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Me, My Wife and Nick the Dick

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My wife Vi and I have always been very open when it comes to discussing sex. We have often discussed our different experiences with our different partners. We would often take these incidents and turn them into fantasies to enhance our lovemaking. This went on for years and while we certainly had fun with it we had never perused the prospect of making it a reality.

As we developed our different fantasies many seemed to revolve around an old friend that she liked to call ?Nick the Dick?. She and Nick had been together a few times but he was a player and she knew that anything other than friendship was out of the question. But she always told me how much she liked sucking his dick. She said that his mushroom head just seemed to fit perfectly inside of her mouth and that her was just big enough for her to go down on without feeling like she was choking. The idea of her sucking another dick always excited me. She told me how much she had enjoyed the way he licked her clean after he fucked her and the taste of his and her cum on his lips when they kissed afterward. I told her that I wished I could have been there to see it. She just laughed and said that I would be too jealous. I told her that I could handle anything as long as I knew that she was enjoying herself.

When a friend of ours call and invited us to her wedding, we decided to make it a long weekend away from the kids and enjoy ourselves. After checking into the hotel we decided to head to the pool and relax a little as the wedding wasn?t until the next afternoon. Now let me tell you about Vi. She is a beautiful woman with long curly hair and when she stepped out of the bathroom in her new two piece swimsuit, I almost came in my trunks. The blue and green suit really showed off all of her better features. Her breast were gently cupped and barely covered. The high cut bottoms showed off her fit and trim legs as well as her soft nether regions. Talk about springing into action. But before I could make a move, the phone rang. It was the front desk about some kind of mix up without reservation. Vi said to go ahead and take care of it and that I could just meet her at the pool.

Well it took longer than I thought getting the room situation straightened out but finally managed to head to the pool As I approached I could see Vi was talking to someone but before I could get over to them he walked off. I gave her a kiss as I sat down beside her and reported that everything was now OK. She just looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said it sure is. I wasn?t sure what she meant by that but just let it pass.

?You won?t believe who is staying here too.? She said with a little giggle. She blurted it out before I could respond. ?Nick the Dick!? She told me that he was down here swimming when she arrived and he was really excited to see her. She said that he was here for the wedding but had come alone.

Her words made my mind wonder what she had in mind but I decided that I would play along and see where it took us. We both jumped into the pool and after about thirty minutes Vi said that she was ready to go back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner. Knowing that she would be awhile I told her that to go ahead and that I wanted to stay and do some laps while she got ready. She said don?t be too long, picked up her stuff and left. After about twenty minutes I finished my laps and headed to the room.

When I walked into the room, I heard Vi moaning. I thought she must be playing with herself in the bathroom and decided to peek through the door and enjoy the show. As I cracked open the door, I could see Vi on her knees on the floor. I looked into the mirror but the steam from the shower had it fogged up and I couldn?t get any better view. I immediately thought about Nick and how she always talked about how much she enjoyed sucking his dick. I pushed the door open a little more and to my surprise there he was with my wife?s lips wrapped around his very hard dick.

I immediately felt betrayal and jealousy but that was gone in an instant watching the pleasure that she was getting from this. I watched as her head bobbed up and down and without realizing it I started stroking myself. I had always enjoyed watching her suck me but seeing it from this angle was even more exciting. Nick had his hands all over my beautiful wife. Watching another man play with her tits and caress her ass was thrilling but when he started fingering her I almost lost it.

I had watched them for ten or fifteen minutes when Vi said that she wanted Nick to fuck her and then eat her out like he used to. I could not believe it. I was going to see the fantasy happen for real. Nick stood up and vi bent over placing her hands on the sink giving me a perfect view of her pussy. I could see that she was dripping wet and watched as another man was about to enter my wife. I couldn?t believe how sexy it was, how hot she looked. My dick was engorged and it was all I could do to keep from cumming all over the bathroom door.

