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Massage in Calcutta - Bisexual

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Calcutta massage

I was in Calcutta for the Eid-al-Mabarak holiday, away from my regular post in Dhaka, and like a lot of foreigners had come to Calcutta because I was fascinated by India and had never been there, but also as I wanted to avoid the slaughter of the animals that took place on the streets of Dhaka during the Eid.

I went with some colleagues and booked into a comfortable older hotel in Calcutta, and we agreed that after some walking around on the first morning, that we would have a rest in the afternoon and meet again at dinner. I had been eyeing the brochure by the side of the bed, which outlined the services the hotel provided, one of which was a massage, provided by the spa at an upscale hotel a few blocks away, for a pittance - five hundred rupees -- about $10 US.

When I called, a man's voice answered, and he took down all the details. About a half-hour later, a dark, muscled, handsome man appeared at the door. I was taken aback at the sight of him, he was so good-looking and solid. I invited him in and asked him if he had a table. No, he explained, he would do the massage on the hotel bed. He had a small bag of lotions and oils, and put them by the bed. "Should I take off some clothes", I asked. "Naked is best", he said. Then he took off his T-shirt, baring a firm, hairy and muscled chest with barely an ounce of fat.

I had enjoyed many massages across the world, always on the "up-and-up" and always from women, so this was a change. And I always went out of my way to not be aroused, as I found it was a bit embarrassing to the masseuses. So I stretched myself out, fully naked, with my back and bare buttocks to him. Having a masseur would be a nice change, and I needed a firm massage, as I had been working out a lot as the health club in Dhaka. It was close to my office and I went there frequently, but my back was beginning to feel the strain of the work I was doing and the workouts.

The masseur went to work, slowly oiling the back of my legs and moving up to my buttocks, and I could feel the firmness of his hands against my body, and the warmth of his body as it got close to mine. His hands slipped in and out of the insides of my thighs, and I became a bit flushed and sensed a slight tingle. But at the same time I felt a sense of great comfort and relief with this man stroking me in such tender places. He moved up my back and really moved to force the strength of his hands and arms into my muscles, and he came closer to me on the side of the bed, then brought his body so close to mine I could feel him breathing on the back of my neck.

He asked me to turn over and I lay there exposing myself to him. He was evidently unaware that my cock was getting a little stiff, and I explained it to myself that it was simply a reaction to the firmness of his touch. He began with my chest, placing himself on the pillow at the head of the bed, so that he was massaging me from above my head. and moved down my body slowly, with his very firm butt about five inches above my face. I could feel the strength of his legs beside my chest as he wrapped himself around me, gradually making his way to my waist, and massaging carefully outside anything that might be construed as erogenous. At the same time, my arms had nowhere to go as he proceeded down my body, as they were just hanging over the bed. I very carefully reached out and touch his butt, and then began to hold it and stroke it. Beneath the light cotton pants I could feel the muscles and detect the outline of what seemed like a very large penis.

Then he stood up to face me again and smooth oiled me from head to toe with long, smooth strokes that went up and inside my thighs, then to my chest and shoulders, up and down, up and down, every stroke so tantalizingly close, but missing the mark of my now very hard cock. I thought he must have been making every effort to be very professional, but did he not notice that I was getting harder?

In a few minutes, he said "That is it. Finished"" I was clearly disappointed, and wanted a little more of the same, if I could not have what my mind was begging for. "Could you stay for a few more minutes for another hundred rupees?"

"Oh, yes."

He then took more oil in his hand and worked his way from the soles my feet and up the inside of my thighs, but this time instead of turning away from my solid balls and hardening penis, he smoothly and deftly stroked right over them. And again, and again. I could not tell him to stop. It was incredible, he knew exactly where to touch me and how to arouse me. He slipped his hands under my balls and gently massaged my cock; I was exploding and getting enormous.

He stopped the stroking and came to lie beside me on the bed. I pulled him toward me, and did something I had never before done. I gave him a long deep wet kiss. He returned it and said "SSSh", pointing to the door and the hallway outside. I understood. Then he sat next to me and pulled my leg over his and proceed to stroke me and touch me as I had never been touched before or since. My cock became larger. Perhaps 9 inches, perhaps more.

His face was beaming and his hand was gong so fast. I reached over and grabbed hi s cock between his pants and it was rock hard. I quickly undid his pants and held him in my hand, then took him in my mouth. He was getting me up to climax now and I was sucking him and moaning, He was putting his finger in and out of my ass and I was begging for more. When I exploded I could not believe how long and hard and pure my cum was, and how perfect this had been. I kept coming and coming and moaning and kissing him.

He tasted my cum in his hand and asked me to do the same. I tasted it and then kissed him again. and then I lay watching him move around the room, his body like a cat's. He gathered his things together, and I said, "perhaps I can see you again tomorrow" he replied " I would like that."

That was several years ago. I can still remember it as if it were yesterday.

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