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A few years ago, when my wife and lived in NYC, there was a young (almost 16 years old) girl that lived upstairs from us. Marsha would babysit on occasion, or just come by to talk with JoAnn, my wife. Marsha was an incredible looking, head turner. Even in sloppy jeans and a T-shirt her young extraordinary figure was obvious and very appealing to both JoAnn and I. Only her face was so beautifully innocent.

Usually Marsha would visit JoAnn after school while I was at work. JoAnn said they would sit around talking and usually Marsha would get around to asking questions about sex, and most often, about lesbian sex. She was very forward and never seem to have a problem with questions like "what do two women do together when they have sex"? They would spend the afternoon together talking a couple of days each week.

I noticed that when Marsha visited , JoAnn would be really horny that night and sex with her would be exceptional. I was slow to realize that JoAnn was bi. Later that year, I was offered a position with the company I worked for in another state. We packed up a moved to New Hampshire. The job took me back to NYC every couple of weeks.

Finally, JoAnn told me one night that she was very turned on by Marsha, whenever they would talk about sex. She had always felt that Marsha was hitting on her, but with Marsha being only 15 she didn't want to do anything about it. This came as a total surprise, I had no idea that JoAnn had any feelings for another woman. But it would be a turn on for me too, to watch the two of them together. JoAnn told me that on a couple of visits, Marsha had rubbed her breast against her arm. After that, we fantasized often about finding a women to join us some time. Usually, the woman we would describe in our fantasy was young, dark, well built, in other words - a Marsha "look alike".

Several weeks later, I had to return to NYC for a couple of days.

Perhaps, I could look Marsha up. Maybe Marsha would like to come up to NH for a weekend. JoAnn even suggested I take her out to dinner, and maybe something could be arranged. After work, I phoned her and asked if I could come by and see her and her mother that evening. I had photos of the family and would like to shown them. I could hear the excitement in her voice, but her mother wouldn't be home, but I could come by anyway. I suggested we have dinner together at a little Italian restaurant JoAnn and I use to frequent. It was dark and also a lesbian hangout.

Finally, I hailed a cab and went downtown to the Village where Marsha lived. I was very relaxed, not needing to make an impression on her. I showed up dressed in jeans and a shirt, Marsha was dressed similarly, but with a thin cotton blouse. I could see she had matured into a beautiful young woman, I could see her beautiful breasts through her shirt, she never wore a bra. It was going to difficult keeping my hands off this sexy young girl.

We walked around the Village for awhile talking about school, my job etc, finally she asked about JoAnn. I told her that we both missed her little visits after school. I think she knew what I was inferring because she took my arm and leaned against me. I'm 10 years older than she was, but she looked so mature. It was getting late, we went into the restaurant and ate dinner. I ordered a bottle of wine thinking the waiter would only bring one glass, instead he opened the bottle and served us both. All through dinner, Marsh kept looking around at a couple of lesbians having dinner in a booth across the room. Finally, I asked if she had a boy friend . When she told me that she didn't want to date young guys, I felt the emphasis was on the word "young". Maybe we had a chance with her!

We sat there for a couple of hours, finishing a second bottle, it was late and time to leave. Marsha was a little tipsy and held tightly onto my arm., I could feel her press her breast to my arm as we walked. We walked slowly back to her apartment. I asked if she would like to come up to visit JoAnn and I sometime. She stopped and put her arm around me and kissed me on the lips, the kiss lingered a little longer than it should have, I knew we wouldn't have to wait too long for a visit.

Marsha told me that spring break was next month and she would have a week off, but didn't know how she was going to get to NH.

I told her I would buy her an airline ticket and perhaps, I would even be able to fly up there with her if I could arrange my schedule to be in NYC on Friday.

Marsha said her mother wouldn't be home until after midnight and practically dragged me into the apt. Inside she kissed me again, and told me how she had always had a crushed on me. I told her how I thought she had a crush on JoAnn. Marsha told me she had a crush on both of us, that she is attracted to both men and women, but that had only dated boys at school. She then walked into the bathroom and I sat down on the couch. When she returned, I couldn't help but notice that her blouse was no longer buttoned to the top as before. She sat beside me with her hand on my leg, rubbing slightly, her breast again pressed against my arm. I was getting hard but tried not to let it show. I wanted to ravage her but as afraid to scare her off. Soon a finger was gently rubbing my leg through my pants. I put my arm around her, my hand resting on her shoulder. She took my hand and lowly pulled it off her shoulder letting it rest on the upper part of her breast. I kissed her and my fingers rubbed lightly on her breast and kissed long hard kisses. Then we heard noises in the hall, her mother was home. We both jumped up, straightened our clothes. Marsha went to the door to meet her mother and said "guess who's here?"

