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MMM First time Bi fun; why did I wait so long!

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Well, I don?t think there is any doubt about it now, I am definitely Bisexual. I had pretty much enjoyed fucking and sucking transsexuals up until this point but really didn?t consider that Bisexual. Yea, I know they had a cock and yes I had no issues about letting them fuck me in the ass with their hard cocks but I still felt they were more women than men. Can?t explain or justify but that was how I felt, until yesterday when I had a wonderful time with a Bi- couple that I had met on line at one of the swinger sites.

Chad and Amy were very experienced and I must admit I sort of indicated that I was too even though I had never did anything with a true guy. Okay, it was just a little white lie but I was positive I could have a great time and I had a very vivid imagination which I shared with them so it probably sounded like I was pretty experienced.

Well they had come up to my area from another part of the state, given me a text a few days earlier and wanted to know if I wanted to get together with them and another bi guy on Saturday afternoon. Uh Oh, I guess it was time to put up or shut up and so I said sure. So not only would this be the first time it would also be a 4some. When I step up I step up right!

So when Saturday came I texted them that I would be looking for them to be texting me with room # when they got settled in. I still was ready to back out; nerves I guess but I continued on. They switched the time from 3:30pm until 4:30pm and then told me that the other guy had contacted them yet so it would probably just be a threesome. Some of my nerves subsided and I continued on running some errands before getting ready to see them.

Amy, Chad?s wife was a real hottie with a phatt ass and from the pics I had seen she was someone who I wanted to fuck. Beyond the physical attractiveness she was a freak too! Chad said she loved DP?s and double Vaginal along with watching bi guys suck cock and fuck. She would just drip as she watched him suck cock and get fucked. Chad was also into BBC (Big Black Cock). He said he had enjoyed it in a previous Bi sexual 3some relationship.

I?m a fair skinned Black dude who is quite well endowed; I?m very thick and about 8 inches. I don?t get much anal sex even from TS?s because of the thickness. Interestingly enough during our initial conversations Chad stated ?kool no problem I?ll be able to take it?. I enjoy playing with couples who want some Black dick.

They liked to play bareback except when fucking Amy?s pussy since she could get pregnant. BB was okay since they only played with bi guys who played in couple situations exclusively. That was me or I at least thought that would be me since I really had no desire to be with a guy in a 1 on 1 situation without a woman present.

Really don?t have any desire to kiss a guy. Chad made it clear he was not into being intimate but really just enjoyed sucking cock and fucking manpussy and having the favor returned. So maybe, I?m selectively Bi since that?s what I had fantasied about also. Anyway, hearing that type of stuff really turned me on but was I really ready to explore my Bi side even if I was selectively Bi? Well, the time was approaching and I still was driving in the direction of their hotel so I figured game on.

I knocked on their hotel door and was greeted by Chad in some shorts with no shirt. He shook my hand and said come on in. He looked like an average. Clean cut dude but my mind went straight to ?I wonder what his cock looks like?? even though I had seen pictures of it. I guess that should have been the first clue I had moved into the Bi zone. Never before after meeting a guy in a 3some situation did I ever think about his cock!

Amy was in the bed in a nighty pull over thing. I was hoping that she was dressed in high heels, stockings etc. to help get me in the mood but since they had rode up to visit on their motorcycle she hadn?t packed all that. I spoke to her and we all started chatting and drinking a little wine. The phone rang and the other guy called and said he thought they were supposed to call and he was tied up right now, long story short he wasn?t cumming.

At that point Amy took the lead and said matter of factually, ?why don?t the two of you get undressed so I can watch the two of you since Chad fucked my ass and pussy really hard last night and I?m a little fucked out!? Is that okay with the two of you? We both told her, ?Sure? and began to undress. Chad was out of his shorts first and onto the bed while Amy moved to one of the chairs in the room (God did she have a nice phatt ass!). He was trimmed down below, had a nice size piece of meat and laid spread eagle on his back on the bed, hand on his dick.

He had told me when had talked and though it was going to be a foursome that he wanted to get his ass fucked because he needed it and that he knew Amy loved it and wanted to see the guys get it on first. So I kinda knew he was pretty much going to be a bitch bottom for me. As soon as I laid down next to him on the bed my suspicion was confirmed as he said ?let me get started on this nice cock?.

Well he took me in his white lips and started working my Black dick with his mouth. He was hood and my cock responded accordingly growing in size in his mouth. I looked at Amy and told her he was a great cocksucker and noticed that her eyes were glued to her hubby trying to swallow my cock. As I pushed his head down on my cock he came up and said that he couldn?t swallow it all and it was the biggest he had ever tried to swallow. I told him that was okay because he was making me really hard with just what he was doing. Amy chimed in and told him to ?suck it baby yea that looks so good!? She got out the cameras and started taking pictures and with every flash my dick twitched in his mouth. Damn was he good and I was into some man-on-man action, all inhibitions aside about being Bi.

While I was enjoying his mouth on my cock I felt that as a good top I should at least return the favor since I felt his very hard cock rubbing against my leg. I announced to both Amy and Chad that I needed to suck some dick which sent Amy into complete excitement. I moved between his legs and began sucking his pole and slobbering on it with enthusiasm that I had never showed with sucking on a TS?s cock. Yea no doubt I was truly hooked on some bi-sex and the excitement that cums with it.

Amy was so excited she came over and started snapping picture after picture of me working her husband?s cock. She put down the camera and started deep kissing him. Her pussy juice was running down her leg as I started feeling her up. MMM Amy did love seeing guys get it on and she said afterwards her fantasy was to see 4 or 5 Bi guys suck and fuck each other and them be so into doing that, that she wouldn?t have to do anything but suck the unoccupied dick if she chose to do so! MMM what a horny, slutty, kinky bitch Miss Amy is!

