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Kathy's surprise for me

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Again another true story from the past.

Kathy and I had made friends with another couple, Karen and Steve over the past year, although we really hadn?t become close friends. Ever since Kathy?s 25th birthday the two of us had a very open relationship. Every week she had her nights out and so did I, there was never any restrictions on time to come home or who you were with, it was just a night to enjoy and have fun. After each of these nights we would come home and tell the other all about the evening we had just had and then have the most wonderful sex ever. I had a new job and it required a lot of hours and most evenings I wouldn?t get home until around 9:30. After Kathy had fixed me a bite to eat she would take off for the evening, I would turn in around 11:00 and what ever time she came in, she would stop at the bathroom and strip and crawl in bed and start going down on me as a way to wake me up. Lots of nights I would be awake when she came in but I would pretend to be asleep just to enjoy this new type of alarm clock.

I knew that Kathy had fucked Steve on more than one occasion, especially on his birthday, but that is another story. Karen was around 5? 10? and had a pair of tits that were worth dying for; I would guess that they were at least 40?s.

It was on Monday night and I couldn?t get off from work until after 10:00 and I was tired. I came home and ate a little dinner and went to bed, Kathy said that she was going out with Karen for the evening.

Karen and Steve had been married for around 7 years by this time and from what she had told Kathy the fire was burning on low. According to her it had been months since they had sex and Karen had a burning desire that needed to be filled again. Karen had told Kathy about a couple of guys that she had sex with before she had been married but nothing since that time. Kathy told her it was about time that the two of them go out together and have an evening of fun. Karen made some excuse that she would not be back until late and the two of them made plans for that evening.

I gave Kathy a kiss and told her I would see her when she got in. I don?t know how long I slept but was awakened by a noise in the bathroom and I knew that Kathy was home; again I pretended to be asleep so I could receive my reward. Soon I could feel the covers being pulled back and the warmth of another body crawling into bed with me. As I lie there on my back still pretending to be asleep, I could feel the hot breath on my cock; it was hard to keep it soft until the sucking started. Soon the sucking started, but it seemed different somehow. There was a circular motion that had not been there before; I just figured that she had learned something new on this night out. Soon I was hard as a rock and things were really starting to move. I reached down with my hand to cup one of Kathy?s breasts but to my surprise they seemed to have grown to twice their normal size. I was stunned.

I began to move my hand down her smooth back and onto her round ass, it always felt so good. As I reached her legs she opened them to give me full access to her pussy, again something strange, this pussy was shaved clean. That didn?t really surprise me that much since sometimes Kathy would shave off her heart shaped patch. I began to finger this pussy, I could tell that it had been used that night, but that was normal also. Again I returned to the oversized breasts, trying to figure out what was going on.

Suddenly the light was turned on and there stood Kathy completely nude, if she was standing in the door, who was this under the covers sucking my cock? As I pulled back the covers there was Karen also completely nude and going to town on my cock. Kathy said, ?Surprise!? She flipped off the light and jumped in bed with the two of us, now I had one sucking my cock and the other with my balls in her mouth. This treatment soon had me to the place of no return, but things were stopped for a couple of minutes to give me a chance to recover and they both came from under the covers and each lay in my arms. I asked what this was all about and Kathy told me that Karen had never been with anyone except Steve since they were married until tonight and the two of them had been going from bar to bar all night picking up men and together fucking them for all that they had. They had talked and decided that I needed a surprise tonight, with this the talking ended and the sex started. Kathy had never been with another woman, but that was about to change. Soon the two of them were kissing and fondling each other, it wasn?t long until Kathy was kissing Karen, starting down her body, pausing at her large breasts and taking turns sucking each of them. I could not believe my eyes; she motioned for me to join in. As she took one into her mouth I took the other.

Very soon she started to kiss her way down over Karen?s stomach, placing her tongue into her navel and then continuing on, I just lay back and watched in unbelief. Now she was at the edge of Karen?s neatly trimmed patch of hair, but she didn?t stop there, she continued down, with this Karen began to spread her legs to allow full access to her hidden parts. Kathy was using her tongue to really work over Karen?s clit in that way that only another woman knows how to do, then probing deeper into her slit. Karen was about to have an organism, with this Kathy pulled away and told Karen to climb on top of my rock hard member. Karen kind of looked surprised but as she lowered herself down on me she lay back against my legs to expose her wet pussy for all to watch, this proved too much for Kathy, now she was down on her eating her as she bounced up and down on my rod. Karen started moaning, louder and louder. She grabbed Kathy?s head and shoved it down hard between her legs and Kathy was enjoying it as much as Karen was.

I had held it as long as I could, I started to convulse and shot stream after stream into Karen?s soaked pussy, as she lay back and my cum started to drain out of her, Kathy wouldn?t let any of it go to waste, she lapped up every drop as it drained from Karen. Kathy said the she wanted Karen to taste what my cum tasted like, so she sucked some from Karen?s pussy and moved to her mouth, they kissed and I could tell that they were using their tongues to transfer some of my cum between them. As I lay back on the bed and enjoyed the sight of these two beautiful women going over each others body, Kathy went to the drawer where she kept our toys and pulled out the biggest viberator that we had, this sucker is about 15 inches long and as big around as one?s arm. She then lay Karen back on the bed and turned on the toy and began to work on Karen?s pussy, first using her fingers to dip cum from Karen?s cunt to lube up the viberator and then starting to insert the monster, slowly at first but then harder and faster until the whole thing was buried deep within Karen. By this time she was bucking like a wild horse, organism after organism flooded over her. Now they had forgotten all about me and were wrapped up in their own world. Karen was eating Kathy?s pussy as she was being probed by the monster toy. Before long both women were worn out from multiple organisms.

Unbelievable here I was with two of the most beautiful women that I have ever known lying in my arms. After we relaxed for a while we began to talk, Karen told both of us about how her marriage was great except that now there was almost no sex. Kathy told her that anytime she needed sex that she would be more than happy to share me with her. The two of them talked about what had happened earlier and Kathy confessed that she had never experienced another woman before and Karen said that she hadn?t either. Kathy now moved to the other side of the bed placing Karen in the middle between the two of us. Before I knew it the two of them were kissing again, this time Kathy kind of lay back and let Karen explore her body the way she had done to Karen earlier.

The next night Kathy and I talked about it and I found out that they had each taken on two other guys before coming to our house on a dare. Kathy had dared Karen to take her place, not believing that she would do it.

This would not be the last time that we shared our bed with Karen. Over the years Steve eventually dropped out of the picture all together, never really appreciating what he left behind. On more than one occasion I would come home to find a candle light dinner for three prepared as a prelude to an exciting evening ahead.

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