked her how it felt. She just moaned & I gave her a kiss & walked out. I came back in the room to now find them embraced in a long wet kiss as she was cumming on his fingers & yanking his dick like she wanted it down her throat right then.

I decided to let them play & I licked her pussy a lil bit and she acted like I wasn't even there. I wondered if she even felt my tobgue on her clit? She was totally into his mouth & playing with his cock. I got up & walked out in the living room & took my clothes off. I was stroking myself as I walked back & forth in the hallway watching them. Shortly after her cuming the 2nd time, he rolled over on her & i watched her place his dick inside her. No condom, just bareback... I was a little shocked cause she's a nurse & kows the dangers of STD's....

I watched as he raised her legs above his head & started pumping her. In the meantime, my fone was ringing so I went to answer it. As I talked to a friend briefly, I could hear the moaning, the bed creeking like I never heard before. Tommy was firing his missile in her like it had a Hemi attached to it. I remember asking her from the hallway if I could join & she said stay out.... I was like, huh?? This guy just pounded her. Ten minutes had gone by & he was still firing & when I walked by the door, she was cuming hard. I layed in bed watching her legs over her shoulders & him saying he was gonna cum. WHat came next, I didn't expect.

Marie told him, cum in me & cum alot... He bent down as she reached up for his mouth& they kissed as I heard her moan & him start shaking.. I knew then, he just dropped his milk inside my girlfriend. I was BONE-HARD now.... I reached between his legs & felt how wet his balls were as he kept pumping her. FInally he stopped & rolled off her. Tommy's cream was everywhere. Her cum was all over his dick. She looked at me & I knew waht was next. She reached for me to climb on her & start fucking her. It was the first time I fucked Marie with a fresh load of milk ( usually she fucked with condoms). Her pussy was so fucking warm that I was ready to blow immediately. He rubbed her tits as she grabbed his neck & kissed him. In between kisses, she told him to put his cock in my mouth. As he did, I un-loaded my jiz inside her & kep sucking him hard. It was a great cock & I knew why she fucked him like she did. MMMMMMMM.......

As he got hard,I moved off her & she sat down on his dick. After cumming again on him she rolled on her back & told me to suck him off. Like a good boyfriend, I took his dick, & sucked like a nipple on bottle. As i did, she put my hard dick back in her & started kissing me with his dick in my mouth. It was so intense that she was cumming on my in minutes... Needless to say, I got off again in her now drenched milk blown cunt....

Before we stopped kissing, we ended up blowing Tommy together & gave me a mouthful of what he left inside her...I don't know if she was the best fuck he ever had but we had to block him form contacting us because he wanted to cum over every day after that for a few months... Can any one say STalker tendencies?? Well, anyhow, thanks Marie & Tommy, you guys left me with lots of pictures & videos that I still watch to this day....

Hope to find another guy soon......

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