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Kimmie chapter 1

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I first met Kimmie about 12 years ago and my life has been one fucking wild ride ever since. Kimmie was married to a real loser, very unhappy, suffered from a low self-esteem and really could not see a bright future ahead. I was recuperating from a bad automobile accident, trying to start a new business since I couldn’t do my old job any longer and was getting out of a long term relationship that had simply died of fatigue. We were tired of each other. Now I guess I should tell you that at the time I was forty six years old and Kimmie was around twenty-eight, she had a daughter who was six and I had three adult children with my first wife. A friend wh I was working with starting up my business knew I was lonely and looking for a girl friend , as he also knew that I was very partial to BBW’s or “little fat girls” as I affectionately call them. He also knew Kimmie was having an affair with another guy we both knew and neither he or her husband was treating her very nice “You need to hook up with this chick, he kept telling me. You two would be good for each other. She needs a really nice guy to take care of her and you just need someone period.” He told of the sandwich shop where she worked on midnight shift, so every night I would get up at midnight and drive the six miles to the shop and eat a sandwich I didn’t want in hopes of meeting her. Each night there would be a new girl there but not Kimmie. After about ten trips and ten sorry ass sandwiches someone told me she had quit “Well that’s that, I told him, she’s not there anymore.”

“Just go over to her house, knock on the door and tell her who you are, she knows about you.”

“Screw you, I retorted, I don’t need to get the shit beat out of me. My luck her fucking husband would be home.”

Big Dave would just laugh shake his head and say, “You just don’t fucking get it. But you will one of these days.”

About a month passed and one day Dave and I were out and about when he started home in a round about way.

“Where we going?” I .asked.

“Well, he says, Kimmie called this morning and said her brother killed a monster deer, so I thought we’d run over to see it.”

“We aren’t going to get in a shit storm are we?’ I asked hesitantly.

He chuckled a little before saying, “fuck no just sit there and maybe if everything works out we will both get laid.”

A few minutes later we pulled in the drive way and around to the back of the house where the biggest deer I had seen in a long time was hanging, three young boys were sitting on the porch looking at the deer and we started discussing the kill. A few minutes later I hear a female voice say, “Hey Dave, whatcha doing?”

As I turned around to see who the voice belonged to, I stunned by what I saw. There standing in the door way was this vision of a goddess. Standing about 5’ 4” tall she probably weighed in at just a cunt hair over 350 lbs but you never noticed that because hanging on the front of her were the biggest set of tits I had seen in a long, long time. They had to be in the triple D to the double E range and since she was still in a long sleep shirt they were bouncing without a bra. Much as I wanted to sit and study them for a couple of years, I looked up and framed in shoulder length light brown hair with blond streaks was the face of an angel, beautiful smile on a face with a perfect complexion and big, bright blue green eyes. I don’t know how long I starred at her before I heard her say, “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Roger, the guy I keep telling you about, you know the one who can’t find his way over here?”

“Well, well, well, she said with a big smile, so you are the famous Roger that drives my boyfriend wild with anger?”

“I don’t know why, I answered her, looking straight at her, if he wasn’t such a dick I wouldn’t have taken three girls away from him, one of them twice.”

After a bit more small talk, we left and talked all the way to his house about how good looking she was and how big the tits were.

“Well, he said, if you are impressed, now you know where she lives, stop by, it wouldn’t be hard to get her away from either the boyfriend or the husband.”

So a couple of days later I made up an excuse to go over that way, stopped in and when I left I had her phone number with an invitation to call or stop anytime. So for several nights we sat up late talking on the phone. I found out very quickly she had a low self esteem and the other two dicks were feeding on that to keep her with them, I also found out that she was very sexually adventurous with lots of fantasies, but she felt her size would be a deterrent in accomplishing any of them. I explained to her that I had been in the swinging lifestyle for about fifteen years but to most people in the lifestyle size and looks were not what then judged a person on, that personality was number one and she would be accepted. I also told her that I really got off helping to fulfill fantasies and that I would see to it she got hers filled. I also explained to her that almost all the girls I ever dated were at least 250 lbs. that most were her size or bigger and although she might not believe it, a large section of the male population were just like me.

