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Making The Wife Feel Pretty

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Making The Wife Feel Pretty

My wife, Jamie, had just had our third child a few months before and felt as if she wasn’t as attractive as she used to be. Could she have been more wrong? She was 28 at this point, 5’2” and weighed about 120 pounds. Pre-baby, she weighed about 120 lbs. You could look at her and never know she had one baby, much less three. She is absolutely beautiful. She has a very athletic build and a perfect body with very milk-engorged breasts right now due to nursing our child. She always complained that guys never looked at her anymore. I decided it was my job to prove her wrong.

I arranged for an all-night babysitter and the two of us drove up to Phoenix to stay in a plush hotel and go out and enjoy ourselves. I did some searching beforehand and found out the hotspots as she loved going to the clubs when we were dating. Anyway, we made it to our hotel and relaxed awhile after the short trip. After awhile we started getting ready to go out. She was getting dressed and was standing in front of the mirror getting ready in only her thong panties. I couldn’t help but just stare at how hot she was. I went up behind her and started rubbing my hands all over her, paying special attention to her heavy tits. She was enjoying the touching and pretty soon had put down her curling iron and turned around. I immediately pulled her panties off and placed her upon the counter. I spread her legs and dove my tongue into her pussy. She was soaking wet! I licked and sucked on her pussy lips and clit like there was no tomorrow. I inserted one finger and started rubbing her G spot. This was driving her wild and pretty soon she was cumming very loudly. I think she thought I was going to stop, but I didn’t. I kept going and this time I started playing with her asshole, which she typically doesn’t let me do unless she is really horny. I continued licking her clit, while fingering the G spot and then slowly started inserting a finger into her asshole. It didn’t take much longer and she was really moaning loudly. No more than two minutes later she was cumming like I have never seen before. She typically doesn’t get really wet, but this time there was pussy juice all over my face and a little running down from her pussy to her asshole. I licked up every bit of it and then let her get back to getting ready for the night.

She remained nude at this point and it was really hard not going over to her and fucking her from behind. Did I mention she has a great ass, which is one of my favorite features of hers? Anyway, about 30 minutes later, we were both ready. She brought this little black dress that I absolutely love. She was just walking out the door when I told her one thing wasn’t right. She stopped and asked me what. I reached up under her dress and slid off the black thong that she was wearing. She protested but I remained steadfast and eventually she agreed. This would surely keep me hard all night long knowing her naked, hairless pussy was easy for the taking.

We went to a nice restaurant and immediately I noticed men looking her way. I kept telling her this, but she still wouldn’t believe me. We ate dinner and several times I stroked her thighs and slid my hand higher and higher, inching my way to her bare pussy. She would always stop me, but I knew she liked it and that she wanted more. At one point during dinner I had dropped my napkin. In reaching down to the floor to get it, my nose was about a foot from her pussy and I could smell her sweet aroma wafting from her wet cunt. She was really horny. We continued our dinner and our flirtations, had dessert and then left. I think at this point she thought we were going back to our hotel. We weren’t used to being able to stay out this late, but I had other plans that she did not know about.

I had found a club with really good reviews and drove to their location. She kept asking where we were going but I told her it was a surprise. Once we got there, she was really excited when she realized the night was not over. We went into club and observed the scene. It was not a college kid type club. All the patrons were at least our age and most were older. This is exactly what I wanted. I found us a booth in the corner and went to the bar to get our drinks. She asked for a jack and coke, which is her favorite and being that she hadn’t drank in a long time, I knew it wouldn’t take much before she was feeling tipsy and even hornier. We mostly sat and talked, but we finally made our way to the dance floor. I hate dancing in clubs because I am white and can’t dance, but I knew how much she wanted to do this so I did it. While on the floor, I again noticed several other men staring at her breasts which bounced or swayed to her movements, or they were staring at her luscious ass. We danced for several songs and then went back to our booth. I got us another round of drinks and we sat and drank those down. She downed this last one and I could start to tell the drinks were having their effect on her.

