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Jims first stime

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My name is Kate. I am 35 years old. I am 5ft 6 inches tall and weigh about 130 lbs. I am a natural red head with an athletic build, small breast capped with very sensitive nipples that are very noticeable when I am excited which,, recently, has been quite often. Even though my pubic hair is light, I keep myself shaved because it makes me feel more sexy. My pussy lips are extremely sensitive and they get very puffy when I am excited. I really enjoy showing it off. My husband Jim enjoys it when I do. Since we started swinging about a year ago I have discovered that I am extremely bi and enjoy women as much as men

Jim is 42. He is also athletic and has a great body. He stands 6ft 2 inches and weighs about 200 lbs. He has a nice thick cock that is a little over 7 inches when fully erect. He also keeps himself shaved. In public, Jim has always maintained that he is straight almost to the point of acting like he is homophobic. Even before we started swinging I had my doubts about that.

We met Dave and Lori at a local sauna that is clothing optional. They are a mixed race couple. Lori is a petite blond. She is only about 5 feet tall. She has nice big breasts capped with big nipples. Like me she is bi. Her husband Dave is a big black man. He stands about 6'3? tall and has a huge cock that is 9 inches when he is fully erect. Dave, like my husband, has always claimed to be straight. Dave and Lori are the first couple that we ever were with. Lori introduced me to bi play and Dave is the first black man that I ever had. He is extremely long lasting and shoots copious amount of thick sperm when he cums. I love when he cums inside of my mouth or my pussy.

The sexual chemistry between the four of us has been strong from the start. Since we started swinging they are the only couple we have been with. It's not that we are exclusive. Both couples have had other men and women since we have known each other. The boys even set us up with several guys for a weekend gang bang once and Lori and I both have a few bi girlfriends that we occasionally share with our husbands. The four of us have done nearly every combination of group sex together; FF, MFM, MFMF, FFM, FMF. Everything except MM or MMF or MMFF.

One day when Lori and I were alone together we were talking about the boy's apparent fear of any male contact.

?You know I think they're both curious. They're just afraid to admit it? She said to me. ?After all they both enjoy watching us with other guys? she added.

?I'd pay to see that!? I joked back. ?There is no way Jim..?

?I think you're wrong? she interrupted. ?I've seen him look at my husband's dick. He get's as excited watching you with Dave as he does watching the two of us. The same goes for Dave.?

The two of us giggled as we came up with a plan.

That night when the four of us were all naked, the boys started urging Lori and I to play together. Lori said. ?Not so fast. Why does it always have to be us? What if we said we wanted to watch you two??

?Yeah, I'd love to see that too? I added

?We're not into that? Jim said. His face turning red and his eyes were fixed on Dave's erection.

?Don't you ever wonder what it would be like to do this?? Lori asked. She then licked the head of my husband's cock and put it in her mouth. Jim moaned as she began sucking. Dave?s cock twitched as he tried to say no.

I leaned down and grabbed Dave's big cock. ?It's like a lie detector? I said. ?He said no but his cock said yes?.

I started sucking Dave as Lori started working harder. I could hear my husband moan as he filled her mouth. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Lori coated her lips with my husband's semen and went over and kissed her husband deeply. Dave's reaction was immediate as he shot into my mouth. I milked all that I could and gave my husband a cum swapping kiss. To my surprise and his, he eagerly accepted my offering sucking on my tongue as swapped his thick salty semen back and forth between our mouths. I reached down to find that he was already hard again.

Lori kissed Dave while rubbing him. 'It's fun!? she said ? You're going to love it. I'll bet you have always wondered what it would be like. Come on admit it. Even though I wondered what it would be like, I never thought I'd lick another woman's pussy till I actually did it and once I did, I wondered why I ever waited so long?

I was stroking Jim and asked him ? Haven't you ever wondered what it'd be like?? He watched as I gently guided his hand over to Dave's lap.

Lori took his hand from me and placed it on her husband's dick. ?Go ahead stroke it for me. Feel it, feel his big balls?. Both guys let out a moan as my husband caressed Dave's big black cock.

Looking at Dave she asked ?Doesn't that feel good? Go ahead rub Jim's, you know you want to? Dave reached over and started fondling my husband?s erection. I reached down and started rubbing myself as I watched the scene unfold.

?That's so hot? I said as I opened my legs wide and rubbed my cunt for them to see.

? You're really turning Kate on. Me too? she rubbed herself

Lori gently pushed my husband's head toward Dave's lap. ?You know what to do next? she whispered. ?I've seen you looking at him. Go ahead it's time to stop being curious?

Jim needed no more encouragement. I watched in amazement as my husband first licked the pre cum of of his slit and then opened wide and took Dave's big black cock into his mouth. Dave leaned back and let out a moan as my husband started working his head back and forth sucking on Dave's cock while he rubbed his balls. Jim knew just what to do. When Dave warned that he was going to cum, Jim started working even harder and Dave let out a moan and filled my husband's mouth with his sperm. I came as I watched Jim swallow all that he could but there was so much that some leaked out from his lips. Even after Dave came Jim kept milking his softening cock.

?Oh fuck that was hot!? Lori exclaimed. ?Your turn? she said looking at her husband.

She then went over and kissed Jim deeply as he lay back on the bed. Without the least hesitation, Dave crawled between my husband's legs and started fondling him.

?I'm not going to last too long? Jim warned. With that Dave went right to work. I was amazed to watch him take the full length of my husband's shaft into his mouth. In no time he was rewarded with a mouth full of hot semen.

By now Dave was hard again. He looked at me. I just lay back and opened my legs. Dave crawled on top of me. I was more than ready. We shared a cum filled kiss as he stretched me wide with his big black cock. Lori led Jim over toward us and guided his semi erect cock between our lips. Jim started getting hard again as Dave and I shared his cock between our lips while we fucked. Dave lifted himself up on his hands and started to pound me harder while taking my husband's cock in his mouth. The sight of this brought me over the edge. Dave filled me with another load of cum as I squirted on him

Dave got off of me and Lori crawled between my legs and started cleaning me. She knelt with her ass in the air. Jim climbed behind her and started fucking her as she ate me. As he fucked her Dave offered him his dripping cock. Jim eagerly started sucking and licking, cleaning him off with his mouth. The whole scene mad me cum again. Lori came as she lapped up my juices and then Jim let out a moan and filled Lori's sweet pussy.

The boys now no longer act homophobic. Jim likes sucking cock as much as I do. Lori and I encourage them both. It has added a whole new dimension to our sex life. I love sharing a nice hard cock with my hubby.

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