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Judi, Judi, Judi..........MFM

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JUDI, JUDI, JUDI DISCLAIMER: This story contains strong language, adult explicit sexual descriptions, and profanity. If you are under the legal age to read this material or are offended By this type of material, DO NOT READ FURTHER

I am writing this story as part of my sexual memoirs, but also it is at the request of the husband of the woman involved. This as with most of my stories is as true has I can remember it, only some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, the horny and anyone else who might want to sue me over these exposes. Des is now and for the last 30 years been one of my best friends. We met when I went to work on a construction site and he was my supervisor. Des could be a bit of an asshole back then and tried to terrorize everyone who worked for him, including me. He used to get to me a bit, till one day I accidentally discovered he was fucking one of his other employees wife. Once he figured out that I wasn’t going to say anything, I gained a certain respect from him and we became friends. He went on a couple of years later to open his own company and I worked for him off and on, and we spent a lot of time hunting and fishing together, which consisted of us going to the mountains, hunting up a good bar and fishing for fresh pussy. There are a lot of good stories from those trips, including the one where we picked up two female hitch-hikers and we ended up in the biggest parade in the state with me riding in the back of the truck with them…did I mention, we were drunk? Well let’s not digress too far from the subject at hand. Years went by, women came and went (we loved them all by the way), Des and I both ended up divorced, go figure. One common tread always held us together and that was the fact that we were the two biggest male sluts in the world, there wasn’t anything or anybody we wouldn’t do sexually. No woman was safe from our advances, no matter who she was married to or living with at the time or whose friend she belonged to, if we could fuck her, we did. Of course we would immediately call each other to report our latest, “You won’t fucking believe who I have been fucking,” story. Any way back to the original story, Des meets, extracts from her husband and then marries this hot little chick about fifteen years younger then him, named Judi. Judi was a fox, about 5’3’ tall, about 125 lbs, short brown hair, liquid blue eyes and a set of 36d’s that literally screamed. “Suck me, suck me, suck me.” Along with all this she had an ass and legs to kill for; she could turn a lot of heads. However, with all these physical attributes, Judi was a total bitch, making Des’s life a living hell at times, but he loved her and tried to do anything to make her happy. About this time the girl I was living with and I had gone into the swing life style and were doing threesomes, foursomes, and attending swing clubs. As I would tell him about watching my girl friend give strangers blow jobs and fuck different guys, then have me eat their cum after they were done, he would get hot enough to catch on fire. For years he tried to talk Judi into doing that, but to no avail. I always figured she wouldn’t because she was too bitchy to do anything to give him pleasure. All of Des’s other friends used to be scared shitless of her and run whenever she was around. I on the other hand just took her in stride and never took her seriously. I would give her back as good as she gave and let her know I was not intimidated by her and we always got along. So imagine my surprise when I get a call one day from, Des, telling me she had finally agreed to do a threesome, as long as she could pick the guy and I was the one she picked. I was speechless for a few minutes, and my first comment was, “as bitchy as she can be, I’m almost afraid to put my dick in her mouth. I am awful fond of Mr. Happy, he does get me in a lot of shit, but then we do have a lot of fun together.” After assuring me of my safety, he was almost pleading that this might be the big break to get her into the swinging lifestyle. Now don’t think for a minute that I was going to pass this up because, she was HOT! Even though she was almost thirty-eight years old, she could easily pass for a high school cheerleader, I’m talking a real life wet dream.

So at the appointed hour I arrived at their house, and when I knocked on the door, Judi answered it herself, and I was speechless. She of course had her hair fixed, a very light hint of make up, but she was wearing this tiny little bikini, that barely held her D size tits, on the top end and bottoms left little to the imagination. She had a beautiful dark tan, with no tan lines, and with her brown hair, made her blue eyes look like two deep pools of water. Her eyes seemed to sparkle has she took in my shocked look. I was so awed that for several seconds, I just stood there, with my mouth hanging open, when she finally reached out the door, grabbed my hand and dragging me inside said, “Come on inside, I do have neighbors you know. I don’t why you have such a shocked look on your face, it’s not like you haven’t seen me before.”

She got a big smile on her face when I said, “Well, yeah, but not like this and knowing what is going to happen.”

She then stepped up close responding softly as she put her arms around my neck and pressing her breasts into my chest, “You’ve wanted me for along time, haven’t you?”

“Uh, yeah, I replied, finding it harder to breathe, I have but never thought it would happen.”

“I knew it, she whispered, her breath warm and sweet on my neck, the rest of his friends are pussies, they are afraid of me, but not you, you are like Des, you always showed a hunger for me.”