We talked for a while then Marsha told her about the invitation to NH. Her mother thought it would be good for her to get out of the city for a while. It was settled, Marsha would spend the week with us next month.

Finally the time arrived, I couldn't get to NYC, so JoAnn and l drove to the Manchester airport to meet her. JoAnn hugged her at the airport, they held hands walking back to the car. It was a thirty minute drive back to the house. They never stopped talking, there was so much to catch up on.

When we arrived home, we showed Marsha the room we had prepared for her. She wanted to shower and change clothes. JoAnn and I put our son to bed and went out on the deck to enjoy the warm spring night. I fixed us a drink and Marsha also. When she came down, she had taken a shower and was wearing only a sweat shirt that barely cover her ass. She and JoAnn sat next to one another and I sat across watching them. Marsha's drink was a little stronger than ours and she was getting very bold. I think Marsha was getting very horny, as she and kept putting her hand on JoAnn's leg as they talked. At one point, Marsha got up and almost fell, JoAnn caught her and her drink. JoAnn sat her down on her lap.

They laughed and Marsha moved off JoAnn's lap. I noticed that they had both finished their drinks, so I got refills. When I returned, JoAnn's hand was on Marsha's bare thigh. They were talking quietly to one another.

I left the deck to the women and went inside to do a little work while they got to know one another better. After about 30 minutes, I returned to see if they needed anything. I heard them talking, again the conversation was about sex. Marsha was telling JoAnn that she had had sex with a boy from school but it didn't do much for her. She thought would like to watch us having sex sometime so she could learn what she was doing wrong. JoAnn told her she wouldn't mind, but she would have to ask me how I felt.

She went on to explain how we had a rule, that if a door was ajar it was an invitation to come in, if a door was closed, it meant we wanted to alone. JoAnn then leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. As I came out into view they sat up, I suggested we go to bed as our son would be up early in the morning.

Night # One

Marsh went into her room and JoAnn and I went to our bedroom. I noticed that JoAnn left our bedroom door ajar, and a small night light was on. JoAnn told me that when she caught Marsha, her hand was on Marsh's breast and she pinched her nipple lightly. I can't deny it, I am more than a little turned on by our visitor.

I want to eat her until she screams and then teach her how to do it to me. JoAnn was so horny and couldn't wait to get my clothes off. JoAnn said it would be amazing if we both don't fuck her before the week is up. She practically tore my shirt trying to get it off. She took my cock in her mouth and began sucking wildly. Soon, I was cumming in her mouth, she continued to suck.

Looking back toward the door, I could see Marsha standing there watching us with her hand under the sweatshirt she was wearing. I slowly undressed JoAnn, making sure she was turned toward the doorway. I removed her blouse and bra. Cupped her breasts, run my thumb over each nipple, then down to her cunt. I removed the finger I had inserted into her wet cunt and put it to my lips, savoring the taste. By this time I was hard again and laid JoAnn on the bed, spread her legs and put my mouth where my finger had just been. Soon she was bucking and moaning loudly. I continued sucking and licking her clit, finally she begged me to fuck her hard. When we finished, we looked toward the door, Marsha was no-

longer there.

Night two

The next day we spend showing Marsha around the property and town. But we got the impression she wanted to just spend her time at the house.

That night, Marsha kissed us both on the cheek and went up to her room first. JoAnn and I talked about what happened last night and what we might do to get her to join us without frightening her away. I suggested that perhaps since Marsha was more attracted to her, she should make the first move. She agreed, kissed me and went upstairs to Marsha's room. I heard her knock softly on the door, then entered the room, I didn't hear the door close. I took that as an invitation to watch. After a few minutes I quietly climbed the stairs, I could see into the bedroom where JoAnn was sitting next to Marsha. Marsha was nude, nothing was hidden as she sat there with her legs out stretched. I could see JoAnn sitting beside her with her arm around Marsha's neck. JoAnn gently pulled her toward her, their lips only inches apart. JoAnn softly kissed her on the lips. Then pulled back to look for a reaction. Then another kiss, longer this time. Then soft and gentle turned to hunger as their tongues intertwined. With her free hand, JoAnn gently caressed Marsha's beautiful breast. Her hand moved slowly down her arm and picked up Marsha's hand and moved it to her own breast.

The kiss broke off long enough for JoAnn to remove her shirt, exposing her ripe breasts for Marsha to enjoy. JoAnn returned Marsh's hand to her breast. JoAnn said something to Marsha but I couldn't make out what, but Marsha laid back as they continued kissing and touching. JoAnn stood up and removed the rest of her clothes, then laid on top of that beautiful young girl. The kisses continued of a few more minutes then JoAnn slowly kissed her way down Marsha's neck to her breast. JoAnn kissed and sucked each nipple then continued down the to her navel. I could see the tongue licking her body. By now, I had my cock out and was pumping it slowly savoring the scene before me.

