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Lavender Dreams

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My girlfriend, Lori, is a masseuse. She made a living doing massage before I met her and she is really good at it. She is fairly straight too, no ?happy endings? as it were (except maybe for me), just good, deep tissue ther*peutic massage. She may not normally engage in sexual massage but neither is Lori a prude, in fact she is extremely sexual and experimented much more than I did before we met. That is to say, with same sex trysts. I have yet to enter that arena.

Lori is extremely beautiful. Stunning I would say. I remember the first time I met her she stopped me in my tracks and I stood staring, mouth agape, until I could collect my wits, act cool and unaffected. Lori just laughed at me, she knew what kind of effect she had on men?and?as it turns out, not just men. She was also in great shape, svelte, strong, lithe like an athlete, low body fat but unlike most women jocks, curvaceous. She had fantastic breasts. Not huge, but for her size, a nice 34 C and her nipples were perfect. I really am a lucky guy. Lori have me a hard-on just looking at her, naked or clothed.

Apparently I am no slouch either; at least I keep myself in decent shape and do not have an all-together unpleasant appearance. So when Lori and I go out together I suppose we cut a pretty decent figure and turn some heads. They look at Lori and think wow!, and look at me and think, lucky guy, must have a big dick. I laugh as I write that last sentence thinking about the Monty Python routine in The Life of Brian, ?Biggus Dickus?. And I suppose my cock is normal to large. It?s a good seven inches, maybe seven and a half rock hard. I don?t know if it?s thick? Again, a tad larger than normal. However I have been told it?s a handsome cock. I?ll have to take the ladies at their word?

So one day Lori comes home all excited and tells me one of her female clients asked her to go to bed with her and Lori, who was very attracted to this beautiful young woman client of hers, told the client she would love to but they would have to include me, that is, if I would agree. What could I do, a man has to make sacrifices from time to time, so I told Lori it would be my pleasure to participate in a ménage-a-trois with she and her massage client. Then Lori told me some of the details of the massage. Usually Lori does not engage in any kind of hanky panky during a massage but today, her sexy young client, Sasha, asked Lori if she would massage her breasts. Ther*peutic massage of course. Lori told me that her pussy got a little wet instantly when Sasha asked her to massage her breasts because she had already been thinking about how perfect Sasha?s tits were and that she wanted to lick and suck them and had to drive those thoughts from her mind to keep the massage on the level.

Lori said she squeezed some of the lavender scented massage oil on her palms and massaged her way up Sasha?s stomach in slow circles inching up to her beautiful perky globes, which were standing pretty much straight up. Sasha was in her early twenties Lori said and taught as a native American Ghost Dance drum head, although her skin was alabaster with a pink hue, her nipples a deeper darker pink and about the size of an old liberty silver dollar. In short, Lori said, by the time she sensually worked her way up to Sasha?s breasts and she started massaging them in earnest, her own essence was actually leaking down her inner thigh. It smelled like lavender and sex and all I did was touch her breasts chuckled Lori.

Then Sasha looked up from the massage table and put her hand on one of my breasts Lori told me and that?s when she asked me if we could have sex. ?You must know I love you Derek?, Lori continued, ?because it was all I could do not to climb on that table right then and there and start ravaging that girl. So, what do you say? Do you want to help me suck, fondle and fuck this girl all night long??

?I will give it a go? I replied. So Lori called Sasha and they set a date to get together at our place for dinner and?whatever?that weekend. Five days away, oh geez, how was I going to wait?

Finally the day rolled around. I?m a pretty fair hand in the kitchen so I threw together a fine dinner. Fish, rice, creamed lentils, asparagus, oh yes and Oysters Rockefeller. Yes, oysters are a cliché, but I was taking no chances. For sure it couldn?t hurt, and besides, I may be called upon to satisfy two women.

Although Lori and I laid some ground rules. We were very much in love and we discussed how inviting a third person in to our relationship could affect it, so we promised one another to keep our ?connection? throughout the evening, and Lori said she preferred it if I didn?t fuck Sasha. ?She can suck your cock and you can eat her pussy and you can fuck me, but I don?t think I want you to fuck her? Lori mused, so I agreed. To be honest, voyeur that I am, I would have been satisfied to just watch the two girls and maybe lope the mule over in the corner of the room. To be able to participate at all was thrilling. I knew I would be eternally grateful for the gift I was about to receive.

Finally the doorbell rang. Both Lori and I were beside ourselves with excitement. Neither one of us drinks too much, but I did have a couple really nice bottles of wine at the ready. Breathing. Red did not really go with the meal, but I had two bottles of red and two of white because I wanted Sasha to have whichever she preferred. She liked the white. But I get ahead of myself, I poured myself a glass of red wine and chugged about half of it as Lori went to answer the door.

In walks Sasha with a short little gingham summer dress and sandals. She did not look to be wearing a bra at all, but you would never be able to tell unless you looked closely because there was NO sag in her breasts at all. I suddenly became religious and thanked god under my breath. Sasha was as beautiful as Lori was but Sasha was blonde and Lori was a dark brunette. I pinched myself. Was this heaven?