Then she turned her head slightly upwards and I tilted my head down and our lips met in a soft lingering kiss. Her mouth was only open slightly and I began to run my tongue lightly over lips, as she slowly relaxed into my body opening her mouth a little more at a time as our tongues began to play tag with each other. My hand instinctively slid up to cup her breast and she stiffened in my arms, bringing her hand up to take mine away, saying, “Easy, I want to go slowly, ok?”

I dropped my hand and said, “Nervous?”

‘Scared shitless,” she answered laughing nervously.

“Of what, who, me?” I asked her.

“You, my husband, me, this whole thing.” She said looking into my eyes as if searching for an answer.

“Well, I said lightly, hoping to reassure her, I know Des and he is up for this, as for me the only thing you need to be afraid is that once I have my dick in there, I’ll refuse to pull it out and go home.”

She then began to laugh a little and said, “I knew you’d be a lot of fun.” Then turning serious again she said, “He did tell you didn’t he?”

“Tell me what?”

“That you are only the third guy be there, I mean there has only been two others and now you, that’s some of why I’m scared, I mean you understand why I had to be sure when I picked you. He was supposed to tell you that…that I haven’t been around and all that.”

“I understand Judi, I relish the honor and I’ll go as slow as you want, ok?”

“Thank you, she whispered, I knew I picked the right one.”

At that point I looked around and noticed for the first time we were alone. “Where is he?” I asked.

“I sent him on an errand, she replied, grinning slyly, I wanted to have a few minutes alone with you before he joined in or watched. He’ll be back in ten minutes or so.”

She then turned back to me, tilted her head up and closed her eyes has I lowered my lips to hers in another sensuous kiss. This time however when our lips met she opened her mouth and our tongues began to fence with each other, I felt her nipples harden as her breasts were pressed into my chest. I noticed a sharp increase in her breathing and she molded her firm little body even tighter into mine. At this point she became aware of my stiffening dick, popping her eyes open even wider than usual, she exclaimed, “You are up for this aren’t you? I mean you are really up.” She then shook her head and chuckled saying, “I guess I am sexier then I think.”

“Well yeah, I said, I can’t belief you don’t realize how incredibly hot you are. If you weren’t so bitchy and scare most guys off, you would have them lined up around the block.”

“You are about the only fucking guy I allow talk to me like that, she said frowning slightly, but I know you only do it for my own good. But you have to understand it takes a lot of practice to be a perfect bitch and I am fucking perfect.” “So how about giving this bitch another kiss?”

I reached down and sucking her tongue in to my mouth I began to massage her tongue with mine and she began to moan, as her nipples got harder and she began to rub her pussy up and down my leg. About this time I heard the door quietly open and Des walked in immediately sitting down on the couch, watching us intently. As we continued to kiss I deliberately avoided making eye contact with him, but sliding my hand down, I lightly caressed her ass through the material of her bikini bottom. I slowly rotated her around so he would have a clear view of my hand as I inserted a couple of fingers in the front of her suit and began sliding them up and down her slit finding it increditably wet. As she moaned in my ear, “He is sitting over there playing with his dick, I stole a glance in Des’s direction and seen that he was indeed playing with himself. As I began to slowly finger fuck her, she was udulating her hips in time to my finger thrusts. She leaned back and laughing softly, “I think he is as hot as we are. I think I need to loose some of these clothes.” Reaching behind her, Judi untied the top and holding the front in place, looked me in the eyes saying, “Ready for this?”

Almost afraid to speak, I just nodded and smiling brightly at me she dropped the top to the floor. I let out a loud gasp, they were perfectly formed with a slight downward slump, but topped with perfect strawberry shaped nipples that were so hard you could see the goose bumps rising as I ogled them. As I stood there speechless, she deftly untied the bottoms and let them fall off her perfect ass. Grinning up at me she asked, “Impressed?”

“Oh fuck yeah, I whispered, you are fucking awesome.”

