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Lake Trip

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My wife is a bundle of energy and I love watching her frolic in the water. She's 5 feet tall, with 32 B breasts that perk out perfectly, a tummy that's flat as a board, an ass that I still love to look at and muscles that are toned and tanned, at 47 she makes 27 year olds lust for her. I'm 6'2" 205 pounds with a fairly athletic build...a lot better than most 48 year old guys for sure. We love the outdoors and the lake during the week is one of our favorite haunts because it's a lot more fun to boat naked, skinny dip and screw in the boat without worrying about young kids running up on us.

This Tuesday was no different than many, and I'd already enjoyed watching my wife ski butt ass naked (except for a ski vest) and we had cruised up the river till we could see the upriver dam, threw some floats in the water, our clothes on the floor of the boat and jumped in to relax naked and float down the river, soaking up sun and enjoying each others bodies. Usually, the current would drift us down slowly and for about an hour we could totally relax because there were almost no houses on the shore and on weekdays we never saw other boaters.

Normally, as we float along the river we talk sex (and have sex), and today was shaping up to be no different. While we drift, we tell each other fantasies and desires while we laugh, and for us it's all fantasy. Even though we've both been with others, it's always been one-with-one and neither has been with another in the 8 years we've known each other. Like most couples that are comfortable talking about fantasies, we figure that talk is as far as it would go, but we've both made it clear to the other that if the situation ever arose to fulfill a fantasy, and we were all comfortable that we would give it a try.

Usually, our fantasies involve things we can't have with each other. I love my wife's 32 B cups, but they just don't work great for a good tittie fuck and she knows that I'd love to have my cock between a nice set of firm C or D cups. And she has an insatiable sex drive and loves the idea of an in shape guy in his early 20's that could cum and get rock hard again in no time and do it again, and again and again and a DP with a vibrator isn't really a DP you know.

We had been drifting about 30 minutes, and were probably 50 feet from the boat, naked as can be, listening to music on our iPods fondling each other and just watching the clouds go by when we noticed that we were getting closer to the boat, when I looked up I noticed our boat had bumped into another boat and the occupants were waving and calling to us. Even though we acted bold, we really didn't want strangers seeing us naked up close, so I tapped my wife and she looked in the direction I was pointing, said "shit!" and rolled off her float into the water.

We turned our iPods off and could hear kids in the other boat saying that their motor had died and wanted to know if we could give them a tow to their parents lake house. I said that we could, but they would have to close their eyes while we got in our boat and got dressed...of course they agreed.

As we hoped in the boat, they stood there with their eyes closed and we dried off and slipped our bathing suits on...I took my time and admired the girl, she was a dream about 6 feet tall with nice C tits and a 2 piece bathing suit that covered more than I like them to, but it was still nice enough to my mind go a bit wild. We told them we were dressed and they opened their eyes and started telling us where their place was and my wife grabbed a tow rope and hopped over to their boat and leaned over the front of their boat and started tying the boats together. Her ass was sticking up and our two stranded college students both let their eyes wander up and down her body, to each others eyes, the with shock they noticed I'd been watching them look...I smiled, nodded and they laughed.

They introduced themselves as John and Ann, a married couple still in college at Auburn and said that they had been heading to the rope swing when their motor died. I told them we were just puttering around and would love to go off the swing a few times ourselves so with John, Ann and my wife in the dead boat I set a course for the swing. The trip to the swing took about 15 minutes with them in tow, and about 5 minutes into it, my wife moved to the front of their boat to "check the knot". When she got up there and bent over the front, she discretely pointed to John with a nod of her head, then to her crotch and mouthed "NICE", then she took one of her hands, grabbed one of her boobs and mouthed "Big C Cup".

I knew then that she was thinking about moving fantasy to reality, and I thought that could easily happen because John was staring at my wife's ass while she was bent over and Ann noticed John had a hard on and gave him a sly slap and grin.

At the rope swing, we took turns flinging ourselves into the water, and on Ann's 3rd go her bikini top slid up her chest and off her boobs. She didn't notice it till she was getting out of the water and my wife said "...Great boobs you've got, but you may want to cover them back up!" To my surprise, Ann replied "...hell, the top will just come back off!" and she untied it and thew it into our boat, with that my wife said "why not, I came here today to be naked anyway!", and pulled her top back off and stuffed it in John's pocket...making a little feel of his cock and wink at me while she was at it.