After some more talking she dragged me out onto the dance floor again. The dance floor had two tiers to it and this time we went to the upper tier to dance. We made our way to the rail separating the upper and lower tiers and started dancing there. She was really getting into the music, grinding into me and letting it all hang out. As she was dancing and sliding up and down my body facing away from me, I noticed a girl on the lower level suddenly glance up at Jamie and started staring at her with her eyes wide open. I am guessing that she realized that Jamie was not wearing any panties and was getting a great view of her pussy. I put my attention back on what Jamie was doing and how she was grinding her body all over me and I looked up again to see if the girl was still looking. I didn’t see her and figured she had left the floor or went to another part. Well I was right. I noticed another person really start dancing close to Jamie and realized that it was the girl who had been staring up Jamie’s dress. Now that I got a better look at her I realized how good looking she was. She had short, cropped hair, was very petite and looked almost like a fairy with very large, pretty eyes. She reminded me a great deal of Jamie. Their body types were much alike, except this girl had larger breasts that were very perky, just like Jamie’s. I really wanted to see to what extent this girl would dance with Jamie and how far she would go so I told my wife that I needed to go the restroom. A song that Jamie really likes to dance to had just started so I thought this would be a perfect time. I excused myself and headed off the floor.

When I returned from the restroom, my eyes locked onto the exact scene I had been hoping for. Jamie and this girl were totally into each other. Every guy around them was watching their gyrations on each other. I don’t know what else they had done, but at this point Jamie was straddling the other girl’s thigh and grinding heavily on it. The girl had her hand at the small of Jamie’s back and was pulling her into her chest. I headed back on to the floor and made my way back to Jamie. I joined them both and started trying to dance a little, but stayed back so they could continue their “clothed sex” on the dance floor. At the end of the song, Jamie turned to me and said she needed another drink because she was thirsty. She gave me a sly little grin as she walked toward our table. I caught the girl as she was walking the other way and asked her to join us and what she would like to drink. She said she’d like a gin and tonic. I headed off to the bar and she followed Jamie to the table. I wish I could have been at the table when Jamie realized that the girl had followed her.

I got our drinks and headed toward our table and noticed that the girls were sitting there chatting. This was a good sign as I would have hated to learn that they had gotten into a catfight or didn’t want to have anything to do with each other. I sat down and handed out the drinks. The girls had introduced themselves and I learned that the girls name was Heather. She was 30 years old, and lived by herself here in Phoenix. We chatted for awhile and got to know Heather better. The girls seemed to be pretty flirty and touchy with each other so I wanted to see how close they were getting. I decided to excuse myself once again so I could see what they would do when they were alone. I stayed away for about five minutes and came back around behind them so they could not see me and I could see them. Jamie had her arm intertwined with Heather’s and Heather’s hand was on Jamie’s bare thigh, slowly stroking it. They were both leaning into each other and grinning. I knew this was heading in the right direction.

I got back to the table and figured they would kind of separate a little bit, but they stayed right where they were. We continued chatting for quite awhile and having a few drinks, and the girls seemed to get more touchy feely as the drinks flowed. It was starting to get late and Jamie and I decided it was time to get going as we are not used to being up this late anymore with the kids. We all got up started heading to the door and Heather followed. When we got to the door, Jamie and her started saying their goodbyes and I simply asked Heather if she’d like to join us back our hotel for a nightcap. Jamie looked somewhat surprised, but readily agreed. After Heather asked us if we were sure, she said she’d love to. She said she had gotten a cab to the club, but I told her we could take her home whenever she was ready to go back. This was turning out better than I thought.

We all went to my truck and Jamie got in the middle of the front seat next to me and Heather climbed in next to her in the passenger seat. We headed for the hotel and I was really glad that it was at least a 20 minute drive. During the drive the girls were really flirty with each other and very touchy feely. About halfway back to the hotel I put my hand on Jamie’s thigh and started rubbing it and sliding my hand up to her panty less pussy. I was more than a little surprised to find Heather’s hand already there. She was lightly stroking Jamie’s pussy lips. I wondered what the soft sighs coming from Jamie were in between her words. Now I knew why she was sighing, she was getting fingered right there beside me. I think before they were trying to hide it from me, but now they didn’t care. Jamie immediately started stroking Heather’s thigh and reciprocated her ministrations to her pussy as well. I was so hard at this point it was really hard to concentrate on my driving.