By now Des was wanking furiously on his dick, almost like a man possessed, I bent down to take a very stiff nipple into my mouth and began to suck very lightly, increasing the pressure as I sucked till I had actually started biting. Her moans increased along with the pressure on her nipples till she suddenly pulled my head back and said, “Easy, easy they may be as hard as steel but they aren’t made of steel. Turning slightly she took my hand and gently pulled me to the couch where she sat between us and we both took a nipple into our mouths and began to worship her firm, plump breasts with our tongues. I placed my hand on her drenched pussy and sliding my finger up and down her slit a few times, I finally began a slow circular movement around her little man. He immediately woke up, threw off his hood and stood at attention, waiting for the crash, which wasn’t long in hitting him and hitting him hard. Judi by this time was almost beside herself, she had one arm around each of our necks alternately kissing first one then the other, while using our shoulders has a pivot to push down with her arms and help lift her ass off the couch to try to get more pressure on her clit. Her breathing was now coming in ragged bursts, her breasts heaving and falling, her constant tirade of words filtering through clenched teeth were for the most part garbled and incoherent, except for a couple of “Oh Fucks” and “Holy fucking Shit. In about ten seconds her orgasm hit like a number ten wave crashing down on the reef. For several seconds she went totally stiff, her head snapped back like her neck was broken, her eyes closed tight, her mouth hung wide open and her tongue was hanging out as she attempted to gasp in oxygen like a downing person. I looked over at Des and he actually had a startled look on his face as he looked back at me and said, “Hang on to her, man, it’s gonna be huge.”

I had no intention of letting go as I had my arm around her back, under her arm holding on to her tit and squeezing her nipple. Des had done the same thing, with his arm crisscrossing mine pulling on her other nipple. I noticed he had placed his free hand under my hand that was working on the clit and had inserted a couple of fingers up inside her and I could feel him pushing on her G-spot. Poor Judi never had a chance; her stiffness was quickly replaced by violent shaking and quaking like a person having a Grand Mal seizure. She would rapidly go from pushing her ass deep into the couch cushions, to pushing the heels of her feet into the floor and stiffing her body till it was as stiff as a board. The quivering continued to the point that even her toes were vibrating. At this time I began to feel pain in the back of my neck as she kept a death grip on me. I jerked my neck to free it from her grip but she grabbed my shoulder which I knew would not be fatal if this orgasm didn’t soon subside. I looked over at Des who wears his hair down to his shoulders and I could see his hair flying out in front of his face like he was shaking his head violently. The gyrations of her stiffening and relaxing her body was making it extremely difficult to hang on to her pussy and Des later told me it felt like she was going break his fingers, her grip inside her pussy was so severe. So after almost two minutes of continual jerking, spasms, quaking, a lot of calling on God to help her and at times coming close to passing out, the orgasm started to subside and she relaxed limply into our arms, starting to breath more or less normally. After several minutes of Des watching her intently she began to speak, “Holy fuck that was awesome. I have never got off like that.”

“Still scared?” I asked her, as Des gave me a raised eyebrow look.

“Fuck you!” She said laughing. “I think we need to take this to the bedroom, before I fall off the fucking couch and get hurt.”

“Yeah, I replied, I was getting a little worried about getting hurt myself.”

“Well, she said, laughing, I wasn’t really worried about you two.”

We all disentangled ourselves and proceed to the bed room where we both began to work on her body with our fingers and our tongues. At one point Des told me that he wanted to put my dick in her the first time I fucked her. After laying her out on the bed and both of cuddling and making out with her for a while, Des proceeded to start eating on her and she pulled me and started to deep throat me. She was doing a real number on my dick and I felt like I wasn’t going to last very long , when she took me out of her mouth and smiling sweetly asked if I would mind fucking her now. I moved down and as Des was lapping away I tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Move over man she is ready for some serious dick.” I then got in position and Des reached between my legs and grasping my hard dick guided it into her pussy as I thrust forward, going to the bottom on one thrust. Judi gave an involuntary gasp and then a big smile as I hit bottom and began a steady in and out motion.

“So how’s it feel?” I whispered in her ear.

“Fucking fabulous, she cooed back in my ear, you fit really well. I think my husband is really enjoying this.”

“I hope so, I said, because I know I am.”

She then gave me a big smile and motioned him over and grasping his dick, started sucking him off. The room was soon filled with all kinds of moans, groans, ooh’s and ahh’s as we worked our way to getting rid of our loads. I kept increasing my tempo as she began having little mini orgasms. Her pussy was so soft and velvety it was like pushing your dick through a bowl of warm pudding, but every time she had a mini orgasm she would grip my dick harder and the sensation would get even better. Finally after several minutes I found I was really pounding her and I could feel the sperm train leaving the station. I was really pounding away when I crossed the point of no return. As I felt the sensation of my impending orgasm I was only able to gasp out that it was coming and she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me tight into her and held me tightly as she rotated her pussy around my dick till my sperm train hit her full force and I must have dumped a cup of cum in her drenched pussy. When she realized I was about to cum, Judi had released Des’s cock from her mouth and just before pulling my mouth to hers for a very sensuous kiss, whispered softly ,”Cum in me, please!’