After a few more swings, we were all seeing where this was going and we decided to continue towing them home. My wife and I got in our boat; John and Ann in theirs and we started back up down the river. My wife asked if I was sure I was comfortable with what might happen and I said "looks like this is a fantasy made to order" and grinned. After we got going, Ann stood up and hollered that her top was in our boat and she needed it. I cut the motor and in she jumped, swimming my way, my wife remembered where her top was and told me she was going to go get it too and did a spectacular dive toward Ann. When they met between the boats, they stopped and talked for a moment, laughed and continued on to "get their tops back".

Ann climbed in and I watched the water run over her tits, they were so so firm and may have even been a D cup, but she was really enjoying showing them to me as she dried off. My wife was in the boat with John, dripping wet leaning against the side of the boat just chatting, and Johns eyes were moving up and down her awesome body as they talked.

I restarted the boat and began the tow to their place which I'd estimated would take about 15 minutes. Ann sat next to me, and just started chatting away about everything in the world, the gentle chop on the water making her tits bounce as we drove. I asked if it was auk if I got back naked again, since that is how I was when they interrupted our float and she replied "...that would be great, let me help you!" As Ann slid my bathing suit down, I glanced back at their boat, my wife was naked too, and leaning back in one of the seats. I saw a smile on her face as she was biting her lower lip and I saw the back of John's head between her legs. I thought "lucky couple" and then I felt Ann's lips move over the head of my cock and my wife opened her eyes a little, looked at me, gave me a thumbs up sign and closed her eyes was shaping up to be a pretty cool day!

I was close to cumming and Ann stopped and told me she had talked with my wife and had been instructed that my first load had to be tittie fucking. She just fondled me some more and kept talking and said that they had never done anything like this, but had talked about it a lot...we were both shocked that we were all inexperienced with more than one-with-one. I had Ann sit on my lap the rest of the way to their place and I moved my fingers down between her legs and played with her pussy as we headed toward their dock. When I looked back, my wife had John on the floor of their boat and was working his cock over with what looked like it was going to be an awesome blow job.

When we got to her parents place, we tied our boat up to the dock and I started pulling John and Jennifer in, they were invisible in the boat except for some moaning Ann said sounded a lot like John. We got them to the alongside the dock and John was on his back and Jennifer was on her knees between his legs slowly working her lips up and down his shaft, oblivious that we were standing there watching. Ann playfully elbowed me in the ribs and said "!" (like I needed that instruction) and she hopped in the boat with John and Jennifer, positioned herself behind Jennifer and started moving her tongue over my wife's exposed, shaved cunt. Even though John had already made her cum once, she almost immediately started to tense up and I could see her nipples get even more erect than they were as Ann flicked her tongue in, out and around all the while moving her hands to Jennifer's breasts, pinching her nipples. John started saying he was about to cum, or was trying to say that, and he grabbed Jennifer's head and started moving it on his cock and she grabbed his ass and put her mouth down taking his whole cock into the back of her throat. At the same time, Ann took 3 of her fingers and shoved them deep into Jennifer's swollen pussy and she came HARD, but couldn't scream because she was choking on John's huge load of cum. The three of them rolled over on the floor of the boat and just looked around speechless.

I'd just watched Jennifer swallow a strangers cum, and seen her have her pussy eaten for the first time by a girl...and this just got her motor going. My wife slid Ann back on the boat floor so she was able to lay down flat and said "...Ann, you're going to be the first pussy I've ever eaten, let me know how I'm doing!" and she dove in! Trying to do with her tongue the things she liked me to do to her and by the look that quickly came over Ann's face, I could tell Jennifer was getting it right. It didn't take John long to see that he was in an ideal position and he started moving his tongue around the wet pussy that was staring him in the face.