Finally JoAnn reached her goal between Marsha's legs. I saw Marsha raise up her body to meet that tongue! JoAnn stroked her clit with her tongue. Marsh moaned with pleasure. It only took a few strokes and she moaned again and rose and contorted her body intensifying the pleasure she was receiving. JoAnn then sat up, and continued to stroke her cunt, then insert several fingers and leaned down and kissed her lips.

Marsha said something and I heard JoAnn say it wasn't necessary.

Then Marsha sat up and laid JoAnn back and proceeded finger JoAnn's cunt as she kissed her breast. It only took a couple of minutes and JoAnn was cumming loudly. Marsha placed her mouth over her cunt sucking her wetness. This girl was a fast learner.

When I was cumming I must have made a sound, as Marsha looked at the partially open door and smiled.

JoAnn didn't return to our room that night.

Night Three

JoAnn told me she had asked Marsha to join us sometime, but Marsha said she didn't think she was ready yet. So much had happened and she need more time to sort out the emotions. Last night was the first time she had sex with a woman.

That night JoAnn and I went to our room. Marsha had wanted to shower before bed. Again we left the door ajar hoping that she would join us. JoAnn and I undressed. We waited until we heard the shower stop, then JoAnn knelt before me and stroked my cock until it was hard. She sucked and licked as I watched the door for Marsha. Finally a shadow appeared, Marsha was there again watching. JoAnn continued her sucking for a while, then got up and lit some candles around the bed, and turned off the light.

She went to the door and took Marsha's hand, kissed her on the lips and sat her on the bed. I was lying on my back with my cock standing straight up, as JoAnn resumed her sucking. Marsha was sitting beside me watching every move. Then, JoAnn held my cock out for Marsha to try but she shook her head. She wasn't ready for that. Neither of us had ever thought this would really happen, so we were not sure what was going to happen next.

JoAnn finally climbed onto me and put my hard cock into her wet cunt. As JoAnn was fucking me, she kissed Marsha, then lifted her sweatshirt over her head exposing those beautiful full breasts.

Marsha was pulled closer to JoAnn as JoAnn leaned down to suck each nipple in turn. I reached up and rubbed the free breast. It didn't take long for me to reach a point of no return. As I started cumming, JoAnn climbed off and began rubbing my cock, holding it so Marsha could watch the cum spray over her breasts.

When I finished, she put my cock in her mouth and sucked out the remaining cum.

I knelt before the pair and took Marsha's hands in mine, guiding them to my chest. With JoAnn's support, Marsha began to relax a little and explore my body. She ran her fingers over my ribs, feeling each one in turn, then with an open hand traced the contours of my stomach and chest. When she rubbed my nipples I shuddered in pleasure. Leaning forward a bit, she reached around behind me and ran her hands down my back, finger tips tracing the ridge of my spine. I sat very still as Marsha softly caressed and squeezing my ass. I finally took her hands again and led them to my lap, to my cock. She fondled my sack for a while then her hands started roaming again; this time thru the thick pubic hair to the base of my cock. Taking a deep breath in anticipation she closed her fingers around my manhood. JoAnn put her hand around Marsha's and guided her fist up and down the shaft. She leaned her forehead against my chest and with long, slow stokes masturbated me. She started milking the pre-cum from my cock; soon her palm was smeared with the juice. Slowly straightening up to look at me, Marsha brought her fingers to her lips and tasted.

Marsha then stretched out on her stomach, resting her arms across my legs with my cock directly in front of her face. Marsha didn't know quite where to start, she didn't want to just stick the whole thing into her mouth at once, so she did what came naturally; she licked. I sighed as Marsha ran her tongue up and down the hard shaft, covering it with saliva. She scooted up a little further and licked some more, this time swirling her tongue around the head, licking it clean. I was REALLY moaning now, urging Marsha to suck. My hands were at the back of her head but Marsha shook them off; she was not going to be forced.

Once more she eyed my cock from above, it's sightless hole starting back at her. She paused, then lowered her head and took the glands into her mouth. For a moment she remained poised, holding my cock-head between her lips, then with a slow, deliberate thrust opened wide and filled her mouth with my sweet, hard meat. It was GOOD: powerfully, deeply satisfying. She was in complete control, giving me pleasure, holding my very manhood between her teeth. She took as much of me as she could; not stopping until my cock was against the back of her throat. She back off a bit then slowly started bobbing her head up and down, feeling every ridge and vein as they slid past her lips.

