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Living Out My Sexual Fantasy

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Authors Note:

I wrote this little story as an answer to the profile question that specifically asks about our sexual fantasies. Thus this is not what has happened, but what I would hope our SLS profile might bring to happen.


The drive to their house was well over an hour. I'd spoken with the wife, Theresa, several times on the phone over the past few weeks and found that they didn't want a male playmates from anywhere near their town as her husband owned a large insurance agency as was well known. It would not do in the rural south for anyone to know they shared their bed with a man, especially not the way they intended tonight.

The whole thing had worked out well, Heidi (my wife), had a new lover, whom she was crazy about, and had looked forward to spending a weekend with, and I'd found what seemed to be the perfect couple with whom to live out my own long held desire. So, we told the kids we were going off for the weekend, and we left in my car, met her lover for dinner and she left with him and I headed to my own adventure.

Theresa had told me that she and Tim have several women who join them for manage a trios on a fairly regular basis and have for over four years; however, they'd not successfully had a man over. It seems that although Theresa enjoys the other women (she is very bisexual), she had increasingly wanted to try having two men in the bed. I'd asked why they didn't date couples, as Heidi and I have done. She said they did once about three years ago, but it did not go well because the man was both domineering of his wife and tried to be domineering of Theresa as well. The evening ended in all but a fist fight after Tim had gone to the bathroom and returned to find his Theresa bent over the couch just as the man sank his penis into her. It had been a fiasco and they'd not tried to share with a man from that day to till now. She assured me Tim was a good lover; he could literally keep it up all night even at 52 years old. She said in bed with her and the other women he was most certainly in charge, a top, and enjoyed being so. It was the comment in our swinger profile that I was a bi-curious sexual- bottom for both women and if asked to their husband and well that got her attention.

It seems that she had recently found out that her husband Tim, while in junior high had his first fuck with his male best friend. Tim it carried on a secret relationship with his friend dominating him sexually for five years until they both finished high school. She told me that her husband said for that entire time he would fuck his friend whenever he didn't have a girl available or just felt like he needed to be reassured. Though he'd never been with a male in the decades since, but he'd never forgotten how it felt to hold a guy's hips and drive is dick in as an act of conquest. He'd confessed all this to his wife only in the last year She'd suggested they try finding a gay man, but Tim had recoiled in horror that the suggestion he'd have sex with a gay man. He was not gay, or even bi, he'd never let a guy fuck him. She'd found me, a married guy who would at once seem to be at their home to have sex primarily with her, while in fact, this whole set up was Theresa's plan that she and I would be there to feed his ego and libido. She did however; make it clear that she was looking forward to us having some of our own time over the weekend. After all, other than that one truncated experience with the couple, she'd not had sex with another man in 30 years.... And she said the thought I was handsome.

It was past 9:00 when took the long drive up through the trees before coming to the large log style home. The temperature had dropped since I'd left Heidi with her lover, it was late fall and the temperature was down to perhaps 40° when I knocked on the heavy door. It took a few minutes before the door opened and Theresa met me wearing a thick red bathrobe.

"Dane, I'm so glad you made it!" she said and stepped forward and kissed me on the lips.

She looked like her photos; she was attractive in a plain sort of woman next door look. She was perhaps 5' 9" and perhaps a size 14, salt & pepper hair shoulder length hair. Though her shape was hidden by the thick robe, at least at first glance, for as she drew me into the house, the robe, not being tied, fell open. She made no attempt to close it, nor did she seem to flaunt the fact that her round, but gravity impacted right breast was on display as I looked over at her. I could in fact see the entire center of her body, down to her feet. Sure she had a middle aged paunch and a C-section scar, but overall it was the kind of woman that I found very attractive, mature, and secure in her own body and sexuality.

She showed me through the large well-appointed living room and stopped. I hope you don't mind, we've been in the hot tub and I've been working him up to this. He'll put on a façade of being a hard case, but he's really nervous about this. Much more than I am." With that she stopped and pulled me over to her and gave me anther kiss. This one lasted much longer and her tongue was in my mouth with wanton abandon. Her robe was fully open so I was pressing on her naked body. My dick responded and soon I was sure she could feel my erection pressing through my light wool slacks. She broke the kiss "I hope you don't mind, but I think it's best we get to the first round of business quickly so that we can convince Tim that you're not a threat. Are you up to following my lead right off?"

I was taken aback, but had the presence of mind to say "I'm here to be of service. You lead and I'll follow" "Good" she said and took my hand and led me out to an expansive deck overlooking a house pasture and woods beyond. On one corner of the deck was a large hot tub. She ushered me across the deck and said "Dane, this is my husband Tim" He'd been sitting watching me come across the huge deck with a look of anxiousness and suspicion poorly masked by one of indifference. He stood up and reached over the side to shake my hand. He was noticeably tall. His full erection was visible. So much for the look of indifference I thought.