As I watched this all, I realized that I was doing just that...watching, and decided that I really needed to do some participating. I hopped down in the boat and moved my cock to Ann's lips and she started sliding me in and out of her mouth. About that time, a fisherman trolled slowly by and I waved nervously...if only he could see the bottom of the boat! John's tongue buried in Jennifer's pussy and a finger up her ass, Jennifer eating around the bush of a 23 year old college coed bombshell who just happened to have her luscious lips moving up and down my hard cock. John made Jennifer cum again (#3 I think) and I was getting close when Ann started to buck and shudder, squeezing Jennifer with her thighs as she had her first orgasm of the day.

As Jennifer backed away from Ann's pussy, I moved myself down and placed my 7 inches between her awesomely firm (and natural) C cups and I started slowly moving in and out of her cleavage as she held her tits together to squeeze my cock. John and Jennifer just sat on the floor of the boat watching and soon I shot my first load of cum between this 6 foot bombshells tits and splatted her chin with my hot cum. I hesitated and Jennifer moved up and started to lick my cum off of Ann's chest and chin, moving her lips up until Jennifer's cum covered lips were locked with Ann's pouty lips and the girls sat there making out under the blue sky on the floor of the boat.

John and I looked at each other and he told the girls "...stay here as long as you want, but we're heading inside to the living room, hopefully we'll see you girls soon." The living room was perfect for a river house, large with a great view of the river below, huge windows that let tons of light in and several couches, a coffee table and soft rugs on the floor.

The girls didn't outside long, and came running in naked after each had another orgasm (as I found out later). And when they got inside, the fucking really started. John and I both have cocks about 7 inches long and the girls made no bones that they were ready to get nailed and nailed HARD. Jennifer went straight to John and gave him head to make sure he was nice and hard then she looked and me for any signs of doubt, saw none and slid herself down on John's cock, her eyes closing as his cock entered her tight little pussy.

When Jennifer looked at me to see if I had doubts, all she saw was me taking Ann's left leg and putting it over my shoulder and sliding my cock into her pussy. For the next 10 minutes I just stroked and stoked Ann's pussy using different positions, missionary, doggy and positions that I don't know the names of, but making her cum several times in the process and keeping my hands on those C tits that had been covered with my last load of cum.

Of course, I was also watching the show John and Jennifer were putting on, and Jennifer was moaning so much, she can cum every 2 or 3 minutes. John was surprised by how tight pussy is on a 5 foot tall woman and after about soon he moaned that he was about to cum again and Jennifer squeezed her muscles tight and John totally lost all control.

I kept tapping on Ann, and thought I could probably go an hour without cumming since I was used to Jennifer's hot, tight hole. Finally, with Jennifer and John watching I exploded and put a huge load of cum deep in her sweet pussy and collapsed on her huge firm tits. We all rolled over exhausted and just looked at each other. I knew my cock needed a rest, but Jennifer had a different plan for John's cock. Jennifer called Ann over and the two girls started running their tongues up and down his shaft then they blind folded him and took turns taking his cock deep in their mouths making him guess which mouth it was. Soon John was rock hard again (oh to be 23 again), and Ann climbed on his pole and stroked up and down for a little while, then John moved around and said "...Ann, I've got to have Jennifer's tight pussy doggy style again, I can't get enough of what she's got!" With that John started ramming my wife doggy style slamming his balls against her ass, holding her arms behind her back, pulling her hair and slapping her hot ass which drove Jennifer wild.

Ann came over to me and my cock wasn't rested enough yet to perform, so I motioned Ann back to John and Jennifer. She slid over to them and within moments had positioned herself under Jennifer, so Ann's mouth was able to work John's cock and my wife's pussy, and even though my wife was moaning and oblivious to the world around her, she had smelled pussy and knew she had to let her tongue explore! I watched the three of them fuck, Ann underneath, John fucking Jennifer doggie style and slapping her ass, and Jennifer either moaning as she would cum or eating Ann's tightly trimmed bush. This time John was able to last longer and when he came he pulled out and turned Jennifer over and shot his load all over the girls and then collapsed between them, seeming totally exhausted.

The girls started moving first, still craving cock and they both moved toward me. Soon I was kissing a strange woman and fondling her awesome 23 year old tits and I could feel my cock start to get hard again. As Ann moved her pussy to my lips, Jennifer moved her lips to my cock and started giving me head and soon I was again rock hard. At that Ann slid down on my cock still sitting in my lap and began to hump me up and down and Jennifer whispered in my ear that I should enjoy myself because she sure was. All I could do was nod in agreement.