"Oh, look so sexy!" It was JoAnn; she had crawled beside Marsha and now, totally mesmerized, watched her husband's cock glide in and out of this young girl's mouth. Marsha grinned (or at least tried to -- she was pretty stuffed) then brushed her hair out of the way so JoAnn could get a better look.

She gave me I a few more head bobs then raised her face. My wet dick popped out her mouth and slapped against my belly. Marsha rolled over. "OK" she said, purring softly. "My turn."

JoAnn crawled between Marsha's legs and flopped down on her stomach. Marsha, feeling JoAnn head between her thighs, moaned in sweet delight and while I began my hurried and passionate exploration of Marsha's body JoAnn closed her eyes and concentrated on loving Marsha. Nothing existed for JoAnn except the strong, musky taste of girl sex and feel of Marsha's wet vulva against her mouth. This time their oral embrace seemed to last forever and she was deep into Marsha's cunt, wiggling her tongue into Marsha's vagina when she felt my hands in her hair.

She opened her eyes.

"Can I try?" I asked softly. My head rested on Marsha's stomach, face inches from JoAnn's. Slowly JoAnn removed her tongue from Marsha's pussy then, raising her head, rested her chin on Marsha's leg.

I gave Marsha a few quick caresses then with little fanfare started climbing over Marsha's body.

Her head remained bowed until I placed my hands on either side of her face. "Alright -- it's okay" I said, then guided her mouth to mine and kissed her, full on the lips. Marsha slowly relaxed. I began to move my hips. "Here -- let me" JoAnn said as she reached behind me to guide my cock towards her vagina.

Once more I thrust and this time connected; my cock head now pressed firmly against Marsha's tight opening. Marsha froze, her breathing swallow and fast. I stared intently into Marsha's face. "Be gentle with her" JoAnn said.

With slow, steady pushing I entered Marsha's body. Gently but steadily I pushed; first wedging my cock head into Marsha's tight entrance then ever so slowly opening her up. I groaned, strained, Marsha pushed back and the head finally popped past the opening. Marsha gasped, lost in a sweet mixture of pain and pleasure.

"Oh God, it feels so good!" she moaned.

We stopped for a moment, Marsha resting her chin against my chest. I ran my hands thru Marsha's hair, brushing it from her face, staring into the eyes of our new friend. Marsha sat up a little, supporting herself on her hands. "C'mon babe" she wympered "don't stop'". She was smiling again, half drunk on sex and the feel of my warm shaft inside her. Her pussy was relaxing, the natural juices really starting to flow, and when I started moving again I quickly filled her young vagina, burying himself to the hilt. "Oh MAN, this feels good" Marsha moaned as she ground her clit against my thick pubic mat. We were locked together, wet sex to wet sex, Marsha trying to shove me deeper.

I raised my hips then plunged into her again. "Fuck me!" Marsha wailed, throwing her head back in ecstasy. I, finally getting the rhythm, pistoned my cock in and out of her body.

All the while JoAnn had been kneeling next to her head and when Marsha threw her head back JoAnn bent over and covered Marsha's mouth with her own, stifling any further cries. They kissed; wet and sloppy and with lots of tongue. For JoAnn it was as if she were fucking Marsha as well. Her hands were everywhere; tugging at Marsha's swollen nipples, caressing her back, sliding down her stomach. "Oh Jo!" Marsha gasped when she realized what JoAnn was up to. JoAnn cupped her breast and with rapid, feathery strokes fingered her clit. With her pussy full of my cock and her mouth full of JoAnn's tongue the added sensation was to much. Ripping her mouth from JoAnn's, Marsha collapsed and came.

I, desperately gripping Marsha's writhing body, could not believe the shear intensity of Marsha's orgasm. Marsha clawed at my shoulders, then bit my chest, then seconds later I joined Marsha in climax. "I'm CUMMING..." I yelled as the semen spilled from my cock. Hot wetness spread throughout Marsha's cunt and she shuddered as a second, quick orgasm shot thru her. I kept pumping my hips and squirting , thought I would never stop. I finally did, but not before burying myself deep into Marsha's vagina as I emptied the last of my seed into her drenched pussy.

When I finished I had just enough strength left to wrap my arms around Marsha's limp body and roll us both onto our sides. JoAnn fell down next to Marsha and threw her arms over both as tight as she could.

Day four

I had to work today and left reluctantly before the women were up.