We made the introductions and Sasha smiled a coy yet inviting come-hither smile at me and kissed Lori on the cheek but the corners of their mouths were touching. Sasha lingered a little cheek-to-cheek with my girlfriend and then brushed Lori?s lips with her own as she turned to reply, ?yes thank you? to my question, ?Sasha, would you like a glass of wine??

We hurried through the meal, too bad because it was delicious even if I do say so myself. However, even though we did not speak of what was to come, we all had other things on our mind. Sasha and Lori kept exchanging these sexually charged looks, and I was semi erect the entire meal. When we finish dinner, I had some exquisite chocolate mousse for desert. I had read somewhere that chocolate was supposed to do for women what oysters were reputed to do for men. Again, true or not, it couldn?t hurt.

To watch those two women eat sensually devour that chocolate as they undressed each other with their eyes, oh my goodness, I thought I was going to cum in my pants. When they finished the mousse and another glass of wine, just barely tipsy now, all of a sudden Sasha took her dress off over her head. She looked like Aphrodite. Her breasts stood out straight and firm, and as Lori said, her silver dollar nipples were erect and inviting. She turned to Lori, and then to me and she smiled. She did not have to say a word. Lori was wearing some slacks and a blouse and I helped her take them off. I thought it would be more sensuous?at least for me?if I undressed my girlfriend. Sasha watched licking her lips. I slowly undressed Lori, who was wearing a bra, and I undid the bra and slipped it off her shoulders. As Sasha had kept her panties on, I left Lori?s thongs on, for now, as well.

The two girls embraced and pressed their breasts together. Immediately I went from semi erect to full-blown raging hard on. I really needed to let my cock out of my pants, and it really felt like it was about an inch bigger than it had ever been thus far in my life. I was hoping I wouldn?t cum before things even got going.

The girls started play wrestling with one another running their hands up and down each other?s perfect bodies. I swear one body nice than the other, and two beautiful faces. I was in heaven. Then Sasha took Lori?s face in her hand and kissed her full on the lips, I saw Sasha?s tongue dart in to Lori?s mouth, and I was transfixed. Then Lori held out her hand to me. I thought maybe they had forgotten all about me but as Sasha kissed Lori?s mouth, then her neck and worked her way down to that wonderful champagne glass full of perfect breast, Lori held her hand out to me and beckoned me to come to her. Oh man, I loved that woman. I walked over and put my arms around both of them, and Lori turned and started to unbutton my shirt. Then Sasha got in to the act and started to unbuckle my belt and pants. Slowly they took my clothes off me and when I stepped out of my pants my cock was sticking out from the top of my boxer shorts a good two inches. My large purple cockhead already oozing precum. Sasha gasped a little as she slid my shorts down past my knees and I stepped out of them, and Lori said, ?my my, what is this?, as she licked the precum from the slit of my cock, and then she said, ?mmm tastes great?.

I was now completely naked so I slid Lori?s thongs off her while she slipped Sasha?s panties down her legs. As Lori knelt in front of Sasha she leaned forward and brushed her lips against the trimmed bush and then the pouting labia of Sasha fragrant pussy. Sasha blushed and emitted a small sensual groan. I gently licked Lori?s pussy just ever so lightly as Sasha leaned forward and nibbled on Lori?s breast. I knew my being there in that moment was a gift and I was going to make sure I was there for the ladies and not my own gratification. I won?t say I?m a completely unselfish lover, but Lori?s satisfaction has always been at least AS important to me as my own. Now I had two beautiful women and I had practiced Kundalini, Tantra, Kama Sutra, and all manner of control all week long to insure I was at my focused best to heighten the experience for both Lori and Sasha.

Lori and Sasha were kissing, licking and fondling each other?s breasts running their hands down between the other?s legs to the glorious glistening mounds of well trimmed hair and quivering lips. Lori slowly backed Sasha up to the bedroom and our clean fresh made bed, all the while French kissing her, probing her mouth with her tongue and whispering to her, this is what we both want to do to your pussy.

Lori gently laid Sasha on to the bed kissing down from her lips, chin, neck, breasts, again she held out her hand to me and beckoned me to join her starting at Sasha?s toes I kissed and gently licked my way north as Sasha nibbled her way south and we timed our arrival to coincide with the promised land. That beautiful pussy. Sasha was rolling her head side to side, moaning and groaning and making all sorts of sexual sounds that were heightening the experience for us all. She tried to reciprocate with some fondling and Lori told her to just lay back and relax.

Now my tongue met Lori?s at alter of Sasha?s pussy. Sasha was dripping wet as we gently lapped at her juices alternating kissing and licking her pussy and then Lori and I would kiss one another. Our hips were together too. She had wrapped her legs around mine and I could feel my cock, not inside her but rubbing against her moist tantalizing slit as we rocked back and forth licking, tonguing, swallowing the juices of Sasha?s cunt and sharing the taste with a loving kiss. I looked in to Lori?s glazed eyes and she mouthed, ?I love you? at me. I kissed her with my entire being. This had to be Nirvana. Together we felt a shudder run up and down Sasha?s entire body and we knew she had just had a fantastic orgasm.