Theresa dr*ped her robe over a chair, and quickly climbed into the hot tub saying "I hope you don't' take it as rude that I don't wait for you to get your clothes off, but it's cold."

I assured her I was not offended, but the point was moot as I was naked before she sunk into the bubbles and soon was faced with a question. Where to sit? Theresa had positioned herself beside her husband, so I decided to sit across from them.

"So," Theresa spoke up with a grin "I hope you don't mind, we started messing around before you got here" "No" I smiled back.

"From what you told me on the phone after you left your wife with her lover, she's probably started messing around before you got here as well" I took her cue "Yea, I'm sure his big dick is up in her and she's riding him as we speak right now."

"Is it really big?" Theresa inquired "Have you seen it?"

"Well, it's not huge, but it's thick, she likes them that way. And yes, I've seen it. She and I usually play together with her new guys the first time so I've seen her fuck her silly before. But since that first time she comes home and tells me about it while I go down on her when she gets home. It's kind of our ritual; I always eat her out after she'd had sex with another man."

"Does she use condoms?" she asked "Most of the time, nearly always, but a few times I've tasted the remains of her lover's cum" She continued "when you do threesome's with your wife, do you go down on her man?"

I laughed "No. She's funny about that, she encourages me to explore my bisexuality, but she doesn't want to see it. I've given oral sex to two different men, both times as part of a threesome where she wasn't there."

"Like now." Theresa observed.

"Yea, like now."

All the while she appeared to be stroking her husband's cock under the water.

There was silence for a few minutes. She leaned over and kissed her husband hard. Then turned to me and said "I was about to start giving Tim some head when you arrived. Do you want to join me?"

I knew this is what she had planned. I had spoken to her when I'd left the interstate, so she had timed this "happenstance".

"That's why I'm here."

She leaned across the tub and kissed me, then told her husband to sit up, against the side on the tub. His erect penis was average, perhaps slightly smaller than my own. She went right to work, wrapping her lips around the head and appeared to be using her tongue to stimulate him. She did this for several minutes to the clear enjoyment of her husband, who had not said a word since we shook hands. She paused, and looked back to me as I watched from the other side of the tub. "Here" she said, "sit on the other side of him and I'll let you taste."

For me there was no hesitation, I'd been looking forward to this the third penis I'd ever touched (besides my own), Tim however, looked down with a look that seemed not to believe I would do this. Once beside Tim, I reached behind him and found his wife's shoulder on which to put my left hand, while my right hand reached up and gripped Theresa's hand as it gripped Tim's penis at the base. She guided the head my direction and I opened my mouth and took nearly all of it in, pressing my lips around the lower part of the shaft, then slowly pulled it out so that only the head was in my mouth. It was firm, but spongy. I used my tongue first to trace around it as I applied suction, and then began to caress the tip.

There is something about bringing pleasure to another man that is unique. I can almost feel their pleasure as I know how each thing I do actually feels. So, I alternated stimulating the head, and face fucking. I could easily do down to where my lips met Theresa's hand which held the last third or so of her husband shaft in her ring and index fingers.

As I worked I could feel her left arm caress my back and she gave me several kisses on the neck before asking her husband "So, do you like a man servicing you?" I don't know what his response was but a few minutes later she said "I knew this would please you. Now fuck his mouth, show him you're the alpha male!" I didn't hear him say anything, but he took my head in his hands and began to thrust his hips. It took me a second or two to adjust to his actions, but Theresa and my hand over the base of his cock meant he could thrust all he wanted and not create a problem for me. My position beside him was difficult as his thrusting became more intense, so I slid off the seat so that I was directly in front of him. He seemed to like that and soon he was fucking my mouth in earnest. I knew he was going to climax soon, and sure enough after a few more hard thrusts he pressed his penis as far in my mouth as he could and gripped the back of my head so as to keep it there. He groaned loudly; but, the flood of semen I was expecting didn't' come, only slightly more than a dribble. But that didn't mean he was not having a full orgasm. I could feel the shuttering in his hips and legs. I sucked hard until he released my head and collapsed, splashing back into the water.

Theresa was right there for me when her husband was done. Her lips came to mine as I moved backward, back onto the seat across from her husband. Her tongue replaced her husband's penis in my mouth and we kissed deep and hard. So much was going on, that I was only vaguely aware that she'd straddled me on my seat. She broke the kiss. "That was so hot. It's been a long time since he's cum that hard. I felt her hand reaching under her and before I could process it, she had guided it up into herself. Then she kissed me again, this time her hips ground on my pelvis as we fucked." After some time, but not long enough, she broke the kiss and looked back to your husband. "I'm fucking him" she said "do you mind this time?"

