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Making New Friends and Exploring Fantasies - Group, Oral, Anal, Bisexual

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My wife Teri and I went to the club occasionally and usually were able to find someone we could take home. However the new friends didn’t always click with the fantasies and activities we like to explore. But we kept trying and were rewarded when we met Sharon and John.

Teri is black, 5’ 3”, 120, lbs and measures 38D, 27, 38. I am white, 6’ tall, 200 lbs, with a 7” cut cock. Sharon is white, a little taller than Teri but about the same measurements. John is 5’ 10” with an 8” long, very thick cock.

We hit it off right away with Sharon and John. They were newbie’s and were happy to find someone to talk to. By the end of the evening Sharon had danced topless with Teri, licked the head of my cock through my zipper and was ready to do more. Teri had danced with John and made him so hard he had limped back to our corner table. He had spent much of the evening licking Teri’s nipples, and fingering her pussy through her crotch less panties.

We invited them to our place for some follow up and they readily agreed. Teri rode with John; I knew what she had in mind, while Sharon rode with me. Before we got I the cars Teri and Sharon hit the restroom. Teri whispered to me that she had told Sharon she was going to suck John’s cock while he drove. Sharon had giggled and told her she would do the same to me. Before I got my seatbelt on Sharon had my cock out and was sucking it very well. Luckily we don’t live too far away and I was able to keep from coming.

We hurried into the house and barely got the door closed before we were all naked. Teri started kissing and rubbing Sharon, while John and I rested our wet cocks, regaining our composure. Teri then turned to John and Sharon came to me. We kissed and I ran my hands over her body, she was very wet. “Fuck me” she whispered. I took my time; I lay her on the couch and kissed my way down her body, nibbling and licking, slowly taking my time to get to her pussy. She moaned and started asking louder and louder for me to fuck her. Instead I licked her pussy and soon she had her first orgasm. She held my head tightly and thrust her pussy into my tongue and face.

Sharon and I watched John and Teri while Sharon caught her breath. Teri was licking John’s cock and balls while he licked her pussy and played with her ass. Sharon said, “Look at her pussy, the chocolate and pink look so good and her pussy lips are so big, they make me hungry.” “You will get your chance”, I said. I then asked about her favorite position. “I like to be on top,” she said. I lay on the floor beside John and Teri and Sharon slowly lowered herself onto my cock. Teri sat up from John’s cock and kissed Sharon, with a lot of tongue, as Sharon pushed all the way down on my cock, letting out a moan. Teri then told John to fuck her pussy from behind while she sucked my nipples. I returned the favor as Sharon bounced up and down on my cock and John thrust deeply into Teri’s pussy.

Teri came quickly and John was unable to hold himself as she clenched her pussy muscles. John let out a loud roar as he came deep into Teri. Sharon was moaning loudly and fingering her clit while she ground her pussy onto my cock. Teri pulled away from John and moved to kiss Sharon putting her cum-filled pussy over my mouth. I proceeded to lick and suck her pussy tasting John’s cum and Teri’s pussy juices. Sharon saw what was happening and it seemed to push her over the edge. She came quickly in long shuddering moans. The feel of her pussy as she came made me shoot my load deep into her pussy. Teri held her from collapsing and whispered to her, “Lay back, I want to suck his cum from your pussy.” Sharon complied and John and I watched as Teri slurped and sucked all the cum from Sharon.

We all rested and cuddled for a few minutes and then John and I went to get some drinks. In the kitchen John asked, “Are you bi?” “I guess so, I am not sure,” I replied, “I like the taste of cum from Teri’s pussy.” “Have you ever sucked a cock?” John asked directly. “No I haven’t but probably would in the right situation.” We took the drinks back to the play room and I saw John was getting hard again.

John was whispering to Sharon and Teri looked at me. I smiled and nodded my head. After a couple of sips Teri asked, “Are you men up for some more?” John and I looked at each other and nodded. Teri then said, “Sharon, I don’t know about you but I would like to the guys suck each other.” Sharon looked at John and said “I would like to see that.”

John stood up and walked over to me, his cock hardening and stood in front of me. I opened my mouth and licked his shaft and head then sucked his cock into my mouth. I played with his balls as I moved up and down his hard cock. After a couple of minutes, the girls told us to do each other and we got into a 69 position. Just as we started Teri said, “Why don’t we make it a contest, the first one to cum gets his ass fucked by the other.” John nodded assent and began sucking for all he was worth. I mumbled OK around the large cock in my mouth.

John was definitely getting my attention with his tongue, and I saw the girls watching us and playing with each other. After bout 10 minutes the girls moved to each of us and began playing with our asses trying to hurry one of us to cum. Teri knew just where to touch me and it wasn’t long before I was shooting cum into John’s mouth. He sucked it all down and swallowed. He then got up. Teri said, “Time to put up honey.” Still shaking from my orgasm, I moved to the couch and bent over with my ass in the air. Teri and Sharon lubricated my asshole with their fingers, sliding two finders in as far as they could. I then felt John move in behind me and press the head of his cock into my ass. I relaxed and breathed deeply as he pushed. He stopped partway in to let me get accommodated and then I began pushing back to take more of him.

We began to slowly rock back and forth, Teri and Sharon adding more lube as needed. Then John started fucking me harder and harder. Teri and Sharon began sucking his nipples and playing with his ass. I felt him grow tight and then explode into my ass with a load of hot cum. I was panting and cumming myself. Something that Sharon saw and jumped underneath me to suck up the cum, which she then shared with Teri. We all went to the Master Bedroom and cuddled together on our huge bed.

I awoke in the morning to the pleasant feel of a mouth on my cock. I reached my hand down and felt short hair, it was John. Teri and Sharon were awake and watching us. John said, “It’s your turn to fuck my ass.” “I’m ready, are you?” He moved up and over my cock and proceeded to lower his ass onto my cock. Sharon and Teri again provided lube service. Once I was completely in his ass John began to rock up and down and back and forth on my cock. Meanwhile Teri moved over me and backed her pussy onto John’s rock hard cock. Sharon then moved her pussy over my mouth. It wasn’t long before we all came. Sharon arched her back and moaned loudly. Teri was sucking her nipples and began to cum. I felt John’s balls tighten as he came, filling Teri’s pussy with his cum. Then I came deep in John’s ass. Eventually we got untangled and got cleaned up. Before they left though both John and I got fuck Sharon and Teri’s asses, just to get evened up.

We went to breakfast (OK late lunch) and set a date for another get together. The girls agreed that John and I would set the agenda the next time. I can’t wait.

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