Now it was Lori?s turn, but she beat me as she pushed me up toward Sasha?s head. I started licking and fondling her tits and then her mouth searched for mine and we embraced in a passionate kiss as Lori took my rock hard cock in to her mouth and started to pump my cock with her mouth, swallowing my entire length. I was doing fairly well, but I wanted to make sure I was the last one to cum, and I wanted to cum fucking Lori to her final orgasm. So while kissing Sasha I sort of led us down alternating kisses?each other and Lori?s body?to her breasts. Her chest heaved forward to meet our tongues. Me sucking one breast, Sasha sucking the other. We focused some time and attention on Lori?s breasts and I know she had a small orgasm. I also knew that Lori was extremely multi orgasmic and this was probably not her first and certainly not her last of the evening. From experience I knew that every one of her orgasms would be stronger than the next until we reached the pinnacle, lost in sexual ecstasy Lori would squirt and drench us with her juices.

Sasha and I started sucking, fucking Lori?s cunt with our tongues as our collective sexual bliss continued to expand. I don?t really recall everything clearly anymore, as we were so in the moment. I took my cock out of Lori?s mouth again just as Sasha was tongue fucking her to another orgasm, and a little rougher than I had intended I shoved my hard cock in to her wet, wet pussy burying it to the hilt in one motion. Lori let out a moan that evolved in to an actual scream as she came all over my cock and balls while Sasha did her best to lick our genitals and asses all the while dry humping my leg and ass with her still dripping pussy.

I was still not ready to cum, so I pulled out of Lori and Sasha said to me, ?I want to suck you?. I think she wanted some cock, but I think the idea of Lori?s juices drenching my stiff twitching cock and pre cum oozing cock head even drove her to a higher place. She swirled her tongue around my cock and bobbed her head up and down on my dick while Lori had gone back to licking her cunt and anus. Then Lori started kissing my lips again and she whispered, ?I want to see you inside her?.

Music to my ears. I?m sure my cock had never been this big and hard before but my exercises all week trying not to cum seemed to be paying off. I looked down at my cock as I slipped it out of Sasha?s wanton mouth. It was huge, if I do say so myself. Lori took my cock in her hand and she led it down to the opening of Sasha?s cunt. She took my cock head and rubbed it against Sasha?s slit over and over just a few millimeters deeper each time until just my cock head was inside Sasha?s pussy. Sasha arched her hips and seemed to be begging for deeper penetration as Lori teased her with my cock. Finally, when it seemed as though Sasha could take no more Lori told me, ram it home baby. So I did, I sunk my cock in to Sasha all the way to the hilt as my girlfriend watched. Both Sasha and Lori gasped a little and Lori moaned as if she was having another one of those small orgasms. Sasha was building to a much larger orgasm as I now was pounding her cunt while Lori licked what she could, cock, balls, pussy, ass hole. I felt Sasha building to a huge orgasm, and I wanted to make sure I gave her one, but I didn?t want to shoot my cum in to her hot pussy, I wanted to save that for Lori. All the while we were fucking, we were all three Frenching kissing each other in every machination possible.

Sasha started crying out over and over yes, yes, yes fuck my cunt, make me cum, fuck my cunt, while Lori echoed her words in my ear, fuck fuck fuck that cunt baby, make her cum, make her squirt juice all over that big hard cock of yours. I fucked Sasha faster, and it sounded like both women were headed toward an orgasm, Sasha just ahead of Lori. I knew that I wouldn?t be able to last much longer. I kept fucking. Sasha wrapped her legs around my waist as I bore down on her ramming my cock in to her with full force while she screamed yes?oh?fuck YES YESSSSS. Then Sasha came all over my cock just like Lori had. I heard Lori breathing heavily and moaning next to me as way down in my toes I felt my orgasm building as Sasha relaxed and went limp.

I pulled out of Sasha and put my cock back in Lori. She was sopping wet and even though my cock was as long, thick and swollen as it had ever been it slipped right in balls deep in to Lori?s aching cunt. Lori let out a combination moan, gasp, and scream as she exclaimed FUCK ME fuck me like you fucked Sasha?s beautiful cunt. Fuck my cunt. YES Fuck me hard. And I did, there was no stopping my orgasm now, as my whole body was trembling and I was lost in some kind of connected ecstasy with Lori and Sasha too. Sasha was fingering my ass hole and pushing down in rhythm with my movements as I fucked my beautiful Lori. I felt Lori reaching toward that same sexual moment as me. I was completely lost who was who. Where one of us ended and the other began and then I came. FUCK. I blasted a huge load of sweat hot cum in to my baby?s delicious pussy, over and over the steamy jets of cum pumped in to Lori as she too squirted for the second time that night and soaked my cock, balls and entire lower body.

I kept coming and coming, and finally we all three collapsed in each others arms. I stayed inside Lori and Sasha was dr*ped over both of us and we all fell asleep for what might have been few minutes or it could have been a few hours. I woke up to Lori taking turns kissing Sasha and then me on the lips. Ready for round two she chuckled.

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