I could see over her shoulder. Tim was still breathing hard as he shook his head to say no.

She continued to grind on me and she said to none in particular "This is so great!"

From behind her I heard Tim say "It does look great watching but I'm ready to go again."

It seems Theresa was ready and planning, for she didn't miss a beat, as she lifted up off me, put her feet to the floor of the tub, leaned back reaching between her legs and guided herself down on her husband.

"Oh, yea" she said "I can get used to having two dicks to ride real quick." and began to visibly grind on her husband.

"So, husband, you having a good time?" she asked.

"Yes I am."

She looked to me "He's always been good at coming back. When we were in our 20's and 30's he could cum three or four times while we fucked for hours and never lose his erection for even a second. Even now in his 50's he's not out of action for more than 10 or 15 minutes between his loads."

"Wow, I'm jealous." I said, and I was. "Maybe that's why he's a top and I'm a bottom."

"I didn't ask" she said "How was it? Giving Tim a blow job I mean. You seemed to like doing it."

I responded "Well, it's like my father-in-law used to say about food he liked 'I'll have to keep trying it until I find out something I don't like." They both laughed and I added "Yea, it was great. Really hot." I didn't mention that I was disappointed by the lack of explosive cum.

There was a quiet period as she slowly fucked her husband, but looked at me with eyes that said "I really want to fuck you." My erection stayed firm.

Finally, perhaps an hour after I'd arrived, she said "I got an idea, but we will have to move to the bedroom. And besides I'm getting cold."

So we went to their spacious upstairs bedroom.

Theresa placed Tim on the bed with a pillow under his hips. His erection never even began to flag during our moving around. She mounted him on her knees, facing his feet. "Now, last month I went down on a woman while she did him like this and they both came big time" then looking right at me "Now I want to try it, so see if you can make us both cum."

Well, I'd said I was there to please them both, I guess it was time to show I could.

Like most older women, her vulva was fleshy with a long deep channel. Down on my stomach, I scooted up between his legs, to inches from his balls and her snatch, his penis was not visible at all as she seemed to have swallowed it with her pussy as he was leaning down to see what I would do. And I wasn't sure what I would do yet.

I decided that it would show more style if I avoided the "red zone" at first. So, I propped myself up on my hands and began by taking her right nipple in my mouth. I sucked it hard, and then went to the left before taking my time to make a line of kisses and licks down her stomach and onto her thigh, bypassing her crotch entirely. By this process, I gave her time to get into the rhythm on her husband and she did. By the time I was licking the inside of her thigh, she was making long arcs with her hips which brought much of his penis and her inner lips into view as she arched her back toward me.

I moved my attention closer to the sex; down into the crease between her leg and the rise of her vulva, over the top of the mound, down the other side. It was evident from her responses I was doing well. From the base of her vulva, I moved my tongue down to the base of Tim's penis and down further to take each of his balls in my mouth, one at a time, becoming moving up the slick shaft to finally, after a good ten minutes of preliminary's, to press my tongue hard on her exposed clit. It was on that clit I concentrated my attention. She responded by slowing her rocking to just a barely noticeable level so I could press home the attack on her little nub. In order to keep Tim in the game, I used my right hand to play with his balls and, then slid my middle finder up into Theresa's wet tunnel to the base of his cock head. This wasn't all too difficult as she was rocked back so that hardly more than the head was still in her.

All this took some effort and I was just beginning to think I couldn't keep this us for much longer when her hips began to quiver with the oncoming orgasm. I moved my hand back to his balls knowing her climax would provide the stimulation on his head and I hoped that would be enough to bring him off. And sure enough, just as her climax began to crest, I felt his balls tense. I moved my face off her so he could drive into her and he began to ejaculate into her. She quickly moved her hand to continue the stimulation. Their mutual climax was amazing, they seemed to feed off one another.

Her orgasm was long and hard enough to begin before his and continued for a good half a minute after he'd finished. His rapidly deflating penis slid from her vagina, slick with her and his fluids. I knew what to do. I took it in my mouth and sucked it clean, then moved up to her and licked as deep into her as I could. She let out a low moan, as I took several minutes to clean the last of the sex from her.

She slid off her husband. "Oh God that was hot!" she lay a bit longer, then said "Now Dane, your turn."