Amy couldn?t take it anymore and climbed on Chads dick and started riding it. Showing me that perfectly rounded ass with a dick stuck in the pussy. I watched it for a while and then started tonguing Chad?s balls and dick as well as her ass which got her more excited. I rubbed my dick in between her spread cheeks and would have gone in her ass but I knew she was sore from the night before. Also her love of DP vaginally was an option but I didn?t have a condom that I wanted to put on.

So I announced how I had to fuck something so Amy climbed off of Chad and said you can fuck his ass bareback; I want to see it and I want to suck his dick while you are fucking him. I looked at Chad and he said ?yea I want to try that big motherfucker?! So I started putting some lube in my hand and stroking my cock while Chad continued to lay on his back and Amy put a pillow under his tight white ass. He looked so hot with his legs in the air and his ass exposed to me. I went slow since I knew he was a cock slut but I wanted to not make it too tough on him to take me up his ass since I had plans to eventually pound the shit out of him once he got loose and used to my dick.

He said it was the thickest he had ever taken but with Amy sucking his cock it wasn?t long before I was balls beep and he was moaning in pleasure. I rubbed Amy?s head as she bobbed up and down on his cock and I just kept slowing fucking him. After a little bit he wanted to be on all fours to get dicked better and I said sure as he and Amy starting 69ing and I slide in his ass with Amy occasionally licking my balls.

Yea, that?s when he became my bitch and starting telling me to fuck his ass and to pound it hard. He pushed back on my dick and met every stroke; for sure he was now my bitch. I knew that once I felt him pushing his ass on my dick that fucking a man?s ass was something I was going to have to have from here on out. Being Bi was going to be fun if I could get guys to bottom like he was doing and love every inch of my cock in their ass as much as I loved being in there. I never was this excited fucking a TS?s ass or a female?s ass as I was fucking some manpussy. Just wish I had tried it sooner.

Too bad there was not a camera or video of Amy sucking Chads dick and him licking her pussy as I was balls deep in his ass. I guess he would be considered an active bottom from the way he squirmed and wiggled and milked my cock. He begged me to squirt some hot cum up his ass but I wasn?t ready to cum yet.

By this time Amy wanted some penetration again and I was only happy to give her some since I hadn?t fucked her yet. Of course, for her kinky ass that meant two cocks in her pussy. She climbed on Chad and after getting the condom on (Chad put it on while sucking my dick; what can I say the boy loves sucking and fucking some BBC any chance he gets (smile). Amy climbed on Chad and started riding his dick once again giving me a view of the tight sweet ass and Chads dick going in and out of that pussy. I opened her cheeks up and licked her ass some more along with tonguing Chads cock going in and out of her pussy. I also attended to his ball sack which had him groaning.

Amy said ?I?m ready put that phatt Black dick in my pussy I want you both in there?! MMM I thought, ?careful what you wish for slut? However, to my surprise I slid all the way inside her already filled pussy with ease and she just let out a tremendous groan of pleasure and said ?thank-you, thank-you?. Sweet looking dark haired phatt assed Amy had two hard dicks up her pussy and was loving every minute and inch of it. Who would have known! She shuddered when she came and just moaned how good it was. Next time I think I?ll be on the bottom so I can see her face when she cums.

She went to her knees doggy style and asked me to go at her pussy again while Chad crawled underneath her and started licking my dick, her pussy and sucking my balls. She swallowed him whole.

No doubt Amy is a true cock whore and I was loving every bit of pounding that pussy of hers doggy style. If she had been sore from the night before you would have never known it based on the way she was slamming her pussy back onto my dick. Next time we are together, I?m going to see if she is as good as her husband in terms of taking my cock up her ass.

After pounding her pussy for a while I knew I had to get my rocks off and with the condom on it wasn?t going to happen so after another O on her part I pulled out and started stroking it with Chads tongue and face between my legs licking and sucking my balls and occasionally tonguing my ass. Amy stepped back and began taking pictures again.

Although, I hadn?t thought I would be taking dick this go around I quietly announced that I would like to have Chad fuck my ass and the lust level in Amy?s eyes went into overdrive. I figured with Chad?s nice cock in my ass and Amy sucking or stroking my dick I was going to get off.

However, his work on my balls and my ass started paying off along with my stroking and I announced I didn?t think I would be able to hold out much longer. Well with Chad increasing his licking and sucking and Amy screaming ?cum on his fucking chest so he can lick your dick clean, he wants to swallow your cum, give him your load, he loves it; I ended up exploding with cum dripping from my hand, shooting on his chest and him snatching my dick while I was still dripping cum and sucking it all out. Yea, Chad?s a cum slut too!

That turned out to be one of the most memorable and draining orgasms I have ever had. It had to be doing it with a guy that had me so amped up. Cum was dripping out the corner of Chad?s mouth as he told me thanks? for dropping the load on his chest and mouth and I that I had some really tasty man butter. Amy was still lusting after watching me cum on her hubby and kissed me deep and hard before licking the cum from Chad?s chest.

So needless to say I am definitely hooked on 3somes where Bi sex is at the top of the sexual menu. In fact, I?m pretty much down for fulfilling Amy?s fantasy of 3 or 4 Bi guys and she as I think it would be a hot thing for me too!

I?m still into the pussy for sure and love females but it will be really hard to pass up a hard cock or tight man ass if it is offered to me while having a threesome. What are your thoughts?

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