It was unusually warm this day and Marsha was wearing her cut-off t-shirt and jean shorts with her hiking boots. JoAnn told me later, she couldn't keep her eyes off her. Our present babysitter, also 16 years old, came over to visit JoAnn. JoAnn invited Janet in to meet Marsha. JoAnn said they talked for while in the kitchen, then Marsha and Janet went into the living room.

They talked about school, city living, boys, etc. JoAnn said she heard Marsha ask Janet if she had ever done "it" with her boy friend. Janet replied "yes once, but I didn't like it". "You?".

"Ya a couple of times, it was OK.

Janet lives just across the open field in front of our house, if fact, you can see her house from the bedroom windows. Janet and Marsha seemed to connect very well. Later, Janet asked if they could take our son for a walk up to the pond in the back of the house.

Later, JoAnn was upstairs cleaning and happened to look out and see the three of them walking back, Marsha and Janet were holding hands and laughing. Pangs of joyously.

That afternoon Marsha and Janet were having such a good time, JoAnn invited Janet to stay for dinner and called her mother to be sure it was ok. When I arrived home, the girls were upstairs listening to music. JoAnn told me what she had seen that afternoon from the window. I went up stairs to say hello, knocked on the door, and heard them jump up. Marsha opened the door, smiled and kissed me on the lips. I was sure I could taste pussy on her lips and it wasn't JoAnn's. Janet was sitting on the bed with a very red face. Had Marsha been teaching Janet a couple of things?

When I told JoAnn what I thought had been happening upstairs, she was delighted. The possibilities were improving. Could we be so lucky as to live next to another free spirited young lady?

I suggested that we all drive down to Boston tomorrow and show Marsha around old town, maybe do some shopping, or just spend the day bumming around the city. Janet said she would love to go, so JoAnn called Janet's mother again to ask if Janet could go with us and also since we would be leaving early, if she could spend the night with Marsha. We were all very happy she would be with us all night. I also called my mother to see if she would watch our son tomorrow which she was delighted to do.

At dinner, I brought out a couple of bottles of wine. Janet said her mother allowed her to have a glass occasionally, but this night we kept her glass filled. Janet and Marsha were getting quite drunk and playful. Marsha kept leaning against Janet and running her hand along the back of her neck. A couple of times, she even kissed her on the cheek. Janet kept looking at us to see our reaction. We would just smile. JoAnn and I were very excited. After dinner I told the girls that JoAnn and I would cleanup the kitchen and they could resume listening to music upstairs if they wanted. With much laughter, they retreated upstairs.

JoAnn and I finished cleaning up then turned off the lights and quietly walked up the stairs. Marsha's bedroom door was open, music was playing, Janet was lying on the bed with her legs over the edge, Marsha was kneeling on the floor between her legs sucking Janet's pussy. Both girls were completely nude and a beautiful sight. JoAnn couldn't control herself and reached for my cock, it was hard of course. She unbuckled my belt, unzipped me, then pulled my pants down and began sucking my cock. I turned so she could continue watching the girls. Soon Janet was cumming and moaning loudly. I was also ready to shoot off when we saw Marsh rise up, lean over and kiss Janet long and hard. She said something to her and got up and motioned to us to come in and join them.

Janet was still cumming, her hand was on her pussy, she couldn't stop. Marsha said Janet wanted me to fuck her. I looked at JoAnn and she nodded and said to be gentle. JoAnn took my cock, stroked it a couple of times and guided to Janet's wet cunt. Slowly I inserted the head into that tight, wet cunt. I must have been too slow as she raised up her hip to get the full length of my hard shaft. As I fucked her, JoAnn laid Marsha on the bed beside Janet and proceeded to eat her pussy. In seconds the three of us were cumming, Janet reached over to Marsha rubbed her breast, then kissed her. Janet then told Marsha that she wanted to watch me fuck her. At first Marsha was hesitant, but when Janet asked her the second time she reached up and brought me down to her young sweet lips. Her tongue was in my mouth. JoAnn took my cock and licked Janet's sweet juices and my cum from it. Then JoAnn and I traded places. JoAnn proceeded to suck Janet's clit and lick her clean as I inserted my cock into Marsha. Janet had slipped a pillow under her head so she could watch me fuck her new friend and lover. Soon, Janet was cumming again and began kissing Marsha and telling me to fuck her harder. Marsha was cumming with every stroke of my cock. I wasn't ready to cum again so JoAnn took my cock out and sucked it for a while then put it back inside Marsha. In a couple of minutes I was ready again and shot a load as Marsha came again.

The next day on the way to Boston, we talked to Janet about what had happened. She told us that she had a crush on me since the first time she babysat. On their walk Marsha took a chance, and told her how she and JoAnn had been having sex every night and that I had fucked her last night. Janet wasn't shocked and told her how she had seen the three of us from her bedroom window. She said she watched us with her fathers binoculars. Janet said she had wondering what it would be like to be with another woman. We told Janet that from now on babysitting would be entirely different. In the future, we may stay out very later and she would have to stay over night.