I looked and my wife had gone over to John and was sucking him again, and as expected he was responding with another hard on. Jennifer whispered something in his ear and he nodded yes and started to stand up, but Jennifer pushed him back down and mounted his cock reverse cow girl and started riding him and watching Ann and I. Seeing Jennifer's firm B tits swaying with John's hands squeezing her nipples and his cock slamming her pussy while I was pounding Ann was amazing and soon I could tell Jennifer was going to cum...which she did with vigor and noise. After she came she got off of Johns still hard cock and told him that it was ok for him to do it now.

John stood up, his cock still swollen and moved over to Ann and I and soon he was working his cock into Ann's ass. At first Ann didn't realize what he was going to do and went along, then all the sudden John drove his cock into her ass (they were experienced ass fuckers), and Ann screamed "..YOU SHIT!! FUCK ME BOTH OF YOU! DAMN!!" I could feel Johns cock as I fucked Ann's pussy and Ann turned into a woman writing with pleasure, only able to say one word at a time...usually "shit", "fuck" or "damn". John came first and I could feel his dick swell and he planted his sperm up his wife's ass and soon my load was shooting up her already cum filled pussy. When we both finished we again rolled over on the floor and Jennifer hollered..."Skinny Dip to clean up!"

We were all exhausted, but I know better than to not do what I'm told when fucking is going on, and I pulled Ann up and we all ran to the pier and jumped in the river, letting the water clean all the accumulated sweat and sperm off of our bodies. We swam for 15 or 20 minutes, waving to boats as they passed by then Jennifer said "...guys, it's my turn for both of you" with an apprehensive grin on her face.

Soon we were all back in the living room, we started kissing and feeling each others spouses to get the arousal level up again I really do like the feel of large tits on tall women. Jennifer was going down on John and I was down on Ann, nibbling on her pussy which was swollen and tender by now, but she only took a few minutes to cum, then she started moving her tongue around my shaft and balls. Soon she moved her lips to my ears and said "...look at them, they're setting up for a DP like you guys did to me."

Sure enough, John was on his back and my wife had his cock in her pussy with her ass sticking up in the air. I grinned at Ann and said "I know she's looking forward to this!" and moved myself to start positioning myself to slide my cock into her ass. I watched John's cock and thought about it for a moment, and instead of her ass, I put my cock up Jennifer's pussy. The unexpected caught her off guard in a good way and she immediately had a cock crushing orgasm! I reached up and grabbed one of her tits (the other was in John's mouth) and said "surprise", the I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slowly moved it to her ass. Being experienced ass fuckers, the entry was easy and soon my short fucking bitch was bucking like a race horse with a bur under it's saddle. Like Ann before her, all she could say was one word at a time...mostly "SHIT" "FUCK" and "DAMN" with a few "I love having two cocks" thrown in as she came several times in quick succession.

I felt john tense up and Jennifer kept moaning and bitching and we both tried to keep control of her body for our own pleasure and soon John blew a huge load of cum and almost screamed because it felt so so awesome and I kept tapping my wife's ass with my hard cock and when I could wait no more, I exploded in my lovely wife's ass with a load that was small, but felt awesome.

I'd lost track, but we all cleaned up and laid around naked on the floor basking in the after sex glow we were all feeling, and Jennifer said "...I'm not sure when I'll get another 23 year old cock, hopefully soon, but I can't leave if this one has anything left in it!" So my wife moved over to John and sure enough he was hard again in no time. I looked at Ann and she said "that's my Johnnie, he can always get a hard on" and Jennifer hopped on and started riding him again. She was loving the claw marks on her back and the hand prints on her ass and as she fucked John, she said to me "...we'll leave when he can't get hard anymore.", then closed her eyes and enjoyed the next set of hard cock induced orgasms.

That afternoon went till the next morning all swapping and cumming. Lot's of girl-girl and mfm, fmf and mf. Without a doubt, Ann and I enjoyed ourselves immensely, I fucked Jennifer some and John screwed his wife, but by and large, Ann and I watched Jennifer enjoy herself with a cock that seemed to never stay limp all night long. All in all, I got my awesome tittie fuck and Jennifer got her young stud that could get hard on demand!

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