A few days later she called and wanted to bring supper over to me, of course I said yes. She arrived a few minutes later and the dinner was great. After I had eaten and we sat talking for awhile before we started kissing. I was getting worked up and it seemed like she was too, when she suddenly asked if she could give me a blow job. When I said no, she looked dumbfounded, so I explained that I would love to get her off too but I wasn’t in to a girl doing for me without me giving something back. She said she was on her period and I informed her that I had earned my “redwings” years ago and that it didn’t bother me. She became very flustered looking like she was going to cry and again asked me to let her go down on me. At last I relented but told her nest time it would be the full thing or nothing. She immediately crawled between my legs as I lowered my sweat pants to the floor and as I lay back in the chair she began to lick and suck very lightly up and down my dick. She had the touch of an angel and because I had gone without for awhile I warned her it would be quick and a lot of it.

She looked up at smiled and said, “Cum in my mouth, I love the taste of cum.”

She began to slowly swallow then come up off my dick while swirling her tongue around the whole thing, time after time after time. It took me about five minutes of coaxing and begging but I was able to talk her in to removing her shirt and let me see the “twins”. She deftly pulled her shirt up over her head dropping it to the floor then catching the bra in front pulled it up and over her head depositing it on the floor with her shirt. With a very nervous laugh she immediately leaned down to take my dick back in her mouth and effectively hid her breasts from me. This was a very fucking self conscious chick when it came to showing off her body and I realized I had my work cut out for me. Just as she almost got my dick in her mouth again I raised one foot and then the other putting one on each shoulder then pushed making her sit back with her back straight and the tits on display.

“What are you doing?” She squealed.

“Getting a look at what I wanted uncovered. I replied, if I wanted you to cover them up with your body I would have left your shirt on.”

“Well here they are, she said nervously once she realized my legs were blocking her from covering them with her arms.

Was she ever fucking right, there they were, hanging right before my eyes one of the biggest set I had ever seen. I reached down getting one in each hand and they were more then a handful. They were as soft and smooth as a baby’s ass, perfectly shaped, as squeezable has any titties I have ever had my hands on. I was spellbound (if you haven’t guessed by now breasts are my favorite part of the female anatomy) I kept bouncing them in my hands, squeezing both softly and sometimes roughly. As I noticed her face getting redder by the minute, looking like she might even start to cry, I got up and got on my knees behind her kissing her neck, ears, and shoulders while reaching around to fondle those magnificent orbs. To this day, eleven years later I still gasp when they are exposed to me. As I softly kissed all of the known hot spots a woman has in that region, I kept whispering to her how sexy and beautiful she looked to me there on her knees on my living room floor. After several minutes of this, she still wouldn’t let me get her pants off, she resumed giving head, and it was one of the best I had ever had and when I felt the runaway train leave the station, I gave her a quick verbal warning has she sucked me deep in her mouth and took it al, gulping several times.

A couple of days later she was back at my house an again she wanted to give me head. Again I told her no deal unless I could do her too. After arguing about it for awhile I finally said, “Look I know what your body looks like. You are not hiding anything under those clothes, I know exactly what I am getting, there are no surprises. You make me hot and I want to play with you naked.”

She finally relented as I pulled her to my bedroom and slowly undressed her. She was extremely nervous and I had to wonder who had made fun of her to get her this self-conscious. After getting her naked I gazed upon the object of my lust. Her breasts were heaving with labored breathing and her flesh was quivering with anxiety, has I slowly began to caresses the softest, smoothest skin I had touched in a long time. I started at her neck slowly kissing my way down her body to her valley of pleasure. The closer I got the more she would try to talk me out of where I was heading.

“Its really no use, she whimpered, I never get off by being eaten, just use your finger.”

“Then no one as done it right, I told her, just relax and let me do my magic.”