Day Five

No longer does Marsha sleep in the spare bedroom, our room is now shared. Marsha is now open to my fucking her, but young Janet has yet to taste pussy or suck cock.

This night we are lying in bed kissing and touching when Marsha leaned down and took my cock in her hand, holding it gently, she leaned over and kissed JoAnn. I am always thrilled watching my wife kissing another woman. I moved over so they could lie together. Their bodies pressed tightly against one another.

JoAnn opened Marsh's robe and I could see her nipples harden and I know she felt the same. I began to caress JoAnn's breasts, then Marsh's hands pushed mine away. JoAnn was so hot, she began kissing March's beautiful body, moving slowly down her neck, her breast, kissing each one, sliding lower and lower. Kissing her navel, then ever lower to her cunt. Slowly she spread her legs and buried her face into Marsha's wet cunt. My hands moved to Marsha's breasts, gently pinching her nipples. I kissed her. Her mouth tastes wonderful, her tongue moves in my mouth. I kissed her breasts and traced circles around her nipples with my tongue.

She started to moan softly. This makes me sooo hot. I tease her with my tongue, biting her erect nipples, sucking them into my mouth. She moaned a little louder. She is cumming. My cock is so hard.

JoAnn looked up at me, without a word, she and I traded places.

I wanted to taste her so badly. I worked my way down her body until my face was only inches away from her dripping pussy, the sweet scent filling the air. My tongue lightly stroked her clit.

JoAnn was sucking her breasts. I fucked her with my tongue, I also make her cum.

Marsha motioned for me to come to her so she could take me cock in her hand. I move up on the bed so my cock is close to her face. She began rubbing me then when I was ready to cum, she put me in her mouth and sucks deeply. She only has a couple of inches in her mouth, it feels so wonderful, I couldn't wait, I was cumming over and over. JoAnn stopped fingering Marsha's cunt and watched me, then kissed Marsha, licking the cum from her mouth.

Then Marsha took JoAnn in her arms, rolling over so now JoAnn was under her, Marsha proceeded to subject JoAnn to the same intense love making. I watched as Marsha began sucking that wonderful clit. In just a couple of minutes JoAnn was bucking and screaming, her orgasm was so intense. JoAnn took my now erect cock and as sucked the last of my cum into her mouth.

We slept together with our arms and legs wrapped around one another. It was a great week!

Day six

We had mentioned to Marsha that we hadn't seen Janet eat pussy or suck cock. She said we would today if they had the chance. Janet came over early in the afternoon. JoAnn and I took our son out for a walk so the girls could have some time together.

On our walk we happened by Janet's house. As we approached I felt JoAnn's hand tighten on mine. There in the front yard was a beautiful woman about 35, slim and wearing jeans and a halter top that did little to cover her wonderful breasts. It was Janet's mother. We stopped and introduced ourselves. We had lived kind of next door for a couple of months and had only talked on the telephone. We told her how much we enjoyed having Janet around, and that she and Marsha had become good friends. We invited her to have dinner with us some night soon. As we walked away , JoAnn said something about my fucking Janet's mom. I said "I'd love to, how about you?" JoAnn agreed. Janet had told us that her mom and dad had been devoiced for a couple of years and that her mother hasn't met or dated anyone.

Brian was getting tired and wanted his nap, so we returned home.

We all wanted to lie down, but this would be the girls last day together and we didn't want to interrupt anything, so we stayed in the living room. Fifteen or twenty minutes passed and we heard the girls coming down stairs. They only had on sweatshirts that barely covered their butts. What a wonderful sight! They said they wanted us to come up stairs with them.

We put our son to bed and went to Marsha's room. The door was slightly ajar, a soft knock and we entered. Janet and Marsha were lying together in 69 position, with Marsha on top. JoAnn and I hurriedly undressed. Already my cock was hard. Marsha came up long enough to ask me to fuck her. JoAnn took my cock, licked it, then put it against that sweet tight pussy. Slowly I entered her, she was very wet. After a couple of strokes, I pulled out, JoAnn was ready and took my wet cock and placed it on Janet's lips.

Janet's lips were tightly sealed. Marsha climbed off and turned around to watch, when she saw Janet wasn't taking my cock into her mouth, she began licking and sucking her own juices from it.

