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Kelly getting her fantasy fullfilled

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My first time sharing a guy with her happened because she wanted it to happen that way. After a long time talking about it and being excited about the fantasy, we decided to try a threesome with another man. I wanted to watch her with another guy. I was excited by her stories of her past sexual experiences with other guys and I wanted to see her in action with someone else. She wanted to see if she was still attractive to other men. Could she attract another guy into her bed, seduce someone she found attractive? Was she still hot and could she turn someone on after turning 30? She wanted to feel the pleasure of knowing that she turned someone on, made them want her sexually. She also wanted to try having two guys at the same time and knowing that I wanted to watch her, she wanted to seduce someone in front of me and to bring me pleasure from watching. We were both also looking for that "newness of sex with someone for the first time" feeling, both of us experiencing that together.

We decided to buy some sexy clothes for her, go out to a local dance place on a Saturday night and see if she could find anyone that turned her on. Nervous as hell, we had a few drinks, danced and walked around the place. While at the bar waiting on our drink order, she told me she saw someone she liked, she had caught him looking at her while we danced, had made lots of eye contact and he returned her smiles. She was starting to get turned on by seeing his interest. She asked if it was still OK with me if she danced with someone. I was so turned on at the thought, I said sure, go for it. She walked past him on her way to the ladies room and smiled and said Hi, he smiled back, said Hi and told her she had a great smile. She said his was very nice too. When she came out of the ladies room, he was waiting close by, she walked up to him and touched his arm. It was pretty crowded in the place and she had to squeeze past him so she brushed her front along his front getting by. She also ran her hand along his waist and gave his butt a squeeze as she slipped past him. She smiled at him again and told him "thanks for the help slipping through the crowd". He said "it was my pleasure, especially the way you held onto my butt as we slipped past one another". She reached up and gave him a peck on the cheek and said "thats for being so handsome and so nice". He told her that the kiss on the cheek was going to make his year. She told him it was an impulse and that she liked doing it, it felt good to her too. He asked if she was married and if the guy she was with was her husband and she said yes but I was not like most husbands, I not jealous at all and I wanted to see her to have fun, thats why we came to the club, so we could meet new friends. She told him she had to get back to the bar and tell me she was OK but if he felt like talking more to her, she would like that. When she got back to me, she was glowing. She told me what happened and that she was wet just from talking to him. I got hard hearing her tell me about it. She pointed him out to me across the floor and I smiled at him and waved for him to come over to where we were standing. I introduced myself and told him thanks for helping Kelly get through the crowd near the bathrooms. He looked so nervous that I said I have been trying to get her out to dance and meet new friends for a long time and she didn't think it would be easy at all to find a new friend to make her smile. I said, just look at her smiling, she's obviously having fun and that's exactly what I wanted to see. He seemed to relax and then he asked me if I minded if he asked her to dance. I told him I would love to watch her dance with him and for him just to pretend that I wasn't even there, to do whatever he felt like doing as her new friend for the evening. She said absolutely, that's what she wanted too. He said great and they left to dance to a slow song. It was so hot watching her dance close to him. They stayed on the dance floor for several songs, some fast and a few slow. They took a break from dancing and came back to the table. She told me what a great dancer he was and how much fun she was having, how his body just seemed to move so smoothly against hers, that she could just dance close to him all night. I asked him if he was having a good time and he said the best ever. I told them that I was really really pleased seeing how they danced so well together and how excited I was watching her smile and have fun. They left to dance some more and when they finally returned, she said they wanted to ask me if I felt as they did, that it would be more fun for the three of us to go back to our house for a drink, that she was so excited to make a new friend who was such a great dancer and that she was in the mood just to go someplace more private and quiet. I laughed at said yes, I thought that was a great plan.

All our pillow talk from my perspective was me watching her meet and seduce a guy, watching her have hot sex then at her direction, me helping him pleasure her. Her plan or fantasy, was picking up an attractive guy and flirting with him, seeing his interest in her grow, watching him becoming more and more excited, seducing him into her bed. And also being pleasured by two guys. We had not talked about any guy-guy play at all.

We left the club in one car, left his there, I drove and they were in the back seat. It took only 20 minutes to get to our place and I drove into the garage, closing the door behind me. Good thing as they were mostly undressed by then. They made their way to the bedroom and they kissed, finished undressing one another, and he performed oral on her. I was still dressed and standing beside the bed. She told me to get naked and lay near the foot of the bed so I could see better and be more relaxed. She then went down on him and after a few minutes, she motioned for me to move up on the opposite side of his legs. I thought so I could get a close up view of what she was doing to him. He was on his back watching her suck him. As I did what she asked, she stopped sucking on him and reached out to pull my face close and kissed me. She then went back to sucking on him while watching my face. Then she stopped sucking him and kissed me again. Back to his cock she went only this time she licked the head of it and then brought my face close and licked my lips, then she smiled at me and looked at his cock then back to looking at me. I still didn't get the hint so she licked his shaft and rolled her tongue around his head and then licked my lips and kissed me while sticking her tongue into my mouth. She then gently pulled my face closer to his cock and with her hand on his cock, moved it to touch my lips. She then whispered to me to "do it". I opened my mouth and she had one hand on the back of my head pulling me down on him while her other hand was guiding his cock past my lips. She then moaned when I moved up and down on him while looking at her.

That was my initiation and it was so damn hot hearing her moan with pleasure watching me. It was kind of unexpected, not what we had planned but looking back at all our pillow talk, not completely a surprise. I became less rigid sexually, as did she (now she's Bi as well). As long as everyone involved receives pleasure, I'm open to it. I enjoy watching as much as participating. It's a kind of sexual freedom, LOL. Like skinny dipping or going to a clothes optional resort or beach.

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