After jerking and kicking my legs in a violent orgasm, I collapsed into her arms and we began to kiss passionately as we wound down from our high. Des sat on the edge of the bed watching us intently as we softly played with each other in the after glow of our intense orgasms . Finally my dick began to soften and slowly slip out of her heavenly orifice trailing a copious amount of cum with it. As Judi felt my exit from her depths, she gave a soft sigh and looking directly at Des said, “OK it’s time to see if you were bull shitting or not!” I looked questioningly first a him, then at her when she continued still looking at him, “he told me if I let you dump a load in me he would lick it out. I’m waiting to see if he was serious or not.”

I looked over at him to see his reaction, a lot of guys say they will till it is actually in front of them and they back down. He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders and said,” I can’t get in there till you get out from between her legs.”

“Oh fuck I said quickly, don’t let me hold you up!” I reluctantly crawled out of paradise and let him move in position. He had his work cut out for himself, I had dumped at least a cup of cum inside her and about another half a cup all over the outside when I had pulled too far back before I was done cumming.

“Hope you are hungry”, I told him as I grinned at Judi who was grinning back at me, figuring he would never do it. I must say I was never prouder of my friend then I when I saw him lower is head and start very deliberately to lick from the outside in, making sure to lick every drop on the out side of her pussy before putting his whole mouth over her opening and start sucking my cum out of her love tunnel. Judi was staring at him wide eyed in disbelief, as he lapped and sucked every last drop of our combined juices and swallowed it all. While she watched him doing his cleanup detail, I was on my knees by her shoulder also watching him eat away when Judi absent mindedly started to fondle my balls. At this point I realized that while he had inserted my dick in her hole and I was absorbed in the feeling of being a bowl of warm honey, Des had not let go of my balls and had spent several minutes massaging them before putting his dick in Judi’s willing mouth. I didn’t have much time to analyze my feelings on this before Judi succumbed to his tongue and started writh and jerk in orgasmic bliss, but she also began to squeeze my balls tightly and pull them sharply away from me. I was about to protest loudly about having them pulled from my body when I felt her mouth engulf my cock and suck it into her throat and began to use her throat muscles to give me an increditible oral throat massage. After getting over her intial shock of watching her husband eat my cum out of her pussy, Judi really started enjoying the licking she was getting, building up to a big orgasm and sucking me like there was no tomorrow. The blow job was just feeling really good when she let go of my dick, and as her body started shaking in violent convulsions, she started screaming, “Oh holy fucking Christ I’m cummmmmming . Shit, shit, shit it feels fucking awesome, fuck Des don’t stop , pleassssssse!!! Fucccccck! At this point her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth gaped wide open and I thought for a minute she had passed out, till I seen her eyes flutter a couple of times trying to focus on what was happening.aaround her. At this point her tight little body was pulled into a tight ball with her legs bent at the knees and pulled till her knee caps were pressing her nipples and her ass and shoulders were up off the bed as she spasmed in ecstasy. As my eyes took in the sight, I looked at Des to gauge his reaction and noticed she had entwined her hands in his shoulder length hair and was pulling his face very tightly in to her twat. Also when she pulled her kness back against her chest she had hooked her heels under his arms and was pulling his body as she pulled her legs back. I almost expected to see his head clear up inside her but I did notice he was beating the mattress with his hands and kicking his feet wildly. It then occurred to me that he probably couldn’t breath so I reached down, pulled her fingers loose from his head while popping her heels from under his arms allowing him to get his head free. When he did raise his head, he looked like he had dunked it in a bucket of slime, cum was dripping from his ears, nose and even his eyebrows. His eyes were as large as saucers as he shook his head like a wet dog shedding water, slinging cum all over the room.. “I couldn’t breath!”, he said after a minute, looking down at his wife still convulsing and jerking in a total orgasmic state. She was moaning, screaming, swearing and I’m pretty sure even pissed herself.

“Pretty intense!” I replied watching her as she began to calm down.

“She’s a handful, he admitted, but never like this. It’s almost scarry.”

By this time Judi was back on earth, laying spread eagle with her exposed pussy gapped open and one arm over her eyes. Finally she opened her eyes and looked at both of us, then jumped up and started out of the room wiggling her cute little butt and saying, “Come on I need something to drink before round two.”

After getting some thing to drink and some more small talk the three of wandered back to the bedroom where we lay with Judi between us as we rubbed her body and fondled her breasts and took turns fingering her wet pussy. After a while she looked at Des and said, “Fuck me hard baby while I suck on his cock some more.”