Suddenly Jamie got up and hopped over the seat into the backseat and invited Heather back there with her. Jamie laid back and pulled up her dress exposing her hairless pussy to Heather. Heather placed her lips on Jamie’s and they started kissing feverishly while Heather continued to play with Jamie’s pussy lips. It was really hard to see what was happening while driving. I didn’t want this to end so I didn’t go directly to the hotel. I didn’t care if I got lost at this point, as long as we eventually ended up back at the hotel. I heard a loud gasp and a slow moan and turned around to see that Heather had inserted two of her fingers into Jamie’s very wet pussy. She was also at this point sucking on Jamie’s clit. Jamie’s hips were bucking up and down now and I figured that Heather was also working on Jamie’s G spot. Jamie was moaning louder and louder now and I knew by her moans that she had just had a very powerful orgasm. Heather moved up to kiss Jamie and I could see her face was very wet from being on Jamie’s pussy. I could actually see her face glow a little as we went under the dim street lights.

About this time, I pulled into the hotel parking lot. We all got out and headed to the lobby. We got into an elevator with another couple and the girls looked very disheveled and the smell of pussy quickly filled the elevator when we got on. The other couple was giving each other quick little glances as I am sure they knew what was going on and probably, what would be going on. I hoped for their sake that their room was not on either side of ours. The elevator stopped at their floor and they got off and I thought that the guy gave me a quick little look of jealousy as he exited the elevator. I couldn’t blame him, I’d be jealous too! As soon as the doors closed, the girls were all over each other again. Mostly just kissing now, but their hands weren’t leaving any part of their bodies untouched. The elevator stopped at our floor and we all got off and headed for our room.

As soon as we got inside, the girls were once again making out feverishly. They didn’t even wait for the door to close. Again their hands were all over each other and Heather wasted no time in pulling the straps of Jamie’s dress down off her shoulders to expose her tits. Heather started kneading them and lightly kissed and sucked on the nipples making them stand out more than I think I had ever seen. Heather was kissing all over Jamie, from her stomach all the way up to her earlobes and neck. Jamie was sighing and cooing at all the attention she was receiving. While they were enthralled in each other, I quietly removed my clothes and came up behind Jamie and pressed my cock into her ass crack. She gasped in a quick breath of air. Heather stood up at this point and pulled her dress up over her head and off her body in one clean motion, showing that she was wearing the exact same thing underneath her dress as Jamie, which was nothing. Her body was tanned all over and was very nice, very similar to Jamie’s physique. Heather was also sporting a nicely shaved pussy with the only hair forming a nice one inch wide landing strip pointing the way to her promise land. She had curves in all the right places as she wasn’t one of those skinny stick girls you see so often.

I pushed Jamie’s dress off her body and now we were all completely void of any clothing. Heather laid back on the bed on her back with her head on the pillows. Her legs were bent up at the knees and Jamie laid herself in between her legs and started kissing her on her lips. They were slowly writhing into each other’s bodies and getting used to the feeling of their skin touching with nothing between them. I simply had to sit back and watch as I didn’t want to interrupt them and also wanted to just take it all in. I really wished I had brought our video camera with me. The girls were kissing and Jamie was slowly moving her way down Heather’s body. She kissed and massaged and sucked and rubbed Heather’s nipples and breasts for awhile making Heather squirm, moan and sigh over and over. Heather’s hands and fingers were running through Jamie’s hair, almost like she was making sure Jamie’s face never left her body. Jamie took her time in moving further down Heather’s body never missing an inch, concentrating on every square inch of her body. Finally Jamie made it down to Heather’s sweet spot. She lightly blew some air across Heather’s clit, making it stand up like a very small cock. Jamie lightly licked her clit with Heather responding by drawing in a huge breath of air and making her squirm a little more. With this Jamie held back and teased no more. She inserted one finger into Heather’s cunt and started moving in and out and around and around while licking outside her pussy on her lips and on her clit. With every second that went by and every lick, Heather’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I had never seen someone get so wet. Heather’s pussy was leaking juice that was almost streaming down to her asshole, all of which Jamie licked up with enthusiasm.

Just then I remembered that I had brought a little surprise I thought I may use on Jamie during our fucking over the weekend, but wanted to bring it out as it would definitely enhance our current fun. I went to my bag and pulled out a shiny gold vibrator that we have used many times. I placed on the bed next to Jamie and she looked up and grinned. She licked the dildo to get it wet and then turned it on. She slowly put it up to Heather’s pussy, parting her bare lips and making her jump a little and then moan as Jamie inserted it inch by inch into her wanting pussy. Jamie kept on sucking on Heather’s clit making her moan and jump even more than before.

