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Just call me O Henry

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The night did not turn out as I expected in more ways than one. It was a typical business trip that most of my friends envy. They think it is a night to prowl for faceless sex. I generally hate them because the wild night with a partner you will never see again doesn't happen that often especially mid-week.

However on this particular Tuesday night, things were different. I saw her across the bar. She was older, much older, and heavier than I like. Still, she had a very sweet face and large full breasts. A little flirting, and a few extra drinks and we were on our way back to her house.

Things changed as soon as we entered the door. As soon as I closed the door behind me, she let her coat drop the the ground and she kissed me hard. She pressed me against the door and her hands explored me as her tongue probed my mouth forcefully. She placed my hands on her boobs and they were as full and heavy as I thought. She was rubbing my cock through my pants and I was straining against the zipper.

I was nibbling on her neck when I felt my pants open and my dick escape into the open air. She gripped me and began to leisurely stroke me.

"Oh, this is so nice and thick." My dick was not particularly long but it was very thick. I could hear her panting and feel her fingers grasp me tighter.

Suddenly she released me and dropped to her knees as she tore open her blouse and revealed her milky white tits. I wanted to suck on her hard pink nipples but she had other plans.

She strained to press her breasts around my cock. Her pillowly breasts wrapped around my cock and her tongue flicked over the purple head of my cock. It did not take me long to start to fuck her tits. She looked up at me and said she knew something that I might like more. Soon her eyes disappeared and I felt my cock engulfed by the warmth of her mouth.

I moaned loudly as she attacked my cock as a cur chewing on a bone. She licked and nibbled and took more and more into her mouth. It was wonderful and she knew that she was good. She then let go of my cock and then was doing everything with her mouth. She was grasping my balls and her other hand was stroking my legs and back.

Then her finger entered my ass as she completely throated my cock. My ass was burning but her mouth felt so good that I did not protest. I only moaned loudly. Soon she was stroking me with her mouth and another finger entered her backside. This time, her fingers found a spot and I knew that I was about to cum. It was taking all my concentration not to explode but I did not want to stop. Finally, I screamed that I was going to cum and she released me. She looked up at me as I tried to stop gasping for air. She took me by the hand and led me into her darkened bedroom and stripped off the remaining clothes. Soon I was on top kissing her and feeling how exquisite her body felt.

She was holding me tight, her legs wrapped around my waist after I entered her. She felt like warm velvet and she purred as I began to stroke her. she began to slap my ass and scream faster.

Suddenly, I felt a weight across my legs and hand pressing into my shoulders. I tried to struggle but she held my face in her hands and told me to relax and make mommy happy.

I felt something warm and rigid press against my asshole. With one stroke, my ass was suddenly of fire and I heard a gutteral moan. I tried to scream but felt her tongue fill my mouth. Then he slowly shifted his weight and then pushed harder in the fire that was my ass. He pushed firmly into me. I tried to scream but his hardened tool had taken my breath away. I had this sensation of fullness and intense pain. She held me tightly and stroked my head and I heard him stammer in excitement about the tightness of my ass.

Soon I had been filled and felt his weight on my back. I tried to struggle but now all I could do was endure the pain. Soon he started to stroke into my ass. Long slow strokes were increasing in rhythm as I ceased to struggle. She would whisper in my ear how turned on she was and he would only grunt and moan in pleasure. She was gentley kissing me as she felt his strokes into me pounding into her mature sex. He was pounding me hard now as he tried to tongue my ear and pull on my nipples.

I began to feel his dick grow inside of me and he began to tense. I could tell that he was going to cum. She began to exclaim what a great piece of ass I was to make him cum so quickly. He shuddered then and he withdrew. I rolled off of her still hard but dazed by what had happened. After a few minutes, I felt two hunger mouths nursing on my cock. All I could think of then was taking both their tight asses over the rest of the night.

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