I knew what she meant and I moved from my positron at her feet, her body so that I was on top of her. My stiff penis just slid right in as I mounted her. I knew if I fucked her hard I'd come in a heartbeat, so I just gently moved inside of her and we began to kiss. It was quiet and relaxed sex and seemed right for the moment.

After a while, Tim got up to get a beer.

As soon as he was out of the room she whispered "Well, you did great."

"Really?" I asked.

"Really! I can tell when he's feeling good about things, and he's having a great time."

"I'm glad. I am too" I said.

"And, so am I." she responded by wrapping her legs around me to pull me in deeper into her.

We kissed and make quiet, pleasurable sex for quite a while. Tim came back, but it wasn't until I felt him on the bed behind me I knew what was going to happen next.

I felt his hands grip my buns, and spread them. The cold lube he sprayed on my anus was a rude surprise, but it gave me time to prepare for his entrance. Now, Heidi had fucked me quite a few times with her dildo, so I knew the basic feeling, but it was still quite the event when the slick head of his dick pushed past my sphincter. It was different than the dildo, more giving, less firm, and smaller. His thigh was soon flat on my butt. He was all the way in.

He started with slow deliberate strokes, but the soon sped up. Not a pounding, but rapid and steady. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced. I knew if I began to dwell on the fact that he was really turned on by fucking me, which he was, I'd come and I didn't want that. So I made an effort to relax and imagine this in the 3rd person. A middle aged bald guy, fucking another man's wife, while, in turn being fucked by the woman's husband. I thought on the symmetry of that in a sort of metaphysical way. As if the man in the middle (me) was the conduit of their sex, not really an independent player.

It slowly crept up on me. It was a surprise. Suddenly, breaking through my philosophical musing, the penis stroking in my ass felt really good. Different, but really good. I now wanted him to fuck me not to feel the power or his lust, but to make me feel good. That was too much I felt my orgasm on its way, I pressed my dick down hard into Theresa and began to climax with a loud groan. My cumming in his wife must have pushed Tim over the edge as he gripped by butt and came in me. That was his third climax of the night.

Laying on my side trying to catch my breath I looked at the clock, it was half past 11, I'd been there for over two hours and most of that time had we'd been having sex and I suddenly found I was exhausted. That was the last thing I remember until morning.


It was just getting light outside when I awakened, which was odd in that I usually don't sleep well in strange beds. It took me a moment to realize were I was. I found myself spooned against Theresa and pulled her tight. She cooed softly in response. My morning wood was pressed on her ass. It was then I realized what had awakened me, Tim's morning wood was pressed into my crack, and was moving ever so slowly. It felt good. It all felt good.

I felt Tim move behind me and heard what I was sure was him opening a condom package. I was right, moments later, the lubricated condom with his penis inside was pushing up into me. For some time his erect penis just barely moved as he fucked me, but slowly, but firmly he began pushing me to my stomach. Once fully on top of me he began to fuck hard and fast. It didn't' take long before he came, rolled off and went to the bathroom.

"So" Theresa's voice whispered "My husband found a new hole in which to stick is morning hard on. You can't imagine how many times he's woken me up that way."

I could hear the shower come on in the bathroom.

She rolled over to face me. "So, how do you like being my husband's slut?"

That was quite a question for first thing in the morning. "Is that what I am?"

She smiled. "Well, you're either his slut or you're his competition. Which would you rather be?"

"I guess, slut it is." I thought about it, "I kinda like the idea of being a slut, but I don't like the idea that he thinks I'm his. And I know my wife would object" "Well" she answered "We will let him believe what he wants, but from my perspective....."

She was suddenly on top of me "... you can be my slut", and she pushed her hips down so that my dick was inside her. She sat up and began to rock her hips. "mmm, you feel so good in me. It's been so long since I've enjoyed another man in me." She was nude, like she'd been when I went to sleep. Her breasts were heavy and swaying. I reached up and cupped them. She leaned over so that I could suckle them. It was a very nice moment.

The shower turned off in the bathroom.

She unmounted me and rolled out of the bed. She donned a white sheer robe with dragon embroidery. "I'll get some breakfast going." She said and left.

I got out of the bed just as Tim was coming in. For the first time it seemed very awkward. Neither of us spoke as I passed him on the way to the bathroom myself.

After a shower I just put on the smoking jacket style robe I'd brought for this very purpose. I found them sitting at what would be called a breakfast table. She had made some sausage biscuits and coffee.

"Well Dane" Theresa said as if they had not talked in the bedroom "Tim and I decided we enjoy your company. It's a shame you have to leave this afternoon."

"Well, yea, I've got to pick Heidi up at 5:00, so that means I've got to leave by 3-ish." I said.