Des maneuvered himself into position and easily slid his stiff member into her pussy clear to his balls. The harder he pounded her the harder she came. She had been trying to suck on me but had to give up as she started cumming so hard and thrashing around so much from his pounding that she couldn’t keep her mouth on my dick. I just sat and watched as he built towards his own ejaculation that was very short in coming. With a loud grunt, “ I’m cumming,” he buried himself in her hot , flowing box and with several hard jerks of his hips started shooting a large portion of cum in her well used pussy. Judy came right after him with some loud grunts and a couple of screams of her own. Des lay on top of her as they tried to return to normal breathing and I could see white frothy cum leaking out of her. “Ready?” he asked as he pulled hid soft cock out of her wet hole and a stream of cum followed it.

“Yep!”, I replied as I flopped on my back and flipped her over and sat her on my mouth. As I began to probe her dark hole with my tongue and suck their combined cum out of her I heard her laugh and say, “You two are a couple of real freaks, but fuck I could get used to this.” For a minute or two Des lay on his side and watched us, then I felt the bed move and then felt something warm and soft engulf my dick. Since I had her pussy perched on my mouth I knew it had to be Des trying his first bi experience. As he sucked me in and out of his talented mouth, Judi was unaware of the activity just inches from her, because she had her back to him and her eyes closed enjoying what my tongue was doing to her cunt. After a few minutes I started getting turned on and even though he had sucked my load out of her pussy I didn’t know how he would feel about me putting a load directly in his mouth. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and flipped her over on her hands and knees and began planting kisses on her fabulous ass. When I got close to her butt hole she jerked her head up and said, “No! That is off limits Roger, nothing in my ass, no dick no fingers, nothing!”

“But what about my tongue?” I asked, as I spread her cheeks and jammed about an inch of my tongue in her ass hole and began to wiggle it around. I first heard her gasp and a few seconds later she pushed her ass back onto my tongue and began to purr.

“He has his tongue in my asshole honey.” she moaned.

“How does it feel baby?” He asked her “Marvelous, fucking marvelous”, she sighed I felt myself getting hotter from the head he had been giving me and the response I was getting from Judi, so I pulled my tongue from her ass and moved up and slid my hard dick into her slick pussy, doggy style and started giving her slow steady strokes. I felt the bed move and I saw Des lay on his back and slide under her chest and start sucking on her free swinging breasts making the nipples hard as steel. A few minutes later with me still giving her the same deep, slow strokes I seen him move further under her until I felt his head pushing against my balls.

“What are you doin’? Oh my God, Roger he is fucking licking my clit and it feels so great!” She cried has I looked up and seen the surprised expression on her face through the mirror in the head board.

“Well uh yeah and that’s not all.” I managed to mutter between gasps of breath.

“What?” She murmured trying to focus through the intense pleasure she was receiving.

“He’s, uh he’s licking my dick everytime I pull out of you ! I groaned out barely able to speak. “Oh my fucking God!” I cried out.

Judi looked at me through the mirror semi startled by my out burst and a question formed in her face with a crooked smile.

“He’s fucking got my balls in his mouth!” I gasped out.

Her eyes got even bigger as she looked back at me and said, “The little fucker isn’t going gay on me is he?”

“He’ll make a good one.” I grunted as the exquisite feeling he was giving me was causing me to push hard into her pussy, which was causing Judi, who by this time had slid his lower extremity over under her to suck harder on his dick, which caused Des to work harder on both of us with his tongue which caused me to push harder into her pussy, which caused…….uh you get the picture. Words cannot describe our mutual orgasm that occurred a few minutes later. I usually get off once, sometimes twice but not often, but three times in one night was unheard of at this stage of my life. But the third time had to be the best, I actually seen stars and thought I would pass out while Judi was convulsing hard enough underneath me that I feared I would be thrown off, but she couldn’t stop because Des was bucking so hard underneath her as he shot cum in her mouth and all over her face and in her hair. I don’t recall the noise level except that truck drivers woke up in the truck stop a mile away from their trucks shaking and something set off the automatic fire sirens at the fire station down the street. Des told me later , he went out the next day to make sure the house was still on its foundation.

When I finally got my wits about myself, we were laying in a heap, nothing but quivering flesh and wimpers identified us as being alive. Our flesh would occasionally jerk or spasum involuntarily like we had our fingers stuck in a light socket. After a minute or to Judi turned her head up giving me a crooked little smile and murmured very quietly, “You motherfuckers are going to kill me.” Then looking at me said, “You are coming back next weekend, aren’t you?”

That weekend to be continued:

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