Jamie’s ass and pussy were up in the air. I got closer and buried my face and tongue into her and started feverishly licking and sucking. Her cunt was also very wet, as I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Her lips were swollen from being so turned on as all the blood had collected in her lips making them large and very sensitive. This was too much for me and I stood up and in one motion thrust my hard cock into her pussy. This caused her to throw her head back and just grunt and moan. I started thrusting in and out as there was no way that I could have gone at any other pace as turned on as I was. Just then I felt some movement on the bed and realized that Heather was turning around so that she and Jamie would be in a 69. This was perfect for me because while Heather was licking Jamie’s pussy, she would occasionally lick my balls and asshole which I really enjoy.

Jamie started working the dildo in faster and faster and strengthened her sucking on Heather’s clit. My cock and Heather’s tongue were also working their magic on Jamie’s pussy. I could tell that she was about to cum as her pussy started to spasm and she started grunting over and over. This was all I could take and I emptied my cum into Jamie’s pussy. Jamie was cumming and Heather was cumming too. But nobody stopped their attention to the other’s goodies. I had cum so much it was starting to run out of Jamie’s pussy between my cock and Jamie’s lips and Heather licked it all up. As I pulled my still hard cock out of Jamie’s pussy, Heather put about half of it into her mouth licking mine and Jamie’s cum off the end of it. Jamie pulled the vibrator out of Heather’s pussy with a plop as it came out. There was a nice sized pool of her cum on the bedspread from all the juice that had seeped out of her pussy.

We all laid down next to each other on the bed, with Jamie in the middle, trying to regain our breath. Both of the girl’s faces were glowing with pussy juice. I leaned over and kissed Jamie fully on the lips, also tasting Heather’s pussy on her face. I have to say that from what I could tell, Heather’s pussy tasted very good. The girls were lightly running their fingers over each other’s bodies, just simmering in the post-orgasmic bliss that had their bodies fixated.

I got up and got three glasses and poured three jack and cokes. We all sipped our drinks for awhile and the fondling between the girls got more aggressive. Heather told Jamie that she wanted to taste her pussy again and had always wanted to go down on another girl while being fucked from behind. She asked Jamie if she would mind if I fucked her while she went down on her like Jamie had to her before. This made me perk up a little as I had only figured on fucking Jamie, but I wasn’t going to complain. Jamie had seen me fuck another girl before a couple of times when we were engaged and said that it turned her on. Jamie thought for about half a second and asked me if my cock was up for it again. I said I was ready to go. Jamie laid back on the bed and Heather started by kissing her on the lips and tracing the same route that Jamie had made earlier, going to the neck, then her breasts and nipples, stomach and down to her pussy. Heather had said earlier that she had never been with another girl before, but she seemed like she had some experience. Anyway, Heather dove her face into Jamie’s pussy and started fingering her with one, then two fingers at a time. Jamie was really wet as I could hear the smacking sound it made every time she re-entered Jamie’s pussy with her fingers.

I went to Heather’s bag where she said she had a condom and put it on. I went over to the bed and now Heather had laid on her side and turned at a 90 degree angle to Jamie’s body. She was in effect licking her pussy sideways. I got behind Heather and inched up behind her prone body and inserted my cock into her pussy from behind in the spoon position. Her being so wet, my cock easily slipped into her pussy from behind. I started thrusting with about the same intensity I had into Jamie’s pussy and it didn’t take long before she was starting to cum, but she never missed a beat with Jamie’s pussy. She would cry out into Jamie’s pussy lips every time she came. Jamie was starting to cum as well from Heather’s tongue and fingers. I could tell by the position of Heather’s fingers that she was fingering Jamie’s G spot and putting great amounts of pressure on it while sucking on her clit. She was also pushing down on Jamie’s stomach a little bit while manipulating the G spot. She kept at this and Jamie had a bunch of smaller orgasms over and over. But by her moaning and by the frequency of the orgasms, I could tell she was building up to a very large one. They were getting closer and closer now and pretty soon it seemed like she was having one, large continuous one. Then suddenly she cried out really loud and juice started streaming everywhere. It wasn’t squirting per se, but I have never seen that much liquid come out of her pussy. She had just had her first ejaculation and it was pooling up under her ass. Seeing this was all I could take and I shot my load for the second time that night. I slowly withdrew my cock from Heather’s cunt and watched as her out juices came flowing out as well. I sat back on the bed and watched these two. I figured that Jamie would be done after that giant orgasm but she seemed to have caught her second wind and kept going.