Nick placed his mushroom head on Vi?s shaved pussy lips and slowly rubbed his dick up and down across her clit. Vi was wiggling and pushing trying to get his dick inside her but he was taking his time teasing her with his hands and dick. Within a minute she started quivering and I knew that she was cumming. I watched as the creamy liquid started dripping from her love hole and Nick as took his finger, scooped her up juices and popped it into his mouth. I watched as he slowly proceeded to enter her. She moaned and began to grind on his manhood telling him to fuck her. With slow deliberate strokes he began pounding my wife?s pussy. As I was enjoying every minute of the show I didn?t realize that the door had swung completely open until Vi looked around with a smile and said, ?Since you liked to hear about it so much I thought I would let you see it up close for yourself.?

Nick looked over, saw I had a massive hard-on and said that it looked like I needed some of that great dick sucking that he had just received. Vi agreed and turned around and began to suck me while Nick was fucking her. Watching my wife get fucked while she was giving me a blowjob was more than I could stand and it didn?t take long before I exploded into her mouth. She took it all in and then pulled me down to kiss her. She surprised me by feeding me the mouthful of cum that I had just given her. She could tell I was shocked at having a mouthful of my own cum but told me to enjoy it. Although I had tasted my cum mixed with hers I had never had it all by itself. I found that I quite liked the taste. As I kissed her again I watched as Nick tensed up and shot his load deep inside of my wife. His released caused Vi to have another orgasm and the two of them collapsed in the floor beside of me. I was sure that this was the end but Vi told Nick that he still wasn?t finished.

Nick suggested that we move to the bedroom and by the time that Vi had laid on the bed, Nick had his face buried in her pussy lapping up their juices. I couldn?t believe that after cumming so hard just a few minutes earlier that I could get hard again so quickly but the woody I was sporting proved that I could. When Vi saw my quick recovery, she told Nick to hurry and clean her up so that she could properly take care of her husband.

Nick suggested that he wait until I had dumped my load in her to clean her up to which she eagerly agreed. I moved in between my wife?s legs and for the first time in my life entered her pussy with another mans cum fresh inside her. Vi told Nick that she wanted to taste his cum covered cock. As she began to suck his dick I thought how amazing a sight it was to be fucking my wife as she was sucking another mans dick.

?Mmmm. This is so good. I wanted this for so long but never thought you would agree to it.? She told me between licks.

I told her that I would do anything for her pleasure.

She asked me if I really meant that and I told her absolutely. She then said that she wanted me to join her sucking Nick?s dick. I hesitated for a moment and she reminded me of what I had just said. I figured what the hell and leaned over and tasted my first dick while I was fucking my wife. This pushed Vi over the edge. The pulsing and squeezing of her love muscles, contracting around my love pole caused me to explode. I suddenly realized that I still had Nick?s dick in my mouth and before I could pull off he grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth.

Vi was enthralled watching and couldn?t stop saying ?Yes. Yes. Yes.? With her so excited I began to start doing what I had seen for years do on my dick. I began to lick and suck as Nick was fucking my mouth. I couldn?t believe how far I had gone to pleasure my wife. I must not have done too bad because it wasn?t long before I felt his dick tense up and start squirting a warm salty liquid down my throat. I did my best to swallow it all but Vi quickly came to my rescue and helped me out.

Vi then said that since she had helped me out with Nick that I should help out Nick with eating her out. And then she told Nick that he should help me out by cleaning me off. Nick looked at me and said let?s get to it and immediately began cleaning off my well soaked cock. Vi looked at me and pointed down between her legs and said get to it. I could not believe what I had done and what I was getting ready to do.

My first taste was somewhat different that what I had expected. Our mixed cum was tangy and slightly salty but the more I tasted the better I liked it. Nick quickly finished cleaning me up and joined me licking up our love potion. This was a day that would change us forever. I had never thought of myself as being bi or gay but tonight I had certainly tried it and enjoyed it. Vi really seemed to take great pleasure in it too.

We did manage to make it to the wedding but most of the weekend we spent creating our own tales of ?Nick the Dick.?

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