"We were just talking and realizing all the possibilities you open up for us that we won't' have time or energy to try out before you leave." She said "Well, Tim you tell him what you want."

Now Tim had not said more than ten sentences since I've arrived. " I know she's told you but we've been having young women join us for several years now. but I you were both different and the same. I guess she also told you that you are not the first male to have pleasured me, but it's been a very long time. I'm not gay, far from it, but I'd forgotten how it feels to take a guy, a peer as it were. Way back in high school I decided it was like in football, to win against a weak team may be fun, but to win against a tough team it's better." He looked out the large picture windows and seemed to reminisce. "Back then I had all the pussy I could want. Once I fucked five different girls in one day... five! Well, it was one day and a long party that night... but still. It was so easy there was no sense of accomplishment. But doing Ted was different. He was our middle linebacker, a big guy and got almost as much pussy as I did. I he really didn't want to do it, especially when we were older, but still I'd go over to Bobby house, and tell him blow me or to bend over so I could fuck him and he'd do it. That was doing something."

He stopped for a moment, then looked back at me " I don't know if she told you, but we checked you out before you came. Your blog in particular. You're not a wimp or a do-nothing. You've done a lot, and that's why doing you was more a conquest than ....well... like Sonya who's coming over in a little while. She's nice looking, but she's not strong she's not good for much more than to suck dick and fuck. God knows she's not the best secretary in the world."

"So" He continued "I thought you might like to stay for the Panther's game. We make our own tailgate party for the games in our theater room. If you're up to you, we might like to have you pleasure all of us while we watch the game today. You said on your profile you wanted to fully sexually service a couple, this is your opportunity" "He means he wants you and Sonya and I to make a game long orgy, with you as the center piece." Theresa added. "That is, if the game is dull, but if it's a good game, the tight asses of the ball players will keep him hard." Tim glared at her before going on "They're playing Dallas today. It should be good. And yea, beating Dallas would give me a hard-on for a week."

All this was quite different from what I was expecting. Kinda odd. His whole language was odd. I considered telling them I had to leave soon (though that wasn't true). It was his attitude I didn't like and if I had not indeed said I wanted to fully survive them, and the fact that I did like Theresa....and the fact I did get off on getting him off, I would have left.

OK, I didn't leave. Why? The real reason is I was enjoying the experience of being a slut. When he had climbed on the this morning and fucked me and the feeling his climaxing inside of me, he had made feel special and desired. Now he desired me to pleasure him. So I would "What time does the game begin?" I asked.

"It's an early game, 12:05 kick-off." Theresa answered.

"Let me call Heidi, because that means I likely won't get out till past 3:00" I said and went to get my cell from my stuff.

A few minutes later I came back in the kitchen, Tim had left the room.

"She's fine as long as I leave by 3:30." I said.

"We'll just hope the game is over by then" she said.

"What is with this football game thing. Is this kind of a fetish or something?"

She came close to me "I think so." She said quietly. "He played football for Presbyterian College, and continued to play in clubs until he hurt himself back in '92. He was quite the local football hero in high school, set all sorts of records and when he finished college he used that notoriety to begin his insurance business. What little I have been able to piece together is that as a the star of the high school team, then the quarterback at Presbyterian. I'd dare say you'd not find a pretty women who grew up in this town between the ages of about 45 and 50 that he didn't screw back then. Hell, there's probably not too many pretty women of over 25 and under 50 that he hasn't bedded. But that's a different story. So, I think sex and football are very interrelated for him. Way back when we were first married, he bought me this cheerleader's outfit. Not a costume, but a real cheerleader's outfit. I don't know how many times we had sex with me wearing it. We only stopped when I out grew when I got pregnant with our son." I thought the story just got stranger and stranger, but then I wondered how many people's sexual history would seem just as strange if it were condensed like that.

"So, what does he want from me?"

"Just like he said. He wants you to keep things going. He likes to be turned on for the whole game. That's nothing new. He and I have had sex during football games since before we got married. The only thing new has been the addition of his little chippies a few years back, and now you. I say, the additionally girls were added a few years back, but he cheated on me for years before I suggested he bring his current girlfriend home." She paused "you know, I've never told that to anyone. I'd almost convinced myself that we just happened to become swingers, but that's not really what happened. He probably was fucking around within a week of our honeymoon. I just pretended not to know. When our kids were young, he didn't have patience for them, especially during ball games, so he'd say he was going out to sports bars, but it wasn't long before I realized he was going to a motel with his current young thing to fuck her while he watched the game. That did hurt."

She paused again to regain her composure.