Now JoAnn has put her head between Janet' legs and is licking her cunt. In a couple of minutes Janet is cumming, her mouth opened and Marsha put my cock in. Janet tried to twist away but Marsha held her, she continued cumming. I pushed in a little. Marsha told her to suck me, I could feel her begining to suck, harder now, Marsha kept talking to her, telling her to rub it with her tongue. I was ready to cum, I didn't think she was ready for me to cum in her mouth. I pulled out and sprayed over her breasts.

Marsha leaned down and licked the cum from her nipples.

Marsha kissed Janet and told her she wants to watch her lick JoAnn's cunt. Marsha and I leaned back and watched as Janet spread JoAnn's leg and began licking. `Marsha and I are holding one another, she has my cock in hand and I have a hand on her breast, as we watched, JoAnn began to cum. Soon Janet can hardly keep up with her bucking hips. Janet kissed her way up to JoAnn lips and kissedher and tells her how wonderful she tasted.


Last Day

Marsh's flight back to NYC was in the morning. Janet came with us to the airport. The two girl in the backseat holding hands and softly talking about how much they'll miss one another. We had told Marsha she could come back for the summer and that I could probably get them both part-time jobs with the company I work for. As we approached the airport Marsha and Janet kissed long and hard. In the parking garage, Marsha kissed JoAnn and I, and thanked us for the wonderful time.

Part II -

All that summer, JoAnn and Janet spent a lot of time together and became very close. Janet was clearly in love with JoAnn. It was August when JoAnn invited Janet to go to Boston shopping for school clothes. They would go alone, and spend the day. I wanted to do some yard work.

Late in the afternoon, Andria, Janet's mom showed up with a pitcher of marguerites. She said she had been watching me work and knew I must be needing something cool to drink. She was wearing very short shorts and a halter top that left a lot of breast exposed. We sat on the grass under the maple tree.

After finishing three large drinks, she told me how one night, she had been putting away some laundry, when she noticed that a soft glow from our bedroom window. There were shadows of two persons standing by the window. One was clearly JoAnn, the other person was a little shorter, was standing with their back to toward the window, it couldn't have been me. Then she saw JoAnn take this person in her arms and they kissed. The kiss was more than a good night kiss for it lasted a very long time. Andria admitted that she was curious and looked for her exhusband's binoculars. Then remembered seeing them in Janet's room. She hurried to get them. There was a better view from Janet's window.

She could see the person was also holding JoAnn, then another figure came into view, it was me. I had my arms around both, then the mystery person turned and faced the window. Andria then could plainly see that it was her daughter Janet. The three figures then moved out of sight.

Andria then told me how she had suspected that Janet was more than just babysitting for us. Then she shocked me when she asked if I had fucked her daughter. We were both pretty drunk by now, and I told her how we had both had sex with her several times.

That Marsha also had sex with us and Janet. Andria told me she was glad her daughter was learning about sex from two wonderful people and not some teenager in the back seat of a car.

I could see that Andria was getting turned on. So I asked her if she had ever experienced a menois u trios. No, but she was curious and wouldn't mind with the right couple. Andria said that she hadn't had sex with anyone since the divorce, 2 « years ago. I told her that JoAnn and I would love to spend an evening with her, and that JoAnn had been talking about her since the first time we met. I put my hand on her shoulder and pulled her gently to me. Our lips met, tongues touched. She was so hungry for sex. I took her hand and led her up stairs to our bedroom.

So this is where you and JoAnn fucked my daughter, and now your going to fuck me. With that, she untied her halter top exposing her ample breasts. We met, my shirt came off, then my pants. She dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. I reached down and took her breasts in my hands, her breast were taunt with excitement. I gently lifted her to her feet and guided us toward to bed. She removed her shorts. "God ! You're beautiful. Janet was lucky to have you as her first."

Her lips were planted on mine and I returned her kiss in earnest, my tongue swatting hers and an erotic dance. Her right hand found my cock and gripped it tightly. She kissed her way down my tense body. I felt the warmth of her mouth envelope the head of my cock, sending an uncontrolled shutter up my body. Then she raised up and we laid onto the bed. Andria was on top, strattling me, she slip up so I could taste her sweet juices. Her cunt was so wet. My tongue was inside fucking her. She had her first orgasm, but it wouldn't be the last this night. Quickly she slid down and empaled herself of my hard cock. "OH Jesus FUCK ME" she cried, and then she sucked hungrily on my neck. Andria began bouncing up and down on my rigid cock. Within only a few seconds I felt her body go taut and she cried out. Muscular contractions wracked my tightly enveloped dick as her orgasm wracked her body.

Several more times that night we fucked trying to make up for those lost 2 years. Then she took my cock into her mouth one last time and sucked the last of the cum. We laid there for a while just holding hands. Later, I looked over and she was asleep. I slipped on a robe and went down stairs just as JoAnn drove up.

