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My wife and I have been married for 18 years and have enjoyed an open relationship for a long time. She is 40 years old 5? 6? and weighs 135 lbs. She has a great body with 36c tits. She is bi but prefers men. I am 41 years old 5? 11? and weigh 195 lbs. I am straight (I think) and love being with women. We both are a little kinky and open minded. We have had a lot of threesomes both MFM and FMF as well as playing with other couples. We both enjoy seeing each other with other people.

Something changed a few months ago. It all started on a Friday night when my wife and I decided to meet for a drink or two after work. The kids were at the in-laws for the weekend and we wanted some adult time. I had a little longer drive from work so she arrived about 15 minutes before me. When I got there she had a table and was half way thru her drink. There was a guy standing by the table talking to her. She introduced me as her husband and we said hi. He said his name was Bill and that I was a very lucky guy and that he meant no disrespect. I said thank you and sat down. He excused himself and walked away. My wife Ali quickly explained that Bill had bought her a drink and was flirting with her. My drink arrived and we began to enjoy the evening. About an hour and 3 drinks later I left for the bathroom. When I returned Bill was sitting with Ali enjoying another drink. I sat across form them and we all began to talk.

The talk was good. Bill was new to town moving here 3 months ago for work. He said he was 34 single and didn?t know anybody so he was out looking for friends. A slow song came on and he asked me if I would let him dance with Ali. I said that was up to her and she earerly agreed. They danced for 3 songs before they returned to the table. Bill ordered another round and headed for the bathroom. As soon as he was gone Ali gave me a naughty grin and told me how attracted to him she was. She told me he was getting a good feel of her on the dance floor and that it felt really good. I agreed he was a good looking guy and that it looked like they were having fun. She quickly asked me if she could take him home. I told her that was up to the two of them and that I would mind watching them or doing a MFM threesome. He returned to the table as the next round was being served. We talked a little more and finished the round. Ali asked Bill if he would like to have a night cap at our house. He looked at me and I nodded it was ok with me. He agreed. We paid our tabs and headed for the parking lot.

Bill was going to follow us but Ali insisted on riding with him so he didn?t get lost. I knew that what she really wanted was to get a good feel before we got home.

I headed home with them in tow.

When I got out of the car I noticed they were straightening their clothes. We quickly went inside where Ali and Bill sat on the couch and got comfortable. I poured us some drinks and sat across from them. The conversation quickly turned to sex. Bill explained he had been with a couple married women but never while the husband was there. I explained our lifestyle and that we were comfortable with whatever he was comfortable with. I told him I enjoyed watching her with other people and didn?t mind us both doing her either.

I stepped out on the patio for a smoke and left them relaxing in the living room. When I came back in Ali had her top off and they were making out. Bill?s pants were open and Ali was playing with his hard cock while Bill was pinching her nipples. I sat down and started to enjoy the show. They turned and saw me watching. Ali said they didn?t hear me come in. I said I was enjoying the show don?t stop.

Ali stood up and said we need to move to the bedroom. She grabbed both of our hands a lead the way. When we got to the bedroom she and bill removed their clothes and I took a seat on the couch. Ali dropped to her knees so she could work his cock. I saw his cock for the first time. I see why she wanted to bring him home. His dick was about 8? long, thick, and had a big head on it. It was amazing to watch it slide into her mouth. With every stroke she was able to get more down her throat. Bill was starting to shake and was getting close to cumming. Ali stopped and said ?not yet Baby?. He pulled her up and pushed her back on the bed. He knelt between her legs and buried his face in her wet pussy. Ali pulled his face into her pussy and started to squirm. A few minutes later she was moaning thru her first orgasm.

She pulled him up and they began to kiss again. I had pulled my cock out and was stroking it. She reached for his hard cock and was guiding it towards her hot pussy. Ali looked over at me and saw I was enjoying the show. She blew me a kiss and told me not to get off that she was going to fuck me later. She took a deep breath and moaned as Bill slid his cock into her. He put legs over his shoulders and started fucking her hard. She was mumbling and moaning as they fucked faster. I knew he wasn?t going to last much longer. Bill let out a loud grunt and drained his balls into her. He fell on to the bed next to her. They lay together trying to catch their breath.