"I guess that's the price of marrying the local superstar. Damn he was built back then, You could have broken a board on his abs when I met him." She paused again "But, back to the here and now. Last season he asked one of the girls he brought home to do him the entire game. He loved it, but it wore her out, she didn't come back. So, we've moved to this group thing. Sonya has been our regular since last winter. You'll like her. I like her. But for several games this season he's invited a second girl with the intent that someone is with him as long as he wants them. I think part of it is that he's proud that he can keep it up the whole game, the rest of his body has gone soft, but his dick hasn't."

"Well, I must say I couldn't do what he's already done. He came three times in two hours last night."

Just then, Tim came back in the room fully dressed. "One of my policy holder's house burned last night. I have to go meet them. I'll be back before the game." He said as he went past toward his home office. Emerging he had a briefcase. He headed toward the front door where Theresa met him with a kiss. Just before leaving he said, "Go ahead and fuck him all you want while I'm gone, because he's mine when I get back". And he was gone.

Theresa looked at me and said "Well, if he insists" and drops her robe. I drop mine and we, nude, kissed with abandon in the living room, my erection pressing on her stomach. I ran my hands over her body and griped her ass cheeks pulling her hips to mine. I suckled her breasts all the while we are standing in the living room.

She told me it was my turn for a blow job, and she led me to the couch and she took a seat on the floor before beginning to kiss the head of my penis. Though it appeared she had first wanted to take her time, she quickly moved to sucking with abandon. She face fucked me until she was literally out of breath. She sat back and said "That is only the third dick I've had in my mouth in my life, and the first in over 30 years." She paused "and I can't get enough. "With that she went down on me again."

By the time I finally went slid off the couch and pushed her down on to the thick oriental carpet, my penis was numb from her sucking. That was not such a bad thing as I slid into her and began to fuck in the longest strokes I could. Not fast, but deep and hard. Each down stoke a hammer blow that made her thighs shake and her tits quiver. I kept it up until I became concerned I would climax and rolled her to her side and began stroking the same way holding one leg up and going in scissor style. Though by making myself maintain a steady, not too fast rhythm I can keep going longer, after less than ten minutes I realized I had to take a break or I'd cum, and thus end our time together. So, I stood and helped her to her feet.

"I hope that was a good start" I said She was flushed and clearly ready for more "Yes, it was. But just a start" "I think we have about an hour before that girl comes." I said "and I'm not your husband, if I cum I can't recover in just a few minutes, so we have to pace ourselves."

She kissed me and then said "But I want to every minute of that hour with you inside of me. You can't imagine how long I've wanted to do this."

"How about we get in the hot tub, that will slow things down, and we can still screw." I suggested So we did just that.

She sat facing me and we had slow sex in the hot bubbles for perhaps half an hour. She was so kind and gracious. If that time in the hot tub was the only thing that happened on my trip, it would have been worth it.

My dick finally gave out, I can lonely keep it up so long, and I'd done better than I'd done in a long time, but I (my dick) need a rest.

She was incredulous "But you didn't cum."

"I don't have to. We'll do more later." I said "You didn't cum either" She thought for a moment and said "Yea, but I'm used to waiting. Tim never fucks without cuming at least once."

"Welcome to the world of open marriage. All men aren't' like your husband. All women are not like my wife. I love my wife and you love your husband, but isn't it fun exploring how sexy with other people is different" She agreed and we sat in the hot tub and talked until we heard Sonya's car come up the long drive. As we were getting out of the hot tub Theresa told me that Tim had bought her that car, actually leased her that car writing it off as a company vehicle though no one else who worked for him had a company vehicle.

Sonya was a young and unusually pretty brunette with long hair and a slim body. She was clearly surprised by my presence at the house, but not surprised at all at Tim's plan for the game. She arrived in a Panthers Jersey and jeans, but soon lost the jeans wearing the long shirt like a mini-dress with a black lace thong underneath.

Theresa likewise donned a Carolina Panther shirt but wore a pair of black boy short panties and boots with her outfit.

"He likes it when we dress for the game."

Tim arrived back at five till noon. For the first time I saw how he wasn't just the husband here, he was Emperor. The game would be watched in their dedicated home theater room. On one wall was the biggest flat screen TV I'd ever seen with half a dozen black leather Lazy Boys and one leather couch. In the short ten minutes before the kick-off Theresa and Sonya both sought to cater to whatever they thought Tim might want. I stood to the side and watch. It was when the coin toss had been made, Time removed his clothes and Theresa took them for him. Then he sat at one end of the couch putting his left leg straight along the back of the seat, and the other on the ground. He reached down and grabbed his deflated penis (the first time I had seen it such other than just after climaxing), and began to stroke it, then looked at me. I knew it was my cue. Sonya had just brought him a beer, but clearly saw what was going on, she sat in one of the Lazy Boys' to watch. I was glad to have her do so, for what I was doing was putting on a show. I realized that it was all a show to stroke Tim's vanity and sense of importance.