Later in our relationship I learned that her worthless piece of shit husband had told her she had a bad odor down there, probably because he didn’t want to eat it. I was finally able to force her legs apart and I begin to take long slow licks up and down her slit while alternating little slow circles around her little man in the boat. After a short while, she realized I wasn’t repulsed and began to relax, opening her legs even further letting me have my way with her. Keeping up the oral assault began to have an affect as she started breathing harder, getting wetter and then realizing she was really going to cum. I new she was close when I had a hard time hanging on and her pussy started leaking large quantities of fluid into my mouth. From out of no where she started babbling incoherently, bucking wildly on my face. She had cum! After ward she lay there panting trying to breath normally, finally saying, “Fuck that felt good! I didn’t think I could get off like that.”

“Well I said if that is the best you’ve ever cum, then you better hang on to your ass because that was a minor orgasm compared to what I will eventually be able to make you do!”

She just gave this look of disbelief shaking her head before saying, “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, I assured her, this is just the beginning. You were as tight as a banjo string, once I can get you to relax you will be amazed at how hard you can cum.”

So as the weeks passed she gained more confidence in herself, trust in me and her sex life began to improve.

About six weeks into our relationship her husband found out about us and of course handed her an ultimatum. Much to his surprise she threw him out and asked me to move in, which I promptly did. Now I had full access to her on an all day every day basis that allowed me to show her what she was really capable of.

Now when I moved in with her, her brother who was ten years younger then her and his then eighteen year old girlfriend lived with her. Melody, who had just turned eighteen was often mistaken for Kim’s sister as they looked a lot alike, with the same build, brownish blonde hair, and blue green eyes. Mel was about 5’3” tall, about 180lbs. with a set of 38C titties that literally stood up and spoke to you. She had the same soft creamy white skin like Kimmie, but she was a true dumb blonde (she would sell her car to get gas money). Any blonde joke ever told would make you think of her. We love Mel as much now as we did then because she never had a bad day and with her blonde moments there was never a dull moment. She was very much in love with Kimmie’s brother JR but JR liked to spend his nights with his friends and a pack of coon hounds in the woods annoying any little animals they could find. He had very little interest in sex and as a result Mel was very sexually frustrated. One night as we lay in bed I thought I heard something that sounded like sobbing coming from JR and Mel’s room. Kimmie heard her and said, “She was begging my brother for sex before he left, but the asshole yelled at her and left.”

“What a dick!” I responded.

She cuddled up on my chest then whispered, “I think you need to fuck her.”

“Really?” I replied, not surprised because she had said before she wanted us to get together.

“Do you want to join us?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah, maybe, probably, she replied shyly, I just don’t know how to approach her. She has said she would like to try another girl and so would I.”

“Do you want me to put it together?” I asked quietly.

“That might work, she answered, as long as you do it right and not scare her. She is just a kid and my brother is the only one who has had her.”

My dick got hard at that thought and I said, “I’ll be slow and easy.”

A couple of nights later we found ourselves alone after the boys left for another night of romping in the woods. Both girls had just gotten out of the shower and were leaning on the center bar in the kitchen looking at a catalog when I walked up behind them and started to rub Kimmie’s back. They were both wearing nothing but sleep shirts that covered only about half of their asses, leaving me a clear view of both of their bare pussies. As I massaged Kimmie’s back, I pushed my dick against her bare ass, pushing her shirt further up her back.

“Oh my God, Kimmie exclaimed, you don’t know how good that feels Mel. You really ought to let him do this to you, its feels wonderful.”

Mel just smiled, but didn’t say anything and when I started to lightly rub her back in small circular motions it had the same effect of raising her night shirt the rest of the way over her ass. As both girls began to moan softly and giggle a little, Mel finally spoke saying, “Oh God that feels too good and JR is not here to take care of things.”

“Don’t fucking worry about him, Kim said, Roger will take care of you.”

Oh fuck, really?” Mel cooed with a glazed look in her eyes, “I may have to let him, I am really horny.”

I figured in for a peck, in for a pound, it was now or never as both of them were in lala land as I was now working on their necks, so I said to Mel, “Since Kimmie is being nice and lending me to you, don’t you think you should give her a kiss to thank her?”