My dick was so hard it hurt. Pre-cum was dripping from the tip. I could see the cum starting to drip from her freshly fucked slit. She told me she needed to clean up. I told her it looked really hot. She asked me to lick her clean. I enjoy eating after I fuck her but had never eaten her after another guy had filled her. I looked at her not sure what to do. She gave me a naughty look and told me to get to it. I walked over to the bed and started to lick her. To my surprise I was really starting to enjoy it. She told me to lay down so she could 69 with me and make sure I get to lick it all. She lowered her gooey slit on to my face and rock back and forth covering me with their cum. Ali leaned forward to take my hard dick into her mouth.

I heard Bill say how hot it was watching us and that he was hard again. I felt my hard dick pop out of her mouth long enough for her to say ?Fuck me then?. Ali pushed her pussy against me face harder and sucked my cock back into her mouth. Bill raised her hips and lined up his dick with her sloppy slit. I watched in amazement as he slid his dick into her just inches from my face. His balls were rubbing my forehead as he started fucking her. Ali stopped sucking me and grabbed my balls. Squeezing them and stretching me sac she tells me to lick her off while he fucks her. I begin to lick her swollen clit. My tongue rubs against Bill?s cock every time he slides into her. As he pulls his cock out more cum drips into my mouth. I like the feel of his cock and balls. Ali starts to moan. I know she is getting close. Her body starts to shake as she cries out in orgasm. Bill slides all the way in her as his ball tense up. He lets out a loud grunt as he fills her with more cum.

I keep licking her pussy trying to clean up the gooey mess. Bill?s big dick starts to go limp and slide out of her. I start to panic not knowing what to do. Ali tells me I am not going anywhere until I clean them both up. I start to protest and she slaps my hard dick. This is a side of Ali I have never seen. I was beginning to like it. Bill started to lean back the ease his cock out of her. I licked his shaft and balls till his head popped out and fell into my mouth. It felt funny at first. I liked the texture and the taste of the mixed cum was driving me wild. Bill leaned forward allowing his cock to slide deep into my mouth. His head was so big it was hard to take. Ali rolled off of me and started fuck my hard dick. Her pussy was so wet and sloppy my dick slid right in. She started to ride me hard telling me how hot it was watching Bill feed me his dick. My throat started to relax and Bill was able to get his entire dick down my throat. I could feel his dick starting to swell again. Ali said ?doesn?t his cock taste so good. I just moaned my response. She was riding me like a woman that was possessed. My nuts began to tingle and my dick started to twitch. I knew I couldn?t hold back much longer and tried to say something. Ali giggled and said ?Don?t talk with your mouth full?. I couldn?t take any more and pumped my load into her hot pussy.

Ali climbed off of me as Bill eased his plump cock from my mouth. We all lay on the bed trying to catch our breath. Ali leaned over to tell me thank you and lick some of the cum from my face. After a few minutes rest we decided we needed some drinks and headed for the kitchen. Bill was telling us he had never experienced anything like that and that he really had a good time. I told him we have had a few threesomes before but nothing with any male to male contact. I told him I could not believe what just happened and that I was just caught up in the moment. I said I was sorry if things went too far and we made him feel uncomfortable. Bill said everything was great and he would love to do it again sometime. I left Ali and Bill in the kitchen and stepped outside for another smoke.

I came back in to find them making out. They broke their kiss. Ali said it was late and she didn?t want Bill to drive home so he was going to spend the night with us. That was fine with me and asked where he would like to sleep. Ali said we needed to shower and that he could sleep with us in our king size bed. This took me by surprise. This was a night of firsts. We have never had anybody spend the night in our bed. We headed for the bedroom where Ali got Bill a fresh towel and put him in the shower. While Bill was in the shower Ali said she really had a good time and wouldn?t mind playing with Bill regularly. She asked me if I enjoyed sucking Bill?s dick. I had to admit I was a little uncomfortable with it at first but really did like the taste and feel of it. Ali and I both showered and we all climbed into bed and quickly drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to an empty bed about 9:00. I could hear noises coming from the living room. I walked in to find them sitting on the couch talking and drinking coffee. I said I was a little drunk last night and asked if what I think happened really happened. They both smiled and said yes it was a wonderful night.

Ali reached over and starting playing with Bill?s dick. It was quickly getting hard. She slid off the couch and knelt down in front of him. Her tongue started circling his swollen head. She gave me a naughty grin and asked if I wanted to help her suck his beautiful cock. We took turns sucking Bill?s dick till he shot his thick load all over Ali?s face and tits. I got to clean her up again.

I can?t say that I am bi but we do get together with Bill regularly. Bill and I both enjoy taking care of Ali?s sexual needs and we enjoy sucking each other too.

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