I lay down on the couch, laying my head on his left thigh and began to fondle his now slightly hard penis and balls. It took just a few second for him to respond. I knew this would be a long game, so I was certainly not going to rush things. Wanting to show Sonya I would indeed do it, I moved my head to take his inflating penis into my mouth. I was able to easily take it down till my lips were in his public hair. I felt it continue to swell, and finial had to move some of it out of my mouth. I slowly pumped him in and out for several minutes, before sitting up and taking his hard penis in my hand began to slowly jack it.

Sonya spoke across the room (during a commercial of course) saying "Fuck, that was the sexist thing I've ever seen."

"Just wait till Tim fucks him" Theresa responded. "You'll get a kick out of that."

"Oh, you going to fuck him, she asked?"

Tim smiled broadly, "You want to see me fuck another guy?"

"Fuck yea! Sonya said with enthusiasm.

"Tell you what, each time the Panther's get a TD, I'll do him." He said Then Theresa chimed in "... and each time Dallas gets a touchdown, I'll do him. That sounds fair."

I could tell that was not what Tim had meant, but he did not object.

Sonya agreed, then added "But what about me?

Theresa was already there "You'll be field goals."

As it turned out the first quarter was a defensive game with not a single score. During a commercial break, Sonya replaced me beside Tim and like me, first gave him head and then a slow hand job.

Early in the second quarter, Dallas scored on a punt return.

Theresa was obviously happy, and Tim surprised me by a very visible single that he was not. I was sure it wasn't about fucking me (after all, the pretty Sonya was once again giving him head), it was about winning and losing. This guy likes to win, and in effect, they had a bet going. I was the prize, but was not as important as winning.....though I must say I liked being the prize.

Sonya stopped her blow job to see what would happen. Tim was watching intently.

Theresa left her chair, tossed a pillow at my feet, sat on the ground and began to "fluff" me with her mouth while I sat on the edge of my Lazy Boy. Once I was fully hard, she rotated to the chair to face her husband (they were the swivel type Lazy Boys), faced him, slid her panties to the ground and slowly sat back, guiding my penis up into her. Though I could only see her back for some time, I could tell she was putting on a quite a show for her husband. After some time of fucking me with vigor and moaning loudly (excessively so as part of the obvious act) she said "Well Sonya" she said "Do you think Tim likes watching me fuck another man as much as I like watching him fuck you?"

I wasn't sure what she meant by that. Perhaps it was a double entendre.

Sonya looked up at Tim's face then said "I don't know what he'll say, but his dick doesn't lie, and while you've been fucking Dane, his dick is oozing pre-cum. So, I know it's gotten him hot."

"Well Tim?" Theresa asked "What do you think?" he didn't answer quickly enough for her "His dick feels so good up in me. I definitely want him to come again soon. And what makes it all the better is your watching me do it...... any comment" "I think....I think" He stopped as on the big TV, the Panthers had just completed a 38 year pass leaving them on the 12 yard line.

"I think, that Carolina is about to score, and I'm going to show you how I can fuck the shit out of your little play toy." He said with enough snarl to concern me.

From my place behind Theresa, I said "Sounds like someone better get the lube or I'll be having a long painful drive home."

That broke the tension. This time in a light hearted voice Tim said "You're right, because it won't be long before your ass is mine and I wouldn't want my manly thrusting to hurt you."

In two plays, the Panthers were on the goal like. Theresa gave me one last squeeze and grind then got up saying "Looks like I better get that lube and a condom."

Sonya said "He don't use a condom with me" Theresa kept walking "you don't have shit in your pussy. Do you really want to suck him after he bareback's Dane's ass?"

"ooooh, no! Go get the condoms. I hadn't thought about that. " she squealed.

Theresa returned just in time as the Panther's place kicker made the extra point. I knew it was my turn. I was really turned on by then. I woke up to sex and had fucked Theresa on and off three times so far but not cum, so I hadn't the slightest hesitation to bend over the back of the couch offering Tim my ass.

The squirt of cold lube was not a surprise this time, and I knew what to expect as he eased his shaft into me. Unlike last night, it didn't take long for me to enjoy the sensations, but unlike last night I wasn't fucking while he did me, so I was in little danger of climaxing... well until Sonya took it upon herself to come over and start jacking me off while watching Tim fuck me. I quickly had to tell her to stop lest I cum and I couldn't do that because the Cowboys were sure to score again.