And before they could react I put a hand behind both of their heads gently pushing them together. Kimmie knew exactly what I was doing and opened her mouth as I had their lips make contact and Mel figured it out immediately opening her mouth to accept Kimmie’s tongue. As soon as the kiss started I moved my hands from the back of their heads, moving down to stroke both of their now soaking pussies. With one hand in each of their twats I began to slide my fingers up and down the slits, first circling their clits then on down inserting a finger to hit the g-spot before starting all over again. I really don’t know what was getting them hotter, the girl on girl or my hand in their twats, but they were both moaning in each others mouth and Mel’s legs were beginning to wobble. Then I said, “Let’s take this in the bedroom.”

We moved down the all arm in arm and when we reached the bedroom, Kim pushed Met back on the bed kissing her urgently, while fondling her breasts and pinching her rock hard nipples. I stood back so as not to interfere and let this play out as it should. When Kimmie took her mouth off of Mel to suck a nipple, Mel asked hesitantly, “What if the boys come home?”

“Fuck, Kimmie told her breathing heavily, I left water in the bath tub, just grab your clothes, run in there and act like you are taking a bath.”

“Ggggood idea!” Mel stammered as she threw her head back in loud long moan while pushing her breast into Kimmie’s mouth.

I didn’t say anything at this point but I had already secured that part. Robert, one of the group of boys, also worked for me and understood what was going to happen. He and I had discussed JR’s treatment of Mel and he said if you don’t fuck her I will, she deserves better. Since he worked for me I had given him a cell phone with orders to call me when they boxed the dogs and were headed home.

“Don’t let me get caught with my pants down!” I told him.

“No way boss, he assured me, I’ll cover your ass!”

As Kimmie began to suck on first one then her other nipple, her hand began to wander towards her nether regions. When Kimmie’s hand slid over Mel’s soaked pussy she humped her ass up hard into Kimmie’s hand letting out a loud moan. Kimmie began to stroke and finger her as Mel got hotter and hotter. Kimmie looked over to me and said, “Am I doing this right?”

“Do to her what feels good to you, do the same things I do to you and you won’t go wrong”, I instructed her.

Kimmie kept up the assault for several more minutes with Mel having several small orgasms, when she looked at me and said hesitantly, “Ok here goes, do you think she is ready?”

“She is more than ready,” I responded as Kimmie removed her dripping wet hand and immediately replaced it with her tongue. Mel jerked and her eyes flew open wide when she first felt her tongue touch her clit.

“Easy baby, I told Mel as I began to caress her heaving breasts and stiff nipples, you are going to love this. How does it feel?”

“Oh fucking wonderful, fucking great, fuck, fuck, I’m going to fucking cummmmm!” She cried out has her body stiffened and she pushed her ass up into Kimmie’s face. After a minute or two, she relaxed but her lips were vibrating and her teeth chattering so hard she could hardly speak. Kimmie had lifted her head from between Mel’s legs and her face looked like she had been hosed in slime. As I gently kissed her and told her how proud I was of her I actually licked some of Mel’s sweet tasting cum off her face.

Kimmie started to get up when Mel came back to life, rising to her knees said in her little girl voice, “Wait a fucking minute, I want my turn,” as she pulled Kimmie back on the bed and started towards her pussy. Kimmie started her usual protests, but before she could react I reached over and grabbing her knees I spread her legs wide and stuck my nose in her pussy announcing, “it is perfectly clean and has no odor. Here you go baby have at it,” to Mel.

As Mel gleefully crawled between her legs, Kimmie covered her face with both hands crying out, “No please don’t! Mel please if I smell bad or anything please stop!”

Mel looked up at me and grinning widely stuck her face right in her pussy before announcing, “Fuck you were right, she smells wonderful!” She then took a long lick from her asshole to her clit causing Kimmie to shudder and inhale a sharp breath.