When she entered, she gave me a kiss. "Do I detect female on your lips?" "Was Andria any good ?" she asked. Then she told me Janet had suggested to her mother, that she should get me know me better while she and JoAnn were shopping. Then I told JoAnn, how Andria had seen us in the bedroom window with Janet one night.

She wasn't angry, but was curious and interested in joining us also, and that she was sleep on our bed.

I followed JoAnn upstairs and watched as JoAnn sat on the edge of the bed. Her hand began rubbing Andria's temples. As Andria woke up she said "that feels so good," then opened her eyes and saw it was JoAnn. Andria raised her hand to behind JoAnn's neck, pulled her down. Their lips meeting. JoAnn kissed her long and hard, then kissed her way down that nude body to her filled cunt. I could hear her sucking the cum from her cunt as Andria screamed with another orgasm.

I watched them for a while then began to get horny again. As I climbed on to the bed, Andria said "why don't you go keep Janet company?" Good idea!

As I walked out of the room, I looked back and watched as JoAnn then pushed Andria back onto the bed and began kissing her.

JoAnn slid her hand down across those beautiful breast to her stomach. Soon JoAnn was reaching for Andria's pussy and slid two fingers into a very wet cunt. I watched as JoAnn kissed her way down to a breast, then sucked on a nipple as her hand fucked Andria. As Andria was bucking that hand, JoAnn knelt between her legs and buried her tongue where her fingers had just been. In a couple of minutes Andria was cumming again and JoAnn continued fucking her with her tongue.

I walked over to Janet's house and let myself in the kitchen door. I could hear voices in the living room. Janet was with a friend, and as I approached they both got up from the couch.

Janet said hi and introduced me to her friend Kate. Kate had just moved here from San Francisco and would be going to the same high school as Janet. Kate was 17 and extremely beautiful. Janet said Kate was telling her how she and another older girl friend had gone to a lesbian bar. The guy checking id's checked her friends then wanted to see Kate's, which she didn't have, the friend distracted the bouncer by rubbing her breasts against his arm.

The bouncer let them both pass.

Inside the bar there were only women, but there was something happening on the dance floor. As they strolled over to see, they watched as two women were dancing in the most provocative manner.

One girl was on her knees with her face buried in the other's crotch, then slowly raised up until her mouth was even with her breasts. Her mouth opened and sucked one breast. The watchers clapped and cheered. Other watcher were openly feeling one another up. Kate said she saw more then one woman with a hand under her shirt or in her pants.

I asked Janet about the shopping trip, "did you get everything you needed for school?"

"Yes and more. JoAnn took me to a lingerie shop". "We looked at hundreds of teddies. We wanted the sexiest ones in the store.

JoAnn bought one for each of us." Kate said "Let see yours."

"No, they are suppose to be a surprise, some night." Kate looks a me and smiles. I think she is catching on as to the relationship between Janet, JoAnn and I. Then Kate asks again to see Janet's teddy. I said I would still be surprised when they show them to me. Janet walked upstairs. While she was gone, Kate asked me where JoAnn was tonight. I told her she was home in bed.

Kate started to say something else, then stopped. I asked her how she liked New Hampshire.

"Until now, it was boring. I think I'm going to enjoy my new friends."

Janet walked down stairs with just her red teddy. She was beautiful, sexy and I wanted her. I heard Kate suck in a deep breath. She walked right up to Kate and asked how she liked it.

"You have a great body and it would look sexy in most anything or nothing." "Not as nice as yours", and Janet slowly ran her finger down the front of Kate's blouse.

When Kate didn't object, Janet said to me "don't you think Kate as nicer breasts than me?" "I don't know, I can't see them." With that Janet began unbuttoning Kate's blouse, exposing her breasts, Janet leaned down and kissed them. She was right, Kate had wonderful breasts and wasn't wearing a bra. Then Janet turned to me and kissed me on the lips. The Janet said to Kate, "why don't you kiss Steve and get him hard and we'll all go upstairs and fool around. I was already hard!

Upstairs Janet finished undressing Kate then they turned to me.

Janet unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock, stroked it a couple of times then kissed it. Kate watched, then kissed Janet, then leaned down and licked my cock from base to top. I heard Janet tell Kate to be careful or she'll get a mouth full. I asked Janet to take care of Kate before I take care of her. I watched as Janet laid Kate onto the bed and buried her face in the beautiful cunt. JoAnn had trained her well.

After we had both fucked Kate, Janet asked me if we should introduce Kate to JoAnn or if we should keep her for ourselves. I thought to myself, JoAnn would like Kate and after tonight maybe Andria would too!

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