About this time, Heather said her neck was starting to hurt and suggested they switch to another position, one that I had always wanted to see. They both laid back on their elbows and opened their legs and slid their butts up until their wet pussies were touching each other. Neither had ever done this so they started out slowly, figuring out what exactly felt best. They got into a rhythm and started grinding their pussies on each other. This was one of the sexiest things I had ever seen in my life. They were both enjoying this immensely. Heather reached down and started rubbing her clit and you could tell this heightened the feeling for her. Jamie followed suit and soon they were both cumming, one after the other. They each kept this up until they had each cum about five to six times. Sorry to say, I had never seen Jamie cum this many times at once, much less in one night over just a few hours. I felt lucky I had gotten to witness all of this as I doubt I will ever see anything this erotic for the rest of my life.

The girls were now lying next to each other on the bed. They both were exhausted as it was now about four in the morning. I laid down on the bed with Jamie in the middle and we all drifted off to sleep. I awoke the next morning to the bed shaking a little and from the sounds of sighing. I looked over and saw that Jamie was leaning down fingering Heather’s pussy. I think Jamie was trying to get as much as she could while it lasted. I was immediately hard again. Heather was lying back enjoying Jamie’s tonguing and pinching her nipples to heighten the sensations. I don’t think Jamie knew that I was awake yet. I heard a low whine and realized that Jamie had the vibrator buried in her pussy. She was working it in and out, but mostly had it fully penetrated and was moving it around to hit the right spots. I really wanted to be a part of this and thought there was one way that I could involve myself. Jamie said she only liked this sort of thing when she was really horny. I think now was one of those times. I quietly grabbed the lube off of the nightstand and lubed up my hard cock. After it was nice and slick, I turned to the side and pressed my cock against Jamie’s asshole. She immediately tensed up. Wanting her to enjoy this, I slid a well-lubed finger against her asshole and ran my finger around the entrance. She relaxed after a couple of minutes of this and finally allowed me to insert my finger completely into her ass. I stroked it in and out for a few minutes letting her get used to the feeling of having something in this area. I continued this for a few more minutes until this felt routine to her. Once I felt like she was loose and relaxed enough, I pulled my finger out and placed my cock at the entrance. Jamie tensed a little, but relaxed very quickly allowing me to push the head of my cock inside. She grunted and moaned a little, but didn’t act like she was in any pain. I slowly inched my cock in slowly, further and further. She was panting very quickly, but concentrated on what she was doing with Heather. I could still hear Heather gasping and moaning so I knew Jamie was still working over Heather’s pussy. The further my cock got into Jamie’s pussy, the more I could feel the vibrations coming through the thin wall of skin between her asshole and pussy. Finally I was buried balls deep in her asshole. I had been wanting this for a very long time as it had been years since we had had anal sex. I kept still for a few minutes so Jamie could used to the feeling of being completely filled. After a few minutes I started pulling out and thrusting slowly back in. Jamie was getting very into it as her grunts starting becoming guttural moans. I was making full strokes now. Her asshole was so tight I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. Jamie must have increased her efforts because Heather started cumming, and she was cumming very loudly. I don’t know what special trick Jamie was using, but this was the hardest Heather had cum the whole time we had all been together. I think hearing Heather cum, the vibrator in her pussy, and me fucking her ass was enough to make Jamie cum immediately. The combination of these two hot women crying out in orgasmic bliss and Jamie’s asshole contracting around my cock was all it took for me to follow suit and shoot my largest amount of cum into Jamie’s tight asshole. I withdrew my cock and watched the cum leak from her asshole onto the bed sheets. She moved over and lay next to Heather as they panted. Jamie laid her head on Heather’s breast and I spooned with Jamie. We all drifted off to sleep again.

We awoke around 9:30 and got out of bed and headed to the shower before we checked out. We all got in the shower and played a little grab ass, touching here, fingering here, sucking there. We got out of the shower and all got dressed. We packed up our clothes and the girls took the stuff to the truck while I checked out of the hotel. We dropped Heather off at her house and traded phone numbers. She said that she makes it down to Tucson about once every month to two months and would definitely give us a call the next time she came down.

Jamie was glowing the whole way back home. I told her, “See, I told you still had it and that other people find you very attractive.” She just smiled and looked out the window, no doubt thinking about the next time we see Heather.

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