Kneeling behind Mel who had her ass stuck in the air while her face was buried, I said, “I’ll hold her legs for you.” This put me with my crotch against Mel’s ass and she would wiggle it against me while she munched on Kimmie’s rapidly moistening pussy. From this point on it was a down hill spiral for Kimmie. With Mel doing a very good job on her twat and me holding her legs wide apart she had no defense to slow the assault, which meant her orgasm was going to hit and hit hard. As soon as Kimmie realized she was fucked and had no choice put to lay there and let us do what we wanted she relaxed starting to enjoy herself. Standing behind Mel rubbing myself on her wiggling ass, I had a birds eye view of what was happening to Kimmie. I think she was going to try not to get off because she was embarrassed to cum in front of Mel, but she soon realized her body was not going to cooperate and hard as she fought it just kept chugging along up the incline to the mountain top. Once her orgasm went over the top there was no stopping it and she totally surrendered her self to it as it hit her broad side like a runaway truck. Her breathing became ragged as she gasped for air like a person drowning, as her body convulsed and quivered. Kimmie opened her mouth and she began shouting in broken words, “Ah, ah, ah, fucccck, here it fucking cums! Oh my fucking God I’m cummmming!” Her orgasm lasted violently for about a minute before she began to come down to earth, leaving her shaking and quivering trying to catch her breath and speak normally.

“That was awesome!” She was finally able to mutter, while Mel looked up at here smiling. Mel lay down beside her after I let her legs down and they began to hug and kiss again. After several minutes Kimmie got up on wobbly legs and said, “I’m going to kill you two.” Then laughing said, “I’m going to get in the shower.”

“Me too.” Mel replied starting to get up.

“Oh no you’re not, Kimmie said emphatically, Roger hasn’t cum yet and you are going to fuck him.”

“Uh then I’d better get a condom.” Mel said cheerfully.

“I don’t think so, Kimmie said sternly, he doesn’t use them. He’ going to fuck you bare back and dump a load in you in case my worthless brother decides to eat you when he gets home.”

“But, but, Kimmie, Mel pleaded, I’m not on birth control.”

“Oh, Kimmie said, he has been fixed, there is nothing to worry about.”

“Well ok, Mel said thoughtfully, if you are sure it’s ok. Are you sure its alright with you that I fuck him?”

‘Absolutely!” Kimmie assured her giving her another kiss, “you deserve a good fuck and he’ll give it to you.”

“Ok then, but are you going to stay here with us?” She asked her eyes getting bigger..

“Fuck no, Kimmie said laughing, you’re a big girl and you know how to do it, he’s not going to hurt you. You don’t need me to hold your hand. Just don’t hurt him.”

Mel looked at me a little frightened as I lay beside her caressing her and kissing first one hard nipple then the other. As I slowly slithered down her body, her breathing started to accelerate as I put my face between her legs and licked slowly up and down her slit sucking in the nectar of her love canal, savoring the exquisite taste. As I took my time getting her soaking wet again and making her little hooded man stand straight up and erect, Mel began her ascent up the mountain for the long swift fall into the abyss of her orgasm. I wanted to be inside her when she came so I quit my tongue assault and moved up her body to give her a deep kiss as I slowly pushed myself into her sweet soft interior.

I went balls deep on my first push and she felt like warm pudding inside. When she felt the head of my dick first penetrate the outer lips of her pussy she took in a large gulp of air and then a long, “Ahhhh,’ as she felt me hit bottom.

“Is that all right?” I asked her.

“Ooh yeah,” she uttered giving me a crooked grin, this is fucking nice.

I started a steady in and out motion, as she began wiggling her ass under me and I soon realized from the tingling of my nerve ends that I was not going to last long.

“I’m sorry, I told her I don’t think I’m going to be here long.”

“Its ok, she stammered I, I, think I’m going to……..

She never completed the sentence as it slammed her from out of nowhere and she was over the edge and gone. When her pussy started pulsating around my dick, I shot off immediately dumping several powerful bursts of cum into the depths of her pussy. We just started to settle back down as Kimmie came out of the shower smiling at us, when I heard a familiar ring tone on my cell phone.

“That’s your boyfriend coming home, I said slapping her lightly on the ass, you better roll.

Mel jumped up grabbed her nite shirt, then quickly kissed me on the lips and looking at Kimmie said, “Thank you, my god that was great, thank you,” as she turned to leave. As she trotted down the hall to her room, I saw two rivulets of cum running down her legs.

Turning to Kimmie I said, “So how was your first bi experience?”

“Awesome, fucking awesome, thank you, we are going to have a lot of fun together.”

To be continued:

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