Unlike this morning, Tim seemed to be glad to take his time with me, and fucked steadily but never reaching a climax. It was very odd really. After a while I realized that he was intently watching the game as he pistoned in and out. He fucked me for more than half of second quarter. Speeding up when the Panthers made big plays ...and when they made a second touchdown he came. Of course that did not relive me of my duty as fuck toy, because after a snack and piss break, he was ready for me to fluff him for the next round. It took only a short blow job during which I was profoundly glad he'd worn a condom, he was fully hard when the Panther's began their next possession. For this round I grabbed a throw pillow so that I didn't' have to lean over quite so much.

So this time I could easily watch the game while bent over the back of the couch being used by Tim. As it turned the Cowboys began a long drive cumulating in a field goal, Tim actually lost his erection at the end of the drive and marched angrly to the kitchen for a beer. My ass was both tingling and sore when he quit.

Theresa called to Tim to watch her do Sonya, but he was not about to see her claim her prize. They wasted no time to lay down on the thick carpet and begin making out with passion. After watching them for a while, I suspected that although Tim believed that Sonya came over for him (and his money) the real reason she came was she and Theresa had a real thing for each other. I can tell the difference between lustful passion and emotional passion and they had both.

They had just begun a side by side 69 when the half ended and Tim said they had to quit for half time. I was really beginning to be annoyed with him. I deliberately stopped them from enjoying themselves. The women grumbled but complied. It seems half time too had a ritual. Hot wings were taken from the oven and a bowl of chili con queso heated in the microwave and all was taken to the wet bar built into the theater room.

When Tim was out of the room Theresa asked Sonya "So what did you think of my performance for Tim?'

"Very fuck'n sexy. You got me wet for sure. And no doubt that Tim liked it."

"Yea, but I don't think he'd have liked it half so much if he didn't plan on showing Dane who was top dog by fucking him in front of us." Theresa looked at me and said "but somehow I don't think Dane thinks that that made him top dog" I looked up from the queso and smiled "I'll just say this, those who choose to provide pleasure are not debased by doing so, and those who need to debase others by using them for pleasure are not nearly as secure as they pretend to be."

I knew Theresa got it, but I wasn't sure if Sonya did, so I added "I'm quite sure I enjoyed it as much as he did."

I was pleased when Sonya offered "I thought it was so fuck'n hot. Tonight I'm going on line and find some gay porn" but Theresa enjoined her "Don't call it gay around Tim, he'll have a duck fit."

The second half went much the same. There was no score for quite a while, then in quick succession the Cowboy's scored a touchdown, and then by the time she'd gotten me hard and I'd done two strokes in her, the Panthers pulled back in the lead with their own TD. Tim seemed to like doing me over the couch, as he directed me back to "the position". He wasted no time in ramming it down to the balls, but was my ass was now well stretched and prepared, it was no problem. He did it harder and faster than he had before the half. He made sure he kept the women's attention but to my surprise he suddenly stopped as I though he was about to cum again.

"Here" he said pulling the condom off "I want you to suck me off" and he took his place back on the couch and I followed. I realized I was playing a part in a play. This wasn't real life, if it was I would have objected to being ordered about. But here I was a slut, his sexual play thing, someone's who's role was to give him pleasure, and now was to make him ejaculate in my mouth. I could do that role and did with relish. I used all the skills I knew from years of receiving head. I stimulated the head, I mouth fucked him and I jacked him with my hand while sucking hard on the head. And when he came, I didn't stop sucking. I swallowed the thick semen and continued to suck till I was sure he was completely done, and then went on for a full minute beyond.

One of the few surprises of the day was when I sat up, Sonya was there to greet me with a deep kiss. Afterword she said "That is funk'n amazing; tasting spunk when I kiss a man. Someone's got to fuck me soon or I'm gona go crazy "

The Cowboy's ended up with the final TD to win the game in the last seconds. We all ended up in the bed with Tim fucking Sonya while Theresa and I did it beside them. I knew it was already past three, and I'd been having sex all day long, but had yet to climax. Still I was able to keep it up and going long enough for Tim to cum in Sonya, and her to sit on my face while Theresa rode me. My face and beard were covered in Tim and Sonya's mixed fluids which pushed me over the edge and I shot three long hard streams of semen deep into Theresa's womb.

I rested while the two women got each other over several times each, so that when the sex ended I had the energy to get up and get myself ready to go.

It was a long drive home. My ass did hurt that day and the next, but it had been well worth the experience. It wasn't exactly what I'd expected but what is. Will I do it again? I don't know. We will see.

Authors Note: The couple is based on a couple I do know well, but